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I am also thankful to him having trust in me and assigning me such and giving me tips and guidelines. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr.Acknowledgement Success is any endeavor. calls for cooperation and guidelines from seniors and colleagues . At the outset. Lastly. but I would like to take the opportunity to express my profound gratitude and indebtedness to the following. Shakun garg sir for his kind cooperation during the preparation of the term paper. This way aptly brought to me while undergoing my work for term paper. . I would like to thank my parents and my friends for providing me all implicit and explicit support during this term paper. It is impossible to thank the people who have helped me in preparing my project.

How many main navigational items will your website contain? What will these items be called? Will there be any pages contained within the main pages? What will they be called? By planning out your website using a flowchart.Introduction To make a website on lovely professional university we should consider few steps. High-quality design 7. you get a head start on:  organization  Usability  Determining the volume of content required Stage 2: Content   Make a list o f all t he pages t o be included in your websit e Wr it e t he cont ent for each page . one should not begin the process inside of a text editor (BBedit) or website builder application (Dreamweaver. grammatically-correct content 6. a flowchart provides a visual chart illustrating the structure of your website. Conceptualization and planning (flowcharts) 2. GoLive. Javascript. Execution 9. Instead. Well written. Abuse of Flash. etc). Project collaboration tools 5. Content 3. 1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly 10. Attention to detail 8. the process should begin on a piece of paper or within flowchart software In layman¶s terms. Outline or Design 4. interesting. and sound effects Stage 1: Conceptualization and planning (flowcharts) When designing a website.

Even if you do know how to write.  Insert pict ures or clipart to make your page reflect your personalit y.)  Det er mine yo ur font s.) Keep t he fo nt size bet ween 10. et c. such as Ar ial.jazz y "Clo ist er Black MT Light " fo nt t hat looks so amazing on your machine ma y be changed t o plain o ld T imes New Ro man on yo ur user 's machine.) to Adobe Acrobat PDF files Co llect all pict ures for t he sit e Organize your files (It ma y be helpful t o creat e a fo lder for each page o f t he sit e and place t he cont ent and pict ures in t he appropr iat e fo lder. is interesting. et c. then hire someone to write the content of your website. and is spelled correctly. . Verdana. This kind of content is unfortunately present in an extremely high number of websites ± especially ³professional´ company websites. misspelled content. (I mages sho u ld enhance t he look of a page. Taho ma. pict ures.) Stage3: Outline or Design  Sket ch out on paper a rough design for your page. Run through your content a few times to confirm that everything makes sense. You¶ll look more professional and people will take what you have to say more seriously.  Be creat ive. and Cour ier (Using fo nt s such as t he u lt ra. navigat io n. but it is not advisable t o go over board in st u ffing your page wit h a t ruckload of images. T he reason? He/she does not have t he font inst alled on his/ her machine. Pick a co lor sche me wit h a high co nt rast . mistakes are easy to make. Helvet ica. grammatically incorrect. If you don¶t know how to write.18 point s. but keep it simp le  Organize your cont ent so t he most import ant areas are easily vis ible (Min imize scro lling and clicking)  Cho o se t he program( s) you will use t o creat e your sit e (based upon your sk ill level and needs)  Det er mine yo ur co lor scheme (Co lors are ver y import ant .) Stage 4: Well written. T imes New Ro man. Select ing t he wrong colors may make it difficu lt fo r visit ors t o read your cont ent . papers.   Co nvert document s t hat will be at t ached t o t he sit e (such as resumes. grammatically-correct content One thing that greatly compromises the quality and credibility of a website is poorly written. Choose pla in vanilla font s. A sket ch will include areas fo r co nt ent . You¶ll thank yourself later. interesting.

rhythm brings internal consistency into your web design. Rhythm. Don¶t become a victim of information overload. Emphasis. discussed above in Step 1: Multi-stage web design process. Despite this fact. there usually are quite a few e-mails sent back and forth between one another. Stage 6: High-quality design Who and what determines a ³high-quality design´? There isn¶t one answer. Often times something that is appealing to one person may be extremely unappealing to another. attachments. and even typography. When multiple people are building a website.Step 5: Project collaboration tools Communication is one of the most important elements in a project. Emphasis involves the main points where the eye is drawn into the design. Unity. Remember: white space is not necessarily a bad thing. Keep your layout as clean as possible. the better it will be. everything should be pulled into one integrated whole. Also known as repetition. there are several things that a high-quality design should have: y Balance. The more e-mails exchanged. etc. textures. especially when y y y y . milestones. One of the biggest causes for information overload is not successfully planning out your website layout through the use of flowcharts and wireframes. but also contrasting shapes.. Balance refers to the equal distribution of the heavy and the light elements on a single page. Unity keeps all of the similar elements in the website alike and those that are diverse further apart. Designers sometimes forget the saying ³less is more´ and somehow seem to believe that the more information that is stuffed onto one page. information overload is often times one of the biggest killers of a website design. Not just color contrast. sizes. This was one of the biggest problems that our professional web design company faced when we first began ± there wasn¶t an easy way to organize the e-mails. Give different topics their own dedicated web pages. Contrast. white space is your friend. As a matter of fact. In addition to these five basic elements of web design. also known as ³focal points´. the longer it can take to find a certain e-mail and the easier it can be to misplace important bits of information.

When we say ³detail´. Successful professional web designers learn how to use white. Trebuchet MS. we¶re not just talking about graphic design elements. font weight/style i. and they will come back and visit. Verdana. 12 pixels. bold. why? If you use rounded corners for your main body. they may even become inspired by your design. Heck. unique. and make it a key element of the design. be more consistent.e. Don¶t always be happy with the first design. 18 pixels. negative space to their advantage. font sizes i. should you be consistent and use rounded corners for everything else? Does your logo look better with a reflection underneath? The only way to answer any of these questions is to experiment. Should there be a line above the headers. People get bored with the same old design ± give them something different. No. Attention to detail is important because it is oftentimes the details in your design which make your website stand out from the competition (or from other websites in general). Sometimes the best results come from accidental experimentation. each time asking yourself ³What can be done to make the design look better?´. graphic design is just the tip of the iceberg. We¶re also talking about typography (font faces i. and if so. and attractive.e. Arial.creating a professional web design. give your website a stronger identity and image. Stage 7 : Attention to detail When professionally designing a website. every little detail is thought out and planned. and most importantly. and other elements of design. font placement).e 10 pixels. . the use of negative space. italic. Work to improve upon the design and go through a few revisions. Stage 8: Execution  The fifth stage in our professional web design process includes:  Creating the graphical user interface (GUI). also known as the design  Creating the content  Converting the web designs from images into code (markup) which web browsers use to present your website on the Internet  The design should be finalized in Photoshop or whatever image editing software you choose to use because it is a pain to make changes to the design once it has been converted into markup (code).

CSS Navigation/CSS Stylesheets. To make your website SEO friendly: y Don¶t use Flash. Use dashes instead of underscores. MSN. make sure that your title tags include the keywords found in the keyword research stage. Search Engine Spiders have a difficult time crawling through a website that uses frames. but they are necessary components of web accessibility. For example. Not only are ALT tags required for XHTML validation. Use keyword research tools such as Wordtracker or Overture to find the best. Researched Keywords in Title of web pages. This helps search engines better determine what a particular page is about and will help that page rank higher with the researched keyword(s).´ y y Keyword Research. be sure to include the researched keywords in the anchor text of your hyperlinks. y y y y y . Researched Keywords in URL. no text in images. Many Search Engine Spiders will receive the following message when visiting a website designed using frames: ³Sorry! You need a frames-browser to view this site. if a page on your website is about energy drinks. most relevant keywords for your content. make sure it is used sparingly. CSS navigation guarantees that your website navigational text is crawlable by search engine spiders. Search engine spiders can read ALT tags. Don¶t use Frames. Be sure to include the researched keywords in the title of your web pages as well.html´. use the text inside of the image as that image¶s ALT tag. just not the text inside of images. If you must use Flash. Researched Keywords in Anchor Text. Flash content is not crawlable by search engine spiders and therefore the content located inside of Flash files cannot be indexed in the search engines such as Google. or Ask. Try to avoid placing text inside of your images since search engine spiders cannot crawl image text. CSS navigation also loads very quickly and anyone will be able to view the navigation using any browser. make sure that the file is saved as ³energy-drinks.Stage 9 : SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly Professionally designed websites should be designed with a solid SEO friendly foundation. if you must place text inside of an image. Optimize your web pages by including keywords relevant to the content on your website. For hyperlinks inside and outside of your website. if possible. However. Yahoo. Images: ALT tags. Arguably the most important element in SEO.

Flash and sound effects are a nuisance to a lot of people. If you¶re going to use sound effects. As a matter of fact. Not everyone has Flash or Javascript enabled on their computer. so for that reason alone. Nothing screams ³unprofessional´ like having a sound effect play each time a navigational item is rolled over or even worse.Stage 10 : Abuse of Flash. Most people hate waiting for Flash Intros to load. Again. use it sparingly. customer. what about the users who do not have Flash enabled on their computer? That could be a potential client. and therefore your website should not be built around them. hate being forced to sit through them. make sure that they only play if the user enables sound on your website ± never force sound effects onto your visitors. and sound effects. Flash and sound effects should generally be avoided when creating a professional web design. Javascript. If you¶re going to use Flash or Javascript. Try not to use Flash Intros on your website. when the visitor lands on the home page of your website. or reader who you¶re missing out on because of an unnecessary technological limitation. and hate being surprised by the sound that many of them have. . Javascript. and sound effects The last step in creating a professional web design and website is to avoid the abuse of Flash. Do not create your website using only Flash. Javascript is the only exception as long as you program the website to work even if Javascript is disabled. try to stay away from them.

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