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type 2
(non-insulin dependent)
 General Objective:
This case presentation is directed in the

information-dissemination of Diabetes
Mellitus type II to the audience and to
be able to recognize the disease process
and thus be able to render efficient
nursing care accordingly.
 Specific
1. To be able to define DM and its


 2. To identify the signs and symptoms
manifested by the patient who suffered
from DM type II.

 3. To distinguish the precipitating and
predisposing factors that trigger the
development of Diabetes Mellitus type
4. To trace and explain the
pathophysiology of DM type II based on
the signs and symptoms manifested by
the patient.

5. Identify the clinical significance and

related nursing implications of various

test and procedures used for diagnostics
assessment of DM type II.

 6. To use the nursing process as the

framework for the care of the patient.

 7. To formulate appropriate nursing
interventions on the management of the

8. To determine the affected body organs.


9. To determine the action, side effects,

and nursing responsibilities of drugs

associated with DM type II.
 Name: E.E.
 Age: 38 y/o
 Address: Ducan Aparri, Cagayan
 Gender: Male
 Civil Status: Single
 Religion: Roman Catholic
 Birth date: May 26, 1971
 Occupation: Farmer

 Educational Attainment: Grade 2
 Date/Time of Admission: July 11, 2009
(4:25 pm)
 Ward: Med/Ped (APH)
 Chief Complaint: Body weakness
 Admitting Diagnosis: Diabetes
Mellitus Type 2
 Hospital Number: 3088
 S.O: F.E. (mother)
 Sources of Data: Patient, his mother
and patient’s chart

Before During
1. Health Hospitalization
For him, health is Hospitalization
He became more
very essential. He concerned with his
Perception – views himself health. He believes
Health healthy. He always that he can recover
Management gives special through proper
attention to his health care, by
Pattern health, so whenever eating proper foods,
he feels something taking his
wrong or feeling of medications
body weakness, he regularly and
takes a rest, takes following doctor’s
prescribed order.
medications to decrease He promised not to eat
his BP (captopril) and too many foods rich in
sometimes use leaves as CHO and other sweet
stated by the patient to foods. He also opted to
make him feel better and stop drinking alcoholic
he always eat nutritious beverages so he will not
foods 3x a day. suffer other illness,