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New Earth Teachers

By Channie Centara

This is the first part of a series of classes in how to help Mother Earth in her process, so that
she may rise up to her new level and take her new form and become The New Earth.

Earth, our dear Mother who feeds us and clothes us. She is always present, in the form of
nature, animals and other people. We all come from her and we live with her until our bodies
die and become dust. But, even in this lifelong process of interaction, many of us take her for
granted. We expect enough food to eat, clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe. We
expect a beautiful nature to wander in, smell, taste, look at, listen to and touch and feel. Many
take it for granted and only a few give thanks for what is looked upon as something natural.
If people give thanks, it is usually for the food, and then they direct the gratitude to God. Of
course God created Earth, but the fact that she keeps feeding us and taking care of us, in spite
of what we are doing to her, is her miracle. Mother Earth is polluted by environmental
disasters and other bad things that come solely from human beings. Even though we know
very well what is bad and dangerous for her. She herself does not pollute. Nature’s animals
and plants and the coral reefs with its fauna and fishes do not destroy or pollute. No, it is
exclusively humans that do it. This course wants to change that and create an awareness, at
least on the spiritual plane. Remember that we also pollute Earth with radio waves,
microwaves, cellular phones, and so on.

In order for the old Earth to be able to move on to a higher dimension with us, she needs
help. Angels, light beings and loving extraterrestrials help in this process, but they neither
can nor are they allowed to do too much because this is not their planet and world. Therefore
they have contacted some of us and taught us what to do to make the process easier for
Mother Earth and this solar system. For it is not only Earth that is going up to a higher
dimension but the whole solar system. The most powerful step is when our sun gives birth to
a new sun into the new dimension.

Some people have already done classes with me before. They then learned how to make
Earth-flowers and Ocean-flowers. Those are still appropriate, although they do not reach all
the way through the Earth and out on the other side like the big portals do. A part of this
course is how to work to create small portals of light. These will be helpful in cleaning the
Earth and in raising the frequency. These frequency-portals are called Earthstars. They raise
the energies of the ground and strengthen and balance the Earth lines.

This course is meant to be spread and will be held by teachers other than me, Channie
Centara Cha, Sweden. The person that teaches this class is educated to spread this knowledge
and that which I have taught them. An initiation (opening-ceremony), always comes with this
course. That way, you, as a third part, will be able to teach others and initiate them to the
knowledge of what help is needed. Let me explain a little deeper: I, Channie Centara Cha,
could be called Teacher 1 and I have the knowledge to open up Teacher 2. These Teacher 2’s
are my original students. They have all had some form of personal contact with me for their

These people have and will be given more knowledge and more opening symbols, etc.
Teacher 2 can then teach students who will become Teacher 3 (you who read this might be
one of them). Teacher 3 can then go out and teach people that they know and who they meet
in life. Those people will also become Teacher 3. In fact most teachers will be Teacher 3.
Everyone who goes to these NET classes will be Teacher 3, except for the ones that took the
course personally from me, (Channie Centara Cha ). As I said, the a person who took the
course personally from me will become a Teacher 2.

The charge for these courses should always stay low, so that as many people as possible
will be able to share the information. Suggested fee is $50 - $100. As a Teacher 1, I ask that
you give a donation of $1 to me for each class that you teach, no matter how many students.
This will cover expenses such as mailing, translation, and the work with future course
material, etc.

All Teacher 2’s can buy upcoming “newsletter” courses (i.e., NET course Part 2, Part 3,
etc.) either as a postal mail, e-mail, or possibly as a disk. This will continue for as long as the
teacher wants them. It is like a subscription. The cost of the newsletter courses will be $25
each. This is one of the differences between being a Teacher 2 and a Teacher 3. As a Teacher
3, you can also buy an upgrade to become a Teacher 2. The cost will be $50- $100, which is
the same price that all Teacher 2’s pay. This is something you request by buying the next
course that is sent out, after the one that you already have. In other words, you have now
NET Course Part 1. If you upgrade to be a Teacher 2, you become entitled to the
subscriptions thereafter, which means you can then begin to “buy” subsequent courses, as
they become offered.

Anyone who wants to can do these courses. One’s background does not matter; neither
does it matter what spiritual beliefs people have or whether they have a spiritual belief or not.
The courses in themselves are meant to help people all over the world to have a deeper
understanding of Mother Earth and everything new that comes with The New Earth. The
courses that follow this one will contain information about the course of events that are
coming with the transformation of Earth. They will be a simple and easy-to-understand
description on how to prepare yourself and how to do ceremonies. There will also be
suggestions for your own sense of well-being and an explanation of the new steps of growth
for the human being. The courses are meant to strengthen, help and inform people, but most
of all to help Mother Earth before her transformation.

Good Luck and Love to you all wherever you are!

Channie Centara Cha

Sweden 2003
Copyright The owner
wishes everyone, in this case,
an enormous duplication and spreading
of this material.
Please go ahead and copy all you want!

The Old Earth has to be strengthened and purified first, so that she as a soul can come out of
her shell and her earthly cocoon. Through raising the energy of the ground and the network
of earth lines and other existing patterns we can help remarkably. Through awareness and
trying not to pollute any more than we have, we can help Earth to go a step further on her
path of healing. We can also lift her soul a little by taking her in to our hearts. That will make
it easier for her soul and spirit to soar before the shift. Let us go out in to the nature and visit
it’s all forms and open small portals of light for her. Let us celebrate her in our hearts and
help her through our thoughts and actions.

How to create small portals of light on land

1. Choose a center point carefully. Let a stone mark the center. Preferably a Morganite,
Rose quartz is also good.
2. You will need a Prehnite and a blue Calcite to hold in your hand during the ceremony.
3. In your thought, you will pull Mother Earth’s energies towards yourself, and call on her
energies to surround you. Let these meet in the center point. Imagine the energies pouring down
and into an invisible hole in the center point.
4. Imagine now how you lift Earth’s energies that come from far and wide around you.
This with a spiral movement. The spiral should be wider close to Earth’s surface and narrower
towards the Universe. Out there a dust cloud will form.
5. Feel how you are purifying and how you through the spiral movement are removing bad
energies until it gets/feels clean.
6. Rest in your mind and let the cloud in the Universe dissolve.
7. Ask for rays of life and happiness from the Central Sun. Let it fill first your body and
then pour down the center point and flow through the invisible hole.
8. Ask for the power of the Twelve Golden Knights of Aragone. A golden light will now
hit the center point.
9. Se in your thought how that light goes through Earth and then all the way out to the
other side.
10. Say: “What I have done here, may that also be done on the opposite side. Through Light
and Love I ask.
11. Lay out the Prehnite and the blue Calcite around the center stone, along with a Snow
quartz (or white Agate) and a yellow Calcite. It is nice if you let the stones form a star around the
center stone.

How to create small portals of light in the ocean and in lakes.

Follow the same procedure as above, but of course without stones. Use a much wider center
point and use an invisible hole, maybe much further away from you (especially good if you
are in a boat that is in motion, going forward). Water is always seeking to bind together all
the light and healing, and helps it become a unity. Therefore, it is easier to make small portals
in water.

1. Sit comfortably and then start a careful relaxation. Breathe calmly.

2. Search within to either see or experience Mother Earth in your way of choice.
You can also imagine your favorite place and that you are there. Feel the energy of the place
vibrating with you and coming to meet the core of your being.
3. Feel your love for Mother Earth.
4. Ask to be allowed to share her feelings at the very depth of her. Gently ask to
enter her and share your soul and spirit with her.
5. Imagine your soul as a light that blends with her inner light. Imagine your
spirit as a Spark of God that is blending with her Spark, also coming from God.
6. Experience the joy of One.
7. Be very gentle as you release yourself and leave Mother Earth.

The New Earth will be built and crated by the Old earth in a coalition with the highest of
divine forces. She herself has already formed her own wishes on how she wants to be born
in the higher dimension, where she is entering. The criterion that counts for beings in the
universe is that: The more developed the soul of the being is, the more of a choice the being
has when it is time to incarnate. Mother earth is also a living being and an advanced one.
Therefore, she can choose almost everything that she wants to become. This time she wants
to be bigger, not for our sake, but for her own sake so that she can radiate more. Therefore,
she will in her new form become almost 2,76 times bigger than she is today.
We, who have closely followed her creation of continents, oceans, lakes, nature treasures,
climate etc, have seen her form herself differently then we had thought. New continents
took shape and on these new species of animals. The continent by Hawaii has a deer/horse
species, which is brown with a striped hind. India has gotten an incredibly big archipelago
of Islands below it. Sweden has a new species of trees with big leaves and a turquoise blue
ocean towards Finland. Great Britain and France are almost all connected. Africa has an
enormously big lake.
All these changes are taking place at what we have chosen to call the New Earth, Mother
Earth’s and our home in a higher dimension. A big step and an incredibly complicated
process will take us there. But what can we do now to make the work easier?
We can via meditations use the power of thought to strengthen and give our support to the
Now the creation of the New Earth is almost completed. We are invited to participate via
meditations that anyone can do. The purpose of the meditations is to strengthen the New
Earth’s outer crust and inner core.

When doing all the New Earth meditations, always try to reach the milky white shimmer
that exists close by the planet. That gives a softer connection to New Earth and nothing can
be disturbed or hurt.
Also think about not disturbing or affecting it or the things and beings that you encounter
and see on New Earth.
The outer Crust:
1. Sit comfortably and then begin with a careful relaxation. Breathe calmly.
2. Search within to see or experience the milky white shimmer between the old and the
New Earth. The shimmer connects the two planets through both dimensions.
3. Look at the shimmer. Look at it and find within it, white sparkling crystal stars.
4. Gently ask permission to enter into the New Earth’s energy field and to meet its sphere
of life.
5. Think: “I ask to become a Celestial Tool of Power”. Feel how you change. You have big
white wings with which you can spread over and embrace the New Earth.
6. Choose a place to descend to and land lightly as if you were just brushing the surface
with your feet. Float in a standing position, with your palms down. Let light flow from them.
Think once more: “I ask to become a Celestial Tool of Power” then; “Let as much power, that I
can handle, pass through me and go towards this wonderful place, my home to be”.

The inner core:

1. Sit comfortably, and then begin a careful relaxation. Breathe calmly.
2. Search within to see or experience the milky white shimmer that exists between the old
and the New Earth. The shimmer connects the two planets through both dimensions.
3. Look at the shimmer. Go in to it and find within it sparkling white crystal stars.
4. Gently ask permission to enter into the New Earth’s energy field and meet it’s sphere
of life.
5. Think: “ I ask to become a Celestial Tool of Power”. Feel how you receive the power
and that knowledge.
6. Choose a place to descend to and land lightly as if you were just brushing the surface
with your feet. Float in a standing position with your palms down.
7. Imagine now how you glide in to the very core of the New Earth. The core is different
from the old Earth’s in every way. You almost fall in to a fluffy space, with a pulsating feeling.
There is a vague light and colors are streaming by. So far the core is consistent of several big,
rainbow shimmering spheres. It looks like it was taken out of a science fiction movie in an ocean
environment. The spheres are floating, constantly moving and changing.
8. Give out power, of and from yourself, your being, your soul and spirit.
9. Meet and touch this place. Let your being a Celestial Tool of Power do it’s work. Give
10. Then, carefully and gently leave this place, as if you would slowly float back up to the
surface. Go upwards, until you once again float in a standing position at the surface.

It is easier to understand the New Earth if you understand the old one. Learn about the
present Earth first. It is better to use a globe then a flat map from an atlas, since it gives you a
better view and a clearer picture of the whole. I think you would appreciate the below flight
more if you first appreciate and really see Earth as a globe.

Wide- angled flight and landing in a locality of your choice:

1. Sit comfortably, and then begin a careful relaxation. Breathe calmly.
2. Search within to see or experience the milky white shimmer that exists between the old
and the New Earth. The shimmer connects the two planets through both dimensions.
3. Look at the shimmer. Go in to it and find within it sparkling white crystal stars.
4. Gently ask permission to enter into the New Earth’s energy field and meet it’s sphere of
5. Choose to fly in on a high elevation, preferably over a water/ocean. It’s best to choose the
southern parts of the Atlantic Ocean and next best is to fly in over southern Pacific Ocean.
6. Choose a place of your choice to descend over. Then float ahead and over the surface.
7. You can also choose to land. If you do so, be very gentle to this Garden of Eden, this
coming Paradise of ours. Our New Earth.

Many who have died later on Old Earth, exist as young people on New Earth. They are
going to welcome us when we go there and help us understand all the new things that we
will encounter. You can already, in your mind, start to look for someone you lost on Old
Earth. You can see if and where they are on New Earth.

To meet someone that you lost:

1. Sit comfortably, and then begin a careful relaxation. Breathe calmly.
2. Search within to see or experience the milky white shimmer that exists between the old
and the New Earth. The shimmer connects the two planets through both dimensions.
3. Look at the shimmer. Go into it and find within it sparkling white crystal stars.
4. Gently ask permission to enter into the New Earth’s energy field and meet it’s sphere of
5. Choose to fly in at a low elevation, preferably over water. It’s best to choose the southern
parts of Atlantic Ocean. Second best is to fly in over southern Pacific Ocean.
6. Ask permission to go to and to meet the one you lost on Earth. Use first and last names for
people or other characteristics, such as, my dog Molly.

A tool for purification of the Ocean and Lakes.

This is what you will need.

1. 4 smaller pointed crystals.
2. 4 bigger crystals.
3. 1 even bigger crystal.
4. 1 crystal for the lower part.
5. 1 piece of a thin wooden square.
6. 1 small wooden ball (stringable)
7. 13 feet (aprox.) of waterproof string.
8. 3 inch (approx.) of silver wire.
Build a crystal spinner:
Use a squared piece of thin wood. Measure the size of it by putting out the raw crystals
(pointed) that you need. You will need 8 (eight) of them, 4 bigger ones, 4 smaller ones and
one more for the bottom part underneath the little wooden ball. You will also need
approximately 13 feet of a waterproof spinable string, a small wooden ball and one more
even bigger raw crystal point.
Start with the wooden square and the 4 bigger crystals. Glue or tie a crystal along with each
of the four sides of the wooden square. Use super glue, leather string or copper wire. If you
choose to tie them down instead of gluing, drill two small holes on each side of the crystals.
Make sure all crystals are pointed clockwise. Attach the four smaller crystals with glue,
string or however you like. They should be placed pointing outwards from all four corners
of the wooden square.
String the wooden ball an inch or so from the end of the string. Wrap a piece of silver wire
tightly a few times around the end of the even bigger crystal (no.3). Choose if you can, a
crystal with an uneven, rough end. Make a loop in the end so that that you can put the
string through it. Make a knot on the string as a stopper. If you did this right, the crystal
will now hang down from the wooden ball as the bottom of the string.
At the other end of the string (the top), cut of 2 pieces of 16 inch string. Tie them around
the 4 smaller crystals in the corners diagonally. One piece from upper left to the lower right
corner and the other piece get tied from the crystal in the upper right corner to the one in
the lower left corner. Now, the strings should form an X. Then tie the long string (attached
to the ball and the crystal) on to where the two diagonal strings are meeting.
Measure 4 feet from this knot and up towards the top of the string. Fold it in half to make a
knot so that a loop is formed. That is used to attach to the edge of the boat or to hold in
your left hand. Your right hand is always used to lower the wooden ball with the crystal at
the end, on the side of the crystal spinner.
For best results, turn the string carefully before it gets lowered into the water, where it will

Animals and nature, neither lives nor creates karma if they are let alone. But, when we
human beings are clearing forests, cultivating farmlands, keeping livestock and even
having pets, then we tie them in to our karma. Now, more and more of the karma is ceasing
to exist, since we in the end o this process and Earth’s process, is going to release ourselves
from all karma. Karma exists in many forms and sizes, good and bad and so on.
A complicated web of actions and counter actions, but it is also more then that. Everything
that humans have done have created a spiritual tangle of threads, that now needs to be
detangled and be put in order in a neat and nice way. Otherwise the threads would be in the
way of Mother Earth’s ascension in to her higher dimension. On New Earth, we humans
shall start from zero, without karma and in harmony. We can help to release karma, so that
its threads can be detangled and taken away.

To collect loose negative Karma threads:

1. Go out in nature to a place of your choice or stand in the middle of a city.
2. Imagine that you have a big spiritual net.
3. Ask permission to have access to the Light of the Light.
4. Ask permission to collect loose karma threads in a very wide radius around you.
5. Then start to collect the loose karma threads and watch how the net fills up.
6. When the net is full, imagine a golden sphere in front of you and collect it into your
7. Imagine and see inside of you how the golden light melts the threads. Through the
holes in the net a silvery shimmer drips down onto the ground. This gives nourishment and
harmony to Mother Earth.

To release negative karma for Earth:

1. Go in your thought, out in space, outside the atmosphere of Earth.
2. Float freely and look down onto Earth. Ask to see what the karma looks like. A web
of fine threads of light usually appears after a moment. It often has a red/rose/yellow strange color
and it vibrates and pulsates. It can look like wood veneer that has something deeper within it and
gets lit up in different places as you look at it.
3. Ask permission to have access to the Light of the Light.
4. Ask for help from the highest force that you know or can think of. Ask to be able to
release karma for Earth.
5. Think: With the help of the highest, I ask to be able to forgive humanity for its faults
and mistakes. What is done cannot be undone, but it can be forgiven by a higher power. Maybe we
acted out of lack of wisdom, out of anger or with other human feelings. Please do not let any of
what we have done, stop Mother Earth in her development.
6. Imagine now how you embrace Mother Earth. Imagine a light coming out of your
Heart chakra. Let it radiate out and embrace Earth.
7. Complete as you like

We all have new chakras that have developed, and they partly came in to the body from
the outside. There is “room” for them, partly because the other chakras moved downwards in
our bodies. There they formed new units together. When the old places for the old chakras
were emptied, the new chakras could come in. For example, the chakras that were above our
old Crown chakras have now moved down and into our bodies. They are now located where
the “old” Heart chakra use to be.
The chakras are doing this so that they can meet the new, ever higher earth energies, on the
surface of the globe. The chakras that were located below our old Base chakra were, at the
same time striving to go upwards in the body and in to our legs. This, so that they could meet
the ever higher heavenly energies. The energy from Heaven and Earth are now meeting in our
new big Heart chakra.
We have two new Thymus chakras, which are placed between the throat and the heart.
We have two new Throat chakras, a new, much bigger Third Eye and last but not least, a huge
new Crown chakra
We also have new chakras in the lower parts of the body, which are located in both legs. One
at the knees, called Knee chakra, one at the ankles, called Ankle chakra and one under the feet,
called Feet chakra. There is also new chakras in the hands, called Hand chakra. The role and
meaning of the Hand chakra is something that will be revealed later on. Our seven common
chakras (eight including the Thymus chakra) is now compressed to joint units, having the same
colors as before:

• The old Crown chakra, Third Eye and the Throat chakra is now a joint unit where the old
Solar Plexus use to be. There is our power, stronger then ever and with spirituality and higher
contacts as a part of it. Our higher self has a place inside of us.
• The old Heart chakra and the Solar plexus chakra are together in a unit, placed in the old
Stomach chakra. This gives more love force and strength. It gives a true feeling to be able to
evaluate situations and more self-esteem.
• The old Stomach chakra and the Base chakra are close together in a more apparent unit,
where the old Base chakra use to be. We feel a new kind of love and our sex life is flourishing. We
will have new, more loving ways to express passion and experience sexual feelings.

The role of our new chakras:

• The two new Thymus chakras, gives us a richer emotional life, stronger memories and
a better immune system.
• The two new Throat chakras, gives us a new creativity, new voice possibilities to sing
in a new way and the ability to express completely new languages.
• The new bigger Third Eye, gives us a wide angled view of spirituality, increased
spiritual sight and more understanding.
• The newer and bigger Crown chakra, gives us a better heavenly contact. The rays of
the higher self will be consolidated. We can take our role in the Universe as fellow beings in the
great whole.
• The two new Knee chakras, gives us steadier energies. The foundation which is
needed when we stretch far out in to the Universe and still want to be able to stand firmly on the
• The two new Ankle chakras, gives us part one of a grounding.
• The two new Feet chakras, gives us part two of a steadiness and grounding, a kinship
with Mother Earth as a being.
With these big changes in our chakras, we will naturally have some strange side effects.
These will sometimes be misinterpreted as sicknesses. In this our new big energy process,
we will need better understanding for what is happening and a great deal of help.
We need help and understanding to ease the process that is in progress and to create a
smoother integration of and balancing of all the new.
To work with the healing energy of stones /crystals is excellent. It helps making the
process and transition smoother and easier so that we can feel better.
Here are a few examples:

• For the new Crown chakra, use Morganite (pink Beryl). Hold it onto the top of your
• For the new Third Eye, use Iolite (or Tanzanite). Put it against the forehead.
• For the new Throat chakra, use Hemamorphite. Put it on the front of your neck or hold
it against your throat.
• For the new Thymus chakra, use Milk Opal. Put it on or hold it against the top of your
• For the new Heart chakra, use Prehnite. Put it on or hold it against your body in
between the breasts.
• An overall stone healing for the whole of the chakras. Hold a Rose quartz or a Lavender
quartz in your left hand against the heart chakra. Hold a blue calcite in your right hand, circling
above your head. It can also be put against the Third Eye or the Crown Chakra.

Why using an elixir? Often they are used for other things such as eternal youth. But this
one is different. It is to raise your frequency, your own energy. This frequency, vibration or
tone exists within us on an atom level. The frequency raise will help once the spiritual force
is raised, with all the Earth’s transformational steps, so that you are with the process. You
will actually be a step ahead. This will happen even if you make and use this elixir just once.
Henceforth or whenever you wish to, you will vibrate out the new higher tone.
It will also be contagious in a very positive way to others, and of course, only if they want to.
It is much about your thoughts behind it.
People will catch it the way they would catch a popular song or a melody that some one is
humming. People will hear it and keep humming it.

This is how you make it:

In the night all water is alive. The best time to get your drinking water is between 11pm and
6am. It doesn’t matter if you have county water or your own well water. You may think that
it wouldn’t matter weather it is day or night. The water is sitting way under ground or in
pipes in the dark anyway. But it matters a great deal! Water that you get in the middle of the
night has more life force and keeps it as the night turns to day. And you can continue to drink
the water throughout the day while the sun is up.
So do this: Get your drinking water after 11pm. Boil 300ml. of water for at least 5 minutes.
Let it cool of overnight. Take out 100ml. next morning and put a Morganite into it and a
small piece of carefully rinsed parsley. A few leaves and a little bit of the stalk. Put it in a
cool place for 1 hour or more. If placed in the fridge, make sure there is no onion or garlic
nearby. Then, put 5 drops of lemon into it and let it sit in room temperature for 1 hour. Take
out the stone with a clean spoon. Cut a piece of cucumber and put it in the elixir. Wait an
hour. Take out the cucumber. Drink of it, take drops of it, spray or wash your self with it.
You can do what ever you want to do with it. It is good for people, animals and plants. It is
good for most disorders and for beauty treatments. You can also dilute the elixir with water,
preferably night water.

New Crown Chakra in contact with the 7TH ° Dimension.

The highest understandings. Beyond the energy of All
there is and the Unity of Oneness. Unexplainable color.

New Third Eye in contact with 6TH Dimension. Universal

energy and the light of stars and Galaxy Hearts. Connects
with the Great Central Sun. Energy of Light Beings.
Pulsating color spectrum.

New Highest Throat Chakra in contact with the 5

Dimension. Light above soil connecting with the Sun. Air
and Heaven. The color is blue, violet and lights of white.

New Lower Throat Chakra in contact with the 5th

Dimension. Divine Truth and our link to God. Connecting
gold cord to our Spirit. Universal Know- ledge energy. Our
inner God feeling. The color is shimmering in gold apricot.

New Highest Thymus Chakra in contact with the 5

Dimension. Etheric structure. Angelic level within our
body. Purified etheric light in the color of white pink.

New Lower Thymus Chakra in contact with the 5

Dimension. Diamond crystalline in structure and energy.
Connecting silver cord to our Soul. Shimmering mother of
pearl color.

New Heart Chakra in contact with the 4th Dimension

Represents the purity of White. The color is white-gold or
spring green-gold before shifting to pure While.

New Highest, Middle and Lower Solar Plexus Chakra

in contact with the 3rd dimension. This Chakra now
stands for a spiritual link to higher spiritual strengths
and the Higher Self connection within us Stands also for
our intuition. The colors are violet, indigo and light blue.

New Highest and Lower Stomach Chakra in contact

with the 2nd Dimension. The chakra now stands for
strength, compassion and our new feelings for the new
environment (the new dimension we are moving into)
The colors are green and yellow.

New Highest and Lower Base Chakra in contact with

the 1st Dimension. The Chakra now stands for the new
emotions, passions and spiritual sexuality. The color are
orange and red.

Knee Chakras represents our grounding and connection

with Mother Earth. The color is coffee/brown.

Ankle Chakras represents the foundation in life. The

color is brown/black.

Sole Chakras (under the feet ) represents the true

to Mother Earth. Manifesting us in time and space as
creatures of Earth in contact with God. The color is metal

In the hands, the Hand Chakras have the same color as

the Highest of the Throat Chakras
Golden Movement Part 1

1. 2. 3.

Connect to Earth/ standing Connect with your physical Bless the movement in your
On your planet (Palms down) energy (Hands meet each other) heart Chakra

4. 5. 6. 7.

Throw away energies not (Flip hands over) Connect with energy Throw away energies
needed…. of 3rd Eye needed from 3rd Eye

8. 9. 10.

Gather physical energy from Gather spiritual Bring towards your heart
Earth. (Sweep arm/hands back energies from (One can start making energy
to front and hands face upwards) above….. ball of light)…..

11. 12.
…or hands upward then down to ….or you can give energy (ball of light)
start to do dealing on patient…… to yourself or to….others……


(to become Teacher 3)

1. Make it a little cozy and ceremonial for you by lightening a candle. Most of the
time, all participants will be initiated, sitting in a circle and perhaps holding each other’s hands.
Individual initiations can also be done. Distant initiations are another option, as well as via e-mail
and over the phone.

2. As a teacher, you think about your symbols (teacher 2) or symbol ( teacher 3).

3. Relax and tune in to your higher contact in your on way. If you have healing
knowledge you may want to open it up and use it now.

4. There after, think, say out loud or write:

“ I hereby want to reach the Lightest that I know of in my life, but I also want to go
further then that and reach even higher.”
“I now seek beyond my wisdom, knowledge and familiarity. I want to go
beyond time and space and I invite the Light to be present in this Initiation
“ I seek the Lightest of Light”
“May I be able to open up, these my students so that they will have the knowledge
about everything that I know of my self, so that we all together shall be able to help
our dear Mother Earth.”
“ I hereby do this in the name of Love and Light”

5. Say together:

“We ask to give thanks to Mother Earth and for all her gifts.”
“ We now all hope to be able to help you in the best way possible”

6. Send a thought of Love and Light, deep down into Mother Earth

7. Complete in the way of your choice but don’t exaggerate and do not force anyone
to think or believe the way you do. Remember that we are all unique and therefore
have different thoughts and perceptions of things.
Good Luck!

The teacher symbol: