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Rawa reports cases of women pouring kerosene over themselves and burning

themselves to death, rather than live the way they do.

Everyone is aware of the Northern Alliances efforts to topple the Taliban. Photos
from the Northern Front dominate many segments of the news each day. But there is
another, quieter, yet no less heroic struggle going on daily inside Afghanistan.
Rawa. The Revolutionary Association of The Women of Afghanistan.

These courageously determined women, living in an atmosphere of terror and

repression, risk their lives daily to expose the truth about the Taliban. At their
site: pictures of murder, torture, starvation and beatings are
available for the world to see. Stories of pregnant women being beaten, raped and
murdered, mass graves, and relentless starvation are written in detail. Specific
names are cited in conjunction with particular crimes.

The penalty for getting caught smuggling out such information is death. The risks
are horrendous. Yet for the last 5 years, they have courageously risked everything
they have to bring out the truth. The truth about a male dominated society, ruled
by lawless psychopaths, who care little for human life and make a mockery of the
Islamic religion.

Thieves, rapists, mass murderers, and narcotics smugglers. This is the true
Taliban. Afghanistan leads the world in opium production. According to reports,
the Taliban brings in 7-8 billion dollars per year in heroin revenues. Although
they claim they halted production this year, sources show the importing of
chemicals to manufacture heroin still continue. The mainstream Afghani citizen
receives no benefit from this money. While the Taliban build fine homes, drive new
cars and eat nutritious foods, the populace starves to death, slowly, inexorably,
day by day.

Whole villages have been destroyed by these thugs, Rawa reports girls as young as
8 or 9 raped and murdered. Many women are so humiliated and shamed they choose
suicide. Rawa reports cases of women pouring kerosene over themselves and burning
themselves to death, rather than live the way they do. Mass hangings in town
squares, where children are forced to look, are common. Robbery and extortion are
a way of life for these suffering souls.
Thanks to the bravery of these women, we now can see the truth of what this regime
stands for. If you have any doubts about the United States position on the Taliban
and it’s master Osama Bin Laden, pay a visit to the site. If you want to
understand terrorisms mindset, look at the pictures, read the graphic accounts of
the repression of these Islamic fanatics. Carry the link on your site or in your
e-mails. Purchase a coffee mug or T-shirt. Many of us have said we feel helpless,
and don’t know how we can help. Here is a real time way to make a positive impact
and help save lives. Show the Afghani people we listened, we heard, and we care.