The Best Antasari The Bulletin of English Students of IAIN Antasari Advisor Dra. Hj. Nida Mufidah. M.

Pd Editor-in-Chief: Puji Sri Rahyu, MA Chief: Herlena Contributors: Nur Izzatil Hasanah, Abdu Subhan, Rahmaniah, Abdul Rasyid, Nur Afiah, Siti Mukarramah, Supiannur Ridwan, Amallinda, Rizali, , M. Fitri Yandhi P., Husin, Fajrianor

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profile. we want to say thank so much to the only God we have. and you will have fun with this bulletin. don’t miss it…! Keep reading this bulletin. DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS . our lecturers who have given us supports in this project. so we can publish this bulletin this semester… This is our first bulletin and we are aware that it is far from perfect. information.. everything is ok like Bondan’s song “…cause everything’s gonna be okay…”  First. This bulletin shows you many things about English Department. so that we will be grateful for comments and criticism for a better edition. See you …. Allah SWT who has given us the merciful and blessing. So.Editorial Greeting Assalamu’alaikum Waarahmatullah Wabarakatuh… Hi…hi… hi…!!! How is everything? Hopefully.

Therefore. DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS . It’s not easy. make it simple and make it come true… Herlena TBI’08 (chief of ESA) Congratulations for all of new students of English Department. you have to prepare your self before and after you become a student of English Department.nothing impossible for Allah. do the best and be the best for our department “PBI”!!! Fahmianor Anshari TBI’07 (President of Tarbiyah faculty) Welcome to English Department for my dear sisters and brothers. you’ll get the best) . You are agent of change for English Department. Make a wish in your life. I’m proud of you all my beloved sisters and brothers and I also am so proud of becoming a part of English Department in IAIN. please manage your time effectively. So. Learn from all of the things around you. so don’t be afraid to try something new!!! Nor latipah TBI’06 (campus activism) Nice to meet you guys… For new students. It will be make you as easy as pie to through all of the academic activities and also organization activities. be useful person. believe with your self that U CAN reach everything because Allah is Almighty. do the best for all activities (remember that: do the best. For you all guys. experience is the best teacher.Willy Ramadhan TBI’06 (President of IAIN Antasari) Welcome.

M. H. M. No wonder that it has more than 300 students now. In academic year 1988/1989 English Department was closed temporarily because of the operational permission letter from the Department of Religious Affairs (DEPAG) had not been published yet.Hi guys. Ahdi Makmur. Kadir Munsyi. and great lecturers who are expected to be able to create many agents of change not only for IAIN Antasari and the surrounding area but also for our beloved country. The main objectives of English department are producing qualified scholars/teachers with good English ability in linguistics and literature.Ed and Drs. and are able to be the professional English teacher in all levels and have high Islamic value and attitude. It has good facilities. Syarifuddin Syukur. Dipl. History of English Department According to the document of English Department and “Buku Kenang-kenangan 30 tahun Fakultas Tarbiyah IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin”. H. MA and Drs. Ahdi Makmur. are you wondering about our department? Here is a brief about English Department and its history… English Department is one of the best departments in IAIN Antasari. Kadir Munsyi. DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS .Ag as secretary.Ed and Drs.Ad. library. English Department at IAIN Antasari becomes a favorite department among the senior high school’s fresh graduates. H. After the period of Drs. Indonesia. H. H. the department was led by Drs.Ag.Ad. Dipl. English Department (Tadris Bahasa Inggris/ TBI) established in 1984 with the first head of department was Drs. Ahdi Makmur.

Nida Mufidah. Sa’adillah pursued his study for a master degree. Isa Anshari passed away. Ag and Drs. the secretary position was replaced by Drs. Hj. you will love it more and more everyday… :) DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS . Hovewer. M. S. M.The department was re-opened in 1997 and it became department of English Education (Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris/PBI) which was led by Drs. On September 2005 until 2006. Isa Anshari MZ and Dra. Hj. Because Drs.Pd was then appointed to replace him. and continued by Ridha Fadillah. A and Dra. Mr. M. Anang Syaifuddin resigned due to his overwhelmed things to do and Dra. Nida Mufidah. M. M. Wardah Hayati. Because Drs. the English Department was led by Drs. Nida Mufidah. M.Ag on January 2008-December 2009. H. the head of English Department is Drs. It was Nurlaila Kadariyah.Pd is still the head of the department up to now but the secretary has been changing several times. in August 2007. M. that’s a bit about our department. Hope by knowing this. Dra. Hj. Sa’adillah as secretary. M.Pd still as the secretary.Ed. In 2003-2006. Well guys.Ed till June 2010 and the newest one is Nani Hizriani M.A. Pd as the secretary. Hj. Nida Mufidah. Anang Syaifuddin. There are still some changes of the leadership at English Department. Ahdi Makmur. Husnul Yaqin. the secretary was Dra.

: Banjarbaru. 1965 : Good Muslim and good housewife Full name Place and date of birth Motto : Nani Hizriani.Pd. M. : Banjarmasin. November 27. 1977 : never stop learning DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS . Nida Mufidah.Full name Place and date of birth Achievement : Dra. Hj. December 14. MA.

and innovatively. Thus. English Department students’ skills and abilities can compete with other departments and other universities. Tarbiyah Faculty. and competitive. Finally. ESA as a place of assembled students to reach vision and mission of making English Department the best at IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin takes several actions to help the students to improve their skills and abilities and makes some effort to create conducive situation in English Department environment. etc. ESA is not merely as a bridge between student and lecturers. there are divisions/sections of ESA which specially handle certain fields. IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin is a group of English Department student which is assembled by strong will to develop this beloved department and make it the best of all departments at IAIN Antasari and Kalimantan. Further. office staffs and other academic administrations. such as Art and Sport Division that organize art and sport. but also as a place for accommodating English Department students’ ideas and help them in several aspects especially in academic. By facilitating the students. DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS . expressions and scientific value improvement dealing with study successfulness. It tries to create conducive atmosphere in English Department environment as a place for accommodating students’ creations. superior. Literature Section which manage English Department’s library. ESA wants their skills and abilities sharpened and better in quality than other students in other departments. ESA always makes an effort to be better in managing its programs and achieved its missions. For instance. ESA desires to achieve good generations of English Department that have good quality. As its vision. creatively. To achieve its vision. ESA also helps students to participate actively in developing and improving process of English Department’s generation by thinking critically.ESA ESA (English Student Association). ESA is expected to give big contribution for improving students’ academic ability and organizational aspect.

Ridha • Aisyah • Rosida Fitriani Art and Sport Section Public Relation and Financial DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS .Board of English Student Association 2010-2010 Chief Vice of Chief Secretary I Secretary II Treasurer : Herlena : Abdul Rasyid : Nur Afiah : Eka Rahmawati : Aisyah SECTIONS Education and Language Improvement Section Information and Communication Section Coordinator : Siti Fatimah Members : • Husin • Amallinda • Sa’diah Arida Coordinator : M. Fitri Yandhi Pratama Members: • M.

Fajrianor . Ilham M. Sholeh Ibdatunnisyah Rizali Rahmilia Coordinator: Hasnawati Members: • • • • Didik Kusniawanto Laily Lainiyah Septi Havianisa Sufiannur Ridwan Spritual Improvement Section Literature Section Coordinator: Siti Mukarramah Members: • • • • M. Hidayat Raudah Diana Coordinator: Mustika Members: .M.Maulidah .Section Coordinator : Ibnul Mubarak Members : • • • • M. Yahya DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS .

I got an incredible experience about many things. I saw an overseas scholarship brochure and it arose my wish to get it. structure.Do you want to get a scholarship to go abroad? Do you think it’s impossible? Come on…. 2009 and stayed there for about two months to learn join an English Course. My purpose is to get a new experience about something that I never know before (culture and some other interesting things) and as well as to deepen my English language skill. Well. Fortunately. I would love to share with you all some other time. Guys. I experienced a culture shock. and reading and I boosted my optimism and my confidence and eventually I GOT IT!!! I went to Arkansas Universty on October 15th.S” “My name is Al Amin. Initially. Everything is possible. Be confident and don’t be afraid to try and Keep Learning!!! DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS . Then. Here are some students among nine students who can make their dream come true and go to the U. I started joining some training such as TOEFL and keep learning to improve my listening. I have got a pre-departure orientation about the culture and it helped me a bit to adjust with cultural life there. Nothing is impossible in the world if we try really hard. Al AMIN (Student of class 2006) “So happy and proud to become one of the twenty representatives of Indonesian students who can go to the U. At my first time there.S for an English Course. I was born in Cirebon on March 13th. 1989.

And for you all. I was born In Rantau on March 11th 1987. and also the food there. You can learn from many sources that can support your abilities especially in English. check this information out!!!!! Don’t MISS IT!!! DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS . I felt surprise.. although in your mind it is so impossible.. the changes of weather.. it never crossed in my mind that everything is so far different. never stop learning. ho… :D For you who are looking for opportunity to go overseas.. Yeah. I proved it. I have learned much about American’s life style.MUTIARA CITRA DEWI (a student of class 2005) “I made my dream come true…” “My name is Mutiara Citra Dewi.ho. I had fun because I have many new friends and I learned about culture and the important thing is the education system in America is well organized and managed. Look at me. GO FOR IT guys…!!! Ho. Yet. When I was child. don’t just learn in the classroom. It was totally new atmosphere for me. the language. I had a dream to study abroad and learn about the culture and speak with English native speakers. Never doubt to reach your dream. When I arrived in America.

in person at the AMINEF Office. Jl. How to Apply Candidates should complete the appropriate application forms and return them to AMINEF by the application deadline. Applicants must:  Enroll in S1 degree programs and have completed their first semester or are entering their 5th semester by the time of application (students of 6th semester and above are not eligible)  Have a minimum institutional TOEFL score of 500  Preference will be given to those who have had little or NO experience in the U. All global UGRAD Program participants will be enrolled full-time in undergraduate course work chosen from the US Institution’s existing curriculum. Gunung Sahari Raya 4. less than two years old.  Copy of academic transcript and diploma (English translation).aminef. or via the AMINEF Website (www. either from your current employer or previous lecturer.S. Forms are available either by mail. Students will also be provided with opportunities to participate in up to ten hours of community service per semester and an internship to all academic-year participants. Please to return the AMINEF your complete application package by the application deadline that included:  Completed application form.  Copy of your most recent. TOEFL score report. This includes a clearly written and concise study objective.or. DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS .S.  One letter of reference. 6. Study in a NON-DEGREE Program. Gedung Balai Pustaka. Jakarta 10720.Global Undergraduate Exchange Program The Global UGRAD Program provides scholarships for one semester or one academic year of U.

• Attend every meeting on time… and you have to make sure if you have the class schedule. It’s really a big ambition…!! Do you know how to make it come true??? Huhuhu. but you should know that not every people can achieve it easily and even for some people it seems impossible. in addition your lecture teach you in boring way. Sometimes there are some lecturers change their schedule because of certain reason. • Make a phone tree with your classmate. Usually for getting a good grade is determined by some factors. 5 and can graduate from your university as soon as possible?? Woowwwwww. • Show and give your lecturers some respect. so never miss to know it... such as difficult subject. Ups… what a complete problem…? hehehe But you don’t have to worry guys… Here are some top tips that will help you to solve your big problem… Let check them out… • You must state your aim…! A strong aim and ambition will help you to get everything that you want easier.. huh it’s really makes you are so lazy to pay attention to the explanation and as the result of those. difficult task’s questions. it may be just an easy thing to achieve.. Deadline: November 1. every people like to be respected by someone DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS .. so you and your friends can exchange much important information. Copy f identity document (KTP or passport). you do not understand and lazy to study it.. 2010 Got score A in every lesson? Have average score 3. You should remember guys.. it is not as easy as what you think guys! For some students.

BY: IZZA DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS . TRY IT… IT WORKS… TRUST ME…. Because it will be a big problem for you. • Guys… you should remember. It really makes you easier to prepare for them. not only your lecture but also your friends will not like you. or miss know-it-all. say a prayer in order to make every thing that we have done can get the best result. • Be active in class…! You must remember do not be an over active student and more over does not be Mr. • Do every homework that is assigned by your lecturers and do not forget to submit it at the due time.• Try to make prediction about what might be tested on the middle test and final test. So if you do not understand about a certain chapter you can consult it to your friend who understands better. etc and do not forget to give information to your so they can understand your condition • Last but not least. • Never miss the class examination!! Except for something that is very important and cannot predict before like illness. accident. study is the most important thing to do…! Everything will not change and you will not get your best score if you do not prepare it by studying.

• Give (someone) the eye = (informal) to look fixedly at (another person) esp.Idioms with the word “EYE” Eyes are important parts of your body. • Have an eye for = to be able to appreciate something in particular. • Have eyes only for / only have eyes for = have only attention for. Here are a number of them. Randy tried to catch the eye of his buddy George. look intently. She was so beautiful. Therefore. • Be all eyes = to give all one’s attention to something. the written test. with obvious admiration. too. Tommy was all eyes for Emmy. beautiful. The pretty new coed ignored the senior student who was giving her the eye. architecture. • An eye for an eye = revenge taken in a similar way for an injustice. it’s no wonder that there are many expressions in English that use the word “eye” or “eyes”. During guys wanted to date Shirley. Mu uncle has an eye for Byzantine • (Be) easy on the eyes = attractive. The king wanted an eye for the death of his eldest son. A lot of • Catch someone’s eye = to draw or attract someone’s attention. That means that he wanted the death of his enemy’s eldest son. The view from the hotel window was easy on the eyes. ogle. DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS . but she had eyes only for Edward.

DON’T READ THIS WHEN YOU HAVE CLASS .• Keep an eye on = to watch over attentively. Mr. Jones kept an eye on the kids while his wife was away.

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