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I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to Prof. R.K. MISHRA, director Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad for permitting me to do the project. I would like to express my heartful thanks to Prof. M.L. SAI KUMAR, PGDM coordinator Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad for the necessary cooperation extended to me in doing my project work. I first and foremost acknowledge my sincere heartiest thanks to Mrs. Jayasree Raveendran, who has been my guide for providing me constant encouragement and consistent interest towards the effective presentation of this research report. With immense pleasure, I would like to express my sincere thanks to respondents for providing necessary information to complete my project, without whom it would have been impossible to do my project. I would take opportunity to express my deep and profound gratitude to my family members and friends who have helped me directly and indirectly in the successful completion of project.

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Particulars Chapter I: Introduction Need for study Scope of study Objectives Chapter II: Literature review Chapter III: Conceptual model Chapter IV: Methodology Hypothesis Chapter V: Analysis Chapter VI: Findings Suggestions Limitations Conclusion

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2 (reliability of perception) Table no.3 (reliability of brand ambassador) Table no. Consumer perception may be positive or negative depending upon the situation. Particulars Table no. So it is very important to create positive image among consumer.7 (correlation) Table no.1 (hypothesis) Table no. 7.6 (coefficient) Table no. Consumer perception effects directly to brands image and sales of the products.4 (reliability of pesticides) Table no. It is often seen that some brands do extremely well compared 4 . 4. 1. 6. 5. 8. 19 20 21 21 22 22 23 23 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION: Every organisation is an open system of management which means change is inevitable and is associated with different factors. Different people see things. It gives a complete idea about the image of the company and its strategies. Companies need to focus not only on consumer satisfaction of their products but also on the “Customer Perception” of the final end users. 3.5 (regression) Table no. events and ideas from different view point and hold different opinions and view for them.8 (correlation) Page no.Sl no. 2.

Revitalization can be made through increasing Usage. It is a situation when a particular brand gets negative publicity through different Medias. The damaging effects of brand crises may change from time to time and so are not uniform in nature. obsolescing existing products and extending the brand Action to be taken during brand crisis Under fire. augmenting the Product/services. Brand crises or false brand propositions can do severe damage to brands. as it demonstrates what the brand owner is able to offer in the marketplace. organizations should respond quickly. repositioning. etc. entering new markets. It is very important for any company to avoid brand crisis or should be proactive to take necessary steps to revitalize brand image during brand crisis. due to which preference for buying the product declines. Core Brand defines a brand crisis when “Familiarity” grows and “Favorability” declines significantly and quickly. The reason for the brands not to do well is probably the consumer perception. Companies spend considerable amount for creating positive perception among consumer.to other brands having the same resources. Brand Crisis: When there is negative perception among consumer it is called brand crisis which is focused on the study. Saying “no comment” is one of the worst things you can do. Brand crisis can take place through different factors like legal issues. quality issue. An organization with a poor reputation will suffer from poor crisis management. A brand is therefore one of the most valuable elements in an advertising theme. People engaged in branding seek to develop or align the expectations behind the brand experience. creating the impression that a brand associated with a product or service has certain qualities or characteristics that make it special or unique. Organizations should avoid denying responsibility Organizations should empathize with victims 5 . patent issue. Organizations must behave transparently to reduce perceptual damage.

Philip Kotler. This perceived image of the brand belongs not to the product but rather is the property of the consumers’ mental perceptions and in some instances could differ widely from the brands’ true physical characteristics. Some believe. 6 . Positioning also represents the essence of the brand as perceived by the target consumer in a multibrand market. “once the core product concept is chosen. This concept of perpetual space forms the core thought behind brand positioning. A few believe that it is no more than old wine in new bottles. Positioning appears to be confusing to this day and the opinions differ widely. a marketer must be able to formulate such a strategy that would be able to create a perception in the prospects mind which would stand apart from competing brands and approximate more closely to what the consumer wants. Therefore. According to Prof. one must be able to defy conventional logic which says that the concept lies with the marketer or inside the product but in reality a marketer must be able look inside the prospects mind. To achieve this. Positioning according to some people refers to a brand’s subjective (perceived) attributes in relation to competing brands. the one which will get a marketer maximum sales. it is the art of selecting out of a number of unique selling propositions. They feel that the use of positioning strategy is as old as the ideas of market segmentation and product differentiation. with product categories and brands occupying different points in that space. it defines the character of the product space in which the new product has to be positioned.Poor crisis management will impact the bottom line Poorly managed crises negatively impact brand images Brand Positioning The consumer mind is regarded as a geometric perpetual space.

The attributes of a brand are the manufacture’s view of a brand. Each brand has to carve out a ‘niche’ to call its own. Perpetual mapping techniques identify the underlying dimensions. In other words.In order to position a brand successfully we have to first understand which other brands our brand must contend with so that it lodges itself in the target customer’s perpetual space. positioning a brand and the target segment for which it is designated must be considered together as integrated parts of one strategy because just as a brand must be positioned to appeal to a consumer segment. Finally. what is the structure of the market or set of substitutes amongst which our brand is to be positioned? The second notable or significant concept is consumer segmentation what is the profile of the consumer whom our brand will serve and what are their needs. band attributes and benefits play a major role in positioning a brand successfully. Positioning theory places emphasis on the target consumer’s perceptions of brands in relation to other brands. The next step in positioning is to measure the perception of target consumers. A marketer has to discover ‘holes’ or vacant positions in the market structure because they represent opportunities for new products. Some of the leading brands. a marketer must understand who are his closest competitors and must endeavour to be unique among similar. would respond to a brand that occupies the position preferred by it. a consumer segment too. Positioning is a theory that was born out Of intense competition let loose by a great proliferation of brands. For this reason.with very large market shares tend to position themselves across several segments while other brands with low market shares are positioned more narrowly. Thus. Perpetual mapping represents consumer perceptions in a two dimensional space so that the manger can readily see where his own brand is positioned in the mind of the prospect and in relation to other brands. The consumer’s frame of reference requires that those manufacturer claims or brand attributes be translated into consumer benefits in order to mapping consumer perception. 7 .

1 billion. Taste Flavour Packaging Brand name Price NEED FOR THE STUDY: FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in the economy with a total market size in excess of $13. This sector is considered as core sector where business to consumer transactions takes place. slick packaging and strong distribution networks. income level and preferences. In India FMCG sector is growing tremendously with the change in population. living style. The products in FMCG are branded and backed by marketing.The customer whether it is an impulse or high involvement purchase looks for the following attributes before buying it. heavy advertising. This industry plays a major role in the economic development of a nation. The FMCG segment can be classified under the premium segment and popular 8 .

Analysis on brand image gives us an idea of how sales effect and take necessary decisions at proper time. One can plan to be proactive about any change required to protect brand image. A study on brand image is made on COCA COLA pvt ltd which gives out the exact idea of brand image because it is an organization which has faced brand crisis and has also repositioned itself from the crisis. SCOPE OF THE STUDY: The study is conducted on the company “COCA COLA pvt ltd” in Hyderabad. Analysis on brand image helps us to know the effect of brand whether positive or negative on sales and to take necessary action accordingly. Brand image gives an idea to producers as well as the management of any firm about the functioning of the organization. The aim of the study is to analyse 9 . This study also helps us to know the effect of brand image on sales. The premium segment caters mostly to the higher/upper middle class which is not as price sensitive apart from being brand conscious.segment.

Brand image is the value and perception attached with the company among consumers. Understand the importance of positive brand image. this method of study can be used to suggest necessary decision during brand crisis of other related organizations. The study has been carried out with the following objectives: • • • • Understand the ability of COCA COLA pvt ltd. The use of the study is that by following methodology of this study one can get a hint of the brand image of any firm in FMCG sector. The importance of the study is very significant. Moreover. Brand crisis and brand repositioning of the company has been taken into account and the analysis of brand is made.the brand image after brand crisis and brand repositioning of the company. this is because it is difficult to exist without proper brand image in the market. to reposition its brand image. To study the process of creating brand image and the effect of brand crisis. The efficiency of the brand crisis management is determined by the efficient administration of its various components. Effect of brand image on sales. 10 . OBJECTIVES: The present study “Brand Crisis of COCA COLA pvt ltd” is intended to analyse the practise of brand crisis management. Analysis of the study is made through likert scale method.

Coca-Cola brands have suffered from ongoing consumer concerns about obesity and the effect high-sugar fizzy drinks have on health. has rejigged its marketing department to focus on health. the sports water drink that launched in summer. Reports about the plan of Coca-cola company to increase its presence and consumption in the beverage market. Convention where the plan of the company was announced. Nicola This article reports that Coca-Cola Co. Coca-Cola restructures in healthy drinks focus. run a performance division that was of house sports drink PowerAde and PowerAde Aqua+. By: Muret Don. findings about the commercial beverages consumed by an average person in a day. strategy of Coca-cola in its product was given. The struggling soft-drinks giant has created a dedicated Health and Wellness arm. wellness and performance drinks. description of the 1997 Coca-cola advertisement is analyzed and action done by the company to solve the consumer complaints about hot and sweaty amusement par. Coca-Cola brand.CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW: Coca-cola repositioning to maximize brand power. 11 . By: Clark.

Lublin Coca-Cola Bottlers Ltd. context of packaging. Both the brands were using celebrities to endorse their products. U. while issuing consumer advertisements at the same time. marketing and distribution of products and Challenges of franchises in sales production. Arun. anti-globalization sentiment and the backlash against "unhealthy" foods have cost the company dear. They faced the crisis with great composure. The Coca-Cola Company. By: Dana. is losing its luster. a poor record on innovation. one-time global corporate and marketing icon. its impact of cultural identity and heritage on consumer preference for American drinks. managed to diffuse the claims that pointed to the presence of unacceptable levels of pesticides in their soft drinks. and to these problems can be added management succession issues. has dented its carefully crafted brand image and eaten into its profits. and PepsiCo Inc. Focuses on advertising strategy of the Coca-Cola Bottlers Ltd. Poland. The article discusses how Coca-Cola Co. Leo-Paul.Always Coca-Cola? By: Simms. This time strategy was markedly too different to what they did during 2003 crisis. 12 . in Lublin. By: Sudhaman. and analyzes whether it still has the power to win over consumers and revive sales. Coca-Cola hired a third party for testing samples of its products. Jane The article reports that a torrid year for the beverage giant Coca-Cola Co. inefficient marketing and high-profile mistakes Cola majors weather India brand crisis. it also focuses on Consumer attitudes towards the consumption of Coca-Cola.S.

Diet Pepsi and Sprite. Joanna. suggesting a huge emerging-market for soft drink products and missed revenue opportunities for the soft drink makers.. that were tested and alleged by the New Delhi-based Center for Science and Environment to carry pesticide residues 30 times higher than acceptable limits in Europe. Pepsi. CHAPTER III CONCEPTUAL MODEL: 13 .Coke. Number of soft-drink products. Reports that sales of several soft drinks in India have dropped after alleged pesticide residues were found in both soft drinks.S. produced by Coca-Cola Co. including Coke. Soft drinks cited in the tests. and PepsiCo Inc. By: Slater. The same levels of pesticides do not exist in the same products sold in the U. Percentage of daily sales drop since the report was published and population of India and drinking habits of its citizens. Pepsi Fight Product-Contamination Charges in India.

and ensure that problems with different interpretations of the terms and concepts cannot occur. The concepts of the conceptual model can be used as basis of object-oriented design and implemented in program code. in particular as classes in object-oriented languages. such as concurrency or data storage. Dependent Variable: Consumer Perception Independent Variables: Brand ambassador Pesticides and govt. issues Promotions Multinational companies 14 . and to find the correct relationships between different concepts. The conceptual model attempts to clarify the meaning of various usually ambiguous terms. THE DEPENDENT AND INDEPENDENT VARIABLES: Independent variables are the variables that are manipulated by the researcher and whose effects are measured and compared and the dependent variables are the variables that measure the effect of the independent variables on the test units. The conceptual model is explicitly chosen to be independent of implementation details. The realization of conceptual models of many domains can be combined to a coherent platform. This is also established by hypotheses.The conceptual model gives the relation between the independent and dependent variables. The aim of conceptual model is to express the meaning of terms and concepts used by domain experts to discuss the problem.

Problem can be faced if consumer perception is change negatively. 15 . It is a point where the consumer perception of a particular concept or product becomes important. due to few limitations. Thus we can see that consumer perception and attitudes play a vital factor for any organization to come to a conclusion about their product.Relationship management For this research purpose one dependent and two independent variable have been taken. so market research has become one of the key tool or practices for these organisations to find out the truths about products. If one likes or dislike the product then it is important to know why he likes or dislikes or what is making that particular person to purchase it. CONCEPTUAL DIAGRAM: Brand ambassador Consumer perception Pesticides issues CONSUMER PERCEPTION: In the present business conditions when every company is treating consumer as God. So it is very important to maintain positive perception among consumer. everyone is trying to find the reasons why their product is a hit or a failure. specially the FMCG sector. The one more behaviour of the consumers is their attitude towards the product.

Promotional models often interact with many people at once to 16 . The consumer's perception of a brand. general issues. brand. They serve to provide information about the product or service and make it appealing to consumers. service. The influence of this type of marketing may be more enduring as well. Brand ambassador is an independent variable which directly effects on consumer perception. In this research we are mainly focusing on promotion and pesticides issues which directly effects on consumer perception of Coca Cola. social responsibility. is often more profoundly affected by a live person-toperson experience. service. A brand ambassador can be female or male. etc. the promotional model delivers a live experience that reflects on the product or service he or she is representing. Perception for a brand is effected through various factors like promotion. Brand ambassador: A brand ambassador is a person hired to drive consumer demand for a product.Coca Cola has faced negative perception (brand crisis) due to certain factors but it was proactive enough to get out of it. or company. product. and typically is intended to be attractive in physical appearance. While the length of interaction may be short. or concept by directly interacting with potential consumers. govt policies.

classic heritage. In short. a small gift. The responsibilities of the promotional model depend on the particular marketing campaign being carrying out. A huge brand crisis occurred in the same year and consumer preference for the products declined. Few states like Kerala banned usage of the products in the state and farmers started using as pesticides for agriculture. or printed information Pesticides issues: Coca Cola products contain pesticides was found in the year 2003 and it came into picture in year 2006 through media. reliability) • handing items to consumers. CHAPTER IV METHODOLOGY 17 .maximize quantitative influence on consumer demand. People started perceiving that usage of product may harm their health specially children. worlds biggest brand name failed to do what they do best. and may include: • • • increasing product awareness providing product information creating an association in the consumer's mind between the product or brand and a particular idea (natural beauty. These issues created a direct impact on the image of the brand and people started consuming less due to which sales declined. It was claimed that its product contain more pesticides than the legal limit allowed in bottled water. such as a sample of the product itself.

The questions are in a form of measurement scale having numbers and/or brief description associated with each category. i. The data collected can be broadly classified into two types. It is a form of itemized scale method with five response categories ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. primary data and secondary data. Primary data was collected through questionnaire using itemized scale method. The target population is the collection of elements or objects that posses the information sought by 18 . After filling up the questionnaire numbers from 1 to 5 is assigned according to positive or negative statement.. The categories are ordered in terms of scale position.Any survey needs to collect data systematically and analyses it to meet the objectives of research. which requires the respondents to indicate a degree of agreement or disagreement with each of a series of statements related to the stimulus objects.e. The result is then analysed by using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) software Positive statement 1 Strongly disagree 2 Disagree 3 Neutral 4 Agree 5 Strongly agree Negative statement 1 Strongly agree 2 Agree 3 Neutral 4 Disagree 5 Strongly disagree Questionnaire Itemized scale method Likert scale Sampling design begins by specifying the target population. Likert scale method has been used.

they rely on the personal judgement of the researcher. households. The target population is defined in terms of element. The target population for the research work is defined as follows: Elements Sampling units Extent Time Both male & female. housewifes. It is a sampling techniques that do not use chance selection procedures. Target population for this research paper are the people who consume coca cola products. Under non-probability sampling convenience sampling technique is used for this project. Sampling technique that is used for the research is nonprobability sampling.the researcher and about which inferences are to be made. This technique do not allow for objective evaluation of the precision of the sample results. the estimates obtained are not statistically projectable to the population. students. businessman Hyderabad 2 months Sample is a subgroup of the elements of the selected population selected for participation in the study and sample size refers to the number of elements to be included in a study. Rather. A sample size of 40 has been taken as far as this project is concerned due to time constraints. businessman Students. that is available for selection at some stage of sampling process. Element is the objects that possess the information sought by the researcher and about which inferences are to be made. or a unit containing the element. Convenience sampling is a non-probability sampling technique that attempts to obtain a sample of convenient elements. The selection of 19 . extent and time. as there is no way of determining the probability of selecting any particular element for inclusion in the sample. sampling units. Sampling unit is an element.

Descriptive research The major objective of descriptive research is to describe something-usually market characteristics or function. easy to measure and cooperative. The sampling units are accessible.sampling units is left primarily to the interviewer or researcher. It is also used due to its least expensive and least time consuming characteristics. This research is based on conclusive research design which is further classified into descriptive research. It is typically based on large representative samples. Sampling techniques Non-probability sampling Convenience sampling Research design: Research design is a framework or blue print for conducting the business research project. It specifies the details of the procedures necessary for obtaining the information needed to structure and /or solve business research problem. It 20 . A formal research design specifies the methods for selecting the source of information and for collecting data from those sources. This method is used because respondents are selected as they are happening to be in right place and at the right time. It is classified into exploratory and conclusive research. It assumes that the research has much prior knowledge about the problem situation as a result descriptive research is pre planned and structure. Inspite of the advantages these methods have disadvantages too.

Dependent Variable: perceptionmean B 1.1 21 .is marked by a clear statement of the problem.707 .185 Coefficients Beta t 1.170 .236 . Error .196 Table no. This study has been conducted through cross-sectional design which involves of information from any given sample of population elements only once.323 .355 . Research design Descriptive research cross-sectional design HYPOTHESIS: Null hypothesis: There is no relation between dependant variable and independent variables Alternatives hypothesis: There is relation between dependant variable and independent variables Coefficientsa Standardized Unstandardized Coefficients Model 1 (Constant) Ambassadormean Pesticidesmean a. specific hypothesis and detail in formation needs.167 .084 1.749 2.199 Std.

CHAPTER V: Reliability Reliability is the consistency of a set of measurements or measuring instrument.1. Significance level between consumer perception and pesticides issue is 0.6.239 which is more than 0. and a value greater than 0. which signifies that there is relationship between consumer perception and brand ambassador.044 which is less than 0. Dependant variable. Significance level between consumer perception and brand ambassador is 0.05 and confidence level is 95.6 indicates satisfactory internal consistency reliability.Perception: Case Processing Summary N % 22 . 2.05 and confidence level is 76. The coefficient varies from 0 to 1. Therefore we reject null hypothesis. often used to describe a test. which signifies that there relationship between consumer perception and brand ambassador.1. A popular approach is to use the coefficient alpha or cronbach’s alpha. Therefore we accept null hypothesis.

0 .3 Findings: . The reason for this is number of samples(n) is very less.The cronbach’s Alpha value for the brand ambassador is found to be 0.Brand ambassador: Case Processing Summary N Cases Valid Excludeda Total 40 0 40 % 100.0 100.531 N of Items 3 Table no.2 Findings: .205 which is far from 0.0 100.0 . is found to be 0.The cronbach’s Alpha value for the perception towards Coca Cola co.Case Processing Summary Cases Valid Excludeda Total 40 0 40 100.0 Reliability Statistics Cronbach's Alpha .0 Reliability Statistics Cronbach's Alpha .6.531 which is close to 0.6. so it is considered to be less reliable. so it can be considered as reliable. Independent variable.205 N of Items 3 Table no. there is appropriate 23 .

development of scale.4 Findings: . Error of the Model 1 R .0 . ambassadormean 24 . pesticidesmean.489 which is almost close to 0.6. Pesticides: Case Processing Summary N Cases Valid Excludeda Total 40 0 40 % 100.77086 a.353a R Square .0 100. Predictors: (Constant). so it can be considered as reliable. REGRESSION: Model Summary Std.0 Reliability Statistics Cronbach's Alpha . time constraint and the questions formed were not able to measure the variables.077 Estimate .489 N of Items 3 Table no.124 Adjusted R Square .The cronbach’s Alpha value for the pesticides is found to be 0.

170 .167 .6 Regression equation: (0.196 Table no.707 .5 In the above table (model summary) it can be predicted that a positive 12.185 Coefficients Beta t 1.199 Std. The values are less because the number of questions formed for each variable is less due to time constraints.4% relation has been obtained and the extent of relationship between independent and dependent is 7.355 .084 1. Error .749 2. Dependent Variable: perceptionmean B 1.323 .7% and positive.323 * X1+ 0.Table no.236 .185 * X2) CORRELATION: Perception and Ambassador: 25 . Coefficientsa Standardized Unstandardized Coefficients Model 1 (Constant) Ambassadormean Pesticidesmean a.

7 Findings: the correlation between consumer perception and brand ambassador is positive (0.8 Findings: the correlation between perception and pesticides is positive (0.5. (2-tailed) N 40 . CHAPTER VI 26 .5 which signifies that the relation is not strong enough.366 40 40 1 Pesticidesmean .301 .Correlations perceptionmean Perceptionmean Pearson Correlation Sig. (2-tailed) N 40 . Perception and Pesticides: Correlations perceptionmean Perceptionmean Pearson Correlation Sig.301 .059 40 40 1 ambassadormean .147) and it is between 0 and 0.301) and it is between 0 and 0. (2-tailed) N Ambassadormean Pearson Correlation Sig. which signifies that the relation is not strong enough.366 40 1 Table no. (2-tailed) N Pesticidesmean Pearson Correlation Sig.147 .147 .059 40 1 Table no.

but not strong enough as the values lies between 0 and 0. whereas brand ambassador reliability is less. • The correlation between dependent and independent variables is positive. SUGGESTIONS: • This has been clearly defined that pesticides issues have direct and more reliable impact on consumer perception for Coca Cola products.5. 27 . • Brand ambassador has no much impact on consumer perception so fewer amounts can be spent on ambassador. so we can conclude that ambassador has very less effect on consumer perception of Coca Cola products. so awareness should be created within consumers about the ingredients of the products and a message should be sent about the safety ness of the products. and the same can be spent on some other useful activities.7% of variation between dependant and independent variable is explained.FINDINGS: • From the research we can find that reliability of consumer perception and pesticides issues is good. • Only 7.

attempts have been taken to make the research study a scientific and reliable one.LIMITATIONS: • Time factor is the most crucial one. The research study was conducted within a short period of 2 months • I have to wait for a long time to make respondents fill the questionnaire. they being busy with their work. But in spite of these limitations. • To collect information from person to person involved in their working hours all against their threat of being exposed to personal confidential information. enthusiasm. • It is also found that some of the respondents lack interest. which in turn de-motivates me. CONCLUSION: 28 . initiative and involvement. • The final and foremost thing is that very often the respondents secrecy stands on the way to find out the personal information regarding some aspects of the study.

CHAPTER VII BIBLIOGRAPHY Journals and Books Naresh k. It also provides a framework of the factors which are taken to assess the consumer perception on Coca Cola co. Saryabhusan Dash. “Compare and Contrast.Consumer perception on Coca Cola products plays a major role. The present paper explores the major factors responsible for consumer perception based on respondents’ perception on various independent variable like brand ambassador and pesticides issues. 16(6). L.” Marketing Research: A Magazine of Management and Applications. 29 . 5–10. Positive consumer perception among consumer is very important for any organization and necessary steps should be taken from time to time in order to increase sales and create positive brand image. 48–50. “Marketing Research” fifth edition Vriens. Benefits. as it has direct impact on brand image and sales volume of the products. and Consumer Value. It has been found that pesticide issues have more impact on consumer perception than brand ambassador has.” Quirk’s Marketing Research Review. to lead competition in the market. and F. Kindig. 2009. June 2002. Ter Hofstede. “Linking Attributes. 2000. Malhotra.

R. I am pursuing PGDM from IPE.com www. I am doing a survey to find the consumers perception on Coca Cola pvt ltd. This survey is a part of the course.6. p. Your personal information will be kept confidential.” The Marketing Journal. V.ed. Your support (in terms of filling up this questionnaire) is required to make this survey successful. 6. SA 1 A 2 N 3 D 4 30 .ingentaconnect. C. V. “Forecasting the Market for soft drinks in California Using Conjoint Analysis. and W.com CHAPTER VIII APPENDIX: QUESTIONNAIRE My name is Ch.springerlink.consumerpsychologist. 2002.com www. p.gov www. 1995.Calwell. “2001-A CFL Odyssey: What Went Right?” 2002 ACEEE Summer Study of soft drinks. 16. Websites: www. Banwell. Reed. Zugel. J.27 Segal. Padma. Hyderabad.eris. P.15-6. Please fill up the questionnaire which is given below.89-111.

1. 8. after knowing about pesticides issues. I feel unsafe while consuming the product 9. My preference for coca Cola is impacted by the brand ambassador 5. Thank you very much for sparing the time to complete this questionnaire. The brand ambassador reposes confidence in Coca Cola. I am a loyal consumer of coca cola products 4..Strongly agree D – Disagree A. I feel Coca Cola is superior drink than other brand 2. I feel aerated drinks must be consumed less 3. I would prefer non-celebrity as brand ambassador of coca cola 6.. GENDER Male: Female (Please tick) AGE ………………………………………………………………… ………………….. I started consuming less.Strongly Disagree N – Neutral NAME ………………………………………………………………… ……………….Agree SD. 31 . I think company is loosing its image after pesticides issues SA. 7. OCUPATION ………………………………………………………………… ………….

32 .

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