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conversation topic 1

(in the coffee shop)

A: hi, Win. Good afternoon
W: hi, put. Good afternoon, how are you?
A: I'm good, thank you. and you?
w: I'm good too. so, what will we talk first?
A: hmm, I heard you're a great analyst so ya as your friend I wanna ask you some advice before I
decided to invest.
w: thanks for the compliment. OK, maybe I'll ask you several basic questions. Do you know what's
stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments?
A: I think I know in generally but not specifically. stock is something about ownership, bond is
something about debt, and other instruments are deposit, collateral loan, etc.
w: that's right. and how long you want to invest?
A: maybe about 1-3 years. you know, I'm a beginner haha.
w: okey, so you wanna invest something more profitable or safer?
A: hmm can't I get both of them?
w: I think you have to choose one, don't be greedy! haha
A: haha okey. I think I wanna something more profitable.
W: OK I'll tell you the rules. If you want more profitable investment, it'll riskier.
A: I get it. so I have to invest in stocks, bonds, or deposits?
W: I think you have to invest stocks in capital market. but if you want to safer investment you can
invest with deposits in money market.
A: but what's the differences?
W: in capital market you'll get higher profit and you can resell your stocks to other investors.
moreover if you invest in longer time, you'll get higher profit but I told you before, it'll riskier.
A: hmm its directly proportional. so the deposits investment is less profit but safer investment
because their short-term nature?
W: yap, you're right.btw if I may know how much money you set aside to invest?
A: because I’m a beginner, I only dare to start with 10 million
W: yup the nominal is very enough for the start
A: so which one should I invest in?
W: hmm I think you must buy sunnyside corp.’s shares
A: are you serious? Is your analysis correct?
W: why? You don’t believe me?
A: that is not what I mean, but I just never heard the name of the company, are you sure my money
will be safe?
W: back to the rules if you want more profitable you have to accept a greater risk and you must be
A: based on what benchmarks you can say that?
W: because the sunnyside company lacks a popular name so if someone invests in a company, it
will be a big risk right?
A: ya and then?
W: then the company will promise a greater return than other companies
A: okay I understand now, indeed it takes courage and strong analysis to get started
W: need more time and practice to better understand it
A: okay, how much do you think the dividends that I will receive each year?
W: I don't know for sure, but every year RUPS will be held to decide how much dividends will be
A: what is the RUPS mean?
W: rups is a general meeting of shareholders, which is held once a year
A: what is the RUPS for? means that I will be invited to the meeting?
W: hahaha RUPS are carried out by directors who have more than 50% shares
A: is the meeting to discuss something important about all the financial interests of all stakeholders?
W: yep right, one of them is about dividend distribution for shareholders between 10-20% like you
A: oh I see, Even though I only hold 10% of the shares I can still be said to be the owner of the
company haha
W: great, my best friend is now a potential owner of a sunnyside company haha
A: heyy don’t tease me
W: no I don’t that is real
A: You're the best analyst that I know because whatever you say is easy to understand
W: so happy to heard that from you
A: thank you for always helping and supporting me
W: ya your welcome aput and let me know the investment progress every month
A: certainly winda, btw im sorry I have to go first because there is ssomething that I have to do
W: ok its no problem,good bye aput