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(Types of Media)

Reported by:
Christine Ebojo
Charm Nicole Penullar
Darylyn Mae Cacho
Manisha Pal
Nicole Fajardo
12 ABM – McGregor

Name of Students Scores

1. Abarquez, Mary Jane 4

2. Alnas, Khristine Angel 10
3. Batua, Faisal ABSENT
4. Bayaca, Jackylyn ABSENT
5. Baylon, Monica 10
6. Bernabe, Joyce 10
7. Bianan, Rizza 10
8. Bulo, Jennelyn 10
9. Busil, Essence Margaret 10
10. Cacho, Darylyn Mae REPORTER
11. Carbon, Brad Stanley 10
12. Casem, Rialene 10
13. Castañeda, Jose Lito 10
14. Cruz, Karen Gail 10
15. Davalos, Jomary Clarise 10
16. Del Prado, Juan Miguel 10
17. Dela Peña, Kyla Jhanyne 10
18. Duque, Jnorlynne 10
19. Ebojo, Christine REPORTER
20. Escalona, Trisha 10
21. Fajardo, Nicole REPORTER
22. Fernandez, John Kenneth 10
23. Gatchalian, Angelika 10
24. Gumtang, Kristine Kasandra 10
25. Kaur, Simranjit 10
26. Lapeña, Lean Maxine ABSENT
27. Leaño, Nathalie 10
28. Mararac, Deejhay 10
29. Mararac, Dimple Joy 10
30. Navarro, John Paolo 10
31. Pabaira, Abegail 10
32. Pal, Manisha REPORTER
33. Penullar, Charm Nicole REPORTER
34. Reasonda, Lezette 10
35. Realino, Carl Daniel 10
36. Sansano, Lynx Francis 10
37. Tabora, Rosemarie 10
38. Tomas, Princess Lyn 10

We used jumbled and upside

down letters and made our
classmates guess the hidden
word for our pre activity.

Pictures during the pre-

activity and discussion
1. Print Media
2. Broadcast Media
3. New Media

NEW MEDIA (also called as Digital Media) - contents are organized and distributed
on digital forms.
Media Convergence
• The co-existence of traditional and new media.
• The co-existence of print media, broadcast media (radio and television), the
Internet, mobile phones, as well as others, allowing media content to flow across
various platforms.
• The ability to transform different kinds of media into digital code, which is then
accessible by a range of devices (ex. from the personal computer to the mobile
phone), thus creating a digital communication environment.

Media Convergence in Platform Specific Example

Facebook, Instagram,
Communication Social Network functionality of social
Learning Management
Education Google class, Edmodo
Digitized print ads across
Advertisement/Commercial Product Advertisement different platform
A newspaper that still
publishes through print
News News Agency and have online portal
(website, apps, others)
with multimedia contents
A person who has a
television show, publishes
books, launches music
record, appears in movies,
Entertainment Multimedia Personality endorses commercial
products, peddles product
line, has a digital
multimedia game,
concerts, etc

 Not a reliable source  Updated
 Spreads fake news easily  Accessible
 Interactive