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App UX Development Process

To: Dionne Mayienga

Phone: 0706 412 092 Email:


Step 1: Understand Users

Objective: Understand the users who will use the application, their goals and objectives

Duration: 3 Days

Deliverables: User Personas, User Stories, Use Cases, User Flows

Step 2: UX Competitive Analysis

- Study of competitors’ approaches
- Research on similar features in the world
- Analysis of latest UI/UX trends, design principles and rules
- Create Industry based UI/UX guidelines

Duration: 2 Days

Deliverables: thought starters, ideas and material on which we can build our actual design work
Step 3: Sketching
- Generate ideas and work on basic sketches
- Brainstorming sessions with stakeholders to get their feedback
- Re-draw sketches and re-test them with stakeholders
- Develop Final Wireframes

Duration: 14 Days

Deliverables: Final Wireframes and User flows

Step 4: Client Review & Feedback / Phase 1

Objective: Client approves final wireframes or gives feedback and changes

Duration: 2 Days

Deliverables: Final wireframes (revised if changes existed)

Step 5: Style Guide

- Collate possible style guides;
o Overall UI theme,
o font families,
o icon styles
o button sets
o showcase to key stake holders for approval

Duration: 3 Days

- Approved style guide to base overall UI design on.

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Step 6: Design
- Design UI images; Define final theme, specs, and guidelines required for implementation
- Design icons for use in App
- Design App splash screen pages
- Sessions with stakeholders to get their feedback from business and technical perspective

Duration: 7 Days

- Final Design UI design Mock up ready for click through models.

Step 7: Client Review & Feedback / Phase 2

Objective: Client to approve final UI mock ups or suggest changes to be done

Duration: 2 days

Deliverables: Final UI that will be implemented

Step 8: Implementation
Objective: Support development team to Implement back-end functionality to front-end interface

Duration: TBD

Deliverables: Developed UI with complete functionality and visual experience following the approved
theme and style

Step 9: Evaluation
Upon completion of each agile sprint by development team Evaluate;
- Whether the system is usable?
- Is it easy to use for end user?
- Is it flexible and easy to change?
- Does it provide the desired solution to user’s problems?
- Does the product have the credibility that makes someone want to use it because of the

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experience it provides?
- Perform a comparison of implementation and defined interface

Duration: Continuous

- User feedback
- Possible UI Tweaks
- UI audit reports

Step 10: Hand Over

Objective: Hand over final UI/UX ready for product launch campaign.

Duration: TBD

Deliverables: Application that is usable, easily accessible to get information, and pleasure to use due its
intrinsic captivating UI.

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