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Fall 2019

Prayer Requests Ministry Update

WOL Ryrie Online Library

 Pray for Paul as he
prepares for another One exciting upcoming initiative from
school year, and as he Word of Life is the development and
teaches several courses launch of The Charles Ryrie Online
in New York and Library. Charles C. Ryrie was one of
the most influential theologians of the
 Pray for Jill as she
Twentieth Century. Dr. Ryrie wrote 32
ministers to our books that have sold more than 1.5
children. million copies. This does not include
his most famous publication, the Ryrie
 Pray for the 16 Bible Study Bible, which has sold 2.6 million
Institute campuses copies alone. Dr. Ryrie was promoted
around the world, and to heaven on February 16, 2016.
the students, who are
Paul unpacking the van load of Dr. Ryrie’s notes.
the future leaders of the Recently, the Ryrie Foundation
church. entrusted Word of Life Bible Institute
and Paul with 25 boxes of Dr. Ryrie’s unpublished files. Paul has the privilege to oversee
 Pray for the details of the digitizing of these files to ensure that scholars, pastors, and students of God’s Word can
the upcoming Ryrie utilize the never before seen writings of Dr. Ryrie. We estimate this to be a two-year
Online Library.
venture, in which a webpage will be built to house these writings, making them available to
the general public.
 Pray for Paul to have
wisdom in leadership as
Academic Dean of the Introducing Dr. Paul Weaver
Global Bible Institute.
It is with much pride and grateful hearts that we can
Praises announce that Paul has officially received his PhD.
We had the great privilege of attending Paul’s
 A fruitful time of graduation from Clarks Summit University in May.
ministry during Paul’s After eight years of classes, tests, papers, and hard
trip to South Korea. work, he has finally graduated with a PhD in Biblical
Studies with an emphasis in Bible Exposition. Thank
 The opportunity to you to everyone for your prayers and encouragement
meet many BI students during Paul’s time of study. At times it was a
around the world who Graduation day with the family difficult road, but God saw him through, and we
are committed to could not be more proud! Go Daddy!
serving the Lord.

 Paul finally graduated

with his PhD! Caroline and JP
 Two happy and The kids have had one exciting summer! Between
healthy toddlers. time with family, trips to the pool, and visits to
the library, we have been going non stop.
 God’s continuous Jeremiah celebrated his first birthday in May, and
blessing upon our lives at 15 months, he began walking. He says, “It’s a
and ministry.
whole new world from up here!” Caroline has
 Wonderful supporters enjoyed spending time with the horses at the
like you! Word of Life Ranch, and she also learned how to
ride a tricycle. She is one busy girl from sun up to
sun down. We are incredibly grateful for the two
happy and healthy toddlers the Lord has given us.
Fall 2019

Ministry Trip to Jeju, South Korea

Paul recently made the long trip to Jeju Island, South Korea, where he had the
privilege of teaching the book of James at the Word of Life Bible Institute
situated there. His class included students from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey,
South Africa, Brazil, and the US. He was also able to catch up with our former
colleagues from Hungary who are now serving in South Korea, Filipe and
Carol Santos.

One of Paul’s favorite joys in ministry is the opportunity to influence young

people around the world through WOL’s ten international teaching sites. This past year Paul taught in Hungary,
Canada, Korea, Ukraine, and Uganda, in addition to his regular teaching schedule in New York.

Learn the Word Podcast

Paul continues to record episodes for the Learn the Word Podcast every week.
So far, 82 episodes have been released, with approximately 3,000 downloads a
month. The podcasts involve a conversation with biblical scholars on various
biblical and theological subjects. Recently, both the President and Academic
Dean of Dallas Theological Seminary were on a series of podcasts. The titles of
these episodes were:

LTW 80: The History and Heritage of Dallas Theological Seminary and Word
of Life Fellowship
LTW 81: The Inspiration and Inerrancy of Scripture – with Dr. Mark Bailey
LTW 82: How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor – with Dr. Mark

A new episode of the Learn the Word Podcast is released every Thursday morning. You can listen to the podcast at any
time by visiting:

Coming up!
August 18: WOL Bible Institute New York Graduation
August 25 & Sep. 1: Preaching in Vermont
Sep. 13-15: Bible Institute Opening Weekend
Fall Semester: Teaching World Religions
Fall Semester: Teaching Elements of Greek I (Davis College)
Fall Semester: Teaching the Book of Matthew
Oct. 29-Nov. 2: Networking Trip to Calvary University / Preaching in Chapel at CU
November 18-22: Teaching the Book of 1 Peter at WOLBI Canada

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