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Homeopathic treatment of Addiction

Our mechanical lives these days leave many of us with a feeling of emptiness coercing us to look for a getaway.
Are you experiencing loss of control when it comes to a particular substance or activity? Doubtlessly, you are
afflicted with Addiction, which requires instantaneous attention. Addiction is a willful urge to an enjoyable activity,
behavior or substance, which causes physical dependence, bestows instant relief from substantial pain, and
intensifies it later on. Addiction can be an extended struggle and more than just drugs and alcohol. When a person
connects to a pleasurable activity, certain chemicals get liberated in the brain, producing a feeling of ecstasy. This
feeling of being in seventh heaven abates your worry and gloominess, comforting you from all troubles momentarily,
persuading repetition of that particular behavior or activity. A blend of many factors including genetics, upbringing,
surroundings and behavior influence a person's craving risk, making it an exceedingly complex ailment.

Different types of Addictions:

 Substance abuse: This is overindulgence and detrimental use of alcohol, nicotine, illicit drugs like cocaine,
heroin, marijuana, etc., prescription drugs such as steroids, painkillers, sedatives, etc. that is injurious to
physical and mental health and also have unfavorable social consequences such as letdown at work, family, or
school commitments, interpersonal disputes or legal problems.
 Computer addiction: This can show the way to internet addiction where one can get occupied in games,
chats, forums, web surfing, pornography or other online distractions.
 Gambling addiction: This is a disorder of impulse control and can be associated with casinos, lotteries, stock
market, etc, ensuing in major liabilities, family disruption, loss of job, unlawful activity or even suicide.
 Work addiction: This is a condition when a person perseveres to be relentlessly busy taking on more than can
practically be done. They begin to isolate themselves from personal relationships. They have difficulty relaxing
and internally stay at work even when at home. They start noticing symptoms like insomnia, high blood
pressure, chronic headaches, stomach ulcers, weight changes, etc.
 Diet addiction: This can be either obsessive overeating, food addiction or under eating, Anorexia. Overeating
can be a serious problem as it can lead to obesity and various other health issues. With anorexia, the body can
go into starvation mode, and nutritional deficiencies can affect the body in many ways.
 Exercise addiction: Compulsive exercise can be a symptom of eating disorder, psychological illness or an
illness by itself. This can prevent normal interactions at home and work.
 Sex addiction: This is a relationship disorder depicted by uncontrollable sexual thoughts and acts. This
conduct can lead to immoral interpretation of love with wrong people and at wrong places.
 Shopping addiction: This is a condition when shopping spirals are out of control sparked off by emotions or
stress. This behavior can impinge on your relationships, your family, your finances, etc.

Causes of Addiction:
 Hereditary.
 Upbringing and surrounding.
 Physical or mental abuse.
 Trauma from unpleasant childhood incidences.
 Emotional disorders.
 Low frustration tolerance.
 Loneliness.
 Biochemical imbalances.

Symptoms of Addiction:
 Psychological reliance on substance, behavior or activity.
 Low self-esteem.
 Rebellious.
 Feeling of shame.
 Enduring an invariable internal struggle.
 Disruption in personal life with family, socially, at work or at school.
 Withdrawal from family.
 Squabbles and physical violence.
 Loss of interest in activities.
 Stealing or selling possessions to afford addiction.
 Uneasiness, anger and depression.
 Mood swings.
 Changes in sleep habit.
 Weight loss or gain.
 Suicidal thoughts.
 Hallucinations – seeing or hearing voices.
 Convulsions, body spasms.
 Vomiting and diarrhea.
 Ulcers.
 Liver problems.
 High blood pressure.
 Sexual impotence.
 Abortion.
 Birth mental retardation and behavior problems in children of addicted parents.

Homeopathic approach to Addiction:

The most intricate step in the treatment of Addiction is acknowledgement of the habit. People with Addiction often
cannot abstain on their own. The realization of the underlying problem and enhancing the immune system with the
help of Homeopathic remedies can give an enduring cure, physically, mentally and emotionally. Hence,
Homeopathy can play a fundamental role in treating Addiction. Constitutional Homeopathic treatment will act
skillfully on your inherent nature, molding and harmonizing your self-energy to control the life situations.
Constitutional Homeopathic treatment will help address any related medical, psychological, social and cognitive
problems. The detailed Homeopathic history taking will also contribute in counseling which is a significant element
of effective treatment in Addiction. Homeopathy can facilitate with Detoxification, behavioral negativities, denial and
deterioration from Addictions. In addition, it will help build motivation to resist Addictions, replace addictive activities
with positive and rewarding behaviors, and safely manage the symptoms of withdrawal associated with quitting
Addictions. Furthermore, the constitutional approach will also facilitate interpersonal relationships and the ability to
function in the home and society.

Self care measures:

 Request family and friends to support and encourage you in overcoming your Addiction by seeking and
continuing with your treatment.
 Think of alternatives on what you would do if you find yourself in a situation, which can lead you towards your
 Jog your memory that having an Addiction does not make you imperfect or weak.
 Replace Addiction related activities with more constructive and rewarding activities.
 Parents can help their obsessed children by educating them about consequences of Addictions, open
communication and good role modeling can help.

Hence, curtail your vulnerability, shape your inherent nature in harmony with your existing circumstances and
surrounding conditions and enhance your performance with the help of Homeopathy.