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Amtrak Valley Flyer Sponsored by

Effective August 30th, 2019

Southbound Monday - Friday Weekends & Holidays Northbound Monday - Friday Weekends & Holidays

495 471 55 461 57 499 Departing

Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Vermonter AMTK 94 AMTK 178 Vermonter AMTK 88
Amtrak Amtrak New York
Valley Flyer Valley Flyer Vermonter Valley Flyer Vermonter Valley Flyer Penn Station 11:33A 5:38P 7:50P 11:30A 3:00P

Greenfield, MA 5:45A 7:35A 1:36P 9:15A 1:36P 8:10P Connecting Amtrak

Through AMTK 94 AMTK 178 Through AMTK 88
Trains in
Northampton, MA 6:10A 8:00A 2:01P 9:40A 2:01P 8:35P New Haven
from NYC 7:2P 9:4P from NYC 4:50P
Holyoke, MA 6:25A 8:15A 2:16P 9:55A 2:16P 8:50P
AR 6:53A 8:43A 2:35P 10:23A 2:23P 9:18P 56 494 478 400 54 488
Springfield, MA DP Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak
7:05A 8:55A 2:50P 10:35A 2:50P
Vermonter Valley Flyer Valley Flyer Valley Flyer Vermonter Valley Flyer
Windsor Locks, CT 7:24A 9:14A 3:12P 10:54A 3:12P
7:29A 9:19A 11:00A New Haven, CT 1:30P
Windsor, CT 1:30P 7:35P 9:55P 5:00P
Union Station
Hartford, CT 7:39A 9:29A 3:27P 11:09A 3:27P

Connecting CT Rail #6411

Berlin, CT 7:49A 9:40A 11:20A New Haven, CT 7:37P 9:57P 5:02P

Depart SPG 9:45P

No Connecting Trains
State Street Station
Meriden, CT 7:58A 9:49A 3:49P 11:30A 3:48P
Wallingford, CT 7:49P 10:09P 5:14P
Wallingford, CT 8:06A 9:57A 11:37A
Meriden, CT 1:50P 7:58P 10:18P 1:50P 5:23P
New Haven, CT 8:19A 10:10A 11:50A
State Street Station Berlin, CT 8:07P 10:26P 5:32P
Hartford, CT 2:11P 8:20P 10:40P 2:11P 5:46P
New Haven, CT 8:27A 10:18A 4:15P 4:15P
11:57A Windsor, CT 8:2P 10:4P 5:53P
Union Station
Windsor Locks, CT 2:22P 8:3P 10:5P 2:22P 5:59P
AR 2:55P 8:59P 11:18P 2:55P 6:24P
Connecting Amtrak Through AMTK 161 Through Springfield, MA DP
AMTK 95 AMTK 171 3:15P 9:15P 11:30P 7:50A 3:15P 6:45P
Trains in
8:38A 10:37A to NYC 12:0P to NYC
New Haven Holyoke, MA 3:41P 9:41P 11:56P 8:16A 3:41P 7:11P

Arriving New York AMTK 95 AMTK 171 Vermonter AMTK 161 Vermonter Northampton, MA 3:57P 9:57P 12:12A 8:32A 3:57P 7:27P
Penn Station 10:22A 12:21P 6:25P 1:51P 6:25P Greenfield, MA 4:22P 10:23P 12:38A 8:58A 4:22P 7:53P

Note: Train schedule to/from NYC is provided for information. Check Amtrak schedules for train arrival/departure times for stations between New Haven, NYC and south of NYC.
Version 8/22/19