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Radia Tapes: Radia with Atul 123/577

Atul: We have to take a strong lesson. Let's talk across the table and
let's take a call. You want to go ahead with Anil or RIL or Tata. Take
a call.
Radia: That's right. Absolutely.
Atul: Otherwise they will take us for granted. And that is what they
have been doing. That is precisely what they have been doing.
Radia: Yes yes.. I have been telling Vishal... I have been saying that
you know... Mai toh Pathak ke muh nahin lagna chahti
Atul: Ma'am there is no question of talking to Pathak.. Last time when
that RCom story happened for a week I was pursuing him.. Sunil started
it, and informed Pathak and Pathak abused me and I said I don't care
Atul: If you ran a story against Tatas, then why can't you do this?
That report of Kotak, for a week I was branding lies..
Radia: Then do one thing, tell Pathak tomorrow that you tried
yesterday. And now, we will have to take a call.
Atul: But what is Pathak's involvement.. ? I have been in touch with
this guy Sunil.. I checked with Sunil and sorted out.. but internally
we have to take a stand..
Radia: No, I am with you Atul. Let's meet tomorrow, let's just meet at
the office.
(Inaudible, both speaking at the same time)
Atul: Let's have a meeting all of us together.. take a call on this
and then I will take it forward..
Radia: Correct, correct.. perfect.. we will do that.. okay..

51. Radia Tapes: Radia, Srini

Srini: Employee, Neucomm,(Radia's company)
Date: Monday 01, June 2009
Time: 10:54:42

Radia: Hi Shrini.
Shrini: Hi Niira!
Radia: Hi Hi Hi...
Shrini: Back in Delhi or ?
Radia: Back in Delhi. Back in Delhi...
Shrini: Ok, you were on vacation?
Radia: Uh. Ya. I went to Vaishno Devi.
Srini: Vaishno Devi, ok (overlap)
Radia: Aa.. I got back uhh... early this morning. (Giggles) (Sniff).
Shrini: Ok. There was aaa this aa issue on society which aa
51. Radia Tapes: Radia, Srini 124/577

Radia: Huh...
Shrini:...Nitabhabhi wanted a conference call.
Radia: I had a word with Manoj. He briefly got through to me
Srini: Ok.
Radia: You see, I have a, I, I have a view which is, did we when we
agreed with Shobaa De...I mean I don't know because we didn't -
Shrini: No, we didn't agree with Shobhaa De. I'll explain to you.
Radia: Uh huh!
Shrini: See, uh...what had happened was aa the lady who is the editor,
Ruchika Malhotra...
Radia: Hm mm
Shrini: Ok... she had become a mother and she had a two month old aa
Radia: Hmm.
Shrini: So because of that she was operating out of Delhi.
Radia: Hmm.
Shrini: Normally she would do those interviews but this time when she
had asked Shobhaa De to do it.
Radia: Hmmm.
Shrini: Ok? And aa Shobhaa De thought it was her material and she had
put it up on her blog...
Radia: Hm.
Shrini: ...the unedited version
Radia: Hmmm...
Shrini: Ok? Aaa...between the two of us we had aaa got an edited
version to be posted in aa 'Society', in aa, 'Hello!'...
Radia: 'Hello!', ya, ya ya...
51. Radia Tapes: Radia, Srini 125/577

Shrini: Ok. Aa.. but the unedited one went on the blog, which we knew
that had gone on the blog, because I had pointed out immediately
saying the unedited version she had put it up on her blog, and her
blog I can't do anything...
Radia: Shobhaa?
Shrini: Haan.
Radia: No, the point I'm making is that your agreement was with Hello!
Magazine and not with Shobhaa De...
Shrini: No, it wasn't with Shobhaa De.
Radia: Right? And therefore Hello! Magazine is responsible that the
any interview that is done
Shrini: Hm.
Radia: remains with Hello! and doesn't get put out anywhere
else? It is not Shobhaa De's propriety, no?
Shrini: Hmmif .
Radia: Am I right? I mean, the agreement, if I was to look at today,
whenever you do anything, if the agreement is between you and Hello!
magazine, who they nominate to do that interview is entirely up to
Shrini: Correct. Huh.
Radia: And therefore the onus falls on Hello! magazine.
Shrini: Hm.
Radia: And it was for Hello! magazine to make sure that she has to
take the blog off.
Shrini: Hmm.
Radia: That's the first thing. The second this is...
Shrini: See, see, then we should have actually taken this stance when
Shobhaa De put it out on her blog saying it's not your personal
propriety your asked for, it's Hello! magazine.
Radia: How long ago was it...?
Shrini: Two months ago.
Radia: Shrini, it's the first time I'm hearing it went up on the
51. Radia Tapes: Radia, Srini 126/577

Shrini: No, no Manoj is aware two months ago it went on the blog.
Immediately after it went on the blog...
Radia: Huh..
Shrini: Nitabhabhi had told all of us, why don't you guys meet up with
Society, because Society is one place where i'm aa very aa concerned
that they would do something nasty.
Radia: Huh...
Shrini:Ok? And she's upset cause apparently the meeting was scheduled
with Society....
Radia: Hmm...
Shrini: And aa then aa the person was invited, to the.. to our new
formed office and they didn't meet.
Radia: Hmm...
Shrini: So she says, that would have cheezed them off that that's why
they did aa nasty one pager.
Radia: No, why didn't we meet, any idea?
Shrini: No, idea, seriously no idea. I mean I wasn't even aware that
we didn't meet (Radia clearing throat) until yesterday. That is what
aa she is... what she is very upset about.
Radia: Hm. And what has come in Society, please tell me, what exactly
has come. Its the entire article?
Shrini: No, I haven't seen. No see, what they've done is uncredited...
uncut, edited version apparently, they said aa, why is this aa been
aa, why has this been aa edited, (voices in the background) why has
this been edited? So, those kind of things is what they've put. Let me
get a copy of Society, yesterday I tried in the news stand next to my
house, I didn't get it.
Radia: Hm.
Shrini: I'll try and get it from here.
Radia: Ok. Now there are two things as far as Society's concerned,
which is what I told Manoj Warrier, yesterday, was very briefly when I
got through to him, was, Society, you know, that Tina Ambani and Nari
Hira have a different relationship and there is a financial
relationship in place.
Shrini: Hm.
51. Radia Tapes: Radia, Srini 127/577

Radia: Are you aware of that, I don't know whether you are aware of
Shrini: No, I'm not aware of that. No, I'm not aware.
Radia: Ya, but there is for a fact, atleast for a fact that I
understand that there is a financial relationship, why he needs the
financial relationship I do not know, but unfortunately this is how
they've been working and they have a very good understanding.
Shrini: Hm.
Radia: So I had indicated to Manoj, that whenever you approach
Society, you have to, you cannot just go and tell them I'll to give
you two ads because it's not going to work.
Shrini: Hm.
Radia: Are we prepared to engage with Society in a different manner?
MidDay is totally under control, so you don't need to worry Shrini,
because on Midday one is able to use their own relationships and
particularly the relationships of the ones that we have through TATAs.
Shrini: Ok. Hm.
Radia: So, (clears throat) we also need to have some currency to go
out there in the market and and have the relationship when it comes to
a Reliance which is why I've been talking to MDA for the presentation
and moving forward in a proactive way...
Shrini: Hm.
Radia:...because, (clears throat) you are sitting there just pushing
negative stuff, or trying to block stuff and in exchange we're not
giving them any other new stories
Shrini: Hm.
Radia: You know at the end of the day the media also works on
Shrini: Ok. See I'll tell you... see see
Radia: Uh huh..
Shrini: What's her point, where she's coming from is...
Radia: Um mm
Shrini: Saying, ok fine, I asked you to do a aaa story in aa Bombay
times on that school, which is not possible. Manoj took a call rightly
or wrongly saying that if he's not sure that he's going to get a good
prominent place he doesn't want to do that.
51. Radia Tapes: Radia, Srini 128/577

Radia: Hmm.
Shrini: Right? So, uhm, he says, I'm not getting any positive stories
but atleast, I mean, negative stories can't be blocked, especially
when I've told, saying Society I'm worried and a meeting was fixed and
you guys didn't meet. She's coming from that angle. She's very upset
on the fact that, I mean, she had pointed out twice, thrice, the
meeting was fixed and you guys still didn't meet.
Radia: Hmm. (Sigh). Ok. Let me have a word with him. You want to give
me aa aa aa ten fifteen minutes to speak to Manoj first and then you
want to connect a call or how do you want to do that?
Shrini: Well, I think you should speak to Manoj first.
Radia: Ya
Shrini: Fifteen minutes, twenty minutes is ok.
Radia: Ya. And then you'll connect me on
(ends abruptly)

52. Radia Tapes: 036 Radia with Srini

Srini: Employee, Neucomm,(Radia's company)
Date: Monday 01, June 2009
Time: 11:30:37

( Phone Ringing)
Man - Haan (Yes), Niira.
Niira: Srini, I have had a word with all of them including Natasha. I
told her, explained to Natasha. Natasha was originally any case I had
already told her this way back in August that we would want to do this
with her.
Niira: That is OK. I need to give her a couple of the people from
NEUCOM so she can guide them and lead them properly which is fine.
I'll do all those.
Niira: I mean NEUCOM will just second this part out to BITCOM, that's
not an issue. That we we'll handle, it's an internal thing between us.
Niira: I do believe she has the skill sets. I think she has the
maturity and the skill sets to do this and she is OK about it. Manoj
is OK. Vishal is OK.
Srini: Hmm! Hmm!
Niira: I just... I am sorry.
Srini: Can I .. Can I, sorry you complete your sentence.
Niira: No no no, you go ahead, go on.
52. Radia Tapes: 036 Radia with Srini 129/577

Srini: See I was also thinking, I like Tom Clancy, so conspiracy
theory or something which keeps going on in the mind, I don't...
Srini: There are some vested interest who are feeling threatened by
these new arrangements even for that brand NMA.
Srini: I don't want them actually, see otherwise I mean it's one page
apparently or half a page of picture and frankly I have never read
'Society' in my life, even if I had possibly flipped through it,
possibly once or twice.
Niira: Hmm! It's a (inaudible) impact. You see the problem is.... What
are you saying? People who are threatened even about brand NMA, of
course they are threatened by brand NMA.
Srini: So they must be bringing it to our notice, you saw this bad
story that has come.
Niira: Yaa! Correct. But you know Srini, she is going to have to grow
up out of that. Sorry. She is going to have to learn to do that deal
with them separately.
Niira: I mean I dealt with an over sensitive Ratan Tata who used to
get upset about every negative word that was said in an article even
though he had given that quote himself.
Niira: But it is a matter of time and she is going to have to... and I
am sure that there are enough people in her own system who will tell
her that this was there or even people like Chhaya.
Srini: I am talking about people like that only.
Niira: Yaa! and I think that it has zero meaning which is why she
needs engagement with us.
Niira: You know... I have told Manoj... You know she needs... we
needed this whole positioning, presentation. Shrini, every time I have
met her I have told her that we need to present to you. We need to
present you. This is not the way we can continue.
Niira: You know we have to have a plan, we have a plan. You know
that, right from the beginning I have been going on about this. It's
not something that has been manufactured today.
Srini: One thing in this episode where I possibly think we are
(mistaken(?)). She made that point about that I had told you about
'Society' and you guys didn't heed.
Niira: No I think he is willing to accept responsibility for it, he
says 'he's told me that he'd sent me the blog and I told him that I am
sorry I don't agree with you because if I had got the blog, then my
immediate reaction at that time would be why are we not suing 'Hello'
52. Radia Tapes: 036 Radia with Srini 130/577

Niira: Because he knows me. I mean he knows the way I work. I sit on
their heads till it gets done. But on brand NMA he's been very shaky
and I have seen that which is why I have kept on saying let's put
Neeta on it.... I mean Natasha on it.
Srini: Hmm!
Niira: Because he is... You know what ends up happening. Why he
didn't do Society that day was because the insider trading issue came
up. So that is high impact.
Srini: Somebody else could have met, I mean it's a... The other thing
which Manoj does is he doesn't delegate.
Niira: He doesn't delegate. I completely agree with you. Everyone is
complaining about it.
Niira: So we'll have to just take it on head on and take it out of
his... For example, everything we do on the other stuff, we have taken
it out from him. It's with Rohit now in Delhi.
Niira: I don't allow him to get involved on some of those issues any
longer. We handle it ourselves, within our scope and Rohit is in touch
with Raja directly.
Niira: We have had to do that because otherwise what used to happen
was Raja would call him and make him to sit there for 5 hours into
meetings and discussing the same financial issues and his rest of the
staff would get into problem.
Niira: So he has to handle what ever concerns RIL as RIL is the
company. MDA I am handling and the other one in terms of all the other
stuff we do has gone into Rohit's hands.
Niira: So we push NMA to Natasha. I think Natasha is capable, you will
like her. You will like her because you will see what I mean about
her. She is there and she is available and she understands his space.
Niira: I have sensitised her on the point of not using the word
celebrity. She is OK about it she knows all that.
Niira: And where ever she needs inputs... And one thing about her is
that she delegates beautifully.
Srini: Hmm!
Niira: And maybe Neeta will feel comfortable if she also has a lady
managing her.
Srini: I agree.
Niira: That bond will develop, you know. She has handled some of the
most difficult ones. Trust me, she's handled Simone Tata.
Niira: Who is not an easy one because Simone just never wanted
anything and we were facing this whole succession issue and there was
a fight.
52. Radia Tapes: 036 Radia with Srini 131/577

Niira: I remember at one time there was a major issue we had in TATA's
but she handled Simone.
Niira: Handled Simone in the sense that Simone never troubled us on
those issues you know.
Srini: Hmm! Hmm!
Niira: So she will... I will teach Natasha the other issues you know
on how she needs to position her philanthropy point.
Niira: You know, there is a nice fun side to her. There is a
philanthropic side to her. There is a serious entrepreneur side to her
as well you know. So she'll understand.
Srini: Just seeing the Society page which Manoj has scanned and sent.
See it is smart.
Srini: You start up by saying that Shobhaa De finds internet and
blogging very good and liberating because there is nobody to edit it
except her, that kind of thing.
Srini: Case in point, she finds it extremely liberating where she can
say whatever she wants the way she wants to without worrying about the
affiliations and loyalties of the various publishers.
Srini: Case in point, is a recent interview with Neeta Ambani and...
(inaudible)... lifestyle magazine. They have not reproduced that.
Niira: They have not reproduced the article right?
Srini: They have not reproduced it because...
Niira: They can't because they are right that they will have a legal
Srini: They have just picked up pieces which she says is not
Niira: It is come on mail to all of us is it?
Srini: Yes, it is come to you only actually.
Niira: One moment, I'll just retrieve it.
Srini: Anyway, she said in five to ten minutes we can have a
Niira: Please connect Manoj, Vishal and myself and what I will do then
is get her to give time for Natasha today or tomorrow.
Niira: Let Natasha come across, meet her with Manoj. Then we will go
across first and meet Manoj this afternoon, understand it and then
take it on from there.
Niira: And Shri just one piece of advice from you, do you want me to
mention that look this has had zero impact.
52. Radia Tapes: 036 Radia with Srini 132/577

Srini: I think you should.
Niira: Yes, because I'll tell her that...
Srini: The whole thing with Manoj saying it, I'll tell you also,
Srini: You can come across as someone who is dispassionate and you are
giving (inaudible) advice.
Srini: Some how in this case when I said but who reads Society and OK
fine boss, you didn't do you job so that is why you are saying that.
Srini: I asked you to meet and you didn't meet and that is why you are
saying that. You understand where I am coming from?
Niira: Hmm! Hmm!
Srini: When you say it I think it will have an impact.
Niira: Of course Shobhaa De is... and I go back to what I told her
right from the beginning about Shobhaa De that this is not the
interview you should have accepted.
Niira: Shobhaa De is not a person you can accept as an interviewer.
She is competing with you how can you accept her.
Niira: You see if you go back, specially the point I am going to make
to her is that you know there is an element of advice. That advice
comes from a little thought process. It doesn't come just because we
have a view about something you know.
Srini: This whole accepting and non accepting thing has been done
before even I got to know about it.
Niira: Yes I know.
Srini: ... I don't have a good view about either her writing or
personality. She is a complete sham and... (inaudible)..There is
neither (inaudible) nor quality in her writing...
Niira: And people have zero view of her. The amount of criticism the
Times Of India have on her column are quite remarkable but they have
to continue because a contractual agreement is there in place.
Niira: And there is also this Vineeth(?) factor there and it is a
matter of time and that column will be taken off.
Niira: Shrini, I am going to tell her that I recognise that may be
there has been a failure on the team in this case, and I have told
Manoj this already, I am substituting the team because...
Srini: I was also feeling sorry. Manoj had said sorry yesterday and he
had apologised to me, he is not ehh!...
Niira: No no, he is very good that way, he has always worked to his...
but the thing is that I cannot own up to a situation and not do
something about it.
52. Radia Tapes: 036 Radia with Srini 133/577

Niira: It will be wrong on my part and I'll say that whilst Manoj has
apologised yesterday our responsibility to you is to make sure that we
correct it.
Niira: Yaa! And we are correcting it by giving you someone who has the
skill set to handle it and who will handle only you. She has other
accounts also but she will handle only you... so that you are not...
then when we have other issues on insider trading.
(Tape ends).

53. Radia Tapes: Radia, Manoj Warrier

Manoj Warrier: Executive Director, Vaishnavi Corporate Communications,
(Radia's company)
Date: Monday 01, June 2009
Time: 12:41:17

(telephone rings)
Manoj: Ha boss (yess boss?)
Radia: Manoj what's wrong with that article?
Manoj: Sorry.
Radia: Huh!
Manoj: Sorry.
Radia: What is wrong with that article I don't undrestand, I told
Shrini what's wrong with that article?
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: I mean I don't think anything wrong with it.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: I mean it's fine... the point of fake and ruthless and all that
but that fake....eventually, it's fun.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: Ruthless she's harsh, you know she's not harsh she's silly if
I mean that's Shobhaa De.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: I mean in 8 years I've never let her close to Ratan Tata.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: I've never allowed her to come close to Ratan Tata.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: She's sent so many mails complaining about Vaishnavi and all
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: The only one reason she wanted to do... I never let her close
to him.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: So I cant, I don't understand what is the... fine you know...
the fact that you didn't call Society and all that that's wrong... you
know that is a mistake but...
53. Radia Tapes: Radia, Manoj Warrier 134/577
know that is a mistake but...
Manoj: These were edited... these were edited from Hello they called
if you remember we asked...them to check the copy before it goes to
Radia: So this is the edited part, this is on Antilia also I believe
she set the tone on Antilia.
Radia: I actually believe she set the tone.
Manoj: Yes.
Radia: So, somebody telling her something else is obviously very
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: You know and she's saying that Chayya Momaya and all of
them... Shrini also agrees with me that Chayya and the others are
winding her up.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: So she needs to understand that image management is not
about... few people.
Radia: And I may tell her that on the call...
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: And... you know you may need to tell her her again that your
sorry about Society.
Manoj: Yeah...yeah
Radia: And that you should have met which I believe you did yesterday
and I'll tell her that, I believe you did apologise yesterday but...
Radia: huh!?
Manoj: No we're meeting them on Thursday... that advertising...
Radia: No, fine. But you make sure now Natty attends that... this
thing... I've spoken to Natasha...
Manoj: Theek hai (Ok).
Radia: You may have to hand her over the... a couple of your guys like
Leeladhar or somebody whoever you think needs to go but.. ...but share
with her what you think, and then let it go from here.
Manoj: Yeah.
Radia: Yeah... the thing is that what I am going to suggest you is...
I have a 2:30 meeting I told Shrini lets keep it 3:30 because I can't
come out of that meeting, huh..
Manoj: Theek hai (Ok).
Radia: Theek hai (Ok). Toh woh tum ek baar dekhke (have a look at it
once) then lets discuss.
Radia: The other thing I wanted to ask you is this BS edit and this BS
article that Kartik has sent, what is the meaning of this? Are
this good for us in terms of the upward pricing issue or is it bad for
53. Radia Tapes: Radia, Manoj Warrier 135/577

Manoj: No, it's just that our price seems to be the benchmark price
now because the administered pricing is... lower than what our price
Radia: Hmm.
Manoj: So, ONGC is crying foul saying that why don't you give us the
price that is being offered to a private player like RIL.
Radia: Hmm.
Manoj: So... basically..
Radia: Or 4.2
Manoj: Yeah.
Manoj: But Bhide has a view that... and the article which has been
forwarded... Bhide has a view that there is a taxation issue. See the
government and the NELP had said that anything which is explored,
which is mineral oil, will be given tax redemption for seven years.
Radia: Hmm.
Manoj: Now, last year in the fiscal and the budget Chidambaram
announced that mineral oil means only oil and not natural gas, to
which we had said that there should be a clarification that it
(in)cludes natural gas and therefore we are exempt from paying tax for
the next seven years.
Radia: Hmm.
Manoj: Bhide has come up with some calculations saying that it will
hit 40,000 crores.... Government will lose 40,000 crores if tax breaks
are given for gas production.
Radia: Hmm.
Manoj: So that is the... I mean, we are hopeful that the finance
ministry will issue a clarification,... - because the petrol ministry
has already written to the finance ministry that NELP future rounds
will get impacted if you don't give this tax break.
Radia: Ha (yeah) but Bhide is their man na? Bhide is completely their
man... he is there only till the sixth... till august or something...
Radia: - OK so basically its about the fact that ok if you remove the
administered.. remove the pricing issue...
Manoj: don't mix the two, the edict and this, is two different
issues... the edict is around the administered pricing issue and ONGC
clamouring for market determined prices which at this point of time is
said to be 4.2.
Radia: Haan. (Okay)
Manoj: And ONGC is mandated to sell cheaper gas because its a
government entity.
Radia: Hmm.
Manoj: So, ONGC chairman has been saying 'why should I be selling at a
subsidised rate if private players are allowed to sell at a higher
53. Radia Tapes: Radia, Manoj Warrier 136/577

Radia: Ya, which is fair, but again at the same time, their refining
agent can also be take up no?
Manoj: Sorry?
Radia: Then the level-playing can apply even when it came to the
refining issues.
Manoj: Yeah...yeah...yeah that is what this entire clamouring for
deregulation ....deregularisation is around the APM administered price
for gas, APM administered price for petrol and diesel. So everyone is
clamouring for market-detemined prices, at this point of time.
Radia: Hmm.
Manoj: Only place where they will not implement it is going to be LPG.
Radia: Hmm.
Manoj: We've been asking to go slow even on the petrol pump opening
because...the internal thought is that there maybe deregularisation
that will happen. But then why open it now or why do any fancy...
Radia: Why take losses now? haan...
Manoj: Yeah.
Radia: OK.. ok
Manoj: Because crude has already gone beyond 60 around 62 - 63 at this
point of time.
Radia: Ha (yeah).
Manoj: We make losses even on diesel.
Radia: Ahh!
Manoj: So, thats...
Radia: Ok...
Manoj: They are talking about short term prices, not over long term.
Radia: Ok.
Radia: Now the other thing is Bodhi called me just now wanting a
quote on the channel from Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata...I told him
Radia: ....I told him Bodhi I cant do that because you always have
asked me for silly things. I think I'm sure Mukesh will write, and so
will Ratan, to Sameer, congratulating him on the channel, which I
know was done in the case of Times Now in any case. But to say that
you want to put that quote in the newspaper it becomes extremely
cheap. I wish you wouldn't do things like this, because I don't think
that's the way they want to... I think that... you need to start
thinking a litle bit more out of the box.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: Than just having the quotes of Ratan Tata and.. this one right?
Radia: First he went into this whole RBI story today.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: Actually is challenging the fact... that Tata's got away with
it. And RBI actually was very angry, that SBI had made it a fait
accompli. So I said you know why are you so upset about it? Seriously
agenda pe admi hai...bahut seriously agenda pe admi hai (The man is
very seriously on his agenda). Barring Amitabh Jhunjhunwala isko koi
najar nahi aata hai (He cant think of anybody else).
Manoj: Hmm.
53. Radia Tapes: Radia, Manoj Warrier 137/577

Manoj: Aaj woh logone campaign break kia (Today they've revealed
thier campaign) I don't know whether its come in Delhi.
Radia: Ha (Yeah) it's come. My God! I want a note Manoj, I've told
Vishal for a note on that.
Manoj: Yeah. It's 150...150 crores... I was actually trying to get a
press release.
Radia: Ha (yeah).
Manoj: I was trying to get a press release if they have issued but
media has reported that it's a 150 crores campaign that they've
Radia: That's right.
Radia: .So how are you going to manage this?
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: The environment how are you going to take note of the
Manoj: hmmm
Radia: HT mein aya hai? (has it come in HT).
Manoj: Nahin HT mein nahin (Not in HT) but they will start...I mean
they will give... dole out the goodies to everybody.
Radia: No, no but I want a mail- I told Vishal.. Manoj I want a mail
which says that you know... you need to send me a mail or Vishal
Manoj: Yeah...yeah...yeah I understood I was just waiting for if there
was any official comment. They have not...
Radia: the mail you need to send to me is that- look you know
that I've always been trying to tell you this - there is a campaign
that is going to unleash.
Radia: I've been telling you advertising plays a very critical role.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: Now watch how this is being used. This is being used in ET
times already because they are facing the brunt of it last 3 months
because this was already promised to them.
Manoj: Yeah
Radia: We pointed it out to you time and again that our challenges are
going to be only enhanced.... And they are using at all times just one
currency, which is what we built over the relationship with the Tatas.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: We've not used anything else, we cannot use...maybe Vishal
should write that mail which says that we cannot deplete the Tata
currency because it'll hurt the Tata brand.... So can't do that. But
at the same time we've tried to use as much as we can...and now we
are faced with having to cope with this other factor because already
the... feedback, - the way the reactions are happening with the- vis-
Radia: Some of the journalists...
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: Is already as if they have... and I'm sure that Raghav is going
to start clamouring for this campaign.
Manoj: Hmm
53. Radia Tapes: Radia, Manoj Warrier 138/577

Radia: CNN-IBN has already got it for the leverage that has been
pulled on this...huh.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: You tell me you have... the mail has to be - please tell me
how do you want to face upto this, because I don't know..
Manoj: Theek hai (Ok). I'll draft it and then I'll ask (?) to send it
to you.
Radia: Yeah.
Radia: You'll have to say this white paper campaign, and you know all
this, we keep on telling you its..its not...these are basics you
know... Then... I think you'll have to mail this I saw it and was know am actually worried.
Radia: Kyunki kya hoga mujhe nahin pata na? (because I don't know
what will happen no?)
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: You can say the government's not doing anything about anything
that these guys have done. So the media has no basis to comment. We
cannot rely on this white paper. Therefore, now there has to be
substantive stuff.
Manoj: Yeah.
Radia: ...In order to cope with this sort of situation.
Radia: If you're expecting us to go all out and against them, please
do not expect it to happen on white paper.
Manoj: Yeah.
Radia: Or empty letter. it will have on meaning.
Manoj: Theek hai (Ok).
Radia: Now it has to be substantive, and action taken by government have to ... Vishal has to put it on a very... as though he's
really frustrated with me.
Radia: Really say that the team is extremely demoralised.
Manoj: Hmm.
Radia: You know and this thing...yeah
Manoj: Theek hai (Ok).
(ends abruptly)

54. Radia Tapes: 038 Radia, Sunil

Sunil Arora: IAS, Ex-Indian Airlines Chairman
Date: Monday 01, June 2009
Time: 13:36:13

Phone rings
Niira: Hi
Sunil: Hello, that meeting is tomorrow at 12 'o clock.
Niira: Tomorrow at 12? In Bombay?
Sunil: Haan, that's right, that's right...
Niira: (cutting him off) I couldn't call you; I got back last night
and went straight to sleep.
Sunil: Sorry?

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