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LANNON, WISCONSIN 53046 drinks on the grounds. An $8 donation will get you a DJ spinning 50’s—60’s music, a chance for one of 100 Door Prizes, a Dash Plaque (for the 1st 150) and a free beer or soda. For that Hawaiian flair, Halau Ka Malia & members of the Hale O Malo will be performing in the afternoon. For questions, contact Dave Bartelt at (262) 251-4118.


JUN 5, 2010



lying the flag at half staff on Memorial Day is a symbol of respect, honor, and mourning for the dead. The tradition of flying the flag at half-mast began centuries ago to allow the invisible flag of death to fly on top, signifying death's presence, power, and prominence. The Governor has issued an executive order (EXECUTIVE ORDER # 317) for the flag of the United States and the flag of the State of Wisconsin to be at half-staff on Monday, May 31, 2010, pursuant to federal law, for Memorial Day. Flags should be lowered to half-staff beginning at sunrise Monday and ending at 12:00 p.m. on that date. Many of us either don’t know the correct procedure or have forgotten it. As I drove through Lannon and surrounding communities, I noted only ONE flag displayed properly (a residence on Good Hope Road near the center of town). Village Leaders in Sussex and Pewaukee were remiss in their duties, as were all schools, businesses, churches and residences throughout the area. If we are going to honor those fallen, let’s make the effort to do it right! It only takes a few minutes—can you make the sacrifice?


EMT of the YEAR Lt. Kevin Porter has been
named Lannon’s EMT of the Year! Lt. Porter is a 7-year veteran of Lannon, an instructor at MATC, has many years of experience and is one of our most respected officers. Congratulations!!


unday July 25th! Don’t forget the date for our 6th Annual Car Show. Festivities start with a Lions Club Annual Pancake & Sausage Breakfast at 8-11 AM in the Fire House. Registration is 8 AM— 12 PM. The Fire Department will be serving beer, soda and fountain



To quote a tag line from the movie GhostBusters, “WHO YOU GONNA CALL?” For a true emergency, don’t wait— call 911! IMMEDIATELY! Do not wait hours, days, weeks or months. To report a nonemergency, call the dispatcher at (262) 446-5070. Calling anyone else, including the Village Officials will only delay the responders. For a
Please see page 2...




Calendar of Events
VILLAGE MEETINGS (Village Hall) Jun 14- 6:30 PM Finance/Personnel Jun 14- 7:00 PM Village Board Jun 21 - 6:00 PM Municipal Court Jul 8– 1:30 Rep. Sensenbrenner Jul 12- 6:30 PM Finance/Personnel Jul 12- 7:00 PM Village Board Jul 19 - 6:00 PM Municipal Court Jul 29- 7:00 PM Plan Commission VILLAGE EVENTS July 25—6th Annual Cars on Main.

medical emergency or a fire, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. “True Emergencies” do not include identity theft, cats in trees, monkeys on the loose (it happened in Pewaukee), or other personal inconveniences. Use the Dispatcher number for these situations.



ardriving is the act of searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks by a person in a moving vehicle, using a portable computer or PDA. This provides the person with FREE WI-FI at your expense and lets them surf the internet without paying. So how do they do it? Very simple. They drive around neighborhoods with their computer WI-FI on and when they come within range of your computer’s WI-FI network, they stop and connect to your unsecured network. So what is the worst that can happen? A hacker can access your computer, obtain your personal information, and steal your identity. Do you really want some stranger nosing around your computer? How do you prevent it? Secure your wireless internet or encrypt it. Most of the unsecure networks have the names of “Linksys”, “Netgear” or “D-Link”. Those are the out-of-the box setup names. When

setting up your networks, make sure you use encryption. The Wardrivers can see your networks, but can’t connect to and use them. An ounce of prevention...

ith the price of gold reaching $1220/Ounce, the rush is on to sell your gold coins or jewelry. The crooks and fly-by-night dealers are joining the rush. In their case, they are trying to get your gold for pennies on the dollar. The gleam is in their eyes—not yours! There are reputable dealers out there who will give you fair market prices—but you have to look carefully. Are you thinking about putting your gold jewelry or coins in an envelope and mailing it out? Good luck with that. I’d be happy to give you my address.



Visit these Lannon businesses today...
For all of your big or small storage needs. Top Notch Pet Salon With Pet Food too!

*Gary Georgenson *Kyle Hendricks *Dan “Mouse” Martin, Jr.

For putting up all the Flags in Lannon on Main Street prior Quarry Coffee closing at 1PM on Saturdays to Memorial Day!
for new summer hours. NOTE: Copies of the Lannon Lantern are distributed to local businesses, and on a limited basis, to some household paper -boxes in the Village of Lannon.

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