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JULY 2019, VOL. 17 ISSUE 7



Francois Bend is hosting weekly luncheons in June through August for Ascension Parish High Schools.
Calling all graduates from 1950-1960! Come re-unite with old friends, reminisce and enjoy a
complimentary meal at 12:00 noon on the following dates:
June 19th July 10th July 24th August 1st August 15th
Classes of 1950/1951 Classes of 1953 Classes of 1955 Classes of 1957 Classes of 1959
July 3rd July 17th July 31st August 8th August 22nd
Classes of 1952 Classes of 1954 Classes of 1956 Classes of 1958 Classes of 1960

Join Us for
"Senior" Prom Night
What better high school memory is there
other than your Senior Prom?
Come re-live your glory days and get ready
to shake, rattle and roll at the Bend!
DATE: Wednesday September 4, 2019
TIME: 5:00 PM-8:00PM
Refreshments Provided

Baton Rouge Corvette Club will be having

a car show to Benefit St. Jude.

Present this coupon for a

August 9th 2019 complimentary meal on us.
from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

326 East Industry Ave., Gonzales, LA 70737 • • 225-647-2363 (BEND)

Publisher / Editor
Mike Strong
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Prairieville, LA 70769

The 2019 Jambalaya Festival
Officially Gets the Party Started
Each year the Jambalaya Festival Association has a sunrise kick-off of the
festival. The 2018 Jambalaya Champion, Jarrett Marchand, cooked the first
jambalaya of the year. This year the Tuzack Martin Band started the dancing as
the sun came up.
WBRZ Channel 2 sent journalist, Johnston von Springer, to report to the
stations morning show. The music is rolling and cheerleaders are cheering and
the fun begins.
The event was catered by Luke Marchand of Carlico Cafe. Like so many
festivals before local patrons get the dancing started that begins the 3 day party.
This years festival went off without a hitch and a big congratulations should go
out the Jambalaya Festival Association for a a job well done.

Jambalaya Festival Queen Host
a Queen’s Mini Pot Contest
• BBQ Chicken - • BBQ Brisket • Meatlovers Tray • Poboy Tray
Leg Quarters Sausage, meatballs, Ham, Turkey & Roast beef
boudin, drummettes • Sandwich Tray
and brisket Ham and cheese,
• BBQ Pulled Pork chicken salad
& turkey and swiss
• Muffulata Tray
• Boudin Balls
• Jambalaya Tray (Large)
• BBQ Meatballs and
• BBQ Brisket Sausage Tray
• Catfish or Shrimp Tray
• Chicken Drummette Tray
BBQ, Fried or Buffalo

For All Our Information & Services: • 225.677.5545

Donating floral arrangements for National Garden Week with Mayor Barney Arceneaux (front center)
are, back row from left, Dana Teepell, Janis Poche, Sandy Stewart, Pam Fiegel, Janis D’Benedetto,
Dale Bowman, Ellen Posey, Loretta Ramirez, Priscilla Monson, and front row from left, Lorraine
Gautreau, Myra Mire, Jamie Trisler, Arceneaux, Mabel Savoy and Rita Bourque.

Gonzales Garden Club Celebrates

National Garden Week GGC President Jamie Trisler accepts National Garden Week Proclamation
from Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux.

During the first full week of each June, National Garden Week. To promote the
the Gonzales Garden Club celebrates week, fourteen members showed up with
National Garden Week along with so plants and flower arrangements to be
many other clubs across the country that placed at public facilities and local
are federated by National Garden Clubs, community resource centers.
Inc. The week’s objectives are to instill a
greater appreciation for nature, Chosen locations included City Hall, the
beautification of our surroundings, Clerk of Court Office, the Gonzales
education of environmental efforts, and Library and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.
civic involvement in gardening within Mayor Barney Arceneaux graciously hosts
local communities. the group and signs the document each
year. The annual event is coordinated by
Gonzales Garden Club members Janis D’Benedetto, one of the club’s Civic
gathered at Gonzales City Hall for the Development and Involvement Chairmen.
signing of a proclamation commemorating


The Gonzales Garden Club chose July Yards of the Month. The residential winner was Mary Walker of 1508 South Augusta Ave
for her pink rose bush, colorful dwarf nandina and white spider lilies.
Chick-fil-A on Hwy 30 won Commercial Landscape of the Month for its fountain grass, drift roses and blooming ground cover.
don’t want to include too much
into each email. Sending a long
email blast takes time to read, and

Email Marketing is
unfortunately, unless your content
is the best of the best, you may

Good for Business

lose your audiences’ attention in
the middle. Remember the golden
rule: one or two emails a month
and limit your content to the
most important only.

● Grow your email list

One of the biggest downfalls in
email marketing is when a busi-
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email list. When networking, col-
lecting satisfaction surveys or
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turf grass lawns. It is also at
this time that plants begin
to produce small, white

flowers. Large mats can be
removed by hand or using
rake. This will not eliminate
the weed entirely, but it will
help to reduce next year’s
seed source.

The South’s No pre-emerge herbicides

Worst Weed
have been found to be very A dense mat of Virginia buttonweed has the
effective when it comes to potential to kill areas of turfgrass.
controlling Virginia buttonweed. (Photo by Dr. Ron Strahan, LSU AgCenter)

Virginia buttonweed is a doozy. The best approach is to begin

Mariah Simoneaux managing the weed as it emerges weeds to maintain a healthy lawn
A weed so troublesome that it has through regular mowing and
earned itself a reputation as one in the early spring. Homeowners
can spot spray small seedlings in proper fertilization and soil pH
of the worst weeds in the south. management. A dense and
If you had Virginia buttonweed in Virginia buttonweed is a April and May. Herbicides like
Weed Free Zone and Weed B vigorous lawn can compete with
your lawn last year, it will appear warm-season perennial. Plants
Gon are good options and are weeds and prevents their
again, year after year if nothing die back during the winter months
labeled for all Southern turfgrass. establishment.
is done to control it. only to re-emerge the following
spring. It is extremely prolific and
Throughout the summer, or once Mariah Simoneaux is the
can reproduce multiple ways.
temperatures reach over 85 Horticulture Agent serving
Each plant produces button-like
degrees, Celsius herbicide or Ascension and Assumption
seed capsules, containing two
herbicides containing metsulfuron Parishes. For more information
seeds. Furthermore, stem
can be used. Multiple applications contact Mariah at MJSi-
fragments have the potential to
will be required. When applying or
root. Trying to mow Virginia
any type of herbicide always read visit the LSU AgCenter website
buttonweed out is not a practical
and follow the label directions. at
solution and can actually make
the situation worse.
Homeowners who implement
Virginia buttonweed prefers moist management techniques early in
conditions and is adapted to a the year and take a programmatic
wide range of soil types. By late approach to controlling Virginia
summer it is commonly observed buttonweed will see the greatest
growing as a dense, spreading results. Additionally, one of the
Small white flowers, each with four petals, mat – especially in established best ways to manage Virginia
on Virginia buttonweed. buttonweed and other lawn
(Photo by Dr. Ron Strahan, LSU AgCenter)

2305 S. Purpera Avenue, Gonzales, LA • 225.644.1028

Our Sushi is Amazing!
The Rest of Our Menu is Also!

Come Join Us and

Enjoy Our Summer Menu
with Local Favorites

We have 8 Hibachi Grills

for Every Occasion!
School is out! Summer time is here.
Kids Eat Free, Wednesdays!
Ichiban Gonzales has a big deal going on!!!! Starting now,
every Wednesday. Kids 12 and under eat free. *
Your choice of Grilled Chicken, Grilled Steak or Fried Catfish.
Comes with Onion Rings, Edamame, Fried Rice, sliced fruit and
$5 Action Card to Premier Lanes.
Please come in to check out and enjoy the night with your kids.

* Only children 12 and

under, only 2 children
per adult, adult must
purchase entrees
not valid with any

15% OFF
other offers, no
coupons accepted

Not Valid

with any
other offer.
Expires 8/31/19

217 N. Airline Hwy. • Gonzales, La 70737 • 225-647-2266

more difficult that it seems.

Also, they sent me home with

professional grade whitening gel
to go with the custom trays they
molded me for that day. Once a
month to keep my pearly whites
white was recommended.

Overall, I think the process was

worth it, especially if you can
pay half price. I would
recommend having it done close
to a special event, so you get the
most bang for your buck. Also,
refraining from re-staining your
teeth is one of the major factors
of long term whitening success.
So, stay away IF AT ALL
POSSIBLE from red wine,
coffee, tea and other dark or
pigmented foods and drink.

Then you relax as the hygienist for sensitivity, which I had for
It’s a Great Day places protective eye goggles about 12 hours. The Advil
Overall, I’m very happy with
my Zoom whitening experience,
for a White over your eyes, then the Phillips
UV lamp is set to hover over
helped, but the real challenge
was the issue of coffee. The
and to have that perfect smile
for my perfect day, I’ll use the
Wedding! your mouth. The lamp is set for dental office recommended not custom gel and whitening
four rounds of 15 minutes, with to drink coffee for a whole week trays at least once a month
This month is simply a
a short break in between so the or two weeks if possible after until September.
continuation of last month’s
hygienist can assess sensitivity. I the procedure to prevent
article. I’m prepping for my
didn’t have sensitivity, so I went new stains! Here’s to a great smile for an
Fijian elopement in September.
on the max setting for each even greater day!
Packing is of the essence, thus
round of 15 minutes. During this time, I drank coffee
last month’s “mini” beauty
with a straw and tried very hard
products have been essential in
After the all rounds were to rinse my mouth with water
low packing over the Pacific.
complete, the hygienist reveals right after. The hygienist said
your bright white teeth! the same thing applies to red
This month I wanted to share
The hygienist suggested Advil wine as well, which is much
my experience with Zoon, the
dental whitening procedure by
Phillips. This dentist office
procedure has been around for
several years, but not until there
was a half price special listed on
Facebook did I decide to check
it out. Normal price is $500,
but the special was 50% off, so
I spend $250.00 for this
two-hour procedure.

First the, dental hygienist made

a plaster mold of my mouth for
custom whitening trays. Post
procedure, they send you home
with a maintenance kit. I’d say
this is a good deal already!

Then, gauze wash pushed into

the mouth to ensure the mouth
and teeth are wide open and
stay open during the whitening
procedure. A special UV
protective gel is applied, very
carefully, to the gums to ensure
your gums don’t burn from
the UV rays.

It’s Never to Early to Prepare for a Hurricane
The 2019 hurricane season is Sheriff Webre: Hurricane allowed to us fully execute our PIO Hudson: Is the Ascension
upon us, and the Ascension Katrina changed everything capabilities right here at home. Parish Sheriff's Office
Parish Sheriff's Office readies when it comes to preparations; So now we know we have to self-contained?
itself for rapid response both Ascension Parish became the be ready for a variety of
locally and regionally. Public largest assembly point for the situations and the key Sheriff Webre: Yes,
Information Officer Allison B. law enforcement response take-away from that is absolutely. Over the last
Hudson sits down with Sheriff soon after the storm. As first self-containment. several years our office has
Bobby Webre to discuss this responders from across the upgraded or added to the
year’s preparations. equipment that is vital to a
successful response or
PIO Hudson: Why is deployment. We upgraded our
preparedness so important mobile command vehicle. This
this time a year? Is it strictly vehicle is capable of being
for hurricanes? used as a full service
command center, including the
Sheriff Webre: The Sheriff’s ability to dispatch police, fire
Office always remains in a and EMS services. Logistically,
state of readiness; in fact our we increased our ability to
main mission is to respond to transport large quantities of
any and all incidents in a potable water and fuel. We
moment’s notice. But hurricane have additional watercraft and
season gives us the high-water vehicles in our
opportunity to prepare inventory. We recently
additional resources that will increased our food service
sustain our office for longer capabilities by adding
periods of time when industrial equipment to our
resources are limited-- mobile kitchen. Now we are
resources such as equipment, confident we can feed multiple
fuel, generators, water and country flooded into Lamar agencies in one sitting. Over
food. So preparedness is not Dixon, we were faced with the PIO Hudson: What do you time we increased our ability to
strictly for hurricanes, but responsibility of not only mean by self-containment? provide housing and basic
hurricane season gives us responding to the damage needs to several agencies at
the opportunity to check caused by the storm, but also Sheriff Webre: It’s a term our training center--we can
equipment and make certain responding to the logistical meant to describe how an offer adequate room to sleep,
all systems are in good challenge of housing and agency sustains itself when shower facilities and even take
working order. feeding the 500 law deployed to natural or care of laundry needs if
enforcement officers man-made disasters. We need necessary. Thanks to our
PIO Hudson: What are the assembled in our back yard. to ensure that our agency can good stewardship of taxpayer
lessons learned from major Hurricane Gustav actually respond with the necessary dollars, we are very well
storms, such as Hurricane caused more damage in equipment and supplies so we prepared to serve our
Katrina or Gustav, as well as Ascension compared to never add any additional community fully.
the 2016 flood in the Capital Katrina; we had several burden to the agency or
Region? agencies respond here to citizens we are assisting. PIO Hudson: Did the
assist us. The 2016 flood Ascension Parish Sheriff's
Office ever deploy to
other regions? us some hard lessons.
Hurricane Katrina practically
Sheriff Webre: Only when we destroyed our ability to
knew for certain that Ascension communicate via cell phones
Parish was safe and no threat and in many areas via police
existed. We will always radios. Since Hurricane
remember the outpouring of Katrina, major resources
support from other agencies have been invested in an
during both Katrina and Interoperability Network that
Gustav, and you feel an gives first responders the
obligation and a duty to help capability to communicate
other first responders in need. within their own agency and,
Last October we deployed a just as important, the ability to
team to Gulf County, Florida communicate with other
after Hurricane Michael agencies. We do this through
devastated the Florida mobile communication towers
Panhandle. We sent and advanced technology that
deployment teams to San has vastly improved statewide.
Jacinto, Port Arthur and Lake
Charles in the wake of PIO Hudson: Any additional
Hurricane Harvey in 2017. information you would
In 2013, we deployed to like to share?
Moore, Oklahoma after a major
Tornado ravaged the area. Sheriff Webre: The Ascension
We will continue to offer Parish Sheriff’s Office stands
assistance when the alarm ready to face any challenge
sounds. this hurricane season or during
any disaster. Our personnel
PIO Hudson: What role are well-trained; our equipment
does communication play is on standby and in good
in preparedness? working order. I would remind
all of our citizens to have their
Sheriff Webre: As Chairman own plan and prepare now for
of the Ascension Parish Com- this hurricane season. As
munication District, I must say always, please do not hesitate
that Hurricane Katrina taught to call upon the Ascension

Best of Luck to all the Ascension Area School
Educators and Students for an Excellent Academic
and Sports School Year!
Ascension Primary and Middle Schools St Amant High School Gators
Ascension Christian High School Lions Dutchtown Elementary
East Ascension High School Spartans Dutchtown Middle School
Dutchtown High School Griffins

Think, Learn, Grow, SOAR….Every Eagle, Every Day!

While students are out of school and in preparation for the upcoming school year. Louisiana and our administrators
enjoying summer time festivities with their The pictures show our teacher coach participating in the Creative Leadership
families, educators are taking advantage of and teachers participating in the Louisiana Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.
opportunities to learn and grow themselves Teacher Leader Summit in New Orleans,
Dutchtown Primary Important Summer Dates
July 31th to August 2nd - Summer Registration for New Students from 9-12 and 1-3
Wednesday, August 7th - PREP Day/Meet and Greet in the Cafeteria from 2 to 5
Thursday, August 8th - First Day Students Attend

Visit our website at

“Your Community Physical Therapy Provider for Over 12 years”

(225) 744-3631 • fax (225) 744-3647


Don’t Chase each category occupies in your

Last Year’s
portfolio based on your goals, risk
tolerance and time horizon. (Keep

Mutual Fund
in mind, though, that while
diversification can help reduce the
Ok Dr. Rob,
effects of volatility, it doesn’t
guarantee a profit or protect against
losses in a declining market.)

You might be tempted to choose

categories by looking at which most
recently outperformed the others,
and just stick with those groups.
The world of mutual funds can be But is this a good idea?
confusing. With more than 9,000
funds on the market, how can you It probably isn’t – and the
choose the ones that are right for main reason you shouldn’t chase
you? performance this way is things
change very quickly in the mutual
One way to start is by considering funds arena. It’s quite possible –
the various categories of mutual and has happened many times –
funds – and there are quite a few of that the top category last year can
them: Small Cap Growth, Large fall into one of the worst-performing
Cap Growth, Large Cap Value, ones this year, and vice versa.
Diversified Emerging Markets, Consequently, your efforts to
Foreign Large Cap Blend and more capture a winning trend may
– the list is extensive, and for many be futile.
people, confusing.
Of course, within the con-
However, with a little study, you can text of investing in various mutual
understand why these funds have
fund categories, you still need to
their names – for example, a Small choose individual funds. And, as is
Cap Growth fund will contain stocks the case with categories, you might A N I M A L H O S P I TA L
of smaller companies thought to be tempted to give considerable
offer growth potential. Once you weight to a fund’s track record. But,
know the goals of different similar to the situation with fund 225.744.4905
categories of mutual funds, you can categories, “chasing performance”
determine which ones fit into your is typically not a good strategy –
overall investment strategy. after all, last year’s “hot” fund may
have cooled off considerably this
This is important, because you year. Nonetheless, reviewing a
want to ensure your portfolio is fund’s longer-term track record can
appropriately diversified. For help you understand how it might
example, if you find that almost all perform through the ups and downs
of your mutual funds come from the of the financial markets. Always
above-mentioned Small Cap keep in mind, though, that past
Growth category, you may be performance can’t guarantee how
taking on more investment risk than the fund will perform in the future.
you’d like, because funds that offer
the greatest growth possibilities Mutual funds are popular
also usually carry the highest investments – and for good reason.
degree of market volatility. Since each fund generally contains
dozens of securities, you get a
Typically, you may be better off degree of diversification you can’t
owning an array of mutual funds achieve from owning individual
drawn from several different stocks or bonds. And, as discussed
categories, with the percentage above, you can diversify further by
owning funds from several cate-
gories. Just remember, though, that
as you build your mutual fund
portfolio, don’t get caught up in last
year’s results – because old news
just may not be that relevant today.

Mutual fund investing involves risk.

Your principal and investment
return in a mutual fund will fluctuate
in value. Your investment, when
redeemed, may be worth more or
less than the original cost.

Jamie Lavigne, Financial Advisor

4600 Sherwood Common Blvd, #103 • Baton Rouge, LA 70806-6609 • 225.292.4971 (O) 225.647.4332 • Hwy. 44 • Gonzales
Champ of Champs 2019
Danny Robert and
Kurt Waguespack

Lacy Tessa

• Personal Loans • Auto Title Loans

• Confidential Loans

We are Growing to Fulfill Your

Full Service Salon Needs

44253 Hwy. 42 ( 1 m i l e f r o m P o r t V i n c e n t )
For Loan Information Call 647-7422
1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 • S T. A M A N T YOUR ESTATE MATTERS
have on our loved ones who are tasked
with settling our estates after we’re
gone. While Facebook allows you to
designate a “Legacy Contact” to
monitor your account if something
happens to you, Yahoo! specifically
states that user accounts may not be
transferred to a different user and will
be permanently deleted with all
content upon proof of a user’s death.
It’s also important to recognize that
eBooks or iTunes files are licensed
to – not owned by – the consumer
and may not be given away at death
like other assets.

3. Discuss legal directives for digital

By Linda Melancon


assets with your attorney. Discuss your
digital assets with your attorney to
Planning Your make sure that you, your estate, and


your beneficiaries are protected. You
Estate in the may need to incorporate language in
your wills, trusts or powers of attorney
Digital Age to account for these assets. It’s always
discouraging to hear of parents who
went through 8 weeks of court
When you begin thinking about es-
processes to gain access to a child’s
tate planning and which assets to leave
computer or a spouse who was denied
to certain family members or friends,
State-of-the-Art their loved one’s records – not
the china, photo albums, or expensive
Equipment because the deceased denied them
jewelry may come to mind. But what
access, but simply because those
about your Facebook account, your
digital assets were not considered
Front End online banking account, or a personal
in their estate planning.
website? As we increasingly rely on
Alignments technology for our social, consumer


While it may be burdensome to
and business activities, it’s essential
regularly manage your digital assets,


that individuals include their digital
consider making it a yearly or
assets in the legal documents that
quarterly habit to download online
protect their legacy. Here are a few
pictures, family videos or documents –
things to think about when planning
especially ones from accounts that will
ahead in the digital age.
be deleted by the service provider at
the time of your death. Also consider
1. Know what your digital assets are.
leaving a list of usernames and
Computers, iPhones, and hard drives
passwords in one secure location. If
are tangible assets, but the non-
you keep your list online, file away
tangible electronic data they contain
instructions on how to retrieve them.
falls under the category of digital
There are many online providers
assets and is often password protected.
where you can store all of your user-
These assets range from ones of pure
names and passwords. Finally, for true
sentimental value, like family photos
business enterprises, make sure that
on social media sites or email
24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service correspondence, to assets that carry
you have a qualified appraiser value
your digital assets for tax and estate
monetary potential – such as PayPal
planning purposes.
accounts, company websites, digital
portfolios, and more. In fact, a 2013
Many individuals already have estate
McAfee study showed that the average
planning documents that don’t
consumer has digitally stored assets
mention directives for digital assets.
worth approximately $35,000.
Living in the digital age may mean
Unfortunately, an estate executor may
that some of your most important
be unable to pay certain bills or may
records aren’t in your home where a
even be unaware of their existence in
successor can walk through and
cases where this digital property was
• All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery • Emergency road service find them. Don’t wait until it’s too
left out of an estate plan. To prevent
• All brands to fit autos, trucks and assistance-Commercial Only late to make your digital assets a
this, take time to make a complete in-
18 wheelers, including tractor/ • Locally owned and operated since 2004 part of your legacy!
ventory of your digital assets and what
construction equipment tires • New used and retreads
should be done with each of them at
the time of your death or disability. The information provided is not intended to
Digital keys, passwords, and answers be legal advice and does not constitute an
to security questions on digital attorney/client relationship. You should consult
with an attorney for individual advice regarding
wallets are crucial. your own situation.

2. Understand your service user Ms. Melancon is an attorney with Legacy Estate &
Locally Owned & Operated by agreements. We tend to click “I have
read and accepted these terms of
Elder Law of Louisiana, LLC, with offices in
Baton Rouge, LA and Prairieville, LA. The
primary focus of her practice is estate planning,
Oscar and Linda Mire and sons service.” when we sign up for online probate, special needs planning and elder law. For
accounts without thinking of the more information or to attend an upcoming
Call for Appointment • 225.644.8473 implications these agreements may
estate planning seminar, call her office at
(225) 744-0027

Jambalaya Festival 2019
Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm
2304 S. Burnside Ave Ste. 2
Gonzales. Louisiana

Thank You for

Running with Us.

and sense of fair play. He politics of old and a lingering
learned to stand by his police jury mentality has

JOEL ROBERT principles and stand up for

what is right.
crippled Ascension Parish’s
infrastructure. We need fresh Joel was taught from a very
ideas and innovative ways to young age to stand up for
Joel Robert was raised in
“I’ve witnessed first-hand the address the irresponsible himself and for others. He
Burnside, Louisiana by parents
politics of self-interest and how growth of our community.” learned that success is a
Al and Theresa Robert who
counterproductive it is at every - Joel Robert combination of hard work,
instilled a strong work ethic
level of government. The innovation, tenacity, as well as
failure. His father taught Joel
a simple formula for
success: hard work +
timing + opportunity. Most
importantly, Joel’s father taught
him to give God the credit and
serve others to
attain real achievement.

Joel believes that life is not

about what we have or where
we have been, or even who we
know. Life is about
relationships with family and
with friends. True Happiness
is found in serving others.

• LSU Graduate • Married to Mandi Robert
• Children Harrison & Brittyn • Attends Healing Place Church
• Owner of My Self Storage
• Volunteer coach at Ascension Christian
Proud to Represent Volunteer Ascension
Joel with Ryan Robbins in Port St. Joe after hurricane Michael devastated the community
New Direction
Ascension’s infrastructure network is overwhelmed. The the list goes on.
Parish Council has failed to meet the challenge, refusing to It is time for that to change; time to require actual investment
enact policy to protect our quality of life. All of us suffer the from developers doing business in our parish; time to accept the
consequences: traffic congestion, impaired drainage, fact that some areas of our parish are unsuitable for Major
overcrowded schools, compromised public safety… Subdivision development.

• Responsible Growth-
I promise to enforce rigorous traffic and drainage • Repeal Master Plan-
impact analyses before major subdivisions are built We cannot accept higher density in
to ensure adequate infrastructure is in place. new residential without proper infrastructure.

• Improve Hwy 44 Traffic- • Opioid Epidemic-

We must install a traffic signal at Loosemore Work with local officials and the Mental Health Unit
intersection; bring existing MoveAscension to improve services to Ascension residents.
resources to area south of Gonzales.
• Ensure your right to vote-
• Drainage Improvements- Reject any attempt to eliminate
As your Councilman, Ascension's parish presidency.
I will push for change,
starting with a continuous
maintenance program.

Joel will bring innovative ideas and positive

solutions to the community of Ascension Parish
as District 2 Councilman.

Election Day:
Early Voting:
SEPT. 28 - OCT 5 Contact Joel
Phone # (225) 323-3121
Uniforms by Classroom.

All Public School Uniforms in Stock

Sizes from preschool to high school. • We have all school color tops for high school.
Navy Moisture wicking shirts available. • Uniforms Available year round.

Family Owned for 50 Years

Layaway Available
SACSINC.ORG • 125 S Burnside Ave, Gonzales, LA 70737 • (225) 647-2448
Congratulations to All the Cooking
Teams for a Job Well Done making it
to the Top 12 Finals.
Kade Lanoux 2019 World Champion
Tyler Billingsley and Jared White teamed up with Kade throughout
the festival. Tyler cooked with Kade in the preliminaries. Jared
stepped in for the finals. Tyler had his own team in the finals.

1 - Bart Himel 2 - Jay Alexis 3 - Jacob Mayer 4 - Jarrett Marchand

5 - Shelby “Doty” Gautreau 6 - Justin Courville 7 - Heath “Buster” Melancon 8 - Todd Breaux

9 - Tyler Billingsley 10 - Scott “Flu” Brignac 11 - Kade Lanoux 12 - Koby Thacker

What’s Your Favorite
Pitch, Man by Bill Delaune
Their tears had not yet dried
before Kilshaw grabbed the
mike and announced a no-holds
barred match between the two
at the Teamsters’ Hall the
following Tuesday guaranteeing
a sell-out crowd.
Later, Cowboy Bill became
the commissioner of Mid-South
and promoted some of the
biggest matches in the South at
that time including one between
the self-promoting Junkyard
Dog and trash-talking Freebird
Michael Hayes before
30,000 fans.
Promoting grew more and
more creative and Eddie Gilbert
concocted the “Battle of New
Orleans” where Gilbert, Terry
Taylor, Chris Adams and Sting
staged and all-out brawl which
began in the ring and spilled out
into the concession stand where
beer kegs, tables, chairs and
even popcorn machines were
thrown. The choreography
drew praise from other wrestlers
and promoters alike.
wonders waiting on the west Sputnik Monroe, Frank and Other highlights included
“Step right up, folks, and see bank. Jack Dalton and Danny Little Skandar Akbar throwing a
Little Egypt do her Dance of It seemed like every booth at Bear. fireball at Hacksaw Duggan to
the Pyramids! She walks-she the carnival had a deal you And if you think people didn’t “blind” him temporarily and
talks-she crawls on her belly like couldn’t refuse beginning with take this seriously, Sputnik Gilbert wrapping Watts in a
a reptile. Only one thin dime- the barker’s universal line-“Tell Monroe made a huge civil rights Russian flag during the Cold
one tenth of a dollar…” you what I’m gonna do…” As move in Memphis when he War feuds of the 80’s. Who says
The Coasters. in-“Tell you what I’m gonna refused to wrestle if the black wrestlers didn’t keep up with
do. I’m gonna let all three of crowd in the segregated balcony political issues?
I think I was captivated by - you shoot the basketball for 50 was not allowed on the main And remember-this was all
okay, suckered in-by the carnival cents and if any of you make all floor. The promoter relented happening when my hair was
guys’ banter at a very early age. three shots I’m gonna give you and history was made through a brown and before the days of
For one thing, I certainly all a prize!” wrestling ploy. Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan,
wanted to see Little Egypt Now Keith was a future But, of course, most of the Rick Flair and the thousands to
dance “wearing nuttin’ but a all-state basketball player and angles were rigged-hate to spoil follow to sell out the largest
button and a bow”. But there I wasn’t a bad shot myself-al- that for you, little buddies. For arenas in the country.
was something about the though later my “matador instance, it something happened Even Broadway got into the
rhythm of the barkers, pitch defense” often cost me playing on Saturday’s televised match, act with the lovable con man
men, con men-call them what time. And I forget who our you could be sure promoter Henry Hill (originally played by
you will-that struck a note in third was but we figured it was a Jimmy Kilshaw would demand a Robert Preston) of “Music
my protruding ears-especially cinch anyway. Of course, naïve rematch on Tuesday night at the Man” who warned the good
during the days when flat-top teens from Prairieville know old Teamsters’ Hall in North citizens about “Trouble-right
haircuts were fashionable. nothing about undersized rims Baton Rouge. In one case we here in River City-and that
I suppose it might have and over-inflated balls and we were informed before a starts with ‘T’ and it rhymes
started at the old Donald- watched in disbelief as our sure Saturday match that good guy with ‘P’ and that stands
sonville State Fair in the early shots bounced away one by one. Cowboy Bill Watts would be for pool”.
60’s when Keith and I and some Of course, carnies had wearing a hat donated by a Of course, Henry’s solution
of our Dutchtown buddies nothing on the pro wrestlers group of orphans who had to keeping Iowa’s youth out of
would catch the ferry at and promoters that we saved their pennies to buy the demonic pool halls was to
Darrow-armed with the discovered later on television. him one. start a young people’s band and
whopping total of five sawmill In this area it was Tri-State But, alas, that notorious provide the instruments and
dollars (and 20 cents for the Wrestling which would evolve villain Doctor X took Cowboy uniforms for a nominal fee.
round trip- and cross the into Mid-South Wrestling in the Bill’s hat and stomped on it Then he would skip town with
mighty Mississippi to the 70’s with such local stars as leaving the orphans in tears. the naïve folks’ money before
soap operas so the family is not
Ascension Select Pirate Coach Jeff Delaune congratulates Cade Delaune after a home hurting for material.
run in the recent Gulf Shores World Series. Cade' older brother Will and his grandfather are not One year Shea introduced a
shown because they were flipping chairs ( the former) and spilling beer (the latter) in celebration .
contestant who could” recite his
Thanks to Megan Babin for the photo capturing the moment. 25 favorite food, in reverse
order of preference, focusing
primarily but not exclusively on
Mexican and Italian dishes”.
Another was called the “David
Blaine of the bowel, the Evel
Knievel of the alimentary canal,
the Houdini of Cuisini…”
Don’t worry-I had to Google
some myself-this guy is out
Some of my other favorites…
”Three days ago he broke up
with his girlfriend and eutha-
nized his dog to leave a void of
emptiness inside of him that he
can fill today with hot dogs and
buns.” And for a British com-
petitor-“He coined the term
Brexit after a night in the pubs
when his breakfast the next
morning made a hasty exit….”
And for a 300-pound
contestant-“He has tried
intermittent dieting,
intermittent health programs
and intermittent hygiene…”
This year Shea went Biblical
from the beginning, “Eating
contests are where Lucifer and
God battle for men’s souls…”
But with the champion in the
wings and the crowd chanting
“Time to eat, Time to eat…”
that is when the master is at his
best. Chestnut, who has won
12 of the last 13 years, is to
Shea what Ali was to
Howard Cosell.
I mean-how many superlatives
can you come up with? Well, try
this one on for size-“Through
the curtain of the aurora, a
comet blazes to herald his
arrival, and his victory shall be
transcribed into every language
known to history, including
Then, after Chestnut’s
inevitable victory, Shea turned
to Percy Shelley’s classic poem
“Ozymandias”-“This is not an
ordinary man-otherworldly, in
fact. He has surpassed the kings
of Egypt for whom pyramids
were raised. ‘Look upon my
they caught on to the scam. did. This cat in his straw boater The contest only lasts 10 works ye mighty and
But not even Broadway could hat turned an eating contest minutes but the 50 minutes despair’”…
create a modern-day promoter that was attracting two dozen prior to the gluttony is worth And all Michael Buffer can
like George Shea who turned a spectators into a July 4 event the price of admission as the come up with for championship
hot dog eating contest into a that has become as American as 25,000 spectators packed into fights is, “Let’s get ready to
nationally televised event. The baseball, apple pie and fireworks the Coney Island open arena rumble!”
legendary New Orleans with a little help from a national will attest. Shea’s intros range I can’t wait for next July 4.
promoter Dave Dixon once sponsor Nathan’s, a TV slot on from biblical to classical
said, “Give me a television ESPN 2 and a Vegas line (The references to the completely
contract and a betting line and over and under on champion absurd and no one is quite
I can sell out the Superdome for Joey Chestnut’s number sure what he might say next.
a marble contest.” consumed this year was 73 and Ironically, his wife writes for the

Which is basically what Shea a half-he ate 71 in 10 minutes). WWE wrestling foundation and

As soon as I awoke I peeked of participants. This organization is
through the small window of my around four or five years old. In
assigned room and immediately the scheme of things it’s really in
noticed that a fairly strong westerly its grassroots stage and becoming
wind was making it’s presence bigger by leaps and bounds. The the force in acquiring areas and hunting.
known on the small trees outside. attending crowd was very enjoy- seasons for small game hunting and I would personally like to thank
At that point I began to accept the able to say the least. The group dog hunting opportunities on sev- every rabbit hunter that has invited
fact that for the fifth time in the consisted of many different races of eral wildlife management areas. me to be a part of their outings
last several years another chance at people, mammas, babies and entire Hopefully they’ll be other snap- throughout my life. Many of these
an offshore snapper trip at Grand families. Some were hunters, some per trips to be a part of in my life, people have passed away, but be-
Isle would once again get canceled. only ran dogs and some did neither but all was not lost on that day. I lieve me, I have always told them
When the decision to postpone was of the two. Everyone seemed to had a very eventful time in that how much I appreciated the op-
finally made, I began to try to enjoy themselves and it appeared two hour time span. Not only did I portunity that they gave me. To
reschedule what I would do with that some money was raised in the reminisce old times with many of this day I still think of them often.
the rest of that day. I was told that effort to continue their mission as the attending members that I’ve If you’re interested in the future of
I was welcome to stay that day and an organization. been acquainted with for years, I small game hunting, hunting in
night if we wanted to and enjoy The original founders of the or- also won another shotgun in one general or want to support a very
the social life for the remainder of ganization were mainly from of the raffles and acquired several family oriented group of outdoors
the stay. Believe me, I’m one that’s parishes west of Baton Rouge. As new acquaintances. men, women and children then
all in for an all day party, but in the time passes their membership is A local rabbit hunter once told give the Bayou State Rabbit
back of my mind was an air condi- constantly exploding. Rabbit me that as soon as the last day of Hunter Federation a shout. This
tioning problem at home that hunters have experienced a hard go deer season came to a close that his years annual banquet is coming up
needed attention. That priority of it in the last ten or fifteen years. phone would start ringing with Saturday August 3,2019 at Carl F.
overrode the all day party so the Local weed patches and small people begging to be taken on a Grant Civic Center in Plaquemine ,
trip north from our little island woodlots absent of whitetails that rabbit hunt. It’s ironic that the LA; 225-718-4467. You won’t be
paradise was soon underway. the rabbit dog man is attracted to same group of people that has kept sad you did and for sure someday
Somewhere along the trip back I have become less available due to them out of the woods for two this grassroots group will become a
remembered that the Bayou State rapid clearing and human develop- months now wants to be a rabbit major force in protecting our right
Rabbit Hunters Federation was ment. The explosion of whitetail hunter at that point. There’s a lot to hunt. One thing for sure we’ll
holding their annual banquet at deer and deer hunters in which I more than hunting involved with either fight together for each other
Lamar-Dixon in Gonzales on that am one of and many of their mem- developing a pack of first class and succeed or we’ll fight against
particular evening. After dealing bers are also, have had a strangle- bunny chasers. For twelve months each other and fail and you can
with my air conditioning problem hold on the time available for the a year these dog owners feed, train take that one to the briar patch...
for the day, I made it on over to beagles to be in the woods. This and vet these troops. The number
the banquet to support another organization has been responsible of folks now doing that deed is de- Till Next Time,
outdoor orientated group that I

Junior Anglers Prepare for Upcoming Tournament

for working out some of these creasing mainly because of unavail-
have recently become a member of. problems with landowners and able land to carry on their sport. Support The Mission
As I entered the building I was im- hunting clubs. They have also been That’s not good for the future of James “Goosie” Guice
mediately exposed to a fairly large

Junior anglers Caroline and Kaleb Matassa

The Annual East beam with pride after hauling in a bountiful
Ascension Sportsman catch of bream and catfish from Lake Verret on
League Kid’s Fishing Saturday, June 29. Caroline and Kaleb are the
Rodeo will take place children of Kendal and Michelle Matassa of
on July 27 Prairieville, and grandchildren of Ascension
Parish President Kenny Matassa and Selma
Matassa. “I was getting them ready for the East
Ascension Sportsman’s League Kid’s Fishing
Rodeo,” said President Matassa. The EASL
Kid’s Fishing Rodeo will take place on July 27.
For more information go to
with Kellie
Useless Random Facts

There are 269 steps to the top of the
Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand
while drawing with the other.

Canada makes up 6.67 percent of the Earth's land area.

Entertainment Schedule

Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.

Q is the only letter in the alphabet that does not

July 20
appear in the name of any of the United States!

Scary Lane
July 26th
The state of Florida is bigger than England.

Jordan Babin Duo

In Disney's Fantasia, the Sorcerer's name is "Yensid"

July 27th
(Disney backwards.)

August 2
In the Empire Strikes Back there is a potato
hidden in the asteroid field.
Micah Lipsmeyer
August 3

Over 1000 birds a year die from
smashing into windows! Burnhouse
• August 9
When possums are playing 'possum',
The Shakes
August 10
they are not "playing." They actually pass out
from sheer terror.
Jump School
August 16

The U.S. you dial '911'. In Stockholm,
Spank the Monkey
August 17
Sweden you dial 90000.

The pupils of a goat's eyes are square.
After Party

The giant squid has the largest eyes in the world.
1711 S. BURNSIDE • GONZALES • 644-8901

Thoughts from Bully
I’ve Been Marked
with the ‘Scarlet Letter’
For Christmas my sister gave met with, “Your hat
me this great Atlanta Braves camo and your shirt are a
baseball hat. Immediately started contradiction.” I look
wearing it and was met with scorn to see what shirt I had on and fan!” Wow I am
from LSU fans scoffing at my new checked the hat. Here we go. It’s around some haters
Alabama hat. So I hung it in my time to educate the Bama haters. so I headed home.
closet and didn’t wear it much. “Attention everyone! This is an The next day I
This past week I came across Atlanta Braves hat. Braves is headed to a meeting
the hat, knocked the dust off it, written on the bill”. Immediately at the Cabin. I had
and put it on. they start apologizing. One lady the same hat on and
That evening I went to at a table said, “Good, we really right off the bat I
Nooley’s for a po-boy and was didn’t want to eat next to Bama here, “There is a hole
inside your hat to
match the ‘A’ on the
front.” Bama haters

Alabama logo Atlanta logo

are viscous. Here we
go again. “Attention!
This is an Atlanta
Braves hat. I am 4 square, north politically correct).
south east and west Atlanta Braves Please learn your logos because
fan.” Look Braves it written on when I wear this hat I feel as if I
the bill. have the Scarlett Letter attached
So to educate the Bama haters to my forehead.
of the world, get your A’s right. You may wish scorn on Alabama
The Alabama’s A has the swoosh if it makes you feel good. Just
at top. Some call it a, gay A. (Not leave the Atlanta Braves alone!!!

Coming Soon!

Full service produce stand just

20 minutes, from the Ascension Parish
line, has this years NEW
crop of green peanuts.
• Fresh Fruits & Vegetables,
• Cypress Swings & Gliders,
•Homemade Jams, Jellies & Preserves

1280 Lobdell Highway

Port Allen • 225.383.1389


Help a Child’s Dream

August 17th, 2019

Come True
For Sponsorship, tickets and volunteer information contact:

Dream Sponsor - $1500

Freddye Smith 225.933.9339 or Randy Bourgeois 225.413.8681

Please help a Child’s

Dream Come True This monetary donation funds a child’s dream. This will entitle you to an
opportunity to participate in the presentation of a child’s dream, official

Gold Sponsor - $1000

recognition, a plaque, and 10 reserved VIP dance tickets and front row table hostess,
and 20 general admission tickets. (Must have VIP ticket at the door to enter the VIP section.)

Silver Sponsor - $500

This will entitle you to official recognition, a plaque, 10 reserved dance tickets and
one reserved table, along with 10 general admission tickets.

This will entitle you to official recognition, a plaque, 10 reserved dance tickets and one reserved

table, along with 10 general admission tickets.

Na Na Sha to perform DOORS & HARDWARE

at Lamar-Dixon Tickets available at Himmel’s

16491 Airline Hwy 70769 • (225) 673-8777

Doors Open at 5:30pm • Dance 6:30pm till 10:30pm.

2019 Jambalaya Festival Men 18 & Over
Mini Pot Competition Juniors 13 -17 1st Matt Gautreau
Hosted By Gonzales 1st Kade Thacker 2nd Aaron Guidry
Memorial Veterans of 2nd Carson Thacker 3rd Adam Gautreau
Foreign Wars Post 3693 3rd Colton Davis

Winners are:

Mini Pot
Woman 18 & Over
Mini Pot Winner
Lyle Turner Champ of

Cook-Off 2019
Children 12 and under
1st Cowen Parent
Amy Melancon
Tamil Thacker
Champs Contest
2nd Camille Thacker Koby Thacker
3rd Logan Russo

30 Years of Top Notch Services
Braud Company Welding & Industrial Supplies Abrasives Janitorial Equipment
has been providing material to industries for over Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes Marking Tools
thirty years. Our emphasis is on service.
Chemicals, Lubricants & Paints Material Handling
We take pride in same day delivery and
Display Units Measuring & Leveling Tools
customer service is always our number one
Electrical & Lighting MRO Supplies
priority and we deliver ontime, everytime.
Electrical Tools Plumbing Equipment

We have a well stocked walk-in sales counter

Fasteners, Clamps & Straps Pneumatics
Hand Tools Pumps
where you can purchase any quantity of an item. Oilfield Power Tools
HVAC Safety & Security

225.673.3370 • Toll Free 888.269.4315 •

Koby Thacker Wins Champ
of Champs Mini Pot Cook-Off



Spring is Here and Time

Our Front End Alignment
Equipment is State-of-the-Art

to Clean your Beds.


Call Ryan at 225.715.4594 225.647.3000 • 1311 N. BURNSIDE • GONZALES
Prairieville, La 70769 Mention this ad and receive a 10% discount
Murphy Painter Reaches Out to
St. Amant at Swamp Chickens Daiquiri
Parish President candidate Murphy Painter discussed parish issues to the
St. Amant community. After enjoying a BBQ chicken dinner Murphy took
questions from the crowd to state his positions for the parish.
Election Day: OCTOBER 12TH, Early Voting: SEPT. 28 - OCT 5

Proceeds from the
CPCU 2019 Annual
Golf Tournament will
support the Bayou
Chapter and its
scholarship program.
Scholarships will be
awarded at the 62nd
Annual Awards Banquet
for the University of
Louisiana, Lafayette.

Please Become a · $125 registration fee per person includes green fees, cart, beverages and dinner
· Prizes Awarded to the top teams · Four person Scramble
Platnium or Gold · Money raised is used to support the CPCU-Bayou Chapter and its scholarship program
Sponsor · For Additional Information, please contact Charles LaFleur (225-281-0840) or
Derrick Klingman (504-453-5457)

Send Checks to: CPCU Bayou Chapter, P.O. Box 80722, Baton Rouge, LA 70898-0439
Email your form to or call Derrick Klingman (504-453 5457)

Ascension Magazine received an Shack’ it is the Karaoke Shack, a funky
invite for a few beers and karaoke with little Shack.
a few friends. Turns out Johnny and Virginia have a
After driving through some back party room that is karaoke heaven.
roads in St. Amant I finally found the I don’t know about you but singing in
party spot for Johnny Frederick’s my shower is not like singing in front
birthday party. 20 friends. It didn’t take long for me to
I had been told these folks were realize I was out of my league.
serious about karaoke. They weren’t My admiration for these singers
kidding. It was a karaoke
extravaganza. This ain’t the ‘Love

grew fast. My envie for the quality and beer, and put me on the list.
connection between friends amazed me I took the mic and rocked the song, in
and pushed me to the back of the class. my head, and got through it without
I Photoshop Stevie Nicks in the photos. a disaster.
She may not have been there in person I want to send big thanks
however the spirit of Stevie filled the to Jeff and the crew for
room as the girl groups brought the the invite and yes I will return.
Leather and Lace and created I am working on a new
a Landslide of fun. ‘Doors’ song. I just need
I listened for a while, had a few beers a little more
and decided if Jack Cannon can sing and shower time.
survive I had my one and only karaoke
song I feel comfortable singing. I told Jeff
to ring the bell, which means bring me a

Jo-el Sonnier
July 25th

Let’s Get the Swamp Party Started

7-18 7-26 8-9 Scary Lane
Joel Cooper The Flashback Chameleons After 8 8-22
7-19 7-27 8-10 Fergs Highway
90 Degrees West Clifton Brown and the Tboy and Just Us 8-23
7-20 Rusty Bucket Band 8-15 Blue Eye Soul Revue
Jo-el Sonnier 8-2 Sal Melacon 8-24
7-25 Chris LeBlanc 8-16 No Idea
Josh Walters 8-3 TBA
Gilligan and Da Gang 8-17

SPECIALS Put Your Name Up in Lights Just
Above the Bar on the Ceiling

$17 ULTRA)


Every Monday
& Friday

$10 Entry Fees

5pm-9pm / 2-4-1 Drinks,
Daiquiris, and Beers $100 payout Guarantee



SUNDAY 13489 Highway 431• St. Amant, LA 70737 • 225-644-1151

Hours - Monday—Saturday 12:00pm–2:00am
Cooking Gourmet at Home
130g Celery (about 1 stalk) 2 c. Flour

75g Green Bell Pepper (1 medium pepper) 10 c. Stock (I use half chicken and half shrimp,
but you can you just 1 if preferred)
75g Red Bell Pepper (1 medium pepper)
1 lb Crawfish tails
250g Yellow onion (1 large onion)
2 Tbsp Liquid Crab Boil
1 Tbsp Minced Garlic
Salt and Pepper to taste
½ lb Butter (1 cup)
2 Bay leaf
1/2 c. Oil

In large pot, add your butter and oil, turn on medium high heat.
After butter melts, add your flour. Whisk in very well. Lower burner
to medium-low heat, whisk occasionally until your roux is a little
darker than peanut butter.
After proper color is achieved, add bell pepper, celery, onion.
Prep: 25 minutes Let simmer for 30 minutes, with lid on, stirring every 5 minutes.
Add garlic and bay leaves. Stir well. Add stock, whisk vigorously.
Cook: 20 minutes Turn to high heat. Whisk on high heat until thick consistency is
reached. Lower back to medium heat. Add liquid boil, green onion,
Servings: 4 salt, and pepper. Add 1 lb crawfish tails. Let simmer for 10 minutes.
Executive Chef Serve over rice, garnish with green onion.
Sam Penton

You Deserve The Best, Call Today for a
Consultation with Dr. Z,
or one of her Medical Aestheticians!

Prairieville • 17497 Old Jefferson Hwy.

Baton Rouge • 5305 Flanders Dr. l 225.778.7540