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Subject : Science

Date : 02nd October 2010 Time/Period :11.30-12.30 p.m.

Class : 4 Teratai

No. of pupil : 12 pupils (Hearing Impairments)

Theme/Area/Field : Investigating Materials/ Properties of Materials

Learning Objectives : Pupils should understand the properties of materials

Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

1. Identify materials that can conduct electricity

2. Give at least 3 objects that a good electric conductor

Pupils’ Prior Knowledge : Pupils have discussed about various objects made of wood, glass,
rubber, plastic, and metal and group them according to the
materials they are made of.

T&L Strategies : Use of technology, discussion, questioning, experimenting and games

Scientific Skills : Observing, predicting, making inference, communicating and

making conclusion

Thinking Skills : Attributing, generating ideas, communicating, making conclusion.

Scientific Attitudes/Values :

1) Having an interest and curiosity towards the properties of materials

2) Being responsible about safesty of the electricity

T&L Resources/Aids :

• Laptop

• LCD (Slide Interactice)

• Various Objects Such As Pencil, Steel Ruler, Coin, Wood, Rubber, Bottle, Beaker,
Copper and Key

• Wire

• Bulb

• Dry Cell

• Wire Clip

• Table Sheet (Experimenting)

• Games (Find Hidden Picture & Hidden Word)

• Question Cards
Phase / time Contents T & L Activities Remarks

Orientation Quiz identify  Pupils divided by 3 groups SPS :

( 10 minutes) materials that Predicting, making
conduct electricity  Pupils are asked which materials inference
that can conduct electricity
Teaching Aids :

 Pupils who collect the highest mark Question cards,

are given present by teacher interactive slide

Eliciting of ‘Electricity’  Pupils are asked a few questions SPS :

Ideas based on the slide (powerpoint) Observing
(10 minutes)  What is Predicting & Making
electricity?  Teacher asks relevant questions Inference
 Who needs when pointing at various object.
electricity? Thinking Skilss :

 Which materials  Pupils give opinion based on daily Generating ideas

that can conduct experience. Attributing

Teaching Aids :

Answer: Objects Power Point Slide

made of metal Presentation

Restructuring Identify materials  Pupils divided by 3 groups SPS :

of Ideas that conduct Observing
( 25 minutes) electricity.  Each group will be given various Predicting
objects made of pencil, steel ruler, Making inference &
coin, wood, rubber, bottle, beaker, defining operationally
copper and key

 Each group also will be given with

wire, bulb, dry cell and wire clip Thinking Skills :
 Pupils are showed an electrical Communicating

Teaching Aids:
Various Objects Such As
 Instruction on how to identify