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AVEVA Global 2.

The proven 24-hour multi-location design management system

In today’s world, where markets and industry operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a Business Benefits
week, the only way EPC contractors and shipyards can remain competitive is to fully Reduced engineering cost and
realise the potential of all their resources and those of their partners, wherever schedule:
they are in the world, whenever they are available.
• Allocate work to the most cost-
AVEVA Global is the only proven system that can turn this dream into reality. Since effective locations.
the late 1990s, Global has been used successfully on over 500 engineering projects • Build multi-site project teams
worldwide. It is true to say that, without Global, many of these projects could not to use capacity wherever it
have been completed on time or within budget. exists.

Global expands the capabilities of companies involved in multi-location or distributed • Uploading and downloading
project execution using AVEVA's systems. Global enables the effective sharing of design project files to FTP sites is
eliminated, thereby reducing
information with other offices, subcontractors, vendors and others, whilst retaining project administration costs.
project and system control. Global provides concurrent, distributed 3D plant design
with central project administration, allows for flexibility with control, offers fast • Depending on available
performance and is tolerant of communication faults. resources and quality, schedule
and cost performance levels,
Global significantly improves project manageability whilst reducing cost, risk and flexible placement and
alterations to engineering
tasks can be easily achieved.
Effective global project execution is not just a matter of copying data around different Reduced risk:
locations, as in the traditional workshare approach; it demands the ability to
dynamically share design data, and control the dissemination of that data, safe in the • The risk of distributing
knowledge that your project is maintained consistently and securely. Global ensures uncontrolled, unapproved
design information is reduced
that each project is kept up to date, and automatically synchronises any data which has by in-built control functions.
changed between the project locations.
Regardless of their location in the
world, design offices, subcontractors,
fabrication yards and suppliers can all
view the design data at any time as it
evolves, to support a true virtual
office operation, but still recognising
contractual boundaries and areas of

Key Features
Global is a proven solution to the challenge of distributed 24-hour working. It provides for optimum utilisation
of all available resources wherever and whenever they are needed, whilst minimising the risks.

• Fast Project Setup from being uncontrollably networks, keep costs down and and can be changed as required.
Straightforward methodology, propagated. Fail-safe checks, ensure that work will continue
proven across numerous projects robust recovery, and status even in areas with difficult or • Less Administration
throughout the world, using information for off-line unreliable communications. Comprehensive management
standard communication locations, ensure that work can tools and central administration
protocols, means that projects continue without network • Flexibility reduce overheads and the
of any size or scope can be connection. When the Projects can be very quickly potential for error.
quickly configured and ready for connection resumes, modified. Locations can be
added or removed as the • Local Content Initiatives
operation. synchronisation takes place
projects progress, in response to Many projects require the
• Control of Data changes in priority, scope or transfer of knowledge and
Controlled approval of design • Communications workload. The central expertise to fulfil local content
changes, with automatic Effective use of low bandwidth administration location can be initiatives. Global allows for
transmission of those changes technology and tolerance of moved with ease during the this, providing the ability to
to any project location, means network faults, including the project. Work distribution within quickly set up and manage
that only approved changes are ability to use secure a project is configurable along remote project teams anywhere
distributed, preventing errors communications across public lines and levels of responsibility, in the world.

AVEVA Global in Action Overall Project Administration & Coordination

Layout and Detail Design of 3 Process Modules

Layout & Detail Design of

2 Utility Modules Fabrication and Construction


Design Activity Output

Project Progress Reports,
Management, Quality Reports,
Quality Control, General
Layout & Arrangement,
Detailing, Piping Isometrics,
Piping, etc Design Activity Output
Steelwork, etc
Fabrication Spool Isometrics,
Detailing, Cutting
Design Activity Output Construction Diagrams,
Planning Assembly Plans,
Layout & General etc
Detailing, Arrangement,
Piping, Piping Isometrics,
Steelwork, etc etc

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