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The annual
Bu d ge t
process is here
A majority of the village board
members think that we spend
too much on our police force and
R obert’s Rules. All of our
public meetings are con-
ducted under Roberts Rules of
again. This is their patrol hours. After all, there Order. This establishes the order
the time of the is no crime in our fair village -
year that our right? WRONG! Just listen to the
Trustees tell us Police Report at the monthly board
that we have meeting. Break-ins in the subdivi-
Trustee Bartelt less money for sions, assaults in the local mobile
2011 and can’t afford to update home commu-
our aging equipment. Consider that nity, and van-
our fire trucks are near the end of dalism on our
their recommended service lives. streets. Check
The equipment is not quite ready out the local
for hospice care, but close. Why is communities - and proper conduct of meet-
it that some trustees don’t want to murder, may- ings. Unless otherwise noted,
spend the money or lease newer hem and shootings. Do we believe citizen comments are welcome.
equipment, based on the assump- in deterrence or do we give in to However, our practiced rules do
tion that we have had few fires more crime? Now is the time to not allow for debate between
here in Lannon? That is all well and provide money for more police pa- the public and the board mem-
good until a house is burning and trols - not after our lives are bers. The rules may be tempo-
lives are at stake. We already had changed forever. The more you rarily suspended to allow this.
the money (from previous years) take from the police budget, the We rarely see this allowable
for a full-time firefighter, but that more you give in to the criminals. procedure from our Trustees.
money may be going to something The bad guys know this. Come to Why? Are they afraid that we
else. Perhaps we should invest in the meetings and tell your elected might put them on the spot or
something like the equipment be- officials that you want to be pro- they don’t have the answers?
low. Will the Village Board say that tected and safe, not victims of We have questions and we
we can afford it? How about oats?< senseless acts of violence. < would like answers. We don’t
want to wait for weeks and
sometimes months for answers.
Debate is healthy and allows for
community involvement with
our elected officials. This two-
way verbal communication (not
yelling, throwing chairs or mak-
ing threats) ensures that we are
WISCONSIN INVADERS all on the same page. If you in-

A butilon Theophrasti, also called the

Velvetleaf is a very common invasive
weed in our local area. The prolific seeds
sist upon censoring debate you
foster mistrust and animosity. Is
it too much to ask to give
are spread just about everywhere when Robert’s Rules an orderly break
the many capsules pop open. The USDA once in a while and let the peo-
Please see page 2... VELVETLEAF ple communicate with you? <


I s Lannon as a Village worth fighting for? Some

readers of this newsletter have brought up the
subject of Lannon becoming part of another com-
Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In had this famous line as
part of a skit by Flip Wilson.
But what about “Da judge”?
munity. Shared services have also been discussed Do we need a part-time
before. Neither of judge and a municipal court
these ideas gained in Lannon? Do we need to
enough momentum spend up to $55,000 in 2011
to become reality. for municipal justice when
Recent village budget we only have a population
workshops have high of 1050 or so? That figure is
-lighted the really nearly what our village

high rates that we clerk/treasure makes in salary! Other villages or
are paying for sewer towns use the court systems of larger communi-
and water, and the ties. This is an idea that needs to be explored fur-
fact they may double ther. With the new state laws requiring separate
or triple in a few years. In spite of our stalled econ- judicial offices, keeping the municipal court in Lan-
omy, our costs keep going up. When our natural re- non could become even more expensive. <
sources are depleted, businesses will cease to exist JAILBIRD?
and people will move on to more productive areas.
Residents and businesses are voting with their wal-
lets and pocketbooks now and starting to move T
he First Amendment
provides wide pro-
tection for citizens and
away from Lannon. Where is the glue that is holding
this community together? Is the current village the free press. Is this
board that cohesion we need? Who pulled in the your editor? A few peo-
Welcome mat? I think Lan- ple would like it this way.
non is worth fighting for, Would this “cell” rate the
and if you do, then at least Good Housekeeping Seal
four (4) residents must of Approval? <
come forward to oppose
those now up for re-election. Candidates can file PATRONIZE LOCAL BUSINESSES
their nomination papers in December for the April
election. If you need assistance with the forms,
please contact me at
Can merging with another community be a solution
to our problems? I doubt it, but it may be an even-
tuality if we continue on our present course. <
The Lannon House - Featuring “Dobber”

designates them as weeds. One of Wisconsin’s Most

Wanted invaders is the Canada Thistle. It is consid-
ered a noxious weed under Wisconsin law and
should not be allowed to go to seed. Burdock is an-
other invasive weed. Although not considered nox-
ious, it should be strictly controlled as well. <
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