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i HERAT 15 UNCLASSISIEO BACEET ‘WHERE SHO OTHERWISE EASON, CECUASSIFY OW; 12-21-2081 0?-30~ Ceitective 1-44-2006) car Ca 2018 Rete eet AU LET (UJEDUO], Human Source Validation Report[_______] (0) Summary TE} ‘oncurs with the closing off_____Jassesseg itis has conteibuted to the F makes this assessment with m ‘on the fact thal Jreporting has been minimally coroborated; his or her access and placeinent is commensurate with his or her reporting: and on the presence fone major control issue noted in| ile. He or she provided information regarding various issues of value to the US Intelligence Community (USIC). However, Jexposed his or her relationship with the FBI. As Ae FESUTE, Re OF she was closed. Jas provided a list of recommendations should he or she be re-opened. (U) Details JSYKE) This Haman Source Validation Report (HSV) conveys] validation review und assessment of Lo Tfor the poriad| tol November 2016, CPS Score: 10 (Resid wraveler) Purpose of Review: Special Request Primary Reporting Program: x Prowse a STOR s outside US and extra-tervitorial § (Up See Appendix A (Expression of Liketinoudl. *(U) See Appr (1) This validation review ineludey a check ofthe following databases! SECRESUNGEORN 7) co [eomdueted ditahace chesks om 09 Fetrmaty 2007 x B (Confidence in Assessments and Judgments Based on n Rody of tnformation (U) Administrative BIC =1 bye -1,2 bm -a BID =1 bie -1,2,5,9 | | | DIE -1,2,5 1370340-90