Topic: - To give the identity (brand name) to their product and they have to plan their own supply

chain management. The focus should be on all Drivers (Order processing, procurement, transportation, logistics, IT, pricing, Warehousing, Inventory management etc)

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CONTENT:Brand name (identity) Location Transportation, Information technology Inventory Management

IDENTITY (BRAND NAME IDENTITY (BRAND NAME):I am opening a new Mobile Company in India. Markets in India are dependent on quality of products and cheap prices. Customer identifies the quality products and cheap prices in the market for fulfillment of their need. I looked in the Indian market here is massive demand of the new brand and customers also influence to purchase it.

Brand name of the company:Company name: Desire Brand name Desire Mobiles

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Consists of all parties involved, directly or indirectly, in fulfilling a customer request Diagram below shows the relationship between the all the member’s

There is the different driver of supply chain management.

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Supply chain management provides the flexibility of the work done in the DesireMobiles.

LOCATION:The Company’s Head Office and manufacturing units are conveniently located on the industrial area, Baddi-Distt Solan (H.P) city in the northern state of Himachal. The city is well connected with other major cities only by roads. The national capital Delhi is 500 KM away. Location refers to the geographical setting of supply chain facilities. It also includes the decisions related to which activities should be performed in each facility. I selected this place because this place is well known industrial area and the govt. of Himachal is giving tax relaxations in this place for the development of small scale in this region. And another reason is the availability of raw material & cheap labor. In this part of the country the labor is so cheap and availability of raw material is also very much in reach as the state like Punjab is very close to it.

Location Management:

With Desire-Mobile Location Management Service, you can keep track of the exact quantity and trace the location of an item in real time through a hand-held device of an operator. Location management makes item picking easy and efficient. Even unskilled operators can perform the accurate item picking. The efficient work process also reduces maintenance costs and time by speeding up the item picking process.

The Desire Mobile logistics network consist of Single central distribution center (CDC), which must be situated at Baddi distt Solan (H.P) 2 regional distribution centers (RDC), one at Distt Mandi (H.P) and other at Ropar for ( Punjab) more than 200 domestic consignees. In this environment, Desire-Mobiles will build more than 7 tempos loads every day, 2 tempos of which deliver to the CDCs with the remaining 5 remaining Tempos will deliver to the RDCs. The key issues facing management could be categorized on two levels: the quality and accessibility of accurate and timely information, as well as best practice transportation and distribution management. Disparate manual processes we will adopt as a result of this known weakness. If critical service failures occurs then the high degree of demand variability and the communication lags between the various workstations across the organization. Distribution and transportation processes will be synchronized and the resulting information bottlenecks translated to reactive management. Desire- Mobile will account for this inherent inefficiency through buffer inventories and disparate manual transportation planning. Both of these practices lead to sub-optimal results that had negative effects on both costs and service levels. Load-building efficiency, both in the time it took to create plans as well as the quality of the plan, resulted in significant waste. Manual delivery plans were based upon fixed routing methodologies that did not factor real-world variability and the resulting cost ramifications of sub-optimal asset assignment. This will prove wasteful with capacity utilization and driver assignment. On the customer-facing end, drivers would make maverick decisions affecting appointment time and routing as a trickle-down result of the disparate and manual decisions made in the steps leading up to delivery. Without a dynamic methodology, static delivery runs

OUR MOTIVE: “One of the prime reasons is that we will identify the right needing gap in the right market, and offer products relevant to those needs.” Unlike most handset makers who tested waters in the metropolitan areas, Desire Mobiles will deliberately make an attempt to tap the interior parts of the country first. Realizing that the limited supply of electricity was proving the biggest roadblock to the growth of wireless telephony in these areas, the company will start by offering a handset that guaranteed a 30-day stand-by battery. Furthermore, the company deliberately will focus upon the entry to mid-level segment that was growing at a much faster rate, both in terms of first time buyers, as well as in terms of replacements. But Desire-Mobiles easy-on-the-pocket proposition doesn’t come sans value evolution. To cater to the wants of the customers to carry two handsets (to make most of the existing on-going tariff wars amongst service operators), DesireMobile will start offering Dual SIM phones. As a matter of fact, our existing product line consists of 27 phones, out of which 23 are Dual SIM. The handset maker isn’t alien to cosmopolitanism either. Catering to the touch-screen loving lot, it plans to launch two such devices in the coming quarter, one based on the platform Windows and another on Android. What’s best, the products will be offered in the price range of Rs.6000 – Rs.7000. Another strategy that will help this company to grow from a mole-hill to a mountain has been efficient supply chain management. When we realized that established handset vendors were giving as low as 1-2% margin to their channel partners, we will offer a 5% commission to those willing to stock up its products. It will prove to be a winwin situation. It really has a dream run for the young founders of Desire-Mobiles, but the question remains – will it become the too soon? Honestly, for now, that question matters little in an industry where, over the years, the top leaders have been incessantly losing ground to newbie’s. So, while on one hand, Desire-Mobile has to hold fort against competitors.

1. Inventory Management:
The Desire-Mobile Networks Inventory solution will offer an end-to end view of fixed, mobile and converged networks. It will allow us to maximize end-user quality of experience while achieving cost savings. Deployment and integration time must be less considerably, due to a new, modern architecture suitable for complex multi-vendor networks, together with the combined Telco and software integration expertise of Desire-Mobile Networks.

What is the value for our customer?
Inventory management, as the core of customer-centric service management, enables a high quality experience through, for example: • Improved customer care and network quality of service • Enhanced service portfolio that better reflects end-users life styles • Reduced service provisioning times. A better quality of experience for end-users improves the rate of retention and acquisition of both consumer and business users.

Benefits of our inventory:
• Significantly reduced deployment times compared to systems based on traditional

architectures • Highest flexibility for new technologies and new equipment due to future proof technology • Complete object orientation guarantees fast modeling of highly complex data structures and easy integration of applications • Experienced integration experts and Telco specialists available worldwide • Mature and feature rich solution: tools to manage the network in all dimensions, from cable to services, subscribers and handsets, with end-to end and multitechnology views • High data quality through excellent data synchronization capability

Desire- Mobiles Networks Solution delivery:

Inventory management is most useful when it fully integrates with the existing operator environment, including the network elements, Proper integration ensures that inventory can always provide accurate, up-to-date data on-demand and is able to support and automate the operational processes. We will provide professional services to support the inventory solution. These include consultation, systems integration and managed services. The purpose of systems integration is to integrate standard inventory product software to the customer’s environment and configure it to match the operator’s need. • Project management service • Architecture and design service • Development service, covering implementation and integration • Testing service Our consultation service adds value, such as building business cases, gathering requirements, project planning and process optimization etc.

2-INFORMATION SYSTEM: Integrated IT tools enabling transparency:
Integrated IT platform, Desire- IPM Suite, provides a common control room for all stakeholders in customer projects. It is a fully integrated platform to manage the progress of site implementations and support full cooperation among stakeholders. The IPM Suite allows customers to plug and play operations in project’s start-up conditions and new project phases, enables integrated management of all the different project activities, provides a common tool for tracking the activities of different stakeholders, helps project progress monitoring by providing a joint virtual “control room” for all performing organization. The integrated IT tools include different modules like rollout planning, rollout tracking, quality tracking, and site database and documentations management. The suite is also linked to the backbone logistics systems providing necessary basis for supply chain agility. Transparency to the information for all relevant project stakeholders (e.g. customer, subcontractors, and partners) is guaranteed through eproject management portal. Full details on each site activity and real time update of the project status are visible online. Also project progress, site quality, and activity tracking are all available online. Documentation exchange and proper

management of thousands of site folders is likewise possible in the system. The tools provide needed transparency to the information for all parties. It is especially important upstream for planning purposes when creating agility into operations. However, it is still good to remind that the tools do not improve the quality of demand information but only can automate data handling and sharing efficiency and reduced non-quality costs when building the mobile network

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI),
Which is the most common standard in manufacturing industries for business-tobusiness transactions? I will actively drive the development and adoption of standardized business processes and interfaces based on its demand-supply network’s business priorities. These priorities are derived from needs that arise for either Index or any of the suppliers while using standards for communication and process integration. By applying standardized business processes and system interfaces, Desire-Mobile will become able to change proprietary solutions into a common system supporting communication across multiple platforms, applications and networks. This guarantees seamless communication and information exchange between companies or business units cooperating with each other. In order to improve the communication and information exchange between the members of Desire-Mobile value network, the company will generate process of adding new applications, processes and suppliers.

Web access tools,
Which are deployed to facilitate operations and integrate applications between Desire Mobiles and its customers and suppliers? Interfaces and standardized processes, which are based on Rosetta Net standards, we have chosen de-facto standard for automating system-to-system integration In another example, a cell phone reverse logistics model proved very beneficial for a firm selling such products under their brand name. This firm had the cell phones manufactured by LG Industries, Samsung, Motorola and others. Accessories were again manufactured by a variety of firms. Order taking and initial end consumer billing was performed by Amazon. Forward logistics, including warehousing, carrier

service programming and order fulfillment were performed by CellStar. Cellular carriers such as Verizon and Sprint provided the monthly service. Extended warranty and product protection insurance was provided by lock/line.

Successful network deployment and expansion is about continuously understanding customer milestones. It typically requires fast mobilization of a network of people and companies to perform all the activities, deploying a fast and flexible delivery chain, managing an increasingly complex network of suppliers, monitoring effectively and sharing transparently the status of the operations. Integrating all these in a cost-effective and efficient system of activities, processes and tools is the way to meet those milestones. DESIRE-MOBILE IPM is all about this. IPM is a strategic execution program to implement a truly customer-focused delivery process in Desire-Mobile Networks. Target is to provide customers with more speed, efficient and cost effective deliveries by better orchestrating the end-to-end supply chain. Idea is to seat the customer itself onto the driving seat of the whole delivery machine. Customer’s network rollout needs are cooperatively collected as a part of continuous planning process and supply capacity is reserved accordingly to meet project targets. Market responsive supply chain with regional delivery hubs is designed to tackle project uncertainties and to provide high-standard service levels to project implementation teams in all circumstances. Site-based ordering model enables short lead times and allows win-win asset management in the supply chain, as Equipment deliveries are triggered based on mutually agreed milestones in the site Process. It shows the model how this IPM allows fast, flexible and efficient supply chain all the way to final implementation sites. The program started with creating of key business capabilities through a selected Customer pilots. Based on the first pilots following four items were formed and agreed as the IPM capabilities to be deployed for selected customers: (1) Collaborative demand planning with a customer;

(2) site-based ordering by project progress; (3) Professional cost management; and (4) Performance metrics with integrated platform. “Quality in all we do” is a common ground for all the initiatives taken under Desire-Mobile IPM umbrella. IPM business capability that we merely focus now is the “collaborative demand planning with a customer.” Here, the core idea is to build an agile and responsive supply chain that is fully driven from the customer project front line. During the network implementation project there is one clear interface towards the customer for all operational issues with easier communication and faster reaction. The customer’s project rollout plan is primarily used a basis for Desire-Mobile internal demand plans. Correspondingly, Desire-Mobile ensures high product availability, short lead times and reliable deliveries directly to installation sites. Monetary savings to the whole customer’s project are mainly expected to materialize through improved asset

Recommended Order Quantity:
Desire-Mobile Recommended Order Quantity Service considers the current stock, lead time, sales trend, ordering unit and other circumstances collectively and calculates the recommended order quantity. This will reduce your inventory level just with simple 'clicks'.

Real Time Inventory Information Sharing:
Desire-Mobiles Real Time Inventory Information Sharing Service makes inventory information available throughout all stores, warehouses, and the head office. Individual stores can manage their own inventory with inventory information (such as each item's status and quantity) sharing. The head office can also make quick strategic decisions with accurate analytic statistics.

Advanced Logistics System:

Advanced Logistics Information System (will help our business in 3 ways; keep the inventory reasonable, shorten the warehousing time, and provide accurate inventory information. You can take full advantage of them regardless of the category of the goods you carry. ALiS will help us reduce inventory, labor, and distribution expenses. With ALiS, we can attain competitive advantage in your business.

4-Place (Distribution System):
Mobile phones in India are considered as to be consumer durable, hence they are not just sold through exclusive telecom retailers but also through general retailers. We designed modeled its distribution strategy on lines of FMCG business. An important reason for the success of mobile phones in India was limited reach of the landline phones in several parts of the country. By mid 2005 the mobile phone sales in smaller towns and cities was higher than those of the metropolitans. The sales in these urban markets were beginning to saturate. The distribution in these small towns called for nontraditional channels. We will strengthen our distribution network, and selected distributors from FMCG line or experience holders for durables or automobiles. In fact, about a fifth of the mobile phone sales in India were consumer durables or service providers’ shops. We will come up with Desire-Mobiles Professional Centers (DMPCs), Desire-Mobile Priority Dealers (DMPDs) and redistribution stockiest all over India. DMPCs will be one stop shops for the complete range of Desires mobile phones, batteries, chargers, accessories, covers, hands free kits and car kits amongst others. It will also provide the after sales services for Desire’s handsets outlets with 60% of their area dedicated to Desire-mobile. While redistribution stockiest will be for supplying handsets across India. Desire-Mobiles will also come up with Desire Care Centers (DCCs) for providing solutions to mobile related problems. These will be spread all over the state and providing phone repairing software up-gradation services. We will also display complete range mobile phones, data products and complete mobile phones accessories.

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