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Build the next generation of
connected smart contracts.

Monday, August 19th

10:00am Intro and Welcome

Speaker: Dan Kochis, Global Head of BD &

10:20am How Meta Transactions will Scale Everything

Project: OpenZeppelin
Speaker: Dennison Bertram, Developer Advocate

10:40am Build and Operate Layer-2 dApps on Celer

Project: Celer
Speaker: Qingkai Liang, Co-Founder/VP of Product

11:00am Interplay Between Smart and Richardian Contracts

Project: OpenLaw
Speaker: Aaron Wright, CEO

11:20am Providing Real World Data to Blockchain

Speakers: Henri Pihkala, Streamr; Trevor Clarke,
AmberData; Robert Edström, Kaiko; Andrew Thurman,
CLC Group

1:30pm Design Contest Announcement

3:10pm LinkPool Staking & Market: Our Path to Building a

Thriving Chainlink Ecosystem
Project: LinkPool
Speaker: Jonny Huxtable, Co-founder & Technical

Hosted by Chainlink
Monday, August 19th (continued)

3:30pm Security for Node Operators - How SignOS Will

Change the Game
Speaker: Hendrik Hofstadt, Co-Founder / CEO

3:50pm SkillZ: the Decentralized BaaS Platform

Project: Skillz
Speaker: Laszlo Szabo, CEO

4:10pm Real-time On-chain Data: for Oracles,

Dashboards and Alerting
Speaker: Peter Eulberg, Co-Founder / CEO

4:30pm Being a Chainlink Node Operator

Speakers: Jonny Huxtable, LinkPool; Cristian Lucera,
Bitfish; Hendrik Hofstadt,; Peter Eulberg,

Hosted by Chainlink
Tuesday, August 20th

10:00am Hedera & Chainlink: The PB&J of Smart Contracts

Project: Hedera Hashgraph
Speaker: Cooper Kunz, Software Developer

10:20am Boson Consensus: Scaling EVM via Sharding

Project: Quarkchain
Speaker: Qi Zhou, Founder & CEO

10:40am Develop Blockchain Solutions Faster and Smarter

Project: Kaleido
Speaker: Jim Zhang, Head of Protocol

11:00am Getting More Developers to Build on Blockchain

Speakers: Cooper Kunz, Hedera; Oliver Birch,
Wanchain; Qi Zhou, Quarkchain; Jim Zhang, Kaleido

3:10pm Chainlink Workshop

Speaker: Johann Eid

3:40pm Data Provider Demos

4:00pm Developer Mentorship

Build the next generation of connected smart

Hosted by Chainlink
Wednesday, August 21st

10:00am Get Historical Blockchain & Market Data from

Within an Ethereum Smart Contract
Project: Amberdata
Speaker: Trevor Clarke, VP of Product

10:20am Create and Deploy a Token Price Oracle in

15 Minutes
Project: Kaiko
Speaker: Robert Edström, Head of Tech - Innovation

10:40am Building Ethereum Workflows with Streamr

Project: Streamr
Speaker: Jonathan Wolff, Software Engineer

11:00am Demo of the Honeycomb API Marketplace

Project: CLCG
Speaker: Burak Benligiray, CTO

11:40am Web3 Talk

Speaker: Sergey Nazarov
Please note: Will take place on Main Stage Studio 5

3:00pm Why Decentralised Insurance Needs Oracles:

Specific Examples of a Live Implementation
Project: Nexus Mutual
Speaker: Hugh Karp, Founder

Hosted by Chainlink
Wednesday, August 21st (continued)

3:20pm Putting it All Together: Understanding the DeFi

Project: bZx
Speaker: Kyle J Kistner, Co-founder

3:40pm Decentralized Exchanges, the new Financial

Market Utilities
Project: Loopring
Speaker: Matthew Finestone, Head of Business

4:00pm Synthetic Assets

Project: Synthetix
Speaker: Kain Warwick, Founder

4:30pm Building Defi Panel

Speakers: Matthew Finestone, Loopring; Kyle J.
Kistner, bZx; Hugh Karp, Nexus Mutual; Kain
Warwick, Synthetix

Hosted by Chainlink
Smart contracts require secure middleware
to connect them to real world data.

The problem: 

Smart contracts can't access data on their own.

Centralized oracles are a point of failure.

The solution:

A highly reliable
oracle network.

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