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Floclean® MC3

Membrane Cleaner for Inorganics

Description  Circulate the solution through the membrane

Floclean MC3 is a low pH formulation that has bank in the feed direction for one hour at the flow
been designed specifically to remove metal rate recommended by the membrane or system
hydroxides, calcium carbonate and other similar manufacturer. If the manufacturer’s
scales from polyamide, polysulfone and thin film, recommendations are not available, the following
composite membrane surfaces. This advanced, high guidelines may be used.
strength powder has the following features:
 pH adjusted to 3.0+ 0.5 Usage
 Highly effective at ambient temperatures *Please consult with your BWA Water Additives
 Contains no surfactants and is quickly rinsed representative to determine optimal dosage
away recommendations for your system.
 Contains organic acids, detergent builders and
chelating agents Spiral wound membrane
Membrane Flow rate per tube (parallel flow)
Application diameter
(inches) l/min (US gallons/min)
Floclean® MC3 is suitable for use with all polyamide, 4 23 (6)
polysulfone and thin film, composite membranes. It 6 53 (14)
can be used at temperatures from 15°C (60°F) up to 8 91 (24)
10 114 (38)
the maximum recommended by the membrane 12 204 (54)
Hollow fiber membrane
The standard dilution ratio is 25 grams of Floclean Membrane Flow rate per element (parallel
MC3 per liter of water. diameter flow)
(inches) l/min (US gallons/min)
4 19 (5)
Cleaning Instructions 8 57 (15)
 Inspect cleaning tank, hoses and cartridge 10 76 (20)
filter. Install new filter elements.
 Fill cleaning tank with RO permeate. In cases of heavy fouling, the first return flow (up to 15%
 Slowly add 25 grams of Floclean MC3 for of the cleaning tank volume) should be diverted to drain
each liter of cleaning tank capacity. to prevent redeposition of removed solids.
 Thoroughly mix cleaning solution by using a
mixer or by circulating it through the cleaning In multi-pass systems, best results will be achieved if
pump. each pass is cleaned separately.
 The solution may be heated to improve
The solution should be discarded if it becomes turbid or
cleaning effectiveness.
discolored by removed material. A fresh solution should
 Do not exceed the membrane manufacturer’s
then be prepared before cleaning additional passes.
temperature limits.
Rinse with permeate before returning the system to

Further details are available in the safety data sheet

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