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Terry Yaki Parts - 1, 2, 3 & 4

By T. Patrick Rooney.

Terry turned off the movie projector and looked out the little window
on the wall above it. The movie was over so the theater was almost
completely-empty; the last few people were on their feet and walking out
now. Smiling to himself, he turns for the exit to the projection booth and
walks over, his hand reaching up and touching the image of Bruce Lee on the
Enter The Dragon poster as he passes. Stepping out into the hallway he locks
the booth behind him and hustles down the stairs. A girl with blue clips
holding back her waist-length black hair looks up at him and smiles. The
nametag on her concession stand smock says Yim Shi.
"See you tomorrow night Terry," She says, her bright blue eyes shining
in the lobby lights.
"See you tomorrow babe," Terry says, his mouth moving for a few
seconds after he stops talking but no more sound comes out.
He turns to the glass doors at the front of the theater and pauses as he
sees his reflection. At six-foot-five most men look tall and somewhat
stretched, Terry however was six-foot-five with a ten inch tall Afro. His
dark-chocolate-brown eyes gaze back at him as he grins at himself. Reaching
into his Afro, he pulls out a black hair-pic and begins fluffing up the edges as
he goes out the door. The black jeans, black converse and black jean jacket
he is wearing are almost as black as his skin. He likes to think clothing
companies cannot compete with his blackness, which makes him smile even
Turning left he struts down the street humming the theme to fist of fury to
himself as he goes. As he walks he notices a black Cadillac limo round the
corner a few blocks up and head his way.
"Say, Terry do you know what is going on man? Why are the Tonfa's
acting so crazy man?" A voice from across the street asks.
Looking across the street Terry watches an old wino wearing a green
hooded sweatshirt walk between two parked cars and head his way.
"No Mad Dog, what's up with the Tonfa's?" Terry asks, his mouth not
matching up with his words again.
"They ain’t right man, I was in the alley behind Mr. Hand's bar when a
bunch of those Tonfa's went in there and started fucking people up man.
Girls were screaming and guys were dying man. They were eating them! I
seen 'em through the back door, and I took off running," Mad Dog says.
"Eating them? Come on man, your drunk Mad Dog," Terry says his lips
barely moving at all and not in sync again.
"I'm afraid, he is telling the truth Terry," says a voice from the open
window of the black Cadillac limo stopped in the street.
"Say man, what's up P-Funk? You know something about all this?"
Terry asks, his mouth almost moving right with his words.
"As a matter of fact, I do some of the Tonfa's made off with a few of
my girls and fucked up some johns man, I grabbed the last four and we are
heading uptown till all this shit blows over man. Watch yourself Terry these
boys are on something weird, it's making 'em crazy," P-Funk says.
Terry watches the limo pull away for a second and looks around Mad
Dog is nowhere in sight. Down the street however Terry watch four shapes
emerge from an alley and start walking his way. They are all wearing
sleeveless jean jackets and black t-shirts, Terry has a feeling all of them have
a back patch sewn into their jackets that reads Tonfa's.
There were no words spoken, but Terry stands there watching them
approach for a few seconds and then starts walking towards them. They
spread out as they approach two stay on the side-walk and two walk on the
edge of the street as they get closer. About twelve feet away they walk under
the street light overhead and Terry sees what everyone is talking about
finally. All of them are gray, with black blood vessels beneath their skin,
their eyes are glazed over with a white film. They are all dead. This
realization hits him as they raise their arms, moan and shuffle slightly faster
toward him.
Closing the distance with the one on his far left Terry spins around in a
blur of motion and his spinning clenched ham-sized fist connects with the
Tonfa's jaw. A bone-shattering crunch is heard as the dead punk spins down
to the sidewalk, in a bloody denim heap. Terry spins around the opposite
way and his left foot arcs upward connecting with the next closest one's right
ear. The skull of the thing collapses around the converse as the force of the
blow sends the body flopping end over end down the sidewalk in a smear of
gore. The last two don't pause at all they both come in at once, Terry jumps
from between them spinning in mid-air his body twists as if flies his feet
kicking out hitting them both in the chest as he lands on his hands, pushes off
and flipping in mid-air lands in the street facing away from them. The bodies
fly away from where he had been standing and land with thumps on the
ground. Both instantly get to their feet again as the first one swings its
clawed hand to grab Terry, its mouth open so wide its jaw is lying limply on
its chest. Terry spins grabbing the things wrist as he turns, his hip juts out
and then the thing is flying over his shoulder back into one of the two on the
sidewalk. The other closes in and Terry drops down taking its legs out with a
low sweeping kick. Spinning with his hands down on the street Terry's leg
arcs up high and then down on the things head in an ax-kick. The skull of the
creature is crushed under his shoe splattering brains, bone-fragments and an
explosion of gore all over the street. Terry completes his move landing on
his feet facing the last two. The one of the left makes a grab for him so Terry
grabs its wrist and pulls it close right into his mallet-like fist. The things face
flattens out against those massive knuckles bones smashing to pulp in an
instant the thing drops down to ground like it is made of jelly. The final one
groans as it comes in and Terry kicks it in the face. The brains explode out of
the back of its skull as it falls to the ground in a hot-mess.
Thumbing the side of his broad nose Terry looks around for more.
Seeing no one around he stands up straight and dusts his hands off on his
"Fuck you too, motherfuckers.."

Terry Yaki, Part II
Yim Shi, puts the mop and bucket away and takes off her concessions
smock. Throwing the smock onto a chair in the employees’ break-room she
grabs her gray hooded sweatshirt and pulls it over her head covering the
yellow smiley face on her white t-shirt. Her skin-tight jeans are so faded they
look a strange blueish-white color and her pink converse sneakers are well
worn-in. She pulls her long coal-black hair from the hoodie and removes the
blue hair clips. She put the hair clips in her jeans pocket and smiles at herself
in the break-room mirror. Her slanted almond-shaped eyes are the same blue
as the sky. Her father claimed her mother slept with the postman, they both
always laugh at that joke. Shrugging her shoulders, Yim turns and walks
back out into the lobby. Beyond the locked, doors three men stand watching
her from the sidewalk. They are all wearing sleeveless jean jackets and black
t-shirts. As she walks closer to the glass she can see their skin is uniformly
gray with blackened veins running beneath the surface. They stand perfectly
still watching her approach the doors, she does not even see them blink.
Yim Shi opens the door and steps out on the sidewalk beside them. As
one they raise their arms moaning and lunge for her. Yim jumps into the air
rotating her hips and whipping her foot around in a spinning kick. Her long
hair splays out around her like a black cloak as she lands. All three of them
smash together and fly backwards landing in a heap on the sidewalk. Bowing
to them slightly, she turns and walks away. Smiling she looks up at the stars.
From behind her comes the scuffle of feet, smiling even more she stops
and turns to face them again. Dropping into crane-stance, poised on the balls
of her feet, which were shoulder length apart she waits at the ready. Her
hands at poised as well, the tips of all her fingers pressing against the end of
her thumbs. They approach slowly, kind of staggering and stumbling, as they
get closer. Their jaws are broken, hanging down dripping blood, shattered
teeth and slobber onto their chests.
The closest one reaches out with his hands for her as her back foot
leaves the ground in a blur of motion. It's head snaps back with a bone-
smashing crunch. Suddenly it is flying backwards into its friends and once
again they all fall down into a pile on the sidewalk. This time only two
struggle and stand back up again. They rush her at once arms flailing hands
grasping for her. Her foot blurs through the air as it kicks one in the face
smashing its skull flat from the front. Her left hand punches outward at the
same time striking the temple of the second one, rupturing bone with a
snapping sound. She lands on lightly on her right hand letting her arm
collapse as she hits, flowing into a smooth rolling motion that ends with her
silently on her feet dusting her hands off on her jeans. There is blood
splattered all over the sidewalk so she walks into the street to go around it.
Not a drop of it is on her though.
Down the block a bit she can see Terry Yaki, standing in the road
looking down at several crumpled forms at his feet.
"Hey Terry!" she calls out
"Hey, Yim Shi," Terry says turning to walk towards her, his mouth
moving nowhere near his words.
Terry stops before her, in the street light she can see his eyes on the
bloody sidewalk behind her, they roam down her body looking at every inch
of her. She smiles, he is checking to see if she is all right, how sweet.
Glancing over her shoulder for a second she looks back up at him and
nods. He smiles down at her. She is all of five-foot-two and maybe one
hundred pounds if she carries a cinder block. Standing next to him, she feels
like a kid but the smile he is giving her, isn't one he would give to anyone
else, let alone another girl. He is fiercely loyal and demands the same from
her, which of course she gives him, more than willingly. Holding out her
hand, which he takes, they begin walking down the street.
"So, looks like I am going to have to go over to Club Scratch and see if
Johnny T, knows anything about what these Tonfa's are on. Shit ain't right,
they look fucking dead," he says, his lips still forming words after his stops
speaking soundlessly.
"Well I may as well go along with you, they jumped me too. Besides, I
think I'd like you to walk me home again afterward," She says smiling up at
"Oh, you do, do ya? Well I am game for that. It will take up to much
time to walk let’s roll on over there shall we?" he asks his mouth almost
matching with his words.
"Yes, lets..... HEY TAXI!" she yells at a passing yellow and black
The cab squeals to a halt just past them.
"Hop in you two, some shit's going down," a voice says.
"Hey Ginger, that you?" Terry asks, his mouth not even moving at all.
"Yes, now get the fuck in here."
Terry helps Yim into the backseat of the cab and then goes around the
other side and slips in beside her. As they shut the doors the cab takes off
very quickly.
"In case neither of you have noticed, the fucking Tonfa's have started a
fucking gang-war tonight. That's why I didn't make that last showing of Enter
the Dragon tonight. I have been taking squares from the bars to their pads all
night. You two are the first cool people I've seen in hours," says a large red-
headed man with an unlit cigar defying gravity in the corner of his mouth.
"Yeah we noticed the Tonfa's man we both got jumped by those jive
motherfuckers, that is why were heading for Club Scratch, and why your ass
is headed the wrong way," Terry says looking over his shoulder out the back
window of the cab.
"Yeah, well I would love to take you over to the club Terry, cept its
burned to the fucking ground as of two hours ago. While you were enjoying
the master up on the big screen us peon's have been watching some of the
coolest places in the city burn to the ground," Ginger says.
"Aw fuck man, Johnny T get out of there ok?" Yim Shi asks.
"No sign of him, but I hope he did, hang on let me check with the
office," he begins, and picks up the radio handset hanging from his
dashboard, "Hey Ernie, did anyone find Johnny T yet?"
"Yeah an ambulance brought him into Saint Williams about ten minutes
ago," a voice says.
"Thanks Ernie," Ginger replies.
The light turns red and Ginger stops the cab.
"Well since the club is out, where do you think we can find out what is
going on Ginger," Terry asks his mouth out of synch.
As Ginger opens his mouth to answer six figures step from the alley and
walk towards the cab. Ginger punches the gas and the cab rockets forward
through the red light and on down the street.
"That was close," Ginger says glancing into the rear view at Terry.
"Look out fool!" Terry yells.
A man in a sleeveless jean jacket steps from between two parked cars.
Ginger wrenches the wheel to the left and the cab goes up onto the sidewalk.
A few hundred feet later there is an open spot in the parked cars, so he jogs it
right again back out onto the street.
"That was even closer," Ginger says not glancing up this time.
"Yeah, just keep going Ginger, let me think about our next move,"
Terry says, sliding his arm around Yim Shi and pulling her close.
Terry Yaki, Part III
Yim Shi, watches the street lights going by out the window of the cab
she smiles a tiny happy smile and snuggles closer to her man. Terry looks
down at her and grins their eyes burning for each other. Terry’s eyes
suddenly widen he looks up at Ginger eyes in the rear-view mirror.
“Ginger, I got it man take us over to The Stygian Horn. If we cannot
talk to Johnny T, then we are going to have to see if Marlin knows what is
“Ok by me but I am going to need to go fill up man, I will be almost-
empty by the time we get there,” Ginger replies.
“That is no problem man, in fact sitting in one place seems like a bad
idea just circle the neighborhood once you get gassed up and keep your eyes
open,” Terry tells him his lips moving soundlessly for several seconds before
he begins talking.
“I like the jazz they play at the horn, I reminds me of something, as if I
had heard the song before yet I cannot place it. I asked Marlin about it one
night and he said the boys play tunes that your soul recognizes. If those
Tonfa’s go in to that place looking for trouble they are going to be in a world
of hurt those musicians don’t just carry around their instruments in those
cases,” Yim Shi says smiling.
“You got that right, the last dude that stormed in there looking to ob the
place left in three separate body bags. Check that out…” Ginger says
motioning out the passenger side window slowing the cab down.
Terry and Yim Shi look out the window of the cab the bus station is
burned to the ground, there are firemen and police everywhere, and thirty or
more bodies covered up with sheets, jackets or coats.
“That’s heavy,” Ginger says hitting the gas again.
“Yeah, this was going to be a good night, whatever is going on we have
to stop it,” Terry replies craning his neck to watch as they pass the scene of
the fire.
They stop at a red light four blocks past the bus station and from the
corner store’s entrance a man bursts out on the street screaming his scalp is
torn and a flap of bloody skin is dangling from the wound. He runs out into
the side street and gets hit instantly by a pickup truck. The driver gets out
while Terry and Yim Shi scramble out of the cab. From the entrance to the
Wawa of the Tonfa’s emerge all of them with faces smeared with blood.
They split up two heading for the driver of the pickup truck and two heading
for Terry and Yim Shi. Terry reaches out and grabs an arm on each of the
two stumbling toward them they instantly lunge for his face their broken
teeth snapping open and shut in their blood caked mouths. Suddenly a pair of
pink Converse kicks them both in the face and Yim Shi lands behind them
doing a cartwheel toward the other two Tonfa’s. Terry shoves both of the
dazed things away from him and lashes out with his right foot. The arcing
kick connects with the left one’s jaw the momentum of the kick carries it into
it’s buddy and they both go down in a bloody heap on the sidewalk.
Yim Shi spins up behind the other two, their backs are to her she pivots
her hands and springs with her shoulders and elbows from the ground. Her
body flies upward and her knees tuck into against her chest and then she
pivots her hips in mid-air and lashes out with both feet at once. Her shoes
connect with the heads of the Tonfa’s shuffling toward the confused-looking
old pickup driver. Their heads smash together from the impact of her kicks
and she tucks her shoulder in and rolls to a standing position facing them.
Just as they both try to regain their feet a body flies into them its face split
open spraying blood and brain matter from it’s cracked skull. Yim Shi lashes
out smashing the other in the nose with the heel of her left palm, the impact
knocks it back down and the back of its head cracks against the street.
Hearing yell she looks up to see the driver of the pick up backing away from
another Tonfa shuffling around the front of the truck arms extended.
Glancing back she watches Terry smash his shoe down on the skull of the
Tonfa lying beneath him. She leaps into the air and slides across the hood of
the truck and her foot smashes the fifth Tonfa in the ear. It falls to the ground
as she lands and as it pushes it self up she kicks it in the face, there is a
cracking sound as its head snaps backward and it falls lifeless to the ground.
“Hey we gotta go!” Ginger yells suddenly.
Looking back they see ten more Tonfa’s heading down the street
toward them.
“Get in your truck and drive old man, get home and lock your doors!”
Yim Shi tells the truck driver who is helping the injured man into his truck.
Terry and Yim Shi dive back into the cab and Ginger floors it. The
engine roars as the cab takes off. Terry pulls out a bandanna and wipes the
blood from her knuckles with it and then cleans off his own. She smiles up at
him as the cab turns to the left pressing her up against him.
One the cab’s radio Ernie is yelling for someone to get over to the
Jupiter Restaurant there is a pick up. Another cabby says he will get it.
“Hey Ernie make sure everyone stays clear of the bus station I just
rolled past there, it’s burned to the ground man,” Ginger says into the radio
hand set.
“Ginger do you have a fair right now?” Ernie asks.
“Yeah, I have a fair right now, why what’s happening?” Ginger replies.
“Oh some old man just called from The Komodo says he needs a ride,”
Ernie replies.
“I’ll get it,” says another voice.
“Thanks Johnny,” Ernie says.
“Ernie, some nut just jumped out in front of my car, oh god I hit him,”
Johnny says.
“Was he wearing a jean-jacket vest,” Ginger asks.
“I don’t know it happened to fast, hang on I stopped and he is getting up
back there, oh man he looks hurt. Hey are you ok man?” Johnny yells.
There is a moaning sound approaching.
“Run Johnny floor that bitch, he isn’t hurt! He is dead man! Get out of
there!” Ginger yells into the microphone.
“Do what he says Johnny, punch it!” Ernie yells.
“Oh hey man let me go dude, hey you stepped out in front of me ahhh..”
Johnny’s voice starts to say and cut off.
“Oh fuck me, what the fuck is going on out there tonight!” Ernie yells.
“I don’t know Ernie but we are going to find out right now,” Ginger
Suddenly a cop runs out from an alley way from their left. He waves his
arms and runs around to the passenger side of the car. Yanking open the door
he jumps in.
“Gun it! Floor it! Get us out of here!” the officer yells frantically.
They look to their left as Ginger guns the engine and they peel out,
from the alleyway stumble eight more of the Tonfa’s.
“They pulled Murphy from our squad car, they almost got me to. Let
me use your radio ok?” the officer says.
“Ernie, I just picked up a cop can you patch us through to the police
dispatcher?” Ginger says into the microphone.
“Sure thing… Give me just a second here. Ok your on,” Ernie says.
Ginger hands the mic to the cop.
“Dispatch this is officer Ramseur, Murphy was pulled from our cruiser
in the alley way at Tenth and Essex, we were checking out that report you got
about the screaming. You have an officer down in that alley, I drew the men
who were after us out onto Essex and I hopped into this cab. They are still
following us. Something was wrong with them dispatch, I shot one of them
twice in the chest and he staggered but did not go down. I had to get out of
there,” the cop says.
“We have gotten reports like that coming in all night, I am instructed to
tell each officer to shoot for the head, that is the only thing that seems to stop
them. We will dispatch two more units with the ambulance, can you lead
your pursuers around the block until they get there?” dispatch asks.
“Yes but be advised there were at least eight of them, we can lead them
on a chase around the block until you get here,” Ramseur says looking over
at Ginger.
“You got it boss,” Ginger says turning left at the next intersection and
waiting until the things turn the corner and then gunning it again.
“ETA on the ambulance and escort is five minutes Ramseur,” dispatch
“Roger that,” he replies.
“It’s going to be a long night baby,” Terry says to Yim Shi.
“Yes, it seems that way. We should have brought some popcorn,” Yim
Shi says smiling up at him.

Terry Yaki, Part IV
"We should just get out and take care of these guys, they are just going
to keep coming," Terry says his mouth moving for several seconds after he
stops talking.
"I agree," replies Yim Shi.
"We might not have much choice. Look!" Officer Ramseur yells
pointing down the street in front of the cab.
In the distance screaming sirens could be heard approaching through the
buildings. In front of the cab at the next intersection a huge dump truck is
smashed into the cars on both sides of the street.
"It looks like whoever was driving swerved to avoid hitting some of
those Tonfa's and smashed himself to a stop," Ginger says around the ever-
present cigar in his mouth.
"Ok, Ginger we are going to bail, you back on out of here and get
yourself lost," Terry says opening the door and getting out.
"Yes please be careful Ginger, we will talk to you later," Yim Shi says
taking Terry's hand and sliding out the door.
Ginger and the officer turn around using the sidewalk to help the bulky
cab and get going again charging through the pursuing Tonfa's.
"Let's go to the source," Terry says looking down at Yim Shi.
"Well we are close enough to walk there now I guess, but after they
have burned everything else to the ground do you really think they would
have spared they favorite hang-out?" Yim asks him as they walk along
toward the smashed dump truck.
The street lights reflect on Terry's eyes are he looks down at her for a
moment before answering.
"I am not sure, but I got this feeling that Club LajaTang, is where this
whole mess started and that if we are ever going to get to the bottom of this
nonsense, it will be there," Terry says his mouth still going for several
seconds after he stops talking.
Terry picks up Yim Shi and puts her on the hood of the car smashed
into the building at the end of the block by the wrecked dump truck. She
smiles and steps across and jumps lightly down into a ready stance on the
sidewalk beyond looking down the block. Terry hops up on the hood and
steps across himself, he lands lightly beside her on the sidewalk.
A Tonfa has a man down on the sidewalk around twelve feet from them
he face is buried in the mans torn-open skull. There are disgusting chomping
and moaning sounds coming from the gang member as he feasts on his
victim's brains.
"That is fucking disgusting," Terry says as they approach the grim meal
in progress.
"That cannot taste good," Yim Shi insists.
The Tonfa let's go of its meals shoulders letting the body drop to the
ground with a wet smacking noise, it bares it's blood encrusted teeth as it
starts to rise up menacingly at them. It never makes it all the way to its feet
as a converse sneaker connects with the side of its head sending it smashing
into the wall of the store it is standing out front of so hard that it's brains
explode from its skull in a fountain of blood and gore. Terry and Yim Shi
continue down the side-walk toward a mass of staggering figures milling
about in the street lights way down the block.
The sound of breaking glass from across the street erupts into the night,
they glance over and see a group of 5 men dressed in black standing in the
toy store, grabbing box after box of toy action figures and putting them in
"Why would you steal action figures," Yim Shi asks as they continue
down the sidewalk.
"Collectors buy them in the hopes that years from now they will be very
valuable to a collector of classic toys, especially toys still in the box," Terry
replies his lips seem to form one word out of all of that whole statement.
"Sounds fucking stupid, if your going to steal a toy but your never
going to play with it, what is the point?" Yim Shi replies laughing.
"In about 30 or 40 years one of those toys could be worth a few
thousand dollars," Terry says his lips moving nearly in time with his words.
"Yeah but until then everyone you bring to your house is going to see
your vast collection of toys and wonder if you rode the short bus to school,"
Yim laughs.
"So all guys who have toy action figures are short bus rejects?"
"Oh no, you have a Bruce Lee action figure don't you?" Yim asks
smiling up at him,
"Maybe," Terry replies his lips seeming to making a much larger more
in-depth statement.
She shakes her head smiling and pats his arm, “Well you must hide it
pretty well I never noticed it before.”
The men in black finish loading their bags and run to a van waiting on
the curb out front of the store. They get in and the driver peels out as they
take off, the back-end of the van swings into a wide fish-tail smashing into a
truck parked beside Terry and Yim as they walk toward the still-fighting
group ahead of them.
“Hey watch it sucker,”Terry yells at the van, his lips almost in synch
with his words.
The van rights itself and hurries down the street running over several
staggering gang members in the road beside the fight ahead of them. The van
takes a right at the next intersection and it gone. In the distance a siren wails
and over the top of the buildings to their right a huge blaze can be seen, the
massive fire engulfing at least four apartment blocks with flames licking into
the night sky.
A line of motorcycles surrounding a black limo approach, the riders of
the motorcycles are all wearing full face helmets, black leather, with a white
stripe running down the arms and legs, body suits and they all have samurai
swords on their backs.
“Oh hell check it out, it's Boss Masamune,”Terry says his lips still
moving a good ten seconds after he is done talking.
The limo pulls up to a stop down the road out front of Club LajaTang
ahead of them on the left side of the street. The motorcycle riders get off their
bikes and gather around the limo. Terry and Yim watch as the boss and his
entourage get out and they all start killing the Tonfa's out front of the club.
Club LajaTang is the normal hangout for the Tonfa gang, at one time
they had an unsteady peace going with Boss Masamune and his Yakuza clan,
something must have happened tonight to end that arrangement though,
because the Yakuza were slashing down any Tonfa they could find with their
swords out front of the club. Terry and Yim approach the fight and come to a
stop as the last of the Tonfa members drop to sidewalk bleeding out.
“Terry, Yim Shi, it has been a long time. Listen these Tonfa idiots came
down to my turf on the docks and stole a shipping container last night. The
manifest says that the only thing in the container were 'asian spices' whatever
that means. It had just arrived yesterday morning and we had not even gotten
to check it out yet. Now, I am glad we didn't in a way,”Masamune tells them.
He is a short man maybe 5'3” at the most, he is very muscular though
and he is wearing Hakima, baggy fighting pants and tabi, split-toed, boots. In
his hands he is carrying a sheathed antique Katana and his head is shaved
bald. He isn't wearing a shirt and his entire upper body from neck-to-waist
and all the way down both arms to the wrist is covered in tattoos. A mass of
Hanza masked demons cover his flesh, the rippling muscles of his arms and
back when he moves causes the eyes of the fiends to move and seem to
follow them as he walks past them.
“Have these things destroyed the theatre? Is that why your here
Terry?”Toki Tokugawa, Masamune's right-hand-man asks them as he walks
past, he is also shirtless and covered in tattoos and like his boss he is holding
a very old, very wicked-looking katana.
“No, they jumped Yim Shi and I on our way home though.”Terry
“Are you guys going to do another Kurosawa night?”Toki asks.
“Yeah man, I planned on it for next month, we are going to show a
week of Hidden Fortress, Seven Samurai and Yojimbo,”Terry replies.
“That is going to rule, I can't wait. I am going to bring Kyimi again
man, my girl loved the last Kurosawa night. We are coming for sure,”Toki
“That is cool man, we will come in an sit with you guys, well except for
the change-overs of course,”Terry says and Yim Shi nods smiling.
The group of black-leather clad cyclists yank open the doors to the club
and they all charge inside. Terry and Yim Shi stand there looking around for
a few minutes as the sounds of a massive fight erupts from inside the club.
“Think we should go in there and help them?” Yim Shi asks him
“Sure, why not,”Terry answers his mouth continuing to move as he
opens the door for her and waves her inside.
Yim Shi moves into the club, there are two bars one to her left along the
wall, running the length of the building. The other is in the far right corner it
is a smaller bar situated next to two poker tables. Evidence of a recently
played game of poker still sits on one of the tables. In the center of the room
are scattered tables and chairs most of which have been smashed by writhing
fighting pairs of people. Yim Shi ducks as a bottle flies past her head to
smash into the wall behind her. Following its flight back she sees a bartender
winding up to throw another bottle, which she ducks. This one doesn't smash
though, and not hearing the noise she glances back to see where it went.
Terry has caught it and with a flick of his wrist sends it flying end over end
back toward the bartender. The guy has enough time to look startled and then
the bottle crashes into his face shredding his chin, cheeks and forehead in a
spray of broken glass shards and blood. The bartender falls down screaming
through his mangled face as Yim Shi and Terry charge into the fight.
Terry stops a punch heading for his face by grabbing the Tonfa's wrist
and then with a twist he launches the former man over his shoulder and into
the wall. The Tonfa smashes into the wall with a bone crunching sound and
slides down to the floor in a heap of shattered bones. Yim Shi ducks under a
punch and she pivots on her back foot which shifts her hips around and drives
her shoulder forward until her palm hits the Tonfa in the chest. The impact
sends him flying into two of his friends and they all go down in a heap of
flailing limbs. Smiling she stands up and holds out her hand, Terry grabs her
hand and lashing his arm forward throws her over two tables. Her foot comes
up and the kick sends and Tonfa flying backward with a smashed jaw. Yim
lands lightly on her feet her left hand rising up propelling her fist into a
Tonfas face with a crunching one bones. Terry kicks another Tonfa in chest
so hard he can feel and hear the ribs break as he lands next to Yim Shi.
A black-leather wearing Yakuza swings his sword and the two Tonfa in
front of him are cut in two. From their shoulders up the bodies fall backward
in a shower of gore, from their shoulders down they fall forward spewing
blood by the bucket load. The Yakuza leaps over both corpses and charges
another group of Tonfa surrounding several other Yakuza. Terry and Yim Shi
jump over the corpses as well and find themselves fighting a group of five
Tonfa. Terry lashes out with his left hand smacking one of the Tonfa so hard
in the head that is falls into one of its friends as it loses balance and collapses
to the floor. Yim Shi kicks the closest Tonfa in solar-plexus so hard he flies
over a table and into a support pole holding up the ceiling. Terry kick the
next closest Tonfa in the face so hard he spins around with a cracking sound
as his jaw is broken.
An explosion throws both of them back against the wall by the front
door as the door behind the bar disintegrates. Toki lands on the floor between
them his sword still clutched in his hand the blade dripping blackened blood.
“Well we found Boss Chou,”Toki says way too loudly, shaking his
head as he stands up.
“I see that,”Terry says as a figure in a black-kungfu gi floats from out
of the back room of the bar.
Lightning plays from Boss Chou's fingers as he hovers there in his huge
cone-shaped wicker hat.
“Ok, now comes the big speech and the goofy reasoning behind all this
senseless destruction. Come on man out with it,”Terry says to Chou.
The medallion Boss Chou is wearing, glows with a greenish radiance
that matches the glow from his eyes.
“Ao Guang needs souls, I give them to him, no long story, just
power,”Boss Chou says.
“Who the fuck is Ao Guang motherfucker?”Terry asks his lips asking
quite a longer question before they stop moving.
“The dragon god, I might have known. His power comes with an awful
price you fool,”Yim Shi says shaking her head.
“Fuck this shit,”Boss Masamune yells and suddenly a sword slides out
the front of Boss Chou's chest.
The blade of the sword sparks with electricity and slides free as
Masamune is picked up and tossed over the bar, where he smashes into the
bottles of booze and crashes down out of sight. The sword wound in Chou's
chest closes up as lightning dances around it and from his eyes.
Terry and Toki charge at the boss they make it to about four steps from
him when Boss Chou claps his hands. A wave of kinetic force blasts out from
his palms knocking Terry and Toki back across the room and slamming them
into the wall.
Yim Shi begins a complex kata, her hands stopping in different gestures
and configurations as she goes. Boss Chou is attacked by ten of the Yakuza
as once and turns to deal with them ignoring her. He waves his hands and
nine of them fly away propelled by bolts of lightning. The last one takes a
swing with his sword at the boss, Chou claps his hands together stopping the
blade. He then flicks his wrists to the side snapping the sword, the Yakuza
has time to widen his eyes slightly and then he too is airborne.
Terry, Toki and several more Yakuza charge back in from six different
directions at once. Boss Chou smashes his clenched left fist into his open
right palm and a ring of electricity bursts out from his spreading and
smashing them all back and away from him once again.
Yim Shi's kata finally comes to an end with the word, “Nezha.”
A blast of power leaves her hands barreling into Boss Chou who is
knocked back into the back wall of the bar with a cracking sound. He
rebounds from the wall and slowly falls to the floor. A size 12 Converse falls
down smashing his skull into the floor in a burst of brains and blood.
Suddenly the front door opens up and a horde of police officers pour
into the bar all shouting at once. Looking around Terry sees puffs of smoke
where Toki and Boss Masamune had been standing and he smiles.
Yim Shi walks over and puts her arm around Terry's shoulder and he
hugs her close.
“So what the hell was that?”Terry asks nodding toward the remains of
Boss Chou.
“Oh he was using the dragon king of the sea to gain power,”Yim Shi
says smiling shyly.
“No, what the hell did you do to him?”Terry asks his mouth completely
out of synch with his words.
“Oh that... Ancient Chinese secret.”


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