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Approximately 15 years' experience in corporate office management ranging
from government sector, development financial institution, GLC sector and
private investment. My passion in corporate performance, business
analytic/reporting and strategic growth has developed myself with attitude and
aptitude that embrace value of transparency, integrity, passions as well as
professionalism ethics. I am kind of all-rounders doer and love to learn and
explore new things. Enthusiast about analytical job with critical and creative
solutions that has significant impact to drive management’s decision.
Address: 02/2018 - 06/2019
Taman Putra Perdana, Puchong Head, Project Investment Dept.
Selangor (Project Basis)
Seagate Capital Putrajaya
Phone: Responsibilities:
+6016 6601691  Oversee both; corporate perspective and operational of the company for the
+6011 10061691
following scope:
Email: - Marketing - Legal
- Risk Management & Credit
- Project Delivery
EDUCATION  Review and recommend business proposal that meet risk appetite of the
company – housing project, government receivable
1998 – 2001  Close working with business analyst and marketing team on investment
Diploma in Actuarial Science analysis for management approval as well as investment brief
UiTM Shah Alam  Thoroughly review on legal agreement, compliance document, project
update report, investment update proposal as needed in line with business
2001 - 2003 expansion
Bsc (Hons) of Actuarial Science – 1st  Managing day-to-day operations, reporting, meeting coordination, business
class daily direction and expectation based on performance indicator has been
UiTM Shah Alam established for the operations and corporate team (including the Admin and
Human Resource scope of management)
2018 – ongoing  Achievement: Supply with MARA, PPAM Machang, achieved pipeline
Executive Masters of Business targeted for PPAM.
Administration 10/2014 – 02/2018
Arshad Ayub Graduate of Business Manager, CEO Office / ED Office
School, UiTM UEM Edgenta Infrastructure Division
 Provide direct support to top management team with regards to strategic
and operational performance / direction – reporting and strategic
 Coordinate & manage the delivery of medium to low complexity organization
strategic matters and reports / analysis (aspect of financial, human resource,
administrative, technology and operations)
 Coordinate, manage, execute and monitoring of Business Scorecard,
Project Update and Corporate and Operational KPI.
 Establish and maintain interpersonal relationships and regular
communication with various business units as well as direct reports for
excellent and efficient coordination.
 Coordination on risk management, audit management and business
improvement report and documentation.
 Ensure necessary records/analysis/reporting are maintained with high-
accuracy and easy-access.
 Secretarial for ED’s Office management meeting and always be prepared for
ad-hoc strategic task as and when required by the management.
 Achievement : Timely and quality reporting / proposal / presentation with
testimony from ED
SKILL 10/2011 – 10/2014
Manager, Global Advisory & Research Dept
Microsoft Office EXIM Bank Berhad
 Data analysis and recommendation for country and industry research
Business Analysis, Planning & business application and risk assessment) – economic data, trade data, FDI,
Reporting  Tracking, analysis and update on political situation and economic
development by for specific regions for risk assessment and business
 Update business strategic presentation for HoD, provide input on strategic
Business Communication & business planning for the bank – country, industry, economy / socio-
Negotiation economy.
 Build up networking - to deal and correspond with embassies at local and
international level for matters arise / relevant parties
Team Mentoring  Achievement :
- Country report (cover economy and political) - Liberia, Syria, MENA
countries, Republic of Guinea, Laos, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Nigeria,
Papua New Guinea.
- Industry report - Waste Management in Vietnam, IWPP in Bahrain,
Property in UK, Telecommunication in Malaysia and Singapore, Hotel and
LANGUAGE Tourism in Bali, Automotive Industry in Malaysia, Beverages industry and
Vessel industry in Norway.
English & Malay
5/2011 – 10/2011
Asst. Manager, Program Management Office
Touch n’ Go Sdn Bhd
Available on request  Validate and analyze data for running programs/ initiatives, as well as
tracking and following up on management action plans/ programs issues
 Monitoring all request coming into PMO and prepare summary accordingly
for management decision
 Assist HoD to review all business units scorecard for final assessment by
management team
 Assist HoD on strategic and operational meetings, including preparation of
minutes meeting

04/2005 – 05/2011
Asst. Director, Corporate Users Services Division
Department of Statistics Malaysia
Corporate management & planning:
 Set up, monitor and analysis KPI of the Department, including proposal for
improvement, initiative plans,
 Prepare framework and proposal for Department’s data dissemination,
payment gateway system, online external trade database (after attachment
with Hong Kong Statistics Department).
 Assist Deputy Director on annual corporate reporting and business planning
including budget, assist HoD on strategic communications planning and
 Analyze Customer Satisfaction Report and online transaction in line with MS
ISO guideline and provide recommendation for service improvement
Administrative & Financial:
 To check, validate and verify the monthly account for payment received
including reconciliation of payment in USD for monthly submission to the
Chief Accountant, Prime Minister Department for auditing purposes.
 Responsible for all audit query and do investigation accordingly for the issue
related to payment of data and publication.
 To assist the Deputy Director in preparing the annual corporate report.
Achievement – charging duty of Deputy Director, accomplishment of few
systems (NEWSS, Trade Online, E-rating).