1 Creative Objectives 3. Conclusion 11.2 Creative Strategies 3. Ross Williams November 25th.Group 7 COMM 340 Integrated Marketing Communications Thinh Chu. Direct Mail Plan 7. 2010 Marketing Communications Plan Rocky Mountain Fitness 1. Budget Summary 10. Appendix Page 3 Page 3 Page 3 Page 3 Page 3 Page 4 Page 4 Page 5 Page 5 Page 5 Page 6 Page 6 Page 6 Appendix Page 1 Tsetse Fly Solutions Team 7 Page 2 of 6 . Marketing Communications Objectives 2. Marketing Communications Strategies 3. In-Store Promotion Plan 6. Media Plan 5. Calendar of Events 9. Public Relations Plan 8. Håvard Presttun. Creative Plan 3.3 Creative Execution 4.

and In-Store Promotion. This is a time of New Year s Resolutions. Marketing Communications Strategies The components of the marketing communications mix used will include Direct Mail. Public Relations (which includes Radio and Guerrilla Marketing). secondary and tertiary goals of increased awareness and changing consumer perceptions of Rocky Mountain Fitness will be achieved through the increased consumer traffic. The purpose is to convince consumers to positively view a new home-gym as the solution to their health goals. New perceptions include an image of high quality. Marketing Communications Objectives The Marketing Communications Objectives for Rocky Mountain Fitness are to increase sales by 20% in the consumer market from December 2010 to January 2011. and has a high performing knowledgeable sales team. The tone of the campaign is This year will be different.1 Creative Objectives The creative objectives are to show Rocky Mountain Fitness products as of high quality and value in the minds of consumers. they will be able to achieve an increase of sales for Rocky Mountain Fitness by 20% from December 2010 to January 2011. where fitness and Tsetse Fly Solutions Team 7 Page 3 of 6 . The In-Store Promotion in the Prince George store will include a Balloon Sale. 2. with a friendly sales force that can answer any questions in the health and fitness field. 3. 3.750. Integrating these communications methods. The total budget is $12. Creative Plan 3. Rocky Mountain Fitness carries high quality products at a better price than competitors.2 Creative Strategy The creative strategy capitalizes on the time of year when health is on the mind: December and January. While the marketing communications plan is developed to increase short-term sales. Prizes will range from percent off to treadmills. This is to convey to the public that Rocky Mountain Fitness is the store that will help them realize their health and fitness goals. Secondary and tertiary goals are to increase brand awareness and change public perceptions respectively.1. This means that customers will have a chance to pop a balloon containing a guaranteed prize after every purchase.

Market Analysis. this promotion can be effective in its goals of increasing sales by 20%. while employing a seasonal schedule. For a full analysis of the target market see Appendix Page 10. please refer to Appendix Page 5. Guerrilla marketing has also been chosen to complement the other promotions.3 Creative Execution The best way to convince customers to act now and get them into the store through the Balloon Sale. married/common-law with household income over $80. The big idea is to convince consumers that this year. They do not like (or unfamiliar with) public gyms and want to work out in the comfort of their own home. The use of factual advertisements will appeal to the rationality of the target market segments. and helps to convey to consumers that This year will be different. and help convey the high quality machines and equipment Rocky Mountain Fitness carries. This is to capitalize on the busiest time in health and fitness. Instead of buying cheap treadmills or universal gyms from Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire. this promotion had to be cost effective and was chosen to increase short-term sales. and public relations during the holiday season.000. For a full analysis of New Year s statistics. The period that the marketing plan will run is from December 1st 2010 to January 31st 2011. radio. This segment appreciates information on health and fitness.health sales increase dramatically. Direct Mail. Mediums such as television were not chosen due to high cost. Radio. and In-Store Promotion were chosen because they can be integrated very effectively together. 4. why not buy piece of mind in a new machine from Rocky Mountain Fitness? The tone and style will be informative. the Prince George store will be focused on. their New Year s Resolution can be achieved. 3. Coupled with a blitz of direct mail newsletters containing pertinent information. with a new piece of equipment from Rocky Mountain Fitness and the helpful sales team. Media Plan The target market is defined as Affluent Empty-Nesters that are over 45 years of age. The Tsetse Fly Solutions Team 7 Page 4 of 6 . Their kids are starting to move out and they are hitting a mid-life crisis while starting to do more things for themselves (physically and mentally). While Rocky Mountain Fitness has stores in Kelowna and Kamloops. section 3. Public Relations. They are a relatively educated affluent segment looking to make a lifestyle change.

The In-Store promotion is the Balloon Sale. This will help to capitalize on the heavy foot traffic at these big stores during the holiday season. please see Appendix Page 12. The Direct Mail flyer will be a glossy high quality. by popping a balloon after each purchase. For a full cost breakdown please see Appendix Page 12.most important aspect of this campaign is reach. For a full cost breakdown and a sample flyer. The total cost will be $6750. consumers need to be aware of the promotions going on during the holiday season at Rocky Mountain Fitness for this promotion to be effective. and really push customers hard to recognize the local specialty store. In-Store Promotion Plan . as well as the high quality products Rocky Mountain Fitness offers its customers. 6. The Guerrilla Marketing component relies on employees standing outside of stores such as Wal-mart. Direct Mail Plan The Direct Mail flyer will include pertinent information relating to the Balloon Sale. and Canadian Tire during the December season handing out flyers promoting the sale at Rocky Mountain Fitness. Prize chances and costs are included in Appendix Page 12. low copy document that runs weekly from December 1st 2010 to January 31st 2011. This includes sponsoring a Cougars raffle for two free treadmills and free Radio advertising through on-location coverage. ranging from treadmills to coupons. This promotion will cost Rocky Mountain about $3000 to run. The intention is to create some word-of-mouth buzz through the winter months. Public Relations Plan The Public Relations plan will increase brand awareness for Rocky Mountain Fitness through the time of the sale. Tsetse Fly Solutions Team 7 Page 5 of 6 . The total cost of the Public Relations plan will be about $3000. This gives customers a chance to win great prizes. This will help increase awareness for the sale and effectively target the Prince George market into attending the sale. The objective of this promotion is to immediately increase sales at Rocky Mountain Fitness. 5. 7.

Cougars Raffle ii. Tsetse Fly Solutions Team 7 Page 6 of 6 . Guerrilla Total Cost Cost $ 3. Budget Summary . the benefits will be significant over this holiday season. Guerrilla 2 3 4 Week 1 2 January 3 4 9. Public Relations. Conclusion In conclusion.750 $ 2. a well integrated marketing communications plan can help Rocky Mountain Fitness realize an increase of 20% in sales from December 2010 to January 2011. On-site Radio iii. and In-Store Promotions with the proposed communications strategy. Cougars Raffle ii. By effectively implementing the suggest programme of Direct Response.000 $ 6.The total cost is as follows: Balloon Sale Direct Mail Public Relations i.500 $ $ 500 $ 12. On-site Radio iii.750 10. Calendar of Events The events are scheduled as follows: December Week 1 Balloon Sale Direct Mail Public Relations i.8.

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