CREAM DUBARRY( 04 portions

1. Chopped onion 2. Chopped garlic 3. Chopped leek 4. Chopped celery 5. Butter 6. Cauliflower 7. Potato cubes 8. Chicken Broth 9. Milk 10.Thyme 11.Nutmeg pwd. 12.Salt 13.Wh.pepper pwd. 14.Cream 15.Croutons 30 grms. 10 grms. 05 grms. 05 grms. 15 grms. 200 grms. (medium florets) 50 grms. 350 ml. 350 ml. a pinch a pinch to taste To taste 10 ml for garnish

Methods :
1. Sute and sweat all the vegetables in butter without browning . 2. Add milk and broth to the pot and mix well. 3. Slowly bring it to the boiling point and continue simmering till the vegetables become tender. 4. Add the herbs , nutmeg powder and seasonings. 5. Make the puree and strain. 6. Reheat the soup and adjust the seasonings. 7. Finish with cream . 8. Serve hot garnished with cooked small florets of cauliflower or golden fried croutons, dash of cream on top.

Appearance: Well garnished and steaming hot. 1

Crème Dubarry is a creamy cauliflower soup. 20 grms. 01 no. Cut in to moderately thick roundals. 10 grms 100 grms to taste. Drain the salmon steaks. Serve hot on the bed of grilled potatos. trim the fennel and slice very thinly. the pepper and brush with oil. Meanwhile. Chives 5. Coat with seasoned flour. Rest the salmon steaks in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Add finely grated lemon zest and half the chives. 10 grms. Fennel bulb 6. Envelop in foil and and place in the hot oven at 220 C for five minutes . salmon steaks 2. Oil 3. this term denotes a dish using cauliflower-particularly cooked cauliflower served with cheese sauce. wash and spin. Seasonings Methods: • 04nos /500 grms 02 tblsp. Celery 7. Sort celery and shred. Cut 4 large squares of foil and spread over the chopped fennel and remaining chives. covered dish. Grill evenly from both the ends.. Darne De Saumon Grille(04 portions) 1. . mistress of Louis XV. Peel the potatoes and wash.Texture : Smooth and creamy Consistency: Thick pouring Taste Aroma Colour : Savoury : Thyme and hint of nutmeg : Off white Attention: Said to have been named after the Comtesse du Barry. Put the each grilled fish on the bed of rest of chives and shredded celery. Potatoes 8. Cook them in salted water and lightly grill them on a griller. add salt. • • • • • • Lay the salmon steaks in a shallow dish. Lemon 4. Standards : Appearance: Well presented Texture : Evenly grilled 2 .

Salt 5. to taste 01 tsp. Attention: Paloise refers to the fact that this sauce originated in Pau. 15 grms.crushed pepper corn and chopped shallots. 3 . salt and freshly chopped mint leaves. Egg yolk 3.Consistency: X Taste Aroma Colour : Savoury : Fennel and chieves. 2. Reduction of white wine . strain and finish with lime juice. Method : • Prepare Hollandaise sauce . Mint leaves chopped 100 ml 02 nos. Clarified butter 4. It would be delicious with grilled lamb fillet and some new potatoes. 100 grms. : Light brown with prominent grill marks Attention: Sauce paloise( 04 portions) 1. it is a modern variation on the classic barnaise using mint instead of tarragon. which is the capital of the Bearn region. Lime juice 6.

Salt 5. Boil the potatoes in milk with butter. 15 grms. Method : • • • • • Peel the potatoes and fabricate in to big cubes. to taste. 10 grms. 20 grms. Cream 7. Chopped parsley 8.Pommes Fondant(04 portions) 1. Butter 3. Cool down and mash it with fork so that it is free of lumps. Medium potatoes 2. Spread the mixture evenly on a buttered dish and sprinkle with fresh breadcrumbs.seasonings and cream till it dries up without browning it. To taste. Bake lightly in the oven . Milk 4. Wh pepper powd. 4 . 6. 75 ml. Fresh breadcrumbs 200 grms. 10 ml.

Butter 5. Sugar 6. 7. Shelled green peas 200 grms. Young carrots / carrots 100 grms 2. 3. Thyme to taste 40 grms to taste a pinch 50 grms. 5 . Bacon cubes (optional) Method: • Peel and cut the young carrots into quarters or fabricate the ordinary carrots in to jardinière. Salt 4.• Cut into fancy cubes and serve hot Standards : • • • • • • Appearance: Well presented Texture : Evenly baked Consistency: X Taste : Savoury Aroma Colour : baked aroma : Light brown Attention: Petits Pois A La Flamande(04 portions) 1.

Finish with herb and seasonings. It can also be mixed with fried cubes of bacon.• • • • Saute them in butter and cook with little amount of moisture till becomes dry and glossy. Add parboiled green peas and toss with carrots. Standards : Appearance: Well presented Texture : glossy Consistency: X Taste Aroma Colour : Savoury : thyme : orange and green combined Attention: 6 .

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