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No. 02 | Autumn | 2019
Dear Valued Guests, The Living Room:
The second edition of the magazine “The Living Food, Drinks & Events 4-7
Room Stories” sublimates important activities that
marked the period behind, and those that are about Interview
to announce exciting moments.
Neša Galija 8-9
The favourite living room in Podgorica, as we like
to call it, is the place of your crucial gatherings.
We are very happy to see meetings that end with Tales of
contracts being signed, the long-lasting embraces, the Bay of Kotor 10 - 11
a shy look that ends-up with a first kiss. It all
happens in The Living Room, often while enjoying
current promotions, during concerts, exhibitions or #PeopleOfCentreVille 13
similar content we are continuously preparing for
North of Montenegro
We are pleased with everything we have achieved, Ain`t no mountain high
and we have done it all thanks to you. enough 18 - 19
We are celebrating stories from The Living Room
and we will continue to do so in magazine editions
to come, because these are your stories. Guests about us
Sincerely, „IN A GOOD COMPANY“ 20 - 21

Milo Radonjić South of Montenegro:

PR & Marketing Manager

#PeopleOfCentreVille 13

Did you know? 24

IMPRESSUM Published for and on behalf of TCP Hotel OPCO d.o.o.

Podgorica, Montenegro, 2019


Milo Radonjić

Researchers & staff writers Andjela Boljević | Lazar Šarčević

PHOTO CONTRIBUTORS Nikola Pejović | Ranko Maraš | Blacky Photo

| Wayne Chasan | Tourism Board of Podgorica | Tourism Board of Kotor
| Tourism Board of Montenegro

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t he living room stories t he living room stories

Food, drinks &

Saša Popović,
Executive Chef at the CentreVille Hotel & Experiences

„FEEL FIT“ MENU “FeelFit menu is created of healthy food products.

“The Feel Fit menu is created to meet to the needs It is intended not only for active athletes, but also
of a modern man, who takes care of daily caloric for all those who want to put their eating habits in
intake, chooses his diet in detail, and takes care of his order and to improve their health. The main dishes
health. The Living Room is constantly following the are dominated by light products, while appetizers
gastronomic trends, and high protein diet is what is and desserts are presented through a combination of
the current trend, however, certainly the need”, said proteins, cereals, berries and nuts”, Popović added.
CentreVille’s chef, Saša Popović.

The menu was created in cooperation with the

nutritionist, professor Marko Vukotić, and the
nutrition advisor Jovana Vukotić, who are personal
trainers at The Capital Fitness Center.

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t he living room stories t he living room stories

EVENTS activates an entire part of the city, deserving equal

CentreVille Hotel & Experiences is recognized as a attention during the day hours as well as evening
place of good entertainment, relaxed ambience and hours”, said F&B Manager of the CentreVille Hotel,
dedicated services. After the acoustic concerts of Dragan Grnović, and pointed out that after the summer
regional music stars, the party continues through the period, the party moves back into The Living Room.
summer rhythms at the atrium of The Capital Plaza Dejan Cukić opened the summer season, and Neša
Center, and again moves to The Living Room lounge & Galija, Makao Band, Blackberries, Positive Band,
dining afterwards. Marija Mikić, The group, Lidija Kordić and Dragan
Ivanović, Beso de Loco, and others continued in the
“The urban lifestyle presented through a combination same rhythm.
of business and relaxation is characterized by the time
spent in the center of The Capital Plaza. Speaking of For all the information about events and promotions
relaxation, dedication and quality - this summer we are in The Living Room Lounge & Dining please
bringing that kind of music content. Every Tuesday and call 068 800 251 or follow us on social networks:
Thursday at the atrium of The Capital Plaza Center, &
we are organizing concerts of prominent individuals LivingRoomPodgorica/.
and regional cover bands. This type of organization

Stojan Karadžić,
Manager of the lounge bar The Living Room

“Since the beginning The Living Room Lounge & Dining was named the best
lounge bar in 2017 by the Tourism Board of Podgorica.
we are following the Since its opening, The Living Room has positioned
itself as a favorite place in Podgorica when it comes to
hospitality trends. We cocktails tasting.

are trying to adapt

“Since the beginning we are following the hospitality
trends. We are trying to adapt current worldwide
trends to Montenegrin hospitality scene. In this
current worldwide regard, our updated cocktail list represents the so-
called “infusions” of flavors, giving characteristic
trends to Montenegrin taste to classic drinks. Beside the traditional cocktails,
that visitors are accustomed to, our cocktail list is

hospitality scene”.
dominated by 6 new cocktails, the “Coco White”
(gin, coconut and pineapple infusion, tonic), “Mango
Vanilla” (gin, infusion of mango and vanilla, tonic),
“Herbal Bourbon” (bourbon, drambuie, ginger syrup),
“Sunny Mimosa” (prosecco, cranberry juice, orange
juice), “Caipiroska” (vodka with cranberry infusion,
lime) and “Hugo” (prosecco, elderberry syrup, lime,
mint)“, said Stojan Karadžić, Manager of the lounge
bar The Living Room. Dragan Grnović,
F&B Manager at the CentreVille Hotel & Experiences

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the living room stories


Neša Galija
movielike, surreal...

How did you react when you got the invitation to Which song is your favorite, and why?
perform in CentreVille?
It seems to me that there isn’t one, because with
Of course, the first thing us musicians do is to a new moment, a new song is my favorite. Songs
learn more about the location of the performance, are like time machines without a final emotional
and only then we start finalizing the agreements. meaning. It’s a living thing changing its face back
What we are the most interested in is the kind and forward with every new moment. I often
of audience visiting the club, because based on wondered, if the songs could talk about their
this we can tell if the aesthetics comprised in our creators, what would they say? What moment of
creativity is compatible with the aesthetics of the their creation would they favor and why?
audience frequently visiting the club concerned. It
is important that there are similarities here, because Which of your songs has remained in the shadow,
this is the basic precondition for a successful and you think it should not have been so?
All those which I believed in while creating them,
Each space is animated by its own atmosphere and somehow failed to breathe life into them. I
which we are impacting with our music. It is widely think it’s impossible to be pragmatic in this, and
known that each concert is different in a different even less predictable. Although, from time to time,
space. Because people are the ones who create the I returned to many of them, hoping it was not their
atmosphere, space is important in technical terms, time yet. And yet often, maybe too often, I go to my
but it is people who make sense of it. classroom full of songs, give them all a gentle look
and I close the door behind me, because I know they
People are listening to your songs for years now. will always be there for me.
What is your secret?

Love. You need love for everything . The greatest

trick is to raise it and then keep it. Do not ask me
how I managed it because I do not know myself. I
only know that, regardless of everything, I loved
unconditionally. And what is worrying me is that I
still feel that this is not the end, it will probably last
until the very end of all the ends.

t he living room stories

Tales of

otor is a small coastal town, The legend says that Kotor was created by a fairy
located in the south of Alkima advising the sailors not to build a city on the
Montenegro, in one of the most Pestingrad hill, but to build one on the coast because
beautiful bays on the Adriatic “there is no life without the sea”. They took her

One of the most famous legends is definitely the Sea. It is believed to have been
inhabited during the Roman
advice and, using her powers, she built a bridge to the
neighboring hill that was separated from Pestingrad.
The bridge resembled a large city gate, and it is named
one about the three sisters Nera, Bianca and Rosa Empire, when its name Acruvium
appeared for the first time and still today the Fairy Gate. It is believed that certain
people from Kotor can still see the fairy sitting on the
was part of the Roman province
Buća which were in love with the same sailor - of Dalmatia. Throughout the
history, the city has changed many rulers, including the
bridge door.

Jerko Novljanin famous Illyrian queen Teuta, with many legends being
associated to her treasure and reign. However, this is
One of the most famous legends is definitely the
one about the three sisters Nera, Bianca and Rosa
Buća which were in love with the same sailor - Jerko
not the only tale about this town and its surroundings,
but there are numerous stories and anecdotes about the Novljanin. All three of them were known in Boka for
very beginning of the city, its history, sad love stories, the their immense beauty and goodness, as well as their
surrounding islands, being retold by the inhabitants of the unhappy love. Jerko could not decide which one of
city throughout the centuries. them to marry so he went to the sea, with an idea

t he living room stories the living room stories

@centrevillepodgorica & @tlrpg

that the one waiting for his return, would become took refuge with her people and her treasure into the
his wife. Years passed, and all three sisters waited fortress, withstanding Roman siege for months. Once
tirelessly for their sailor to return, but he never came. she saw that they would conquer the fortress, Teuta
They sat each night by the window, looking into the threw herself with her treasure in an underground
open sea. Years passed, still nothing happened. They river, whose streams were lost in the depths of Mount
still waited as they got old. When the eldest sister Orjen. Many people have tried to reveal the secret of
died, the two of them bricked up her window on the this treasure, but were unsuccessful.
palace. When the second sister died, the youngest did
the same to the window in her room. Only the third These are just some of the interesting stories that
window remained opened because there was no one can be heard about the beautiful bay and its history.
to brick it up. Jerko remained lost in the sea, and the Almost every stone of this place has its own legend,
palace, symbolically named Tre Sorelle (The Three and each street gives an impression that we are in
Sisters), still stands today in Prčanj facing the sea as a another reality, a fairy tale just waiting to be told.
reminder to this unusual story.

The oldest legend of this area, is certainly about the

Illyrian queen Teuta who entered the throne in 231
BC, after the death of her husband King Argon. Not
much is known about her life, as well as where she
was buried and what ultimately happened to her
and her treasure. After the siege of the Romans, she

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the living room stories

Living Every
Moment at
Luštica Bay
ith the opening of its Marina Village and Several new luxury villas are also entering the design stage.
the five-star Chedi Hotel last year, the Occupying an exclusive spot at the top of the Marina
sustainable coastal town of Luštica Bay Village hillside, the villas command sublime views over the
is now a fully operational and flourishing bay. Private and tranquil, they are still closely linked to the
Montenegrin destination. Not just a place waterfront and their cut-above design and amenities can
to live, but somewhere to live every moment and, with a be tailored to your personal vision.
With a happening harbour-front and a range of summer brimming with things to see and do, homeowners
are spoilt for choice. Becoming part of this welcoming For those seeking something a little different, The Chedi
lifestyle has never been easier with a range of options
beautiful waterside apartments, there has never
Hotel’s exclusive serviced residences offer a new kind of
including the current waterfront residences offer, The Luštica experience. Entering its second operational season,
Chedi’s exclusive serviced apartments, and the up-and- the five-star Chedi Hotel has fused effortlessly into the
been a better time to join the momentum of coming homes of Centrale. Marina Village lifestyle. With two restaurants, three bars,
an events centre and ballroom, a fitness suite, wellness
Luštica Bay. Fresh air, year-round sun and sea horizons have always
been part of the Luštica Bay allure, but with the opening
of the Marina Village it has become so much more.
spa, and indoor and outdoor pools, it has gone far beyond
a hotel, becoming a dining and nightlife destination, a
wellness retreat and a community hub.
Now homeowners can enjoy world-class amenities, a
happening harbour-front and a diverse community. The Its private, branded apartments are a perfect way to join
promenade is lined with shops, restaurants, cultural the buzz while enjoying all the amenities and first-rate
spaces, a health studio, salon, supermarket and motor services of The Chedi. Available as studios to one- and
and boating services. Savour Montenegrin specialties from two-bed suites, they reflect the coastal ambience beyond
Bakery Davidovic, peruse the boutiques, enjoy the fresh with light-flooded interiors, natural materials, a calming
flavours of 21 Bistro or Sea Forest restaurant or a glass of colour palette and high-quality furnishings. They each
Montenegrin wine at the Finestra Winery. come with their own spacious private balcony and
guaranteed sea views.
A rich summer programme of events is set to add to the
energy. August performances brought to us through The Chedi Residences are not only beautiful holiday
cooperation with KotorArt and Operosa Festivals will homes but are an attractive investment opportunity
bring everyone together for cultural entertainment, live with our secured rental programme with guaranteed
music and open-air parties. The waterfront promenade ROI. What’s more, Luštica’s new payment offer spreads
and new outdoor amphitheatre will be host to a diverse payments into manageable quarterly instalments.
array of concerts and theatre performances. For the first
time there are also a variety of regular events up and Beyond the Marina Village, construction also continues
running including spinning classes, latin parties, cookery on the second neighbourhood of Centrale. Planned to
courses, wine tastings, jazz evenings under the stars, beach become the new cosmopolitan centre of Luštica Bay,
parties and much more. Centrale residents will have all the benefits of town
life on their doorstep with restaurants, shops, cultural
Keen golfers can head to the Luštica Bay driving range spaces, public services and piazzas, courtyards and
to practise their swings with panoramic views of the parks. Ideal for young professionals and families, the
bay, while sailors can make the most of the new state-of- studio to three-bed apartments are due to become some
the-art marina. Already in demand, it offers berths for of the most in demand residences. Built to Luštica’s
boats of up to 45m alongside cutting-edge facilities and exacting, environmental standards and inspired by
professional yacht assistance from a multilingual team. indiginous architecture, the apartment buildings are
There are also boats available for charter and courses at timelessly elegant, and benefit from high-end fittings and
the marina’s renowned sailing school. contemporary furnishings.

The Marina Village waterfront residences are within Whether it’s waterfront living or town life that appeals,
easy but peaceful reach of the action. Climbing naturally the deep-rooted quality and vision remains the same – a
up the hillside from the marina, the studio to three- town that invites you to live every moment of the here
bed apartments have been constructed to the highest, and now, while creating a way of life that will last for
sustainable standards. Built from local stone with generations to come.
distressed red-tiled roofs, they bring to mind the coastal
romance of old Montenegro. Inside, they offer light-filled
contemporary spaces with picture-perfect sea views from
private balconies, spacious interiors, luxury amenities,
communal pools and gardens.

14 15
t he living room stories the living room stories

Art in
Hotel & T
he idea of decorating
​​ hotels with works of thus leaves the impression of a modern, business
art that could fit and strengthen the brand is environment, remaining true to its unique brand.
not something new, but has come to life when CentreVille is also the first hotel in Montenegro that
Monet became the first artist-in-residence in Savoy offers its guests an experience as if they were staying
Hotels in 1901. Today, this is an indispensable part in an art gallery.

in creating an unforgettable experience in the hotel
industry. Since its opening, the hotel hosted numerous
exhibitions of young Montenegrin artists, including
Guests are increasingly seeking to enter the core Selma Đečević, Milica Šaranović, Matan Vukčević,
of the culture they visit. One way to do this is to Bojan Krivokapić, Danilo Novaković, Milena
More and more hotels in the organize exhibitions of local artists who in their
own way express culture of the region and the
Živković, Jovana Šarac, Monika Dukaj and earned
the title “House of Art”. Every hallway in the

world choose to promote nation, thus providing the guests with a unique
experience that creates the effect of staying in an art
hotel is an experience in itself. In addition to the
experience offered to its guests, the idea is to
support young artists in presenting their work to the
art and artists in their More and more hotels in the world choose to
public. CentreVille provides the opportunity for its
guests to get acquainted with current artistic trends
rooms. CentreVille Hotel & promote art and artists in their venues. CentreVille
Hotel & Experiences is one of them. Hotel is
in Montenegro, while simultaneously introducing
this form of expression to the general public.

Experiences is one of them. characterized by a contemporary, minimalistic and

urban style. From the very entrance you can see
the pictures of Montenegrin artist Biljana Keković,
Each setting in the Hotel Gallery was different and
authentic. It presented the essence of the artists. The
colourful canvases and paintings merging perfectly
while on each floor there are installations created with the gray background of the exhibition space,
by Business Art team (arch. Mladen Krekić, arch. emphasized the work of arts.
Goran Andrejin and arch. Sonja Dubak). The hotel

t he living room stories

is located in the National Park “Durmitor” which was riding. There are several trails for the “mountain-bikes”,

Northern Montenegro: became part of the UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage

List, on September 4, 1980, meeting three criteria:
geological, hydrological and biological phenomenon.
The most attractive part of the canyon, about 100 km
both on Durmitor and on the surrounding mountains.
Camping is one of the many activities that is increasingly
present on our mountains, and therefore there is an
increasing number of campsites offering various content

Ain’t no mountain
long (from Šljivansko Polje to Šćepan Polje), abounds in to adventurers who love to spend the night under the open
rapids, wild tributaries, sparkling waterfalls, lush, diverse sky. If you are still missing inspiration and wondering
forests with several hundred years old trees, being up to what other ways you can go to the mountains, there are
50m high. River Tara is navigable for rafting boats in more and more popular four-wheelers and quads, and the

high enough
the length of almost a hundred kilometres. There are two guides will surely leave you speechless revealing you the
starting points for rafting boats, kayaks and canoes. most inaccessible parts of the north.

Žabljak represents the base from which all mountaineers The gastronomic offer of the mountain area of
start to conquer Durmitor. There you can find very Montenegro will also delight you. In addition to the fact
comfortable accommodation, and there are also markets, that almost all food is organic, the taste of Montenegrin
post office, pharmacies, restaurants and night clubs, and dishes and specialties must be unique. It is mandatory
this place is visited by a large number of tourists in order to try lamb “under the sač”, as well as grilled river trout
to enjoy the mountain air and beautiful nature. and traditional mountain dishes, such as kačamak and
cicvara, which go well with homemade yoghurt. Every
There are ski lanes, downhill courses and extreme winter house in Montenegro will welcome you with a homemade
sports. And during summer, this idyllic mountain is a “priganice”, honey or dry figs, regardless of whether you
rescue from the heat! Recreational walks, hiking, rafting, are at sea or at the mountain.
fishing - are just a part of the activities offered by the
National Park Durmitor. In addition to the Tara River Do not miss to visit Montenegro, rich in contrasts,
and the Durmitor Mountain, this region is enriched with natural beauties and secrets that it can never be reached
18 lakes. The most famous being the Black Lake. completely.

The magnificent mountain world of Montenegro, with

over 150 mountain peaks over 2000 meters high, with
pastoral villages and tranquil mountain pastures, is
reminiscent of the ancient past. The entire territory of
Montenegro is actually a large national park, including
several national parks, a number of mountains, rivers,
canyons, lakes and the Adriatic Sea.

In 1965, the Montenegrin hikers passed through this

canyon with a lot of difficulties. The symbolism of its
name Nevidio (“not being seen”), as it’s called, recalls
the mysterious inaccessibility of the canyon that has long
been hidden from the human eye. The canyon is 3.4 km
long and is an hour drive from Nikšić. Vertical rocks,

waterfalls, straits, sparkling overfalls, narrow channels
ontenegro is the only country in the are about six thousand kilometres of walking and and true gallery of figures - are the main actors in the
world that has a word mountain in biking trails - most of which are marked and extremely story of the Nevidio canyon. A hundred meters above the
its name. More than sixty percent of attractive to new visitors, encouraging curiosity and entrance to the canyon is a large waterfall Grabovina.
its territory is located at an altitude strong desire to explore. Montenegro is characterized by The water is cold, clear and pure, and at some points
above one thousand meters, and over steep rocky mountains and their unusual diversity with quite deep. At some places due to the configuration of the
forty percent is covered with forests. almost untouched nature, and the nature is developing terrain, the only way to continue the route is to jump from
Montenegrin mountains are the most beautiful, and also undisturbedly in its ancient forests, as it has been for the rocks several meters high into the water. The lower
the most inaccessible part of the Dinaric mountain system. thousands of years. part of Komarnica flow is navigable and attracts a large
In this magical, but at the same time, harsh environment, number of kayakers and canoers from Europe and the
which never gave much, but always enough for life, Since you must start from a single beauty point on the region, who after the ride may enjoy the charms of Lake
our people for centuries lived dignifiedly and modestly, path of discovering Montenegro, rafting in the canyon Pivsko, which this river supplies with water.
bravely defending their greatest treasure - freedom! of the Tara River is at the top of the list. The longest
Perhaps that is why mountains are in the name of our river in Montenegro flows between the mountains of When you go from the direction of Pljevlja towards
country, in the lyrics of the Montenegrin anthem, in the Durmitor, Sinjajevina, Bjelasica and Ljubisnja. Because Durmitor, Žabljak, you will pass by the Đurđevića Tara
heart of every Montenegrin. of the inaccessible terrain, the river managed to stay bridge, 170 meters high. This bridge became a great
without human impact on the flow or water quality. attraction, so almost all passers-by stop to walk across
Northern Montenegro looks breathtakingly and is known That’s why Tara got the epithet of the “Tear of Europe” the bridge, take photos, and buy a souvenir from some
for its ski centers, but it also admired by mountaineers because without fear of illness or infection, you can drink of the souvenir shops that are located next to the bridge.
and visitors, who are enjoying spectacular views of its the water straight from the river along the whole stream. “Zip line” will catch eye of every adrenalin addict. It is
magnificent mountain wreaths and peaks in summer. The wild, most beautiful and brightest mountain river an extreme entertainment form with a cable-lift from one
The North of Montenegro is abundant with spectacular in Montenegro springs under the Komovi and flowing shore to the other, parallel to the bridge, at an altitude of
canyons, mountain tops covered with snow even in the through the canyon 144 km long, to Scepan Polje makes 150-170 meters above the Tara River.
summer months, exciting caves and unusual beautiful the river Drina, together with the river Piva, being one
lakes, which with their clear water and beauty, are named of the longest rivers with the highest water capacity of In addition to a large number of water sports in the north,
“mountain eyes”. Southeast Europe. lately there are more and more cyclists enjoying charms
of our country. Individual tours through Montenegro
The magnificent and hardly accessible mountainous The Tara river canyon is 1330 meters deep, making it with mountain-bikes are intended for real adventurers, in
regions of Montenegro have certainly been an obstacle the deepest canyon in Europe, and second deepest in the search for the wilderness and challenges of Montenegrin
for many conquerors, but today in Montenegro there world, after the Colorado River canyon. Most of its part mountains and accommodation in their own tent or jeep

the living room stories the living room stories

Guests About Us: IN A GOOD COMPANY

Elvir Luković

I started traveling for business quite young, and a lot. One of the problems with hotels in Montenegro is
I’m talking about 70 to 150 flights a year and 100 to that almost none live up to their website promises.
250 hotel nights a year at its peak. When you travel CentreVille not only delivers but goes above and beyond
that much, the hotel is your home, but a home for a day if you need more. For those coming for business, the
or two, so everything needs to work like a Swiss clock entertainment offer is a real plus, I tell the people I
from the very first day. Efficiency is the key, and details recommended CentreVille: “Once your meetings are
are everything. After travelling for 8 hours, and having over, leave your jacket suit in your room, and just get
an hour to unpack, shower and eat a sandwich before downstairs enjoy your evening”.
a meeting, check-in must be fast, in-room dining must
prepare my order during the shower, and taxi should be At the end, since you travel a lot, which world brand you
Why do you love CentreVille Hotel & Experiences and CentreVille is organizing a huge number of events during waiting for me when leaving the room. could compare us to?
why are you always happy to come back? the year. Which of them have you attended and which
one do you recall as a special? CentreVille prepares my stay before my arrival (all I would say a mix between Saint Martin’s Lane Hotel in
I tried CentreVille shortly after its opening, and felt my preferences are met: floor, view, amenities, extra London and Hotel Icon in Hong Kong.
as if being elsewhere, not in Montenegro. Everything I loved last summer’s World Cup screenings, the way cables…), and manages everything until I leave. Icon is a hotel owned by the School of Hotel & Tourism
was working properly, staff was good, even better than it was organized made me feel like home with friends, They make me not lose my time, which I can choose Management of Hong Kong, where a large part of the
expected… So CentreVille is my first choice since then. enjoying drinks while watching football, yet in a posh myself how to lose, and that is luxury. staff are actually students, eager to learn and develop,
I especially like the Front Desk team, they greatly affect atmosphere. But my favorites are “Neša Galija” acoustic yet you never feel a subpar level of service, quite the
my decision to choose your hotel. concert in April and last year’s “Made in New York Jazz What is that that makes CentreVille different than other contrary. I have the same feeling with CentreVille’s
Festival”. hotels that you have visited? staff, having seen many of them deepen their knowledge
Loving to eat, drink and smoke (who doesn’t…?) your during my stays, and still working on extending their
F&B team has true understanding of what they are Checking your monthly events program with my It’s a large business hotel inside a large multipurpose skills.
offering. That’s a key to feeling at home. I had many girlfriend became a habit, and we sometimes argue which building (The Capital Plaza Center), and yet you feel like
interesting discussions with them about wines, ways to one to attend (Champions League Final vs Neverne Bebe in a small boutique hotel. From big conference rooms, Saint Martin’s Lane for its unique mix of business
prepare a specific dish, or cigar production region, that concert on the same time and same day for example). to a world-renowned sommelier, and contemporary excellence, modern design and entertainment offer.
precious level of knowledge is not common in the region. art exhibitions, that unique mix pushes the traditional Like for CentreVille, I might come for some business
And obviously I’m always curious to see your monthly You stay at different hotels very often. What is the most boundaries in creating a truly modern city hotel. meetings, and enjoy a DJ set, concert or one of the
program of events. Many times I stayed because of a important for you during your stay? What is the most numerous themed parties. I guess that you’re in good
concert or an interesting event. important during your stay in CentreVille? When you recommend the hotel to others what is it company there…
about CentreVille that you emphasize?

20 21

Southern Montenegro:
The surfInG CaPITal
River Bojana’s source is Skadar Lake. It is 44 km long, and some of the plants and animal species are unique Its home is ulcinj, one of the most interesting cities and good surfing conditions. Experienced surfers say
and is the third in the Mediterranean (after the Nile in Europe. It is thick and lush vegetation that gives on the eastern coast of the adriatic, a place where that ada has been the “capital city” of the surfers on
and the Po River, in Italy) with the quantity of water ada the charms of the amazon and, together with the three great religions, the Mediterranean and the adriatic for many years now and can stand side
which it brings into the sea,. The legend says that in the extraordinary animal world, turns it into a special Europe, the Orient and the west, have been immersed by side with the Canary Islands, Hawaii, Portugal or
1858, the ship “Merito”, owned by antun alegreti micro-ecological area. for centuries. In the monumental Old Town, the Egypt, where the above mentioned sport is the most
from Trogir and run by Captain Naporeli, sank into the architectural agglomeration founded in the 5th popular. If you are a beginner, most beaches offer
mouth of the Bojana River That’s exactly the moment By virtue of the unusual silence of the entire area of century BC, you can still see and touch the traces as water sports lessons and necessary equipment.
which was crucial for the creation of ada. In the ada, after a few days of your stay, you will understand well as the rich legacy of the nine great civilizations The Long Beach is also the place where, once you see
19th century there were only two small islands at this that it is the silence that calms the people, complements that passed through ulcinj. Today, ulcinj, with just the sunset, it will not be worth comparing it to the
location. Shipwrecks, together with two nearby islands, the vital energy and gives strength for new successes. over 20,000 inhabitants, makes a multicultural and rest. The famous Montenegrin “Copacabana” attracts
retained river sediments and created this beautiful Nothing will disturb your holiday on ada, but the bird multinational environment with a special charm of a big number of young people who beside water
island. It began to emerge back in 1882. Tributaries twitter, the noise of the waves and the feeling of ease the East and west. If you want to taste the authentic sports come here to party. Year after year, there are
of Bojana also contributed to its creation, not only that the sea wind creates. products of ulcinj, be sure to visit the market and more and more music events, day and night parties
enriching the water, but also bringing large quantities get some home-made products, especially olives on the beach, and therefore festivals as well. For the
of embankments, stones and gravel from the Balkan ada Bojana was completely desolate until the ‘70s, and olive oil, and you can have an extraordinary seventh year in a row, the Southern Soul Festival
mountains. This embankment, encountering with sea when a naturist complex was built on one part of gastronomic experience even in one of the traditional stands for having a good time in the adriatic, and
waves for thousands of years now, created the finest the island, making it a famous tourist destination. “ćevabdžinica” (restaurant that serves local cuisine), this year the waveul Festival was also premiered.
sand, from which a sandy, 12 km long beach and a The nudist camp was built in 1973, and it offers “burekdžinica” (usually recommended for breakfast) The untouched beauty of nature and the blue horizon
river island have been created. accommodation in the camp, bungalows or fisherman and pastry shops. of the adriatic Sea are additional reasons for high
houses on Bojana. The banks of the Bojana River are demand for tickets.
water with fish abundance, the impenetrable forests, famous for fishermen stilt houses, from which the locals Beside the great number of activities such as tennis,
3,800 meters of the sandy coastline, make it all a catch the fish in a traditional way, and you can enjoy football, beach volleyball and horse riding which ada is an island everyone falls in love at first sight,
unique place. a mild Mediterranean climate with over these in numerous fish restaurants. On the other side make this place recognizable, the Long Beach is and we have not doubt that you have as well after
217 sunny days a year, bathing season from april to of River Bojana there is a wild camp, and in 1985 the gaining popularity in the world of water sports. reading our story about this magical piece of land.
November and fine sand made of silicon rocks, shells island hosted filming of the movie Ljepota Poroka. The It is recognized as one of the best destinations for
and corals are beneficial for the body. ada Bojana is island is a unique oasis of nudism in our country, and kitesurfing and windsurfing, and each year, more and
adorned with subtropical and Mediterranean plants, wider. more foreign tourists are coming in search of wind

22 23
t he living room stories

Did you know?

• Montenegrins are the second highest nation in • Only a year after the discovery of America (1493),
Europe, after the Dutch. “Oktoih”, the first Cyrillic printed book of the
South Slavs, was printed in Cetinje.
• Montenegro is the first country to be declared as an
ecological state when, on September 20, 1991, the • The canyon of the Tara River is the deepest canyon
Declaration on the Ecological State of Montenegro in Europe (1333 m), and second in the world after
was signed in Žabljak. the Colorado River canyon.
• The prehistoric drawings on the rocks in the village • Velika plaža (Long beach) in Ulcinj (12.5 km) is the
Lipci, near Risan, are the oldest in Montenegro and longest on the Adriatic Sea and one of the longest
testify that Boka Kotorska was inhabited even 3000 sandy beaches in Europe.
years before the new age.
• The Cathedral of Sveti Tripun in Kotor is one of
• The city of Risan dates back to the 3rd century BC. the oldest churches in Europe. It was built in 1166
It was founded by the Illyrian tribe Rizoniti, and in and is 69 years older from the famous Notre Dame
ancient times the bay was called Sinus Rhizonicus cathedral in Paris.
(Risan Bay).
• The oldest olive tree in Europe is located in Bar and
• The only mosaic figure in the world dedicated to the is estimated to be over 2,200 years old.
god of sleep, Hypnos, is in Risan.
• The Komarnica Canyon (Nevidio) is considered to
• Crkvice above Herceg Novi is a place with a record be the most impassable canyon in the world.
amount of precipitation in Europe.
• More than 60% of the land of Montenegro is
• Žabljak is a city located at the highest altitude in the located at over 1000 meters above sea level.
Balkans, at 1485 meters.
• Skadar Lake is the largest lake on the Balkans.
• Montenegro is one of the founders of the Red Cross, The lake is cryptodepression, which means that its
and is also the first country to introduce transport surface is above the sea level while some parts of its
of mail by car (1903). bottom are below the sea level.
• Bojana is the only river in the world that, due to the • The Montenegrin coast is one of the sunniest
configuration of the terrain, flows both upstream in Europe. Ulcinj is the sunniest city on the
and downstream. Montenegrin coast and has an average of 2,530
hours of sunshine per year.
• The virgin forest of the National Park Biogradska
gora, covering an area of 5,400 hectares, is one of
the last three in Europe.
• The oldest printing house in Southeast Europe and
the first national printing company in the world
was founded in 1493 on the Obod hill near Rijeka
Broj 02 | Jesen | 2019
Dragi čitaoci, The Living Room:
Drugo izdanje magazina „Priče iz dnevne sobe“ Hrana, pIĆE I dogaĐajI 4-5
sublimira važne aktivnosti koje su obilježile protekli
period, i one koje najavljuju uzbudljive momente. Intervju
Omiljena podgorička dnevna soba, kako volimo nEša galIja 6-7
da je nazivamo, mjesto je vaših značajnih susreta.
Veoma smo srećni kad vidimo sastanke koji
završavaju potpisivanjem ugovora, zagrljaje koji lEgEndE
dugo traju, stidljive poglede koji završavaju prvim boKoKotorsKog zalIVa 8 - 9
poljupcem. Sve se to dešava u dnevnoj sobi, često
uz neku od aktuelnih promocija, tokom koncerata,
izložbi ili sličnih sadržaja koje za vas pripremamo. Sjever Crne Gore
Zadovoljni smo svim onim što smo postigli, a to aKtIVno užIVanjE
smo uradili zahvaljujući vama.
u planInama 14 - 15
Kako u ovom, tako i u narednim brojevima
magazina, slavićemo priče iz dnevne sobe, jer to su
vaše priče.
Gosti o nama

Milo Radonjić Jug Crne Gore

PR i marketing menadžer raj za surfErE 20 - 21

Idealno mjesto za

da lI stE znalI? 22 - 23

vaše najvažnije "Da"


IMPRESSUM Izdato za i od strane TCP Hotel OPCO d.o.o. Podgorica,

pentHoUse sUite, Crna Gora, 2019

Centreville Hotel & eXperienCes GLAVNI I ODGOVORNI UREDNIK Milo Radonjić

ISTRAŽIVAČI I PISCI Anđela Boljević | Lazar Šarčević

FOTOGRAFIJE Nikola Pejović | Ranko Maraš | Blacky Photo | Turistička

organizacija Kotora | Turistička organizacija Podgorice | Nacionalna
turistička organizacija | Wayne Chasan

ŠTAMPA PrintFox Studio, Podgorica

Za upite o oglašavanju, obratite se na adresu:

Besplatan primjerak

Jelo, piće
i zabava.

Foto: Nikola Pejović / Stajling: Enrico Marinelli

„FEEL FIT“ MENU KOKTEL INFUZIJE DOGAĐAJI Sezonu ljetnjih svirki otvorio je Dejan Cukić, a dalje
„Feel Fit meni kreiran je u odnosu na potrebe The Living Room Lounge & Dining proglašen je za CentreVille Hotel & Experiences prepoznat je kao ritmove nizali su Neša Galija, Makao bend, Blackberries,
savremenog čovjeka, koji pazi na dnevni količinski nabolji lounge bar u 2017-oj od strane Turističke mjesto kvalitetne zabave, opuštenog ambijenta i Positive Band, Marija Mikić, The grupa, Lidija Kordić i
unos kalorija, detaljno bira svoju ishranu i vodi računa organizacije Podgorice. Od samog nastanka, The Living posvećene usluge. Nakon akustičnih koncerata Dragan Ivanović, Beso de Loco, i ostali.
o svom zdravlju. The Living Room konstantno prati Room se pozicionirao kao omiljeno mjesto Podgoričana regionalnih muzičkih imena, zabava se kroz ljetnje
gastronomske trendove, a proteinska ishrana je ono što kada je degustacija i ispijanje koktela u pitanju. ritmove nastavlja u atrijumu The Capital Plaza centra, pa Sve informacije o programima u The Living Room
je trenutni hit, međutim, svakako i potreba“, kazao je opet seli u The Living Room lounge & dining. Lounge & Dining zainteresovani mogu dobiti pozivom
šef kuhinje hotela CentreVille, Saša Popović. „Od početka pratimo trendove ugostiteljstva, i sve na broj 068 800 251 ili posredstvom društvenih mreža:
ono što je aktuelnost u svijetu pokušavamo prilagoditi „Urbani način života predstavljen kroz kombinaciju
Meni je kreiran u saradnji sa nutricionistom, crnogorskoj javnosti. S tim u vezi, naša ljetnja koktel poslovnog i opuštenog ono je što karakteriše vrijeme
profesorom Markom Vukotićem, i savjetnicom za lista predstavlja takozvane „infuzije“ ukusa koje provedeno u centru The Capital Plaza. Govoreći o
ishranu Jovanom Vukotić, koji su treneri u The Capital klasičnim napicima daju karakterističan šmek. Ovog ljeta opuštenom, posvećenom a ujedno i kvalitetnom,
Fitness Centru. na našoj koktel listi, pored već tradicionalnih, na koje su ovog ljeta doveli smo takav muzički sadržaj. Svakog
posjetioci navikli, dominiraće 6 novih koktela i to „Coco utorka i četvrtka u atrijumu The Capital Plaza centra,
„FeelFit meni je sačinjen od zdravih namirnica. White“ (džin, infuzija od kokosa i ananasa, tonik), u bašti lounge bar-a The Living Room organizovali
Namijenjen je ne samo aktivnim sportistima, već i „Mango Vanilla“ (džin, infuzija od manga i vanile, smo koncerte istaknutih pojedinaca i regionalnih cover
svim onima koji svoju liniju žele da dovedu u red, i tonik), „Herbal Bourbon“ (burbon, drambuie, sirup od bendova. Ovakav vid organizacije aktivira čitav jedan
unaprijede svoje zdravlje. S obzirom na izrazito visoke đumbira), „Sunny Mimosa“ (proseko, sok od brusnice, dio grada koji jednaku pažnju zaslužuje tokom dnevnih
temperature, kod glavnih jela dominiraju lagane sok od pomorandže), „Caipiroska“ (vodka sa infuzijom i večernjih časova“, kazao je F&B menadžer hotela
namirnice, dok su predjela i dezerti predstavljeni brusnice, pire od jagoda, sok od limete) i „Hugo“ CentreVille, Dragan Grnović, i istakao da se nakon
kroz kombinaciju proteina, žitarica, bobičastog i (proseko, sirup od zove, limeta, nana)“, istakao je Stojan ljetnjih mjeseci na terasi zabava seli nazad u The Living
koštunjavog voća“, dodao je Popović. Karadžić, menadžer lounge bar-a The Living Room. Room.

4 5


Neša Galija
filmski, nestvarno…

Kako ste reagovali kad ste dobili poziv da nastupate mi se čini da tu nije kraj, verovatno će to trajati do
u CentreVille Hotel & Experiences? samog kraja svih krajeva.

Mi se naravno prvo dobro raspitamo o mestu u Koja Vaša pjesma Vam je najdraža, i zašto?
kome ćemo nastupati, pa tek onda pristupamo
finalizaciji dogovora. Ono što nas najviše zanima Čini mi se da to ne postoji jer u svakom novom
je vrsta publike koja najčešće dolazi u taj klub, trenutku, neka druga mi je najdraža. Pesme su vam
jer na osnovu toga znamo da li je estetika od koje kao vremeplov bez konačnog emotivnog značenja.
je sastavljeno naše stvaralaštvo, kompatibilna sa To je živa stvar koja menja lice i naličje u svakom
estetikom publike koja je navikla da dolazi u dotični novonastalom trenutku. Pitao sam se često, kada bi
klub. Važno je da tu ima sličnosti, jer je to osnovni pesme govorile o svojim stvaraocima, šta bi rekle?
preduslov za uspešno veče. Nama je važno da su Koji bi trenutak njihovog nastajanja bio najdraži i
uslovi nastupa po svim pitanjima zadovoljavajući, zašto ?
a pogotovo onaj deo koji se tiče publike. Svaki
prostor je oivičen svojom sopstvenom atmosferom, Koja Vaša pjesma je ostala u sijenci, a smatrate da
a mi tu delujemo svojom muzikom. Opšte je nije trebalo da bude tako?
poznato da je svaki koncert drugačiji u drugačijem
prostoru, tako je i sa ovim prostorom. Jer ljudi Sve one u koje sam verovao dok sam ih pravio,
su ti koji stvaraju atmosferu, prostor je važan u a nekako im život nisam udahnuo. Mislim da je
tehničkom smislu, međutim ljudi prostoru daju nemoguće biti u tome pragmatičan, a još manje
smisao. predvidljiv. Mada mnogima sam se, s vremena na
vreme, vraćao u nadi da im još nije došlo vreme. Pa
Vi ste godinama jednako aktuelni. Koja je “tajna” ipak često, možda i previše često, svratim u tu moju
trajanja na muzičkoj sceni? učionicu prepunu pesama, sve ih nekako pomilujem
pogledom zatvorim za sobom vrata, jer znam da će
Ljubav. Za sve vam je neophodna ljubav. I najveća za mene uvek biti tu.
je majstorija odgajiti je pa onda sačuvati je.

Nemojte me pitati kako mi je to uspelo jer ne znam

ni sam. Znam samo da sam bez obzira na sve,
bezuslovno voleo. I ono što me zabrinjava, i dalje


Jedna od najpoznatijih legendi je svakako ona
o tri sestre Neri, Bjanki i Rozi Buća koje su bile
zaljubljene u istog mornara Jerka Novljanina.

otor je mali primorski grad razmišljajući da ona koja ga bude čekala da se vrati,
koji se nalazi na na jugu Crne postaće mu žena. Godine su prolazile, a sve tri sestre su
Gore, u jednom od najljepših neumorno čekale svog mornara da se vrati, ali on nije
zaliva na Jadranskom moru. dolazio. Sjedjele su svake noći pored prozora, gledajući
Smatra se da je naseljen u u pučinu, ali od Jerka ni traga ni glasa. U poznim
doba rimskog carstva, kada godinama i dalje su čekale. Kad je najstarija sestra umrla,
se i prvi put pojavljuje njegov preostale dvije su zazidale njen prozor na palati. Kad je i
naziv Acruvium i bio je dio druga sestra umrla, najmlađa je uradila isto i za prozor u
rimske provincije Dalmacije. njenoj sobi. Samo je treći prozor ostao nezazidan jer nije
Tokom istorije promijenio je imao ko da to učini. Jerku se izgubio svaki trag na moru,
brojne vladare, među kojima je i poznata ilirska kraljica a palata koja je simbolično dobila naziv Tre Sorelle i
Teuta, za čije se blago i vladavinu vezuju brojne legende. danas stoji u Prčnju sa zazidanim prozorima i okrenuta
Međutim, ovo nije jedina bajka o ovom gradiću i ka pučini i podsjećajući na ovu neobičnu priču.
njegovoj okolini, već postoje brojne priče i dogodovštine
o samom postanku grada, njegovoj istoriji, nesrećnim Najstarija legenda o ovom predjelu, svakako je ona
ljubavima, okolnim ostrvcima, a koje stanovnici ovog o ilirskoj kraljici Teuti koja je stupila na presto 231.
grada rado prepričavaju kroz vjekove. godine prije Hrista, nakon smrti svog supruga, kralja
Argona. O njenom životu malo se zna, kao i to gdje
Legenda kaže da je Kotor nastao tako što je Vila je sahranjena i šta se na kraju desilo sa njom i njenim
Alkima savjetovala pomorce da ne dižu grad na brdu blagom. Nakon opsade Rimljana ona se sklonila sa
Pestingradu, već da ga sagrade uz more, jer „bez mora svojim ljudima i blagom u tvrđavu gdje je mjesecima
im nema života“. Oni su je poslušali, a onda je vila uz izdržavala rimsku opsadu. Vidjevši da će pokoriti
pomoć svojih moći sagradila most do susjednog brda tvrđavu, Teuta se sa svojim blagom bacila niz podzemnu
koje je bilo odvojeno od Pestingrada. Most je ličio na rijeku, čiji se tok gubi u dubinama planine Orjen.
velika gradska vrata koja i danas nose naziv Vilina vrata. Tajnu ovog blaga pokušali su da otkriju mnogi, ali
Vjerovanje koje traje je da odabrani Kotorani i danas bezuspješno.
mogu vidjeti vilu kako sjedi na vratima.
Ovo su samo neke od zanimljivih priča koje kruže o
Jedna od najpoznatijih legendi je svakako ona o tri sestre prelijepom zalivu i njegovoj istoriji. Gotovo da o svakom
Neri, Bjanki i Rozi Buća koje su bile zaljubljene u istog kamenu ovog mjesta može se ispričati neka legenda,
mornara Jerka Novljanina. Sve tri su bile poznate u Boki a svaka ulica odaje utisak kao da se nalazimo u nekoj
po svojoj neizmjernoj ljepoti i dobroti, ali i nesrećnoj drugoj realnosti, bajci koja svakog trena čeka da bude
ljubavi prema njemu. Naime, Jerko se nije mogao ispričana.
odlučiti koju od njih da oženi pa se otisnuo na more,




Umjetnost u CentreVille
HotEl & EXpErIEnCEs

“sve više hotela u svijetu bira da u svojim

prostorijama promovišu umjetnost i umjetnike.
CenreVille Hotel & Experiences je jedan od njih.”

deja o ukrašavanju hotela umjetničkim djelima ambijenta, ostajući vjeran svom jedinstvenom
koja bi mogla da se uklope i ojačaju brend ne brendu. CentreVille je ujedno i prvi hotel u Crnoj
praktikuje se od skoro, već je zaživjela još otkad Gori koji svojim gostima istovremeno pruža
je Mone postao prvi rezident umjetnik u Savoy doživljaj umjetničke galerije i udobnog smještaja.
hotelima još 1901. godine. Danas je to neizostavan
dio u kreiranju nezaboravnog iskustva u hotelskoj Od svog postojanja hotel je bio domaćin brojnih
industriji. izložbi mladih crnogorskih umjetnika, među
kojima su Selma Đečević, Milica Šaranović, Matan
Gosti sve više teže ka tome da uđu u srž kulture Vukčević, Bojan Krivokapić, Danilo Novaković,
koju posjećuju. Jedan od načina za to i jeste Milena Živković, Jovana Šarac i samim tim
organizovanje izložbi lokalnih umjetnika koje na zavrijedio epitet “dom umjetnosti”. Svaki hodnik u
svoj način prenose kulturu jednog predjela i naroda, hotelu je doživljaj sam za sebe. Pored iskustava koja
a samim tim pružaju gostima jedinstveno iskustvo se nude gostima, ideja je i pružanje podrške mladim
koje daje efekat boravka u umjetničkoj galeriji. umjetnicima, kako bi javnosti predstavili svoj rad.
Pored toga CentreVille pruža mogućnost svojim
Sve više hotela u svijetu bira da u svojim gostima da se upoznaju sa trenutnim umjetničkim
prostorijama promovišu umjetnost i umjetnike. trendovima u Crnoj Gori, istovremeno približavajući
CentreVille Hotel & Experiences je jedan od njih. ovaj vid izražavanja opštoj javnosti.
Karakteriše ga savremen, minimalistički i urban
stil. Od samog ulaska mogu se primijetiti slike Svaka postavka u galeriji hotela bila je drugačija
crnogorske umjetnice Biljane Keković, dok se na i autentična. Pokazivala je srž umjetničkog bića.
svakom spratu nalaze instalacije za koje je bio Šarenilo platna i fotografija stapali su se savršeno sa
zadužen tim Business Art-a koji čine arh. Mladen sivom pozadinom izložbenog prostora, dolazeći tako
Krekić, arh. Goran Andrejin i arh. Sonja Dubak. još više do izražaja.
Hotel tako ostavlja utisak modernog, poslovnog


se veliki vodopad Grabovine. Voda je hladna, potpuno

bistra i čista, a na nekim mjestima dosta duboka. Na
desetak mjesta zbog konfiguracije terena, jedini način
za nastavak puta je skakanje sa stijena visokih nekoliko
metara. Donji dio toka Komarnice je plovan i privlači
veliki broj kajakaša i ljubitelja kanua iz Evrope i regiona,
koji nakon vožnje uživaju u čarima Pivskog jezera koje
upravo ova rijeka snabdijeva vodom.

Kada se iz pravca Pljevalja pođe prema Durmitoru,

odnosno Žabljaku, usput se nailazi na nekada najviši lučki
most u Evropi, most Đurđevića Tara, visok 170 metara,
ispod kojeg protiče istoimena rijeka. Ovaj most je postao
velika atrakcija pa tako gotovo svi prolaznici zastaju da
bi prošetali preko mosta, fotografisali se i kupili suvenir
iz neke od brojnih suvenirnica koje se nalaze pored samog
mosta. Ono što će svim ljubiteljima ekstremnih sportova
zapasti za oko, jeste „Zip line“ na visini od oko 170
metara nad rijekom Tarom.
Šljivanskog do Šćepan Polja), obiluje brzacima, divljim
pritokama, pjenušavim vodopadima, bujnim raznovrsnim Pored velikog broja vodenih sportova na sjeveru u
šumama čije drveće staro po nekoliko stotina godina poslednje vrijeme sve je više biciklista koji uživaju u
para nebo u visini i do 50m. Rijeka Tara je plovna za čarima naše zemlje na dva točka. Individualne ture kroz
raft čamce u dužini od skoro stotinu kilometara. Postoje Crnu Goru planinskim biciklom su namijenjene pravim
dvije polazne tačke za raft čamce, kajake, kanue i druga avanturistima, koji tragaju za divljinom i izazovima

Sjever Crne Gore: plovila.

Žabljak predstavlja bazu iz koje svi planinari kreću u

osvajanje Durmitora. Tamo se može naći vrlo komforan
crnogorskih planina. Postoji nekoliko staza za „mountain-
bike“, kako na Durmitoru tako i na okolnim planinama.

Aktivno uživanje
Kampovanje je jedno od mnoštva aktivnosti, a sve je veći
smještaj, a uz to postoje i marketi, pošta, apoteka, broj kampova koji nude razne sadržaje avanturistima
restorani i noćni klubovi, pa ovo mjesto posjećuje veliki koji obožavaju da provedu noć pod otvorenim nebom.
broj turista u namjeri da se odmore na planinskom Ukoliko vam ipak nestane inspiracije i zapitate se na
vazduhu i u lijepoj prirodi. koji još način možete obići planine, tu su vožnje sve

u planinama
više popularnim četvorotočkašima i bagijima, a vodiči
Tu su ski pasovi, staze za spust i ekstremne zimske će vas zasigurno ostaviti bez teksta otkrivajući vam
sportove, a preko ljeta ova idilična planina je spas od najnepristupačnije djelove sjevera.
vrućine! Rekreativne šetnje, planinarenje, splavarenje,
pecanje su samo dio aktivnosti koje nudi Nacionalni park Gastronomska ponuda planinskog područja Crne
Durmitor. Pored rijeke Tare i same planine Durmitor

Gore takođe će vas oduševiti jer pored činjenice da su
ova regija je oplemenjena i sa 18 jezera. Najpoznatije je gotovo sve namirnice organske, ukus crnogorskih jela i
rna Gora je jedina zemlja u svijetu koja u obilježena i izuzetno primamljiva novim posjetiocima. svakako Crno jezero. specijaliteta mora biti jedinstven. Obavezno treba probati
svom imenu ima riječ planina (gora). Više od Crnu Goru odlikuju strme stjenovite planine i njihova jagnjetinu ispod sača, kao i grilovanu rječnu pastrmku i
šezdeset procenata njene teritorije nalazi se nesvakidašnja raznovrsnost, te skoro netaknuta priroda, Vrhunski planinski svijet Crne Gore, sa preko 150 tradicionalna planinska jela kao što su kačamak i cicvara.
na nadmorskoj visini iznad hiljadu metara, a u njenim prastarim šumama živi svijet se nesmetano planinskih vrhova visine preko 2000 metara, sa Srdačnu dobrodošlicu uz domaće priganice, med ili suve
a preko četrdeset je prekriveno šumom. razvija kao što je i hiljadama godina unazad. pastoralnim selima i spokojnim planinskim pašnjacima, smokve, ukazaće vam svaka kuća u Crnoj Gori, nebitno
Crnogorske planine su najljepši, a ujedno i podsjeća na davnu prošlost. Čitava teritorija Crne Gore da li je na moru ili u planini.
najnepristupačniji dio Dinarskog planinskog sistema. U Pošto ipak morate početi od jedne ljepote na putu je zapravo jedan veliki nacionalni park, koji obuhvata Ne propustite da obiđete Crnu Goru, ona je toliko bogata
tom čarobnom, ali u isto vrijeme i surovom ambijentu, otkrivanja Crne Gore, splavarenje kanjonom rijeke nekoliko nacionalnih parkova, mnoštvo planina, rijeka, kontrastima, prirodnim ljepotama i tajnama da joj se
koji nikad nije pružao puno, ali uvijek dovoljno za život, Tare je na vrhu liste. Ušuškana planinama Durmitorom, kanjona, jezera i Jadransko more. nikad do kraja ne može stići.
naš gorštački narod je vjekovima živio dostojanstveno Sinjajevinom, Bjelasicom i Ljubišnjom teče najduža
i skromno, hrabro braneći svoje najveće bogatstvo - rijeka u Crnoj Gori. Zbog nepristupačnog terena rijeka Četiri nacionalna parka Crne Gore, široko raznovrsnih
slobodu! Možda je baš to razlog zašto su planine u imenu je izbjegla čovjekov uticaj na tok i kvalitet vode. Zato karakteristika, predstavljaju istinsku riznicu prirode
naše zemlje, u stihovima crnogorske himne, u srcu svakog je Tara i dobila epitet „Suza Evrope“ jer bez bojazni od koju treba upoznati. Izazovne pješačke rute, fantastično
Crnogorca. bolesti ili zaraze cijelim je tokom pitka. Divlja, najljepša različitih i lako dostupnih nacionalnih parkova Crne
i najbistrija planinska rijeka u Crnoj Gori izvire ispod Gore, podstiču svakog posjetioca.
Sjeverna Crna Gora izgleda tako da od njene ljepote Komova i tekući kanjonom 144 km do Šćepan Polja sa
zastaje dah i poznata je po skijaškim centrima, ali je rijekom Pivom pravi Drinu, jednu od najdužih i vodom U sivilu crnogorskog krša, tamo gdje su se hiljadama
takođe obožavaju planinari i posjetioci, koji tokom ljeta najbogatijih rijeka Jugoistočne Evrope. godina ranije prilikom velikih geoloških poremećaja
mogu da uživaju u spektakularnom pogledu na njene sukobili obronci Durmitora i Vojnika, usječen kroz ljutu
veličanstvene planinske vijence i vrhove. Sjever Crne Gore Kanjon rijeke Tare dubok je do 1330 metara što ga čini stijenu, leži kanjon Komarnice, poslednji osvojeni kanjon
obiluje impozantnim kanjonima, planinskim vrhovima najdubljim kanjonom u Evropi, poslije kanjona rijeke u Evropi. Crnogorski planinari su tek 1965. godine, sa
prekrivenim snijegom i u ljetnjim mjesecima, uzbudljivim Kolorado i u svijetu. Većim svojim dijelom se nalazi velikom mukom osvojili ovaj kanjon. Simbolika njegovog
pećinama i nesvakidašnje lijepim jezerima, koja zbog svoje u Nacionalnom parku Durmitor koji je 4. septembra imena Nevidio ili Nevidbog, kako ga još nazivaju,
bistre vode i ljepote nose naziv ,,gorske oči”. 1980 g. uvršten u Svjetsku baštinu prirodnih dobara podsjeća na misterioznu nepristupačnost kanjona koji je
UNESCO-a, ispunjavajući čak tri uslova: geološki, dugo ostao skriven od ljudskog oka. Kanjon je dug 3.4 km
Veličanstveni i teško pristupačni planinski predjeli Crne hidrološki i biološki fenomen. i nalazi se na sat vremena vožnje od Nikšića. Vertikalne
Gore su sigurno bili prepreka mnogim osvajačima, ali stijene, vodopadi, tjesnaci, pjenušavi bukovi, uzani kanali
danas u Crnoj Gori postoji oko šest hiljada kilometara i prava galerija figura - glavni su akteri priče o kanjonu
pješačkih i biciklističkih staza, od kojih je većina Najatraktivniji dio kanjona dužine oko 100km (od Nevidio. Na stotinak metara ispred ulaza u kanjon nalazi

14 15

#Tivtujte u Tivtu...
#Tivtovanje – prepoznatljiv pojam koji se odnosi na
uživanje Tivta i uživanje u Tivtu i kao takav
ovaj hashtag rado se koristi na brojnim
društvenim mrežama.
Ove sezone Vaša idealna destinacija za odmor i uživanje predstave, sportska dešavanja i raznovrsni muzički
neka bude Tivat! Spoj tradicionalnog i modernog, događaji upotpuniće Vaš boravak u Tivtu na najbolji
ruralnog i elitnog, mediteranskog i svjetskog, to je mogući način.
Tivat. Mjesto gdje se sažimaju kultura, tradicija, lokalne
atrakcije, kao i bogat kulturni život učiniće Vaš odmor Tivat nudi mnogo razloga za #tivtovanje ovog ljeta,
nezaboravnim. zato dođite da #tivtujemo zajedno.

Tivat je već prepoznat kao “event” destinacija sa Sve razloge #tivtovanja možete pronaći i u stranicama
širokim spektrom kvalitetnog kulturnog i zabavnog I Slikovnog leksikona o Tivtu, kao i razloge zašto
programa za čije realizovanje se brine lokalna turistička #tivtovati češće, a ne samo ovog ljeta. Ovaj pojam
organizacija Tivta sa brojnim drugim partnerima. #tivtovanje je obrazložio autor teksta dr Vladimir
Brojne tradicionalne manifestacije, tematski sajmovi i Roganović.
izložbe, poznati festivali, pučke svečanosti, pozorišne

Noviteti u Tivtu na usluzi građanima i Javni linijski prevoz kroz Bokokotorski

gostima zaliv

Prva stanica za punjenje električnih vozila u centru grada Prvi solarni i hibridni trimarani za putnički prevoz
u Boki Kotorskoj, solarni brod Elettra i hibridni
Puštena u rad prva stanica za punjenje vozila nove Gracijana, porinuti su 17. jula u Tivtu. Projektom
generacije električnih automobila u vlasništvu “DOO kompanije ““Bella Boka” održivi vodeni transport
Parking servis Tivat”. Punionica koja se nalazi na solarnim trimaranima u Boki Kotorskoj” na relaciji
parkingu u Arsenalskoj ulici je javna i otvorena je Kotor - Perast - Tivat - Herceg Novi uspostaviće se javni
simbolično na datum rođenja Nikole Tesle. Punionica linijski prevoz, što će pozitivno uticati na rasterećenje
sadrži dva priključka za punjenje te se istovremeno drumskog saobraćaja. Do kraja naredne godine uz ova
mogu puniti dva vozila, a aktivira se preko elektronske dva broda, zalivom bi trebalo da saobraća još njih osam,
kartice koju korisnici mogu preuzeti na naplatnoj rampi koji će moći da prime od 35 do 60 ljudi.
parkinga. Sve vrste električnih vozila, bez obzira na
model, mogu puniti baterije. Imajući u vidu pomenute novitete treba istaći da
se opština Tivat izdvaja kao ekološka turistička
Pored nove stanice za punjenje električnih vozila u Tivtu destinacija.
se nalazi još pet takvih stanica i to tri u nautičkom naselju
Porto Montenegro i tri u marini Luštica Bay, a očekuje se
u narednom periodu i povećanje broja istih.

16 17

Gosti o nama: U dobrom društvu

Elvir Luković

CentreVille organizuje veliki broj događaja u toku Ovo je veliki biznis, hotel u velikoj višenamjenskoj
godine. Koji od njih ste posjetili i ostao Vam je u zgradi (The Capital Plaza), a opet se osjećate kao u
posebnom sjećanju? malom boutique hotelu. Od velikih konferencijskih
prostorija, do svjetski poznatih somelijera i izložbi
Prošlog ljeta mnogo su mi se svidjeli prenosi Svjetskog savremene umjetnosti. Taj jedinstveni miks pomjera
Kupa, način na koji je bilo organizovano, učinilo je da tradicionalne granice stvarajući veoma moderan gradski
se osjećam kao kod kuće sa prijateljima, uživanje u piću hotel.
dok gledam fudbal, samo u otmenijoj atmosferi. Ali
moji omiljeni događaji bili su akustični koncert Neše Kad preporučujete hotel drugima šta je ono što posebno
Galije, i “Made in New York Jazz Festival”. izdvajate kad je CentreVille u pitanju?

Pregledanje vašeg mjesečnog kalendara, mojoj djevojci Jedan od glavnih problema crnogorskih hotela je
i meni je sada postalo navika, ponekad se čak i taj što nemaju standard usluga koji nude na svojim
prepiremo oko toga koji događaj posjetiti (Finale lige vebsajtovima. CentreVille ne samo da je drugačiji, već
šampiona i koncert Nevernih Beba istog dana i u isto ide iznad očekivanja. Za one koji dolaze zbog posla,
vrijeme, na primjer). zabava koju imate u ponudi je dodatni plus, ono što
kažem ljudima kojima preporučim CentreVille: “Jednom
Veoma često odsijedate u različitim hotelima. Što Vam kada su vaši sastanci gotovi, ostavite vaše sakoe u sobi i
je najznačajnije prilikom hotelskog boravka? Što Vam samo siđite niz stepenice da uživate u ostatku večeri”.
je najznačajnije prilikom boravka u hotelu CentreVille?
Za kraj, s obzirom na to da često putujete, sa kim biste
Počeo sam da putujem zbog posla veoma mlad, i to vrlo nas u svijetu uporedili?
često. Pričam o oko 70 do 150 letova godišnje i od 100
do 250 noćenja u hotelima za godinu dana. Kad putuješ Rekao bih da je miks između Saint Martin’s Lane Hotela
toliko, hotel je tvoj dom, ali dom za dan ili dva, zato u Londonu i Hotela Icon u Hong Kongu.
sve mora da funkcioniše kao švajcarski sat još od prvog Icon je hotel u vlasništvu the School of Hotel & Tourism
dana. Efikasnost je ključna, i detalji su sve. Ako sam Management of Hong Kong, gdje su najveći dio osoblja
putovao 8 sati i imam sat vremena da se raspakujem, zapravo studenti, željni da nauče nešto i da se usavrše, a
istuširam i pojedem sendvič prije sastanka, check-in ipak nikad nećete osjetiti loš nivo usluge, baš suprotno.
mora biti brz, večera u sobi mora biti spremna dok se Imam isti osjećaj kad je u pitanju osoblje CentreVille-a,
istuširam, a taksi da me već čeka kad napustim sobu. gledao sam sve njih kako produbljuju svoje znanje za
vrijeme mog boravka i još uvijek rade na poboljšanju
Zbog čega volite CentreVille Hotel & Experiences i zašto Volim da jedem, pijem i pušim (a ko ne voli?...), vaš CentreVille spremi sve za moj boravak prije nego svojih sposobnosti.
se uvijek rado vratite? F&B tim stvarno razumije ono što nudi. To je ključ da dođem (svi moji zahtjevi su uvijek ispunjeni: sprat,
se osjećam kao kod kuće, kad sam daleko od kuće. Sa pogled, posebne pogodnosti, dodatni kablovi…), i Saint Martin’s Lane zbog njihovog jedinstvenog miksa
Odlučio sam da isprobam CentreVille kratko nakon što njima sam imao mnogo interesantnih razgovora o vinu, organizuju sve do mog odlaska. poslovne nadmoćnosti, modernog dizajna i zabave koju
se otvorio i osjetio sam se kao da sam negdje drugo, a ne načinima pripreme posebnih jela, ili o regiji u kojoj se nude. Kao u CentreVille-u, mogao sam da dođem sa
u Crnoj Gori. Sve je funkcionisalo kako treba, zaposleni proizvode cigarete, taj dragocjeni nivo znanja je rijedak za Čineći tako da ne gubim vrijeme, sam mogu da poslovnog sastanka i uživam u DJ set-u, koncertu ili
su bili dobri, bolji nego što sam očekivao... CentreVille je region. I naravno, uvijek sam zainteresovan da pogledam odaberem kako da organizujem svoje slobodno vrijeme, jednoj od brojnih tematskih žurki.
od tada, uvijek, moj prvi izbor. Posebno sam zadovoljan Vaš mjesečni kalendar događaja. Mnogo puta sam dolazio a to je luksuz.
timom na recepciji, oni u mnogome utiču na moju odluku kod Vas baš zbog nekog interesantnog događaja ili Pretpostavljam da ste u dobrom društvu tamo…
da boravim u Vašem hotelu. koncerta. Šta je ono što CentreVille čini drugačijim od ostalih
hotela koje ste posjetili?

18 19

Njen dom je Ulcinj, jedan od najinteresantnijih

gradova na istočnoj obali Jadrana, mjesto u kojem se
vjekovima prožimaju tri velike religije, Mediteran i
Evropa, Orijent i Zapad. U monumentalnom Starom
gradu, arhitektonskoj aglomeraciji osnovanoj u petom
vijeku prije nove ere, još uvijek se mogu vidjeti i

Jug Crne Gore: opipati tragovi kao i bogata ostavština devet velikih
civilizacija koje su prošle Ulcinjem. Ulcinj i danas sa
nešto preko 20.000 stanovnika, čini multikulturalnu
i multinacionalnu sredinu sa posebnim šarmom

Raj za Surfere
spoja istoka i zapada. Ukoliko želite da probate
autentične proizvode Ulcinja, obavezno posjetite
pijacu radi kupovine domaćih proizvoda, prije svega
maslina i maslinovog ulja, a izuzetan gastronomski
doživljaj možete imati čak i u nekoj od tradicionalnih

ćevabdžinica, burekdžinica i poslastičarnica.
ijeka Bojana izvire iz Skadarskog jezera. mediteransko rastinje, a neke od biljnih i životinjskih
Duga je 44 kilometra, a po količini vode vrsta jedinstvene su u Evropi. Upravo gusta i bujna I pored velikog broja zanimacija kao što su tenis,
koju unosi u more, treća je na Mediteranu vegetacija daje Adi čar Amazonije i zajedno s fudbal, odbojka na plaži i jahanje konja po kojem
(poslije Nila i rijeke Po, u Italiji). Legenda neobičnim životinjskim svijetom pretvara je u poseban je ovo mjesto prepoznatljivo, Velika Plaža sve
kaže da je 1858. godine na ušću rijeke mikroekološki prostor. veću popularnost stiče u svijetu vodenih sportova.
Bojane u more potonuo brod “Merito”, Prepoznata je kao jedna od najboljih destinacija
vlasništvo Antuna Alegretija iz Trogira, kojim je Samim tim što čitavim područjem koje Ada zahvata za kitesurfing i windsurfing i iz godine u godinu
upravljao kapetan Naporeli. Upravo taj momenat je bio vlada neobična tišina, nakon nekoliko dana boravka sve više stranih turista dolazi u potrazi za vjetrom
presudan za nastanak Ade. U 19. vijeku na ovoj lokaciji postaće Vam jasno da upravo ta tišina smiruje ljude, i dobrim uslovima za surf. Zbog “dobrog” vjetra,
postojala su samo dva manja ostrva. Brodske olupine dopunjava životnu energiju i snagu za nove uspjehe. iskusni surferi kažu da je Ada već dugi niz godina
su zajedno sa dva obližnja ostrva zadržavali rječne A kako i neće, kad osim cvrkuta ptica, šuma talasa “glavni grad” surfera na Jadranu i da može stajati
sedimente i stvorile ovo prelijepo ostrvo. Ono se počelo i osjećaja lagodnosti koju stvara morski vjetar ništa rame uz rame s Kanarskim ostrvima, Havajima,
nazirati davne 1882. godine. Ovome su doprinijele i drugo ne remeti odmor na Adi. Portugalom ili Egiptom, gdje je gore navedeni sport
pritoke Bojane, koje ne samo da Bojanu obogaćuju najpopularniji. Ako ste početnik, većina plaža nudi
vodom, već donose i velike količine nasipa, kamenja i Ada Bojana je do ’70-ih godina bila potpuno pusta, a časove za vodene sportove i potrebnu opremu. Velika
šljunka sa balkanskih planina. Ovaj nasip u susretu sa onda je na jednom dijelu ostrva izgrađen naturistički Plaža je takođe i mjesto na kojem, kad budete u
morskim talasima hiljadama godina već stvara najfiniji kompleks koji ju je učinio poznatom turističkom prilici da vidite zalazak sunca, neće vam pasti na
pijesak od koga je nastala pješčana plaža duga 12 destinacijom. Nudistički kamp je napravljen 1973. pamet da ga uporedite sa ostalim. Čuvena crnogorska
kilometara, kao i samo rječno ostrvo. godine, a u turističkoj ponudi je boravak u kampu, „Copacabana“ privlači veliki broj mladih ljudi koji
bungalovima ili sojenicama na Bojani. Obale rijeke pored vodenih sportova dolaze i da se provode. Iz
Bogatstvo njenih voda ribom, neprohodnost njenih Bojane poznate su po ribarskim sojenicama, sa kojih godine u godinu sve je više muzičkih dešavanja,
šuma, pješčana obala dužine 3.800 metara čine je mještani na tradicionalan način love ribu u kojoj dnevnih i noćnih žurki na samoj obali, a samim tim
jedinstvenom. Blaga mediteranska klima sa preko možete uživati u brojnim ribljim restoranima. Sa druge i festivala. Sedmu godinu za redom Southern Soul
217 sunčanih dana godišnje i kupališnom sezonom strane Bojane postoji i divlji kamp, a ostrvo je 1985. Festival je glavni reprezent provoda na Jadranu, a ove
od aprila do novembra, sitni pijesak sastavljen od godine bilo mjesto na kojem je snimljen film Ljepota godine premijerno je predstavljen i Waveul Festival.
silicijumskih stijena, školjki i korala blagotvorno poroka. Ostrvo je jedinstvena oaza nudizma u našoj Netaknuta ljepota prirode i plavi horizont Jadranskog
djeluju na organizam. Adu Bojanu krasi suptropsko i zemlji, a i šire. mora su dodatni razlozi zašto se traži karta više.

Ada je ostrvo u koje se svi zaljubljuju na prvi pogled,

a ne sumnjamo da ste i vi nakon naše priče o ovom
čarobnom parčetu zemlje.

20 21

• Najstarija štamparija u jugoistočnoj Evropi i prva

državna štamparija na svijetu osnovana je 1494.
godine na brdu Obod kod Rijeke Crnojevića.

• Samo godinu dana nakon otkrića Amerike (1493)

na Cetinju je štampan “Oktoih”, prva ćirilična
štampana knjiga Južnih Slovena.

• Kanjon rijeke Tare je najdublji kanjon u

Evropi(1333 m), a drugi u svijetu poslije kanjona
rijeke Kolorado.

• Velika plaža u Ulcinju (12,5 km) je najduža na

Jadranu i jedna od najdužih pješčanih plaža u

• Katedrala Svetog Tripuna u Kotoru je jedna od

najstarijih crkvi u Evropi. Izgrađena je 1166. godine
i starija je 69 godina od poznate katedrale Notr
Dam u Parizu.

• Najstarije stablo masline u Evropi nalazi se u Baru i

procjenjuje se da je starije od 2200 godina.

• Kanjon Komarnice (Nevidio) važi za

Da li ste znali? najneprohodniji kanjon na svijetu.

• Više od 60% zemljišta Crne Gore se nalazi na preko

1000 metara nadmorske visine.

• Skadarsko jezero je najveće jezero na Balkanu.

• Crnogorci su drugi najviši narod u Evropi, poslije Jezero je kriptodepresija, što znači da je njegova
Holanđana. površina iznad nivoa mora dok se neki djelovi
njegovog dna nalaze ispod nivoa mora.
• Crna Gora je prva zemlja koja je proglašena za
ekološku državu kada je 20. septembra 1991. na • Crnogorsko primorje je jedno od najsunčanijih u
Žabljaku donesena Deklaracija o ekološkoj državi Evropi. Ulcinj je najsunčaniji grad na Crnogorskom
Crnoj Gori. primorju i prosječno ima oko 2.530 sunčanih sati
• Praistorijski crteži na stijeni u selu Lipci, kod Risna
najstariji su u Crnoj Gori i svjedoče da je Boka
Kotorska bila naseljena čak 3000 godina prije nove

• Grad Risan datira iz 3. vijeka prije nove ere.

Osnovalo ga je ilirsko pleme Rizoniti, a u antičko
vrijeme zaliv je nosio ime Sinus Rhizonicus (Risanski

• Jedina mozaička figura na svijetu posvećena

božanstvu sna Hipnosu nalazi se u Risnu.

• Crkvice iznad Herceg Novog su mjesto sa

rekordnom količinom padavina u Evropi.

• Žabljak je grad koji se nalazi na najvišoj

nadmorskoj visini na Balkanu, na 1485 metara.

• Crna Gora je jedan od osnivača Crvenog krsta,

a takođe i prva zemlja koja je uvela prevoz pošte
automobilom (1903).

• Bojana je jedina rijeka na svijetu koja zbog

konfiguracije terena teče i uzvodno i nizvodno.

• Prašuma nacionalnog parka Biogradska gora, koja

zauzima površinu od 5.400 hektara jedna je od
posljednje tri u Evropi.

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