Productivity and Accountability
Students as productive and accountable learners take responsibility for their own learning by actively working to increase their language proficiency and cultural knowledge.
P21 Framework Definitions Setting and meeting high standards and goals for delivering quality work on time Demonstrating diligence and a positive work ethic (e.g., being punctual and reliable) Novice Range Examples EXAMPLE: Students use technology to find new music in their favorite genre from the target culture. Students keep a listening log each week in which they document new vocabulary words and cultural insights they gain from listening. (Interpretive) Intermediate Range Examples EXAMPLE: Students organize a conversation table during lunch that allows native speakers and new language learners to communicate on a weekly topic selected by the students. (Interpersonal) Advanced Range Examples EXAMPLE: Students create a class blog related to future plans for career and college choices and how language can enhance these choices. They continually investigate possibilities, reflect critically on these and post their thoughts on the blog. (Interpretive, Presentational)