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RE: Maint Contracts in ELC, TCA and EPT Friday, March 14, 2008 10:01:57 AM

I sent this out last night and my feelings are still the same. A breach is a breach a hole is a hole. Contractors are to repair breaches. If someone is watching the bp activity in an area they will still need a breach to move anything north. Adrian "TI GURU" -----Original Message----From: (b) (6) Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 9:59 AM To: (b) (6) Subject: RE: Maint Contracts in ELC, TCA and EPT Is this in the old landing mat fence? I suppose so but how often are they created? If not very often then we should repair them if it is a daily occurrence then pepper spray/balls may be a better solution. Especially if the charge is for a 5' x 5' repair on a 2" x 2" hole. What do the TI gurus think? -----Original Message----From: (b) (6) Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 9:48 AM To: (b) (6) Subject: FW: Maint Contracts in ELC, TCA and EPT

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Regards, Roy ----- Original Message ----From: (b) (6)


To: HOATS, ROY A Sent: Thu Mar 13 20:12:59 2008 Subject: FW: Maint Contracts in ELC, TCA and EPT Roy

Peep holes? Come on no contract can sustain this..

This one is just me and you. Need to know what you think. Read below.

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I'm not exactly sure on the charge for the small holes, but will get with (b) tomorrow and find out. If (6) they are close together as I understand, then I would think we were charged for 1 five by five breach. What I would like is ya'lls concurance to make such repairs being they are so small. I will negotiate with the contractor if it looks like he charged for more than one breach. I will get you an update also. Thanks. (b) (6) -----Original Message----From: (b) (6) To: (b) (6) CC: (b) (6) FLOSSMAN, LOREN W <LOREN.Flossman@dhs.gov> Sent: Thu Mar 13 18:17:37 2008 Subject: Re: Maint Contracts in ELC, TCA and EPT

(b) (6) To answer your question, "no" I have not received any feedback other than EPT stating that everything seems to be working okay.
Please keep me appraised of any problems/issues, as well as good news--that will help us to craft an effective long term maintenance solution. Good call on the peep hole. I assume it was in landing mat fence. How did the contractor charge that? Did he count it as a fully sized breach for someone to crawl throuh? Probably yes, and I guess that is fair per the contract.

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(b) I was under the impression that being the BP generated the new user friendly breach notification (6) form, that you provided the CATX verbiage for it. If that was not the case, let me know and I will see that it gets added. The trial run went well and all seems to be working at this time. Have you recieved any feedback from the sectors on contractor performance yet? All three contractors are working, so all three NTP's are awarded. I have not recieved any e-mail traffic in the fencebreach.com mailbox yet, expect some any time now. The COR has 72 hours to get that in. The only concern right now is, there have been some negative reports. I pasted a couple of e-mails from the El Centro/Tucson COR for you. I responded in the affirmative to (b) question on the 2 inch X 2 inch observation holes. As for El Paso, (6) it seems to be going O.K. I spoke with the COR and the notification procedure seems to be working. I also spoke with the contracting folks, and it appears for now that the quanities can be modded however adding work outside the scope such as "Burrowing" may require going back out with another contract. I am still working the issue and will keep you posted. Thanks, (b) (6) 12 March 2008 - Greetings, I have received numerous reports from the Border Patrol Agents in the field. There are NO reported breaches in the fence in the last 24 hours, an no known fence repair requirements. I will keep you informed should there be any new developments.
10 March 2008 - (b) good evening, I hope that you made it back alright and that all is well with you. We had only one(6) breach over the weekend that came in on Sunday at 4:00 PM. I think that I am going to ask the USBP to report all time on a 24 hour clock basis. What do you thinks about that? The breach was of a 2" x 2" hole. I assumed that the report met to say a 2' x 2' hole and not inch. I found the exact location using "Tpopzone" that worked out very nicely. The hole was within 10 feet t of the GPS coordinate. The problem was that the contractor could not find the hole, until he looked very closely. Sure enough it was a 2 inch by 2 inch hole. I called (b) (6) USBP and informed him. He told me that was a typical "peep hole" in which the Mexicans observe the BP they will use field glasses or telescopes to keep an eye on the USBP. When it is clear they will then send people or drugs across the wall. In the BP's mind this is a legitimate repair and that we should expect several more of this nature. I instructed the contractor to go ahead and make the repair and to charge us accordingly. Obviously this is not "major fence repair". At the same time our customer wants these kinds of holes repaired. I have no problem in instructing our contract to make these kind of repairs. My question does ECSO? Please advise. - (b) (6)

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(b) (6) A few questions:
- Didi you add the CatX questions to the Notification form? - How did the trial communications flow go between the Stations, Sector and the COR? - How is the Damage Repair Form that is being emailed to the Corps going? - When did each Sector begin operations or when is it planned to start (NTPs)? - I know it is early, but any problems to date? It is imperative that this works for the Sectors and that we take corrective action at the soonest to fix problems. Thanks.

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