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Subject : English Language

Year : 5 Wira

Enrolment : 34 pupils

Date/Day : 7th August 2019 (Wednesday)

Time : 12:15 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. (60 minutes)

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Fascinating Sabah and Sarawak (Unit 8)

Focused Skill : Reading

Previous Knowledge : Pupils are already familiar with contents in the ‘Let’s Go to
Sabah and Sarawak’ text.

Content Standard : 2.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to demonstrate understanding of a variety of linear and
non-linear texts in the form of print and non-print materials using
a range of strategies to construct meaning.

Learning Standard : 2.2.2 Able to read and understand phrases and sentences

(a) linear texts

Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

i. fill in the blank of the incomplete sentence strips of

questions and answers with suitable words based on the
‘Let’s Go to Sabah and Sarawak’ text.
ii. circle the correct answers to complete the ‘Let’s Go to
Sabah and Sarawak’ worksheet.

Vocabulary : diving, sanctuary, cruise, island, feed

Cross Curriculum Elements : Values

Educational Emphases:

i) Moral Values : Environmental awareness

ii) Thinking Skills : analysing, evaluating, applying

iii) Multiple Intelligences : linguistic-verbal, interpersonal, bodily-kinaesthetic, visual-

iv) Entrepreneurship : Socialisation

Resources/Teaching Aids : A set of pictures of the interesting places in Sabah and

Sarawak, text of ‘Let’s go to Sabah and Sarawak’, strips of
incomplete question and answer, worksheet of ‘Let’s Go to
Sabah and Sarawak!’

Stages/Time Content Activities Remarks

Arouse pupil’s interests 1. Teacher pastes a few Preparation Phase

before introduce the lesson. pictures of the
interesting places in
Example of the pictures: Sabah and Sarawak on
the board. Materials:
2. Pupils are asked to - A set of pictures of
Set Induction guess the name of the the interesting places
(5 minutes) places in each picture. in Sabah and Sarawak
3. Teacher gives
clues/hints to the pupils
Example of the clues:
in guessing the name HOTS:
-We can see orang utan-up
of the places. - Generating
-It is a place to protect the
(Expected answer: Sepilok)

Introduce today’s lesson

1. Teacher distributes Imagination Phase
through ‘Let’s go to Sabah
and Sarawak’ text. ‘Let’s Go to Sabah and
Sarawak’ text to the PAK 21:
pupils. -Creativity
2. Pupils are given a -Collaboration
Presentation number each, number
(15 minutes) 1 until number 34. HOTS:
3. Pupils take turn to read - Analysis
the text aloud
The sample text of ‘Let’s go according to their
to Sabah and Sarawak’: Multiple intelligences:
number at random.
4. Pupils are asked to -linguistic-verbal
difficult words found in
the text while reading
the text.
5. Next, pupils need to
circle/highlight the main Materials:
interesting places in -Text of ‘Let’s Go to
Sabah and Sarawak Sabah and Sarawak’
based on the text.
6. For example:
-Sipadan Island

To assists the students’ 1. Teacher pastes the Development Phase

understanding through Q & incomplete sentence
A game. strips of questions and PAK 21
answers on the - Collaboration and
Practice Example of the incomplete whiteboard. communication
(20 minutes) sentence strips of Q & A: 2. Pupils are in a group of - Critical thinking
five. - Teaching through
3. For example: games
-group A (number 1 to
-group B (number 6 to Assessment for

10) learning objective (1)

-group C (number 11-

15) Materials: Strips of

4. Teacher calls out any incomplete question

two numbers (number and answer

1 until number 34)
through draw lots.
5. The first number will Multiple intelligence:

complete the question - interpersonal

and the second one will - linguistic-verbal

complete the answer.
6. Both pupils (the first HOTS: Analysing
number and the :Evaluating
second number) have
to discuss the answer
with their group
7. They will be given 3
minutes to answer the
8. 2 marks will be given to
the group who can
answer the question
9. 0 mark will be given to
the group who cannot
answer the question.
10. Any group who scores
the highest mark is the
winner of this game.

Assess pupils’ 1. Each pupil gets a Action Phase

understanding through worksheet of ‘Let’s Go - Implementation
worksheet: to Sabah and Sarawak! - Continuous
2. Pupils need to circle the practice
correct answers of the
multiple choice PAK 21:
questions (MCQ) in the - Critical thinking
worksheet based on the
Production ‘Let’s Go to Sabah and
(15 minutes) Sarawak’ text.
Example of the worksheet: 3. Pupils are given 10 HOTS:
minutes to complete the - evaluating
worksheet. - applying
4. Teacher guides pupils
in completing the
worksheet. Assessment for
5. Pupils discuss the learning objective (2)
answers with the
teachers. Multiple intelligence:
- linguistic-verbal

- Worksheet of ‘Let’s
Go to Sabah and

Summarise today’s lesson.

1. Teachers conducts a -
Closure Example of the words: simple spelling bee
(5 minutes) -sanctuary game.
-destination 2. Teacher chooses
-limestone pupils at random/ asks
for volunteers to take
the challenge in this
3. Pupils are asked to
spell several difficult
4. Teacher highlights
today’s lesson.