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Welcome to the first edition of the USYCA digital newsletter. Here you’ll find out about everything that’s happening with the national organization and its local affiliated members. What is USYCA? The United States Youth Cricket Association (http://usyouthcricket.org) promotes good health and an active lifestyle for children by donating cricket sets and instruction to local elementary and middle schools. This summer, USYCA announced a partnership with the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and began working with school districts across the country. These school systems are now playing cricket in their Physical Education classes at no cost whatsoever, by taking advantage of a free program sponsored by USYCA.

USYCA puts cricket bats in children’s hands

The USYCA Schools Program donates cricket equipment and instruction to schools without condition or requirements. The only thing necessary is for a school, or school system, to simply request that they be included in the program. That’s it. What are educators saying about the USYCA Schools Program? “Cricket is a great striking and strategy sport that can be enjoyed by students of all ability levels…. what a great addition this will be to our physical education curriculum!” Linda Kephart, Supervisor of Health and Physical Education for Carroll County (MD) Public Schools “The instruction provided was easy to understand, age appropriate, and it allowed the students to start playing a modified version of cricket within a twenty to thirty minute class period.” Charles Silberman, PE instructor, Prince George’s County, Maryland “Your presentation was knowledgeable and enjoyable and the students also liked hearing about the history of cricket, and how American baseball originated from this sport! Thank you so much for the cricket equipment for our school so that we can implement the sport directly into the Physical Education curriculum.” Debbie Buenger, Eldersburg ES, 2008 NASPE National Teacher of the Year If you know of a school that would like to have cricket, please contact USYCA at usyouthcricket@gmail.com If you’d like to see videos of USYCA cricket in schools, visit http://www.youtube.com/results? search_query=usyca&aq=f
Volume 1, Issue 1 NOVEMBER 12, 2010

USYCA BRINGS CRICKET TO AMERICAN PE CLASSEs This fall, USYCA affiliates have donated over 75 cricket sets to schools in the United States, along with instructional sessions for students and Physical Education instructors. That means that thousands of American children are learning to play cricket in their schools—children who never would have had the chance were it not for the USYCA Schools Program. It should be noted that this would not be possible without the generosity of DreamCricket.com, which has provided the cricket sets to USYCA at no charge. However, USYCA now receives requests from schools at such a pace that it will soon become necessary to begin purchasing cricket sets for these schools, and we ask that you thoughtfully consider making a small donation, even $5 or $10, to keep our mission funded. If you’d like to step up and show your support for cricket in America just visit the USYCA website and click on “Support Youth Cricket.”

USYCA Thanks The C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association
Due to a generous grant from the C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association, USYCA has been able to secure critical organizational needs, such as comprehensive liability insurance. The grant will also allow USYCA to pursue federal 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, in addition to other operational needs.

Protect Your Youth Organization!
USYCA Affiliate members receive discounted rates for liability insurance and background screening. If your organization works with children, these are essential resources. Don’t wait until the disaster has already struck! Call today!

Good On Ya, Australia!
USYCA would like to extend its gratitude to our great supporters in Australia, especially Rebecca Mulgrew of Cricket Australia, and cricket legends Nathan Bracken and Damien Martyn. Cricket Australia has expressed their generosity many times through the donation of CricKids posters for our schools, coaching manuals and other supplies, in addition to helping us to network with Aussie businesses and individuals.

USYCA Sponsors And Supporters
C.C. Morris Cricket Library Association DreamCricket British Officers Cricket Club of Philadelphia Michael Thomas Rakesh Kallem Siva Narapareddy Vasu Ram Ram Varadarajan Jatin Patel Nathan Bracken Damien Martyn Roger Bohlsen Orville Hall Sadiq Naseer Ravichandran & Shilpa Rashi Hitesh Vashistha Meenu Rajbansh Venu & Pushpa Gadde Red Eye Media U.S. Tigers Cricket Club

USYCA would like to thank everyone who has given to help make the dream of American cricket a reality.

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