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This AGREEMENT, made and executed by and between Spouses ____________________ and
____________________, both Filipino of legal age with residence and Post Office address at
_________________________________ hereinafter known as PARTY OF THE FIRST PART; and
_______________________________ Filipino, ______ yrs. old, respectively, both residents of
______________________________, hereinafter known as the PARTY OF THE SECOND PART,

1. That PARTY OF THE FIRST PART are the absolute and registered owner of a parcel of land
situated at _____________________________________________, of the cons-subdn. Plan
(LRC) __________ particularly described under and covered by the Transfer Certificate of Title
No._____________ issued by the Registry of Deeds for Quezon City; constituting of Three
Hundred (_________) Square meters, more or less;
2. That, constructed in ___________ in the aforesaid lot is a concrete bungalow house with 3
bedrooms, 2 toilet/bathrooms, marble and narra parquet flooring with approximately _____
Square meters floor area;
3. That FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of ______________ (Php ____________),
Philippines currency, to be paid as hereinafter provided, the PARTY OF THE FIRST PART hereby
agrees to sell unto THE PARTY OF THE SECOND PART, the following described parcel of land

Transfer Certificate of Title No._____________

A parcel of land (Lot ____, Blk. ____, of the cons-subdn. Plan (LRC) ______, being a portion of
the cons. of Lots 661, 664, 665, 693 & 694, Tala Estate & Lot 2 (LRC) Pcs-12892, LRC Rec. No.6563),
situated in Q.City, Is. Of Luzon. Bounded on the N., points 4 to 1 by Lot 5; on the E., points 1 to 2 by Lot
8, both of Blk.39; on the S., points 2 to 3 by Road Lot 32; and on the W., points 3 to 4 by Lot 4, Blk.39, all
of the cons-subdn. plan. Beginning at a point marked “1” on plan, being S.45 deg. 11’E., 509.00 m. from
L.M. 84, Tala Estate; thence S.20.00 m. to pt. 2; thence W., 15.00 m. to pt. 3; thence N. 20.00 m. to pt.4;
thence E., 15.00m. to the point of beginning; containing an area of THREE HUNDRED (300) SQ. METERS,
more or less. All points referred to are indicated on the plan and are marked on the ground by P.S. cyl.
conc. mons. 15 x 60 cm., bearings true; date of the original survey, During 1907, and that of the cons-
subd. survey, executed by _____________________ on __________is registered in accordance with the
provisions of the Property Registration Decree in the name of ____________________________, both
of legal age, Filipinos, as owner thereof in fee simple, subject to such of the encumbrances mentioned in
Section 44 of the said Decree as may be subsisting, and to Exemption from the prov. of Art.567 of the
Civil Code is specifically reserved.

4. That said PARTY OF THE SECOND PART hereby agrees to purchase said premises at said
consideration of _________________________ (Php _________________), Philippine currency,
and to pay the same as follows:

a. Upon the execution of this Agreement, the PARTY OF THE SECOND PART shall apply for
a Housing Loan amounting to ______________________________ (Php
______________) to the ________________________;
b. Upon the release of the said Housing Loan and the full amount of
_______________________________ (Php _______________), Philippine currencies,
have been fully/completely paid to & received by the PARTY OF THE FIRST PART, the
latter shall immediately issue and deliver the Instruments of Sale (Deed of Absolute
Sale), and the muniments of Title;

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said parties have hereunto put their hands this ______ day
of ______________ 20___ at Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

______________________ ______________________
Party of the First Part Party of the Second Part

______________________ ______________________
Party of the First Part Party of the Second Part


1. __________________________ 2. __________________________



Quezon City ) SS.

BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for and in Quezon City, this _________________,
personally came and appeared ______________________ with residence No.
_________________ and _________________ respectively both issued on
____________________ in Quezon City, and ____________________________ with
residence certificate No. _________________ and _________________ respectively both
issued on ____________________ in Quezon City, known to me and to me known to be the
same persons who executed the foregoing instrument which they acknowledged before me
as their free and voluntary act and deed.


AND LOT and consists of three (3) pages, including the page whereon this acknowledgement
is written, signed by the parties and witnesses on the page hereof and initialed on the other
pages and sealed with my notarial seal.

WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL this ________________ at Quezon City.

Notary Public

My Commission Expires on ________________

PTR No. _______________________________

Issued on ______________________________

At ____________________________________

Doc. No. _______________;

Page No. _______________;
Book No. _______________;
Series of _______________.