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DBQ Rubric Name _______________________________ DBQ Subject: ______________________________

Characteristi Grade Score 8-9 Score 5-7 Score 2-4 Score 0-1
Numerical Grade: 93-98 78-88 63-74 0-60
Thesis *Clear, well developed thesis. Contains a clear thesis with *Lacks a thesis. No discernable thesis
*Sophisticated, reveals original limited development *Thesis may be confused or
interpretation underdeveloped
Question *Understands complexity of the *Limited or lack of *Ignores complexity; may deal with May simply paraphrase or
Comprehens question. understanding of complexity; only one part of the question *Deals restate the question
ion *Deals with all parts of the question may deal with one part of the with all elements of the question in
in depth question in some depth, or in a a superficial way
more general way
Analysis *Provides effective analysis of the Limited analysis, mostly Weak or inappropriate analysis; *No analysis
question. describes generally a narrative

Documentar *Effectively uses a substantial *Effectively uses some of *Poor use of documents with only *Almost no use of or
y Evidence number of documents (1/2 plus 2). documents. *Lack brief citation or paraphrase *Not inappropriate attempts to
*Effective document interpretation of interpretation; may only enough documents used to support use documents
*No instance of paraphrasing or restate information found in analysis. *Documents quoted
quoting. documents. *Some quoting

Supportive *Supports thesis with substantial, *Supports thesis with some *Lacks supporting information, or *Incompetent,
Information relevant information. factual information *Two information given is minimal *Two inappropriate responses.
*Outside information is balanced to three examples of supporting or less examples of supporting *No or inappropriate
with use of documents in the analysis information information outside supporting
of the question information
*Three or more examples of outside
Grammar; *May contain insignificant errors *May contain minor errors; do *May contain major errors. *Contains many major or
Structure *Proper essay form (intro, body not detract from overall essay. *Substantial errors in form minor errors
paragraphs, topic sentence, etc) *Some deviation from form (paragraph length, etc) *Repeated
*Proper tense *Infrequent use of incorrect use of incorrect tense *ANY
tense instance of personal pronouns
Organization *Well organized and well written *Clearly organized and written; *Weak organization and writing *Disorganized and poorly
; Writing *Historically accurate not exceptional. *Some minor *Significant factual errors written *Historically
Style factual errors inaccurate