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D’var Malchus | Likkutei Sichos Vol. 9, pg. 175-183

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[Continued from last issue]
10. This concept is alluded to in

G-D’S Rashi’s wording of the phrase, “He
has inscribed redemption for
Himself when they will be
redeemed”[in the passive tense].
For, at first glance, it will be readily

RETURN apparent that the redemption of the
Jewish people will be by the hand of
G-d, as it is explicitly mentioned in
several places and as Rashi
mentions (in the section beginning

WITH THE with the words, “Moreover, we
could say”),
personally…hold[s] the hand of
every single person.” Why then
does Rashi employ the phrase,

JEWISH “when they will be redeemed,”
suggesting that they will be
redeemed in a manner that is
virtually automatic (instead of,
“when He redeems them” [which

PEOPLE would emphasize the role of G-d in
the process of redemption])?
The answer emerges from a
discussion 49 of two different
descriptions of G-d’s Creation.

Likkutei Sichos Vol. 9, pg. 175-183
Creation, as it is attributed to G-d’s
name Elokim, is described as being
[active], “Elokim created,” whereas
Creation as it is associated with the
aspect of G-d signified by the word
Translated by Boruch Merkur “He,” [with its connotation of
being] hidden and concealed, is
described as: “He commanded and
they were created” [in the passive tense].
The aspect of Divinity that is connected with
redeeming every Jew individually, “every single
person from his place [in exile],” comes about
through “His hands, etc.” [insofar as He “hold[s] the
hand of every single person”], and thus it is self-
evident that it is G-d Who “holds the hand, etc.”
Whereas, when speaking of how “(He has inscribed
redemption for) Himself,” signifying the very Essence
of G-d, which will occur “when they will be
redeemed,” the complete redemption of the entire
Jewish body50 – at that level, “they will be redeemed”
in a manner that is virtually automatic.
11. Another concept is alluded to in the
commentary of Rashi we are discussing:
Notwithstanding the fact that the concept of “He
has inscribed redemption for Himself when they will
be redeemed” will take place after the completion of 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
“He…literally hold[s] the hand of every single person judgment,54 and we receive an inscription and sealing
[to extract each one] from his place [in exile],” for a good and sweet year, including a year of
nevertheless, Rashi first mentions the concept of redemption,55 “G-d, your L-rd, will return your
“when they will be redeemed, etc.” and only then captivity,” meaning that G-d will personally extract
“He…literally hold[s] the hand of every single person, every Jew – “You, the Jewish people, shall be gathered
etc.” The reason for this [counterintuitive] order is one by one” – very soon indeed.
that the redemption of the entire Jewish people is the
(From the address of Shabbos Parshas Nitzavim VaYeilech 5727)
purpose51 that brings to “He…literally hold[s] the
hand of every single person.” 52 NOTES:
Rashi thereby introduces an instruction in the
49 Likkutei Torah Shir HaShirim 14c, discourse beginning
service of G-d. Namely, when a Jew wishes to redeem
himself from his personal “exile,” he must recognize with the words, “Thus the poets will say,” 5691, 5684, and
in several other places.
and do all that is dependent upon him so that all Jews
should also leave “exile.” 50 See Footnote 50 in the original.
Indeed, one might otherwise think as follows. So- 51 See Footnote 51 in the original.
and-so is at the depths of lowliness, to the extent that
he is presently still in exile, whereas he is at the 52 Similarly with regard to every individual person, first he
ultimate height, already “prepared” for the redeems the very essence of his soul (the aspect of
Redemption. If so, why should his redemption be Tziyon), which transcends division, and thereafter he
bound up with and dependent upon another’s? redeems the revealed powers [of the soul] (“every single
However, the verse at the beginning of the Torah person”), and then also his Animal Soul and body, which
are equated in terms of superficiality to the gentile nations
portion Nitzavim teaches us that even the “stance”
(“the returnees of the Ammonite people”).
(nitzavim) of “your leaders” (rosheichem) can come
about only after it has been established that “All of 53 As per the commentary of Rashi (VaYeishev 37:7),
you stand together today,” an expression which “‘stood upright’ (nitzava) – it remained standing erect in
includes even “those of you who chop wood and those its place.”
of you who draw water.” 54 See the teaching of the Baal Shem Tov in HaYom Yom,
When we follow this order, we have the promise pg. 90.
that “‘All of you stand together today’ – a reference to
55 See Footnote 52 in the original.
the day of great judgment (Rosh HaShana)” – namely,
that we stand53 and are found to be meritorious in

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There is a further explanation of
the greatness of the spiritual
elevation attributed to Kiddush

DOSE OF Levana (The Sanctification of the
Moon), as our Sages, of blessed
memory, have said (Sanhedrin
42a): “All those who bless the
month in its proper time are

MOSHIACH considered as if they have greeted
the Sh’china”… Though the Jewish
People have not merited to witness
the Sh’china and are far from
greeting it in their exile,

& GEULA: nevertheless, the renewal of the
moon is a sign for the Jewish
People that they will also be
renewed in order to glorify their
Creator by greeting Moshiach.
7-13 MAR-CHESHVAN Thus, when we bless the month
in its proper time, which is a sign
that we will be renewed in the
Selected daily pearls of wisdom from the future as [the moon] is, it is as if
Rebbe MH”M on Moshiach and Geula. we greeted Moshiach.
(sicha, Shabbos Parshas Noach 5752)

Collected and arranged by Rabbi Pinchas Maman
Translated by Michoel Leib Dobry 8 MARCHESHVAN: SANCTIFICATION
Thus, it is understood that when we make a proper
accounting (on the subject of the Redemption), the
matter must be expressed with an increase of care and
stringency in [the fulfillment of] Kiddush Levana (The
Sanctification of the Moon).
First and foremost, we must take care and strive to
do Kiddush Levana in proper and befitting clothes, in
the street – “the king’s glory is in a multitude of
people” – even in those places where they have yet to
be meticulous on this matter (since they dwell among
Gentiles), including also the care regarding the time
for Kiddush Levana.
Furthermore, and most importantly, the
Sanctification of the Moon should be with the special
purpose of hastening and bringing about the
immediate arrival of Dovid Malka M’shichei, through
the increased demand and request for the Redemption,
as is said at the conclusion of Kiddush Levana: And
they shall seek Hashem their G-d and Dovid their
king. Amen.
(sicha, Shabbos Parshas Noach 5752) 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
PENETRATE THE ENTIRE WORLD The Divine purpose to the Creation of the world is
At the dedication of the Third Beis HaMikdash, “a dwelling place in the lower realms” (Tanchuma,
“the Sanctuary which Your hands, Hashem, have Parshas Naso 16), to make the very lowest, “of which
established,” there will then be revealed the concept of there is no lower,” into “a dwelling place and abode
“I will come to you and bless you in every place where for Him” (Tanya, Chapter 36).
I mention My Name” (as is written at the conclusion This purpose was not carried out in its fullest
of the reading of the Ten Commandments at the time sense in the Mishkan and the Beis HaMikdash (where
of Mattan Torah) throughout the entire world (literally the indwelling of the Sh’china was seen with our
“in every place”). physical eyes), but specifically through the avoda in
This means that the culmination of the Beis the time of the exile, when the physicality of the world
HaMikdash, where “the Kohanim were given is at its full strength, by transforming this physicality,
permission to mention G-d’s Ineffable Name at the even at its very lowest level, into a “dwelling place”
Priestly Blessing,” will be revealed and instilled within for Him.
the entire world, as is written, “on that day G-d will be (Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 16, pg. 293)
One and His Name will be One” – “just as I am
written, so too I am called” – since the whole world 12 MARCHESHVAN: THE AVODA TO BRING THE
will be a dwelling place for Him in the lower realms REDEMPTION – RECEIVING HELP FROM THE NATIONS OF
(as exemplified by the Mishkan and the Beis THE WORLD
HaMikdash). The question is asked: What will the world and the
nations of the world have to say
about a Jew doing his avoda of
The world is already prepared! When a “spreading the wellsprings
outward,” and specifically in
Jew does his avoda properly...he will see hastening the True and Complete
Redemption, as they don’t
how the world, its nature, and the understand what it all means?
gentile nations help him in his avoda. Although this is a great and lofty
avoda, nevertheless, a person will
claim that it seems that we still
(Kuntres Shabbos Nachamu 5750) have to give consideration to the
10 MARCHESHVAN: THE BEIS HA’MIKDASH – IF WE The answer: The world is already prepared! When
WOULD HAVE MERITED, THE FIRST WOULD HAVE BEEN a Jew does his avoda properly – in a manner that is
THE LAST higher than measure and limitation, together with the
fact that it is clothed in the vessels of nature’s
The quality of the Future Beis HaMikdash, “the
garments – he will see how the world, its nature, and
Sanctuary which Your hands, Hashem, have
the gentile nations help him in his avoda.
established” (with two hands, when G-d will reign
(sicha, Shabbos Parshas Korach 5751)
forever and ever, in the Future to Come, for the entire
kingship is His), was already stated at Shiras HaYam
(the Song of the Sea) in relation to the building of the 13 MARCHESHVAN: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT
Beis HaMikdash, which they were required to build SPECIFICALLY THIS ORPHANED GENERATION WILL MERIT
immediately upon their entry into Eretz Yisroel, and REDEMPTION? (A)
according to the saying of our Rabbis, of blessed There is a well-known parable brought in Musar
memory, “If the Jewish People would have merited it, s’farim that when a dwarf stands on top of a giant, he
they would have entered the land after having is able to see further than the giant can.
ascended from the sea.” The first generations were giants, and we are
Thus, the entry into Eretz Yisroel (through Moshe) dwarfs in comparison to them. Nevertheless, since the
would have been eternal with no exile to follow, and avoda of our generation comes after their avoda, it is
the building of the Beis HaMikdash would have been specifically [our avoda] that will bring the
eternal, followed by no destruction. Redemption.
(sicha, Shabbos Parshas Matos-Massei 5751) (sicha, Acharon Shel Pesach 5742)

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

By Rabbi Shabtai Slavaticki, Shliach in Antwerp, Belgium

Many people want to know how
from? The Alter Rebbe answered,
“Success does not devolve from the “I felt dizzy – the
to succeed in life. What is the recipe middos but from keser (crown),
which is above the s’firos.”
man said – and I
for success?
First of all (and this is true for all What connection does success
have with keser? Why do we need
could not make
things in life), you need to define
what you mean by success. We live keser in order to be successful? Kiddush. I excused
Every midda expresses one
according to the definitions that we
assign things, knowingly or aspect of the soul. When I help myself and went to
unknowingly. For example, a woman
might define a good mother as one
someone, I express my attribute of
chesed. When I have pity on my room with a
who prepares good food for her someone, it is derived from my
attribute of tiferes. What is the inner
bottle of vodka. I
children and takes care of their
cleanliness and health. That’s fine. point which is above the middos,
which is the source of all the
poured myself cup
The problem begins if she stops
there and doesn’t expand her sphere middos? That is keser. Keser is the after cup until I
person’s Higher Self, which is not
of responsibility.
Someone asked the Alter Rebbe expressed in any particular way. fell asleep. I felt
what the source of success
(hatzlacha) is. Everything in our
Keser does not have its own
independent substantive existence; that if I stayed
world is derived from supernal keser expresses the innermost being
of the king which is above qualities,
awake, I would
worlds. For example, every food is
derived from a particular s’fira. above any expression. When a
person sits in a room alone and
not be able to
Sugar devolves from the world of
chesed, whereas onions are from the closes his eyes, not moving towards withstand the
anyone or anything, that is keser.
midda of g’vura. When the Alter
Rebbe was in jail, he ate honey True inner success is derived and test.”
(chesed) with radish (g’vura), since sourced in keser, when a person is
he wanted to incorporate both free of all attributes, middos, and were a tremendously auspicious time
middos. limitations. and many people achieved salvation
There are people who go on diets then.
and lose weight while other people SIMCHAS TORAH One time, during hakafos,
follow the same diet and are not as AS A MODEL someone asked the Rebbe for a
successful in losing weight. The bracha for children. The Rebbe said,
How do we attain this utter
reason is that every person has foods “There is a decree in heaven against
essential simplicity? How do we go
that pertain to the source of his you, but if you go out of your
out of our limitations?
neshama, and what is good for one limitations, Hashem will also go out
The time that the Rebbe showed
person is not necessarily good for of His (as it were) limitations. Help
the most joy and was most
someone else. others beyond your ability to do so,
“revealed,” was Simchas Torah.
If so, where does success come and Hashem will help you.” Today,
Chassidim knew that the hakafos
this person has several children.

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
If a person wants to tap into the A well-to-do Lubavitcher asked
innermost core of his soul, he needs the Rebbe, “Where does the mitzva
to go out of his limitations. There is of tz’daka begin for me?” The
an aphorism from the Rebbe Rayatz Rebbe answered, “For you, the
that goes, “At what point does mitzva of tz’daka begins when it
Hashem begin? Where man ends.” hurts, when it’s difficult for you to
When a person feels he attained the give.” When a person puts $5 in a
pinnacle, that he squeezed out the pushka and it’s hard for him, he
last of his strength and cannot do fulfilled the mitzva of tz’daka. To
more, and still and all, he makes Hashem, success is measured by
another little effort – that’s where your investment, your effort. That’s
Hashem begins. where a person is liberated from his
Rabbi Shabtai Slavaticki
animal soul and moves from the
counterfeit “I” to the genuine “I.”

One Simchas Torah, I led the
prayer service at the amud. The
Chabad custom is that when the
chazan davens on Simchas Torah, he
makes a somersault at the end of the
davening. The idea of a somersault
is to express the greatness of
kabbalas ol (acceptance of the yoke,
submission) with the head down
below and the feet up.
When the davening was over I
made a somersault and broke my
leg. After a few weeks in a cast, the
fracture knitted together and the
cast was removed. However, since
the ankle muscles hadn’t been used
in a long time, I had to do
physiotherapy to get my leg back
into shape and normal functioning.
On one visit to the
physiotherapist, he asked me to
stretch my leg as much as I could. I
did so and he asked for more. I tried
harder and stretched it some more
and once again he asked me to
stretch it a bit more. I bit my lips
and stretched a bit more. Then he
explained, “What you do naturally is
not enough. If you want to restore
your leg and awaken the strength
hidden within it, you have to stretch
the muscle more than usual. It’s only
when you make the effort and reach
for your utmost that you release its
dormant powers.”
This sums up our avoda here in

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
Artwork by R’ Zalman Kleinman
this world. If we want to succeed, I go out of my ego and liberate is why my store was closed. He said,
we need to go out of that which myself from that which confines me. ‘Are you crazy? To close today? Give
limits us, to stretch another little bit. When a man sits and learns, he G-d all the Sabbaths of the rest of
And then we will discover incredible sharpens his mind, he engages in the year and you take this one.’
strengths within us. intellectual discussions, he gets “That was too much for me. We
smicha and people respect him. He parted and I hurried home. My
BOTTLE OR CUP? enjoys his learning. The woman is family was waiting for me to say
behind the scenes and has no Kiddush. I went over to the table
R’ Mendel Futerfas once
enjoyment from the actual learning. and held the cup with my head
farbrenged with bachurim and the
Her sacrifice is greater and that is racing. Should I open the store or
question being discussed was what
why her success is greater. not? I felt dizzy and that I could not
does Hashem want of us. On the
We say every Friday night, “She make Kiddush. I excused myself and
table was a bottle of vodka. R’
considers a field and purchases it, went to my room with a bottle of
Mendel opened the bottle and
and plants a vineyard with the fruit vodka. I poured myself cup after cup
poured some vodka into a cup and
of her labors.” The success of the until I fell asleep. I felt that if I
asked, “Which is better, the bottle or
woman is in her effort, “you toiled stayed awake, I would not be able to
the cup?”
and found, believe that.” The toiling withstand the test. That is the reason
One of the bachurim answered
is the “find.” Without toiling, there I’m telling you the whole story. I
that the bottle was better since it
can be no finding. would like a tikkun for this pathetic
contained more vodka. R’ Mendel
Shabbos, without Kiddush and
said, “It’s true that the bottle
AN EXTRAORDINARY without a meal.”
contains more, but the cup is full!
When I heard this, I was
Hashem doesn’t want more; He WAY OF OBSERVING tremendously moved by the sincerity
wants full.” In other words, SHABBOS of this Jew who had just begun
Hashem doesn’t demand that we do In our community in Antwerp, observing Shabbos and who had had
more than someone else but that we there is a special person, a diamond such mesirus nefesh. Tears came to
use the abilities we were given to merchant, who was not that my eyes and when he saw my
their fullest. religiously observant in the past. reaction he was taken aback. He
A person who learns four or five One day he called me and said, “I literally turned pale and he asked
lines of Gemara every day, which must meet with you, as soon as me, “Is it such a pity on me? Is
requires a lot of effort for him, is possible. I have to discuss something there no way of rectifying what I
greater than someone who learns a urgent with you.” did?”
folio of Gemara a day but, according We met right away and this is I said, “I am crying because I’m
to his abilities, can learn more. what he told me. “As you know, a moved, not because I’m sad. I am
Success is not measured in quantity few weeks ago I decided to keep thinking about how Hashem looked
but in quality. Shabbos. Thank G-d it went well, at your Shabbos, and how He
On the verse, “thus shall you say until yesterday, until the big looked at my Shabbos. I sat with my
to the House of Yaakov and relate to diamond trade show. On this family around the table and we sang
the B’nei Yisroel,” the Gemara says, Shabbos, which is close to the niggunim, said divrei Torah, ate
“House of Yaakov refers to the beginning of the secular new year, delicious food, and really enjoyed
women.” The Midrash asks, why did the diamond business peaks. It’s the Shabbos. I think of your Shabbos
the women precede the men? The season for diamonds. and ask myself, which Shabbos did
Midrash answers, “Greater is the “That Shabbos, on my way back Hashem enjoy more?
promise that Hashem promised to from shul, I passed the street where “I think He enjoyed your
women.” The Midrash goes on to my store is located. All the stores on Shabbos more. You went out of
ask, “What merit do women have? the street were open and had long yourself; you were ready to sacrifice,
In that they send their husbands and lines of customers. My heart sank to pay a steep price in order to keep
sons to study Torah.” and I found it hard to stand and Shabbos, and that’s why you were
This is surprising, for a man watch. If that wasn’t enough, my far more successful, because success
exerts himself in study, yet the Torah neighbor asked me, ‘What is measured by how far a person is
puts the women first. Why? The happened? Why isn’t your store willing to go. When a person
answer is because she sends her open?’ sacrifices himself, he connects with
husband and sons… “I tried to explain that I had the G-dliness within him, and that is
Success is defined by how much started observing Shabbos and that the ultimate success.” 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

By Rabbi Sholom Yaakov Chazan

In the winter of 5740, journalist Shlomo approved the initiative. At the Yud-
Tes Kislev farbrengen he said that
Shamir criticized the Igud although the approach of Chassidus
is to negate fasting, nevertheless,
HaRabbanim’s part-day fast and was, since the rabbis decided that the
grave situation justified a
in turn, sharply criticized by the Rebbe proclamation of a part-day fast, he
would join them. The Rebbe called
at a farbrengen. Shamir, who greatly on all Chabad Chassidim around the

admired the Rebbe, asked the Rebbe to world to join in this fast.
The Rebbe said that the residents
forgive him. The Rebbe responded with of Crown Heights were obligated in
this fast since the rav of Crown
guidance on how he should write. * I Heights had signed the
announcement. Since the Rebbe
spoke with Mr. Shamir and heard a himself was also included among the
residents of Crown Heights, all
fascinating account of his lengthy those who were associated with him,

yechiduyos with the Rebbe and about would certainly also participate in
this fast.
their relationship. The rabbis’ announcement, and
the Rebbe publicly joining in the
part-day fast, caused a spiritual
THE REBBE: THE In the middle of Kislev there was arousal amongst Jewish communities
SITUATION IS TERRIBLE an ad in major Jewish newspapers, worldwide. Shluchim around the
signed by the Igud HaRabbanim of world joined the part-day fast and
Winter 5740/1979. At the
the US that called for a “day of tried to include the members of their
farbrengens, the Rebbe warned
prayer and partial fasting” on communities. Hundreds of
about the dangerous situation in the
Thursday 23 Kislev. The reason thousands of Jews fasted and said
world and repeatedly declared “the
given was, “the Jewish people in T’hillim, as the rabbis said to do, in
situation is terrible and frightening.”
Eretz Yisroel and in the Diaspora order to annul the decrees hovering
The Rebbe said the situation was so
are in a frightening and terrible over the Jewish people.
dangerous that it would be proper to
situation with a great danger
declare a part-day fast. “It’s just that
hovering over them, both physically
the approach of Chassidus does not
and spiritually.” The rabbis of Igud
endorse fasting,” said the Rebbe. “I
HaRabbanim signed, as did other WHY FAST?
don’t want to call for a part-day fast, At this time, an article appeared
rabbis from the US, Canada, and
but if there will be rabbis who in the Algemeiner Journal by
understand the gravity of the journalist Shlomo Shamir, called,
After the ad was printed in the
situation who establish a part-day “Why a fast all of a sudden?”
newspapers, the Rebbe publicly
fast, I will participate.” 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
Shamir wrote, “I have no doubt, not prayer and fasting will help.” affects the inspiration that the
even for a moment, that the Igud The editor of the Algemeiner rabbanim seek to generate via the
HaRabbanim and the other rabbis Journal, R’ Gershon Ber Jacobson fast.”
who signed the ad are worried about a”h, a Chabad Chassid through and The newspaper, with these two
the terrible situation in Eretz Yisroel through, who heard the Rebbe at articles, was published on the fast
and within the Jewish world in farbrengens talking about the state day, and thousands of readers got
general. However, it’s hard to of the world, arousing people to do caught up in the controversy
understand how the current something and then joining the surrounding the two opinion pieces.
situation is any worse than it was rabbanim in calling for a part-time Some sided with Mr. Shamir, while
three or four months ago. How was fast, decided to respond to Shamir’s others championed R’ Jacobson’s
the situation in Eretz Yisroel and the article in the same issue. In an point of view.
Jewish world in general better three article called, “Why should we
or four months ago, than it is now?” fast?” he wrote, “If there are rabbis THE REBBE: I HAVE THE
In the article, based on rational and leaders who declare a fast day
logic and even on halachic and and inspire Jews to give tz’daka and
Chassidic ideas, Shamir cooled off to repent and pray to Hashem that INFORMATION AND I
the inspiration and said that to the He save us from this terrible SAY THAT THE
best of his knowledge, nothing situation, we ought to say, ‘yasher SITUATION IS GETTING
special happened in recent months ko’ach’ for their initiative in WORSE!
and therefore there was no reason to extricating Jews from despair.
Two days later, during a
impose a fast on the public. “To come and say, as Shlomo
farbrengen on Motzaei Shabbos
Shamir attacked the Orthodox Shamir did, that the fast won’t help,
VaYeishev, the Rebbe referred at
leadership that could not unite that prayer won’t help, and that in
length to Shamir’s article and
around any one issue, noting that general he doesn’t understand why
sharply attacked it:
every group fought for that which they decided to call for a fast day
“There sits a journalist, who uses
they held dear and refused to join now and not a month ago, simply
the ability to write which Hashem
the battles of other groups. He cools people off and adversely
gives him, and he writes an entire
ended his article
article that makes a mockery of the
saying: Let’s stop
Torah and the force of piskei din of
fooling ourselves.
rabbanim. Many Jews fasted,
As long as this type
prayed, and gave tz’daka on the day
of leadership is
the article was published, and he
what we have in
wasn’t ashamed to write: Why did
the chareidi camp,
you say T’hillim, why did you give
with each group
tz’daka, why did you daven, why did
fending for itself,
you fast? Why today of all days?
the situation will
“He thinks that as a journalist
continue to remain
with sources of information, and
difficult, as it is
being an expert in politics, that he
today, and as it has
knows everything. That is why he
been. “No day of
declares that there is no difference
between the situation today and the
situation of a few months ago, that
it didn’t get worse.
“He ought to know that just as
he is clever when it comes to
politics, there are other clever people
around, especially when the others
have better connections than he,
connections that he doesn’t have.
Based on this knowledge, it is said
in public, in a holy place, in front of
dozens of Jewish people, that the

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
situation is terrible and frightening, when it’s written in a religious SHAMIR CHANGES HIS
and in recent weeks the situation has paper…” APPROACH: THE
gotten worse! At the farbrengen, the Rebbe
“What ought a normal person, explained at length why the state of
not religious, just a logical person, the world was awful. At that time, SERIOUS AND FASTING
do before writing an opinion on this the Iranian hostage crisis was going WILL HELP
subject? To ask how the situation is on and the Rebbe saw this crisis as a The readers of the Algemeiner
worse? Yes, you are clever, you are strategic change in America’s Journal who had bought the paper
the writer, you are the posek and position as a superpower. “When the week before, rubbed their eyes in
you are the one who has to give this one rises, the other falls,” said disbelief when they read Shamir’s
everyone your opinions. the Rebbe, and he concluded that next article which said, “I believe
Nevertheless, you ought to take into the fall of the US meant the with perfect faith that when a Jew
consideration what someone else elevation of the Soviet Union. says a chapter of T’hillim, it has an
said, especially when that person Furthermore, the Rebbe effect up to the Throne of Glory; I
repeats it time and again, in a holy mentioned that there were some believe with perfect faith that if a
place, in public, and asks that it be Jews among the hostages, and most minyan of observant Jews sits
publicized! You should have come importantly, tens of thousands of together in brotherly love and they
and asked: Perhaps you can tell me, Jews lived in Iran and they were in say l’chaim or fast or say Slichos
at least secretly, how is the world in great danger. and cry bitterly, that it has the
a terrible state? When America is strong, it can power to annul terrible decrees.
“If it doesn’t suit you to come readily support Israel, but now, “I also know that the state of
here, then you can send someone when America is not in good shape, Jews all over and especially in Eretz
else! If it doesn’t suit you that and it needs to find favor in the eyes Yisroel is very serious. The situation
people should know that you seek of the Arab nations, its support of grows worse and since I know that
someone else’s opinion, send Israel is diminished and this itself it has recently grown more grave
someone and ask anonymously! It endangers Israel. The Rebbe and critical, I believe that Jews
doesn’t entail great effort to go mentioned that in recent weeks ought to fast, to pray, to say
somewhere, to someone, and to ask: Israel gave their oil fields to Egypt, T’hillim, and to ask Hashem to send
Since you said several times that the thus undermining the impregnability salvation. I also maintain that we
situation in the world is terrible and of Israel’s security. All this was in ought to express our thanks to all
frightening, and you said that you addition to Israel’s economy which the rabbanim and askanim who saw
say this with full responsibility, was in enormous trouble at the time. fit to declare a part-day fast last
perhaps I can know how the world If all that wasn’t enough, the Thursday.
situation is terrible and frightening? state of Judaism in the world, and “I also believe that in these
“As long as they said the the state of morality in Israel had difficult times one cannot fulfill his
situation is terrible but didn’t reached a low point. All this, said obligation only by declaring a fast,
connect it with any concrete action, the Rebbe, were open things that and we cannot delude ourselves that
he kept quiet. It was only when they were written about in the just a fast will help us. One of the
connected it with saying T’hillim newspapers. Every journalist ought dangers in this difficult time is that
that he couldn’t tolerate it and to know about them. When these we can fool ourselves and think that
immediately publicized his article, events are properly analyzed, one with a fast alone we’ve done all we
with logical explanations and would immediately conclude that the can under the circumstances.
explanations from Shulchan Aruch, situation is terrible and frightening. “I write this since in my column
and at length. (At this farbrengen, when the of last week, I gave the impression
“This is a Jew with a full beard, a Rebbe mentioned that the Jews in that I am opposed to fasts or that I
Chassidic Jew, not a Lubavitcher Iran were in great danger, the Rebbe intended to cool off or diminish
Chassid, but a Chassid. Go and ask said it was dangerous to publicize from the importance of a fast day.
your Rebbe whether it’s permissible this and it was enough that it was Perhaps I was not careful enough
to write like that! spoken. For this reason, the sicha and therefore a mistaken impression
“Why do I speak against this? quoted in the earlier paragraphs was was made. I explicitly believe with
Because there are Jews who think, not published at the time, and it is perfect faith that everything the
when they see something written in being quoted here for the first time, g’dolei ha’Torah pasken, and what
the paper, that it’s true, especially from a tape of the farbrengen.) tzaddikim decree should be done, 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
Jews need to fulfill. I believe with happened: perfect faith in the power of spiritual
perfect faith in tzaddikim, and when “When I saw the ad about the actions, like fasting and prayer, to
g’dolei ha’Torah tell Jews to fast, fast, I didn’t know that the change a bad decree. Once I knew
Heaven forbid that I should say Lubavitcher Rebbe had given his that the Rebbe said the situation was
otherwise or argue with their approval. I thought it was the idea of dire, and after the Rebbe explained
decision. I am not capable of doing a few rabbis. Since I suspected that the changes on the world map, I was
things like that.” these were rabbis who didn’t do convinced that the situation was
anything to improve the situation, indeed grim, and I wrote that in the
SHAMIR ASKS THE other than announce a fast, I sharply second article too.
criticized the announcement about “At the same time, I felt the need
REBBE TO FORGIVE HIM the fast and pointed at the need for to write to the Rebbe and to clarify
What caused this drastic change important other steps to be made to what I meant in my article, as well
in Shlomo Shamir’s position? This unite the chareidi camp. as to ask forgiveness for causing the
week, I visited his home in Brooklyn “Unfortunately, the way the Rebbe anguish.
and asked to hear about what article read left room for the reader “This is what I wrote to the
happened, as well as about his to conclude that I don’t believe in Rebbe: ‘I was told what the Rebbe
relationship with the Rebbe. I met a the power of fasting to annul bad said about the article I wrote in the
journalist with youthful vigor who decrees. The Rebbe, fearing that my Algemeiner Journal. The truth is that
did not hesitate to state his opinion article might cool off the faith of I was not referring to Lubavitch in
on every current topic, yet full of simple Jews, sharply attacked the my article, but to other movements
admiration for, and bittul, to the article. and organizations within Orthodox
Rebbe. “Right after the farbrengen, Jewry, for how could an intelligent
When I asked him about the fast when I heard what the Rebbe had person suspect the Lubavitch
and the about-face he had made said, especially after I heard that it movement of inaction? … What I
over the course of a week from his was said with great sorrow, I felt wrote wasn’t properly understood
disdainful article to an article full of terrible. I immediately wrote a new and I did not intend to say that
emuna and respect, he told me what column, clarifying that I believe with fasting and prayer are not helpful,

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
but that it is not enough and we rabbanim, especially when they are May every one of us use all the
need to take action to improve the supported by the Rebbe’s words.” opportunities given to us to spread
serious situation.’ Judaism, Torah and mitzvos, and
“I added, ‘The very idea that the THE VIEW OF A TRUE mainly – action, actual fulfillment
Rebbe was aggravated because of of mitzvos in a way of increasing
what I wrote in my column, and he
JEWISH LEADER and adding light, as in the lesson
is pained by my error, does not give Two weeks after Shamir sent his of Chanuka, the holiday we have
me rest and I ask forgiveness from letter to the Rebbe, he received a just observed.
the Rebbe.’ long, detailed response: At an auspicious time I will
“After I wrote this letter to the B”H mention you and your family at the
Rebbe, I wanted to be sure that 15 Teives 5740 gravesite of the Rebbe, my father-
whoever read my first column would Brooklyn, N.Y. in-law, including the innermost
know that I did not intend to point - to raise your children,
Mr. Shlomo Shamir,
disparage the idea of a fast. This is along with your wife, to Torah,
I was pleased to receive your
why, in my next column I made it chuppa, and good deeds, with
letter of 4 Teives. After asking your
quite clear so that everybody would expansiveness, both materially and
pardon, certainly for someone such
know that I am a believing Jew and I spiritually.
as yourself it is superfluous to
don’t contest the authority of With blessing,
point out that something that is
M. Schneerson
written for others, and all the more
so when it is publicized to a broad “In this letter,” said Shamir, “the
WORKING FOR audience – i.e., your intention and Rebbe gave me an approach to life,
THE ALGEMEINER goal is to influence others through how a newspaper journalist ought to
JOURNAL the publication [of your writing] – treat his writing and his articles. To
In New York I had the what matters is how the reader know what impact his writing can
privilege of meeting and working understands it, and more have on an audience and to
with the editor of the Algemeiner importantly, the conclusions he constantly remember the goal: to
Journal, Rabbi Gershon Ber derives from what he reads. spread Judaism by encouraging the
Jacobson. He was a very special It is also obvious that in this fulfillment of mitzvos.
man, very close to the Rebbe. He letter of mine I absolutely do not “I am proud that I had the
once told me that he wanted to mean how it will affect the work of privilege of receiving a letter like this
change the name of the Lubavitch or the relationship with from the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Only a
newspaper to something that Lubavitch, rather, the impact it has true Jewish leader can see things this
sounded more Lubavitch, but the on matters of Judaism in general, way.”
Rebbe did not agree. The Rebbe including the well-known directive
wanted the paper to be – t’shuva, t’filla, tz’daka remove THE FIRST YECHIDUS
something of general interest, [the evil decree], etc.
Shlomo Shamir’s connection
not just for Lubavitchers. For this Since Hashem has given you a
with Chabad Chassidim began many
reason, I was able to write my gift and you are a successful
years before that, in Tel Aviv of the
opinions, even though they were writer, this means that you have
fifties. “My journalism teacher was
often the opposite of the Rebbe’s discovered the approach of how to
Shmuel Avidor, the editor of Panim
opinions. impact your readers. In my opinion
el Panim. He was very friendly with
R’ Gershon didn’t make a you need to read the article we are
Lubavitchers and through him I had
move without asking the Rebbe. I discussing another time, but this
the privilege of getting to know the
am sure that this z’chus stands time as though you are merely the
foremost Chabad askanim of the
by the paper today, for after his reader and not the writer, and
previous generation.
passing the paper is flourishing. surmise what the reader’s
“Till this day I remember with
It is only in the Rebbe’s z’chus conclusion would be, and whether
great pleasure our meetings with
that the paper has even there is something to correct, and
Pinye Altheus. Because of our
improved. R’ Gershon’s son, R’ in what manner, if you conclude
meetings I began to frequent the
Simon and R’ Yossi, are very that it requires correcting. And
Chabad shul in Nachalat Binyamin,
talented. I am amazed by their perhaps include someone objective,
where I met other special
work every week. who has no prior opinion, to hear
a completely objective opinion.
“At the beginning of the seventies 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
I was sent to New York by Yediot
Acharonot. Since I come from an
illustrious Chassidic family (my
maternal grandfather was the
brother of the Gerrer Rebbe, the
Sfas Emes), I yearned to see the
“I spoke with the secretaries and
they arranged a meeting for me.
Before the yechidus I prepared a
long list of questions. I prepared
myself. For many years I had
dreamed of meeting with the Rebbe,
and there I was, standing at the
door to his room, about to enter.
“The secretary opened the door
and I walked in. The Rebbe rose up
a bit from his chair. He shook my
hand and invited me to sit down
opposite him. His eyes were blue,
his beard was gray, and he had a
smile that could melt a pile of snow
in New York. Although I am not a
Chabad Chassid, I did not dare to
sit in the Rebbe’s presence and I
remained standing throughout the
“I was there for two hours. At
one in the morning, the door behind
me opened and the secretary
whispered in Yiddish, ‘It’s late,’ but
the Rebbe continued to speak. He
spoke for an hour and a half
nonstop. He spoke about emuna. It
was a long monologue about emuna.
Not about the need for emuna, not
about the holiness of faith and its
importance. Not about ways to bring
Jews from far and near to emuna.
He spoke about the faith that
already exists, that lives within the
hearts of all Jews in our time,
especially those who live in Eretz
“In his talk, the Rebbe emanated
love for the Jewish people, for Eretz
Yisroel, and those who live there.
Infinite love. He is a big believer in
them and even more so, in their
faith. He believes that Eretz Yisroel
is full of emuna, overflowing its
banks, because its people are big
believers. They believe in G-d and
The Rebbe’s letter to Shlomo Shamir

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
believe in His promise to Avrohom call the Jewish nation an army. debates, and an order to carry out
Avinu – ‘to your children I will give When they leave Egypt the Torah something difficult, backbreaking,
this land.’ calls the Jewish people ‘Tzivos.’ We not easy. A Jew by nature is not
“The Rebbe said, ‘Every single are living today in a similar flustered by difficulties. A Jew by
resident of Eretz Yisroel is a big situation. We are about to leave nature is a l’hachisnik (contrarian).
believer, sometimes without even Galus for Geula. The Jewish people We are a stiff-necked people and a
knowing it. Eretz Yisroel is a barrel today are like an army, one big nation of mesirus nefesh. A nation
full and overflowing with emuna. army. Each of us is a soldier, me of davka’ism.
What is missing is only the spark to and you, the bachur learning in the ‘Today they don’t even want to
ignite the barrel and cause it to nearby room. Today, each of us is understand a lot as much as to
become a conflagration of faith. obligated, and like in an army the know. The goal of information today
‘Take, for example, a Jew living first and most important rule is is to know, more than to
in Eretz Yisroel who belongs to the obedience, we too need discipline understand. What we need is this –
communist party. He is a today. Jewish knowledge, not religious
communist. I believe that he is a big ‘First, our obligation is to fulfill explanations. If someone in Eretz
believer. He sits with his wife and orders and only afterwards to ask Yisroel has questions, there are more
children in a country surrounded by questions and for explanations. ‘We serious and difficult questions about
enemies who want to annihilate him will do and we will listen’ was said his very desire to live in this land, in
and his children. What is the thing already. First there is action, and Eretz Yisroel, as I said in the
that keeps this Jew in Eretz Yisroel? only afterwards, those who feel a beginning.
Faith in Marx’s teachings? No, I need can ask for and hear ‘I’m not saying that there isn’t,
don’t think so. He sits in Eretz explanations. Today we don’t need sometimes, a need to explain, to
Yisroel, lives there, goes out to leaders. We ourselves are soldiers debate, but we cannot waste lots of
defend it now and then, because and we are required to take action, time today on debates and
even without knowing it, he is a each one according to his ability. explanations. We are living in a time
believer in G-d and he believes that The objective is to ignite the spark.’ of action and we must demand
Eretz Yisroel was given to the Jewish “How? The Rebbe had a clear, action, lots of action.’
people. unequivocal and daring answer. It “The Rebbe said all this to me
‘We just have to awaken the wasn’t through explanation. Time since he saw my job as a shlichus.
awareness of his faith within him was pressing. There is no time for The Rebbe emphasized several times
and with this awareness he will explanations. ‘Today we need to in our conversations, in later
come to fulfill mitzvos. We need to demand, not ask, plead and explain, yechiduyos too, that Hashem gave
teach him that observing Shabbos, but to demand; to demand as much me the gift of being able to write
kashrus, and putting on t’fillin, are as possible, that which is hardest, and I had to use it to spread the
natural outgrowths of the faith that that which is greater. The youth of wellsprings of Torah and Chassidus.
lives within him.’” our days seeks a challenge. They are “The Rebbe asked me a lot about
looking for a difficult mission. The the trends of public opinion in Eretz
WHICH PATH? starting point needs to be taking in a Yisroel, and about the views of
lot, demanding a lot. Not asking and various politicians. He himself
“The Rebbe went on to say,
pleading and worrying about demonstrated a rare expertise in
‘How do we do this? How do we
exaggerated demands. We need to everything going on in Eretz Yisroel.
find the way to these great and
speak to believers with the force and He knew everything.”
previous believers? Are religious
honesty of a person who wants the
explanations necessary? Are good
best for his friend. And in the face of A DEMANDING FINGER
and wise leaders necessary? No.
such genuine fortitude, the one from
There is no need for religious “At the time, I wrote about this
whom we are demanding, will be
explanation and no need for special yechidus in Yediot Acharonot. I
impacted more than by anything
leadership by effective leaders. wrote that the Rebbe has long
Leaders are needed only in order to fingers that are very delicate, the
‘We saw,’ said the Rebbe, ‘that
create something that is not there, fingers of a pianist. When he wanted
only in an emergency, when the fire
but the emuna is already there, to emphasize something, he would
is burning, are our youth ready for
hidden within every Jews, waiting to point a finger – stressing,
anything, for sacrifice and mesirus
be redeemed. demanding.
nefesh. Our youth want orders, not
‘Only one time does the Torah “The Rebbe went on to say, 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
‘There are many among us who live ‘A person can never know of the Gerrer Rebbe, I went to see
in despair. They despair about the whether his actions made a him many times, but he spoke very
spiritual situation. They don’t difference or not. I remember that little. This long conversation with
believe that we can do anything or many years ago, my father-in-law the Lubavitcher Rebbe was a big
that it can change. Some lift their started sending the talmidim of his surprise for me, but I enjoyed every
eyes to heaven and say: Only G-d in yeshiva, during vacation, to cities minute of it. It was a genuine
heaven can help, can save. They are and towns in the south of the US, in spiritual experience; there is nothing
dangerous. It is very dangerous order to find Jews and bring them a like it.
today to go about in despair and to little Judaism. One day, two “The Rebbe rose a bit from his
pin our hopes solely on aid from talmidim came back, downcast and chair as a sign that the conversation
heaven. disappointed. ‘We went around for was over but not yet completed.
‘My father-in-law, the Rebbe weeks and were unsuccessful. When I pointed out to him that I
Rayatz, once said to me: The Nobody listened to us,’ they had prepared questions and perhaps
Gemara says that before Moshiach complained to me. it would be better if I sent them in
comes chutzpa will abound, etc., ‘I repeated this to my father-in- the mail, he said, ‘Why in the mail?
and the wisdom of scribes will be law and he said: They don’t even Please come back again and we will
derided, etc., and truth will be know that they succeeded. Just talk.’ He shook my hand and said,
missing, etc., the face of the as though concluding his long
generation is like the face of a dog, monologue, ‘If you, or anyone, asks:
and the Gemara ends with – and Why do I, of all people, have to take
what do we have to rely on, on our action, I will answer with a question:
Father in heaven. Why not?’
‘My father-in-law explained, after “When I left the yechidus, I felt I
all the serious and difficult things was floating above the ground. It
that the Gemara enumerates about took me many days to come back to
the era prior to Moshiach’s coming, reality. The Rebbe’s penetrating
it concludes with: and what do we eyes, his pleasant manner of speech,
have to rely on, on our Father in accompanied me for many days after
heaven. In this serious time, before that yechidus.”
Moshiach comes, even this relying
on our Father in heaven is a serious A HEAVENLY MAN
matter. In other words, these days a
“The first yechidus was followed
Jew may not say: Hashem will help
by others. Although the first
and nothing remains for me to do
yechidus came about because of my
and nothing will be helped if I do
journalistic curiosity, the subsequent
yechiduyos had nothing to do with
‘This is a serious and dangerous
my profession. I felt a need to go to
error. Now each of us has the today I received a letter from an old
the Rebbe. I don’t define myself as a
obligation to do, to bring the spark woman in one of the towns they
Chassid, but I went to the Rebbe
close to the barrel filled with faith. visited. She wrote to me that the
because to me, the Rebbe is
Every Jew has this spark. sight of the two bearded bachurim
‘I too have Chassidim who who visited her aroused in her heart
“Today people don’t understand
despair, who walk about gloomily a wave of memories of her father’s
what is meant by a heavenly man.
and ask me: What’s the point of all home. She asked me to send her
The Rebbe is an example of a
this work? How will it help to have s’farim and guidance about how to
heavenly man. I once asked
a Jew, who hasn’t put on t’fillin in return to a Jewish life.
someone: Can you think of Ashrei
decades, put on t’fillin? I answer ‘From this story we learn that the
single-mindedly, without thinking of
them: We live in a time of danger to person who takes action should not
anything else? He didn’t believe
life and in this era even the slightest despair if he does not immediately
anybody could do this. Go and tell
possibility is not to be overlooked. see the blessing in his work. He can
him that the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s
We have to do everything we can if never know when the seed he
thoughts are preoccupied with
there is a possibility that it will help planted will sprout.’
k’dusha twenty-fours a day, without
and be effective. “The hour grew late. As a relative
a stop.

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
“I went to the Rebbe because I
felt it was a mitzva to go and see
him. It was simply important to me
to see the Rebbe each time. I went
for t’fillos, to farbrengens, and of
course for lekach during the time of
Yomim Noraim.
“One year, when I went for
lekach, I met the photographer Levi
Yitzchok Frieden. I knew him back
from his days as a newspaper
photographer in Eretz Yisroel,
before he became a baal t’shuva. I
was one of the people who
connected him to Chabad. I met him
at the journalists club in Tel Aviv
and got him a job at Panim el
Panim. There he met Chabad
Chassidim and did t’shuva and
became the unofficial photographer
of the Rebbe’s court.
“When we met on line for
lekach, we were both very moved.
He told me that he could now pay
long yechiduyos. Over two hours Peshischa, R’ Simcha Bunim, but the
me back for the favor of connecting
long. Later on I realized that in Kotzker Rebbe begged him not to
him to Chabad, and when I would
Lubavitch, that’s the equivalent of attend the wedding and even lay
pass by the Rebbe, he would
eternity. The Rebbe spoke to me under the wagon wheels. In the end,
photograph me.
with great warmth. I think the the Peshischa Rebbe agreed to send
“In general, I shy away from
Rebbe was especially fond of me, a delegation of Chassidim to the
pictures with Admurim. Although I
also because of my yichus. My wedding. One of them was the
went to the Gerrer Admurim dozens
maternal grandfather, the brother to Chiddushei HaRim (founder of the
of times, as well as to the previous
the Sfas Emes, was beloved by his Gerrer dynasty), who was then a
Belzer Rebbe, I have no pictures
brother, and in the Sfas Emes’ young man.
with them. But Frieden took a
letters, there are many letters that he “When they arrived at the
picture and till today I thank him for
wrote my grandfather. I think that wedding, there was a situation in
this. Every so often I look at the
because of my yichus, the Rebbe which the Apter Rav asked a very
picture in which you see the Rebbe
treated me with great respect. difficult question and nobody
giving me lekach, and it inspires me.
“In yechiduyos with the Rebbe, present could answer it. Then, from
No doubt about it.
the Rebbe expressed an interest in a the end of the hall, they could hear
“I see the Rebbe’s influence in
book I had edited about the Ostila the voice of the Chiddushei HaRim
my daily life. That is what I
wedding. This was a grand wedding telling those next to him the answer.
absorbed from my meetings with
that took place two hundred years The Apter Rav called him over to
him. To the Rebbe, all of life is
ago, between two Admurim’s the dais and asked him to repeat his
Yiddishkait, all is suffused with
families and it was attended by 200 answer. He was amazed by the
Torah and avoda. Everybody knows
Admurim, led by the elder Admur of answer and asked: Who are you?
the Rebbe never took a vacation. He
the time, the Apter Rav. Those who “The Chiddushei HaRim said: I
is an example of a true leader.”
opposed the approach of Peshischa am from the smallest of the talmidim
Chassidus planned to take advantage of the Peshischa Rebbe. Of course,
THE REBBE TOOK of this opportunity to place a ban of this created a great tumult and in
AN INTEREST IN THE excommunication on the Chassidim the end, the excommunication plan
OSTILA WEDDING of Peshischa with the consent of all was aborted.
“I had the privilege of having the Admurim. “I researched this story and
“They also invited the Admur of wrote an entire book about it. I still 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
haven’t completed it and it’s in Brooklyn, elderly Chassidim agreement conditional. He said we
manuscript form. When I told the volunteer to explain the meaning of have to write that he opposes
Rebbe about it, he expressed great the feverish activity that publicizing the Rebbe as Moshiach. I
interest in it and quizzed me about characterizes the Rebbe lately. The asked him why he opposed it and he
the details. Geula is coming. The Rebbe is said that he thought the Rebbe
“A few times, when we met, he preparing to greet Moshiach. himself opposed this publicity.
asked me when I was publishing it. According to them, Geula and When I told him that the Rebbe
It was very important to the Rebbe. Moshiach are not a wish, a prayer, referred to himself many times as
It was so important to him that one or a dream but something real that Moshiach, Shamir didn’t believe me.
time I was sitting at a Yud-Tes Kislev is coming closer. They are not I said I would bring the Rebbe’s
farbrengen in the crowd when I was people who claim to know the end- sichos with me and he could see it
suddenly called to come forward. time but are interpreting the Rebbe’s for himself.
The Rebbe wanted to speak to me. behavior and what he says. They At the beginning of the interview,
“I made my way among the prove that the Geula is right behind I showed him the sichos. At first I
thousands of people who stood the wall and is coming imminently. showed him the sichos in which the
crowded together and then among “One of his mekuravim said to Rebbe says in general that the Nasi
the rabbanim and elder Chassidim me: The Rebbe is preparing the of the generation is the Moshiach of
who sat on the benches behind the entire nation for Geula, for the the generation. But when he saw the
Rebbe, and I leaned towards the coming of Moshiach. All the sichos in which the Rebbe says that
Rebbe. The Rebbe asked me yet activities and mivtzaim that he told Moshiach’s name is Menachem and
again about the book. I was us to do in recent years, are
flabbergasted. In the middle of a designed to remove the final
Yud-Tes Kislev farbrengen, what obstacles for Moshiach. “So why don’t you
concerned the Rebbe? My book.” “If the Chassidim think the
listener remains unconvinced, they publicize these
SHLOMO SHAMIR AND don’t give up. They simply offer
more explanations. The following is sichos? Why
pretty much standard fare: the
Rebbe Menachem Mendel
wasn’t I shown
In an article published in Yediot
Acharonot in 1975, Shamir wrote at
Schneerson is the seventh these sichos until
generation since the founder of
length about Lubavitchers’ belief Chabad. He is the seventh leader of now?”
that the Rebbe is Moshiach: the Chabad movement. Moshe
“Rebbetzin Schneerson, the Rabbeinu was the seventh
Lubavitcher Rebbe’s wife, recently generation from Avrohom Avinu and also Mendel, and that 770 is “Beis
expressed her concern about the regarding him it says, ‘all sevenths Moshiach,” and this is where he will
Rebbe’s extremely busy schedule. are beloved.’ The meaning of this is come from first, he said in
The Rebbe’s secretaries concur that that the seventh receives the spiritual amazement, “So why don’t you
in recent months, the rate of activity strength and the abilities of the first. publicize these sichos? Why wasn’t I
has increased and that his energy “The Rebbe himself, say the shown these sichos until now?”
and workload are incredible. Chassidim, in his first public address I saw how a Jew who admires
Chassidim whisper that the Rebbe is that he delivered after he took on and esteems the Rebbe, understands
in the midst of feverish activity and the leadership of Chabad, the belief that the Rebbe is Moshiach
his spirit is agitated and restless. emphasized that the seventh is the minute he finds out that the
Shluchim of the Rebbe say that meant to carry out the shlichus of Rebbe himself said so in his sichos.
more than ever, he is urging them the first. Therefore, it is clear, that As for his questions – why aren’t
on to fulfill his instructions. Guests he is the leader who will lead us to these sichos publicized, why haven’t
from Israel and other countries who Geula.” I seen this before, each of us needs
met with the Rebbe in yechidus were Based on this article, I found it to ask ourselves, and go out and get
impressed primarily by his warmth hard to understand why, when I to work!
and enthusiasm. As one put it, called Shamir to make an My thanks to the staff of the Algemeiner
‘Something burns within him.’ appointment for an interview for this Journal who opened their archives for me and
“In the Rebbe’s beis midrash in magazine, that he made his helped me prepare this article.

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

By Rabbi Sholom Dovber HaLevi Wolpo
Translated By Michoel Leib Dobry

In response to requests by our
readers, we now present the next
segment from “ V’Torah Yevakshu
MiPihu,” Rabbi Sholom Dovber
HaLevi Wolpo’s seifer on the Rebbe’s
teachings regarding Chabad
chassidus, its approach to emuna,
and its various customs.
Similarly, we find regarding Tishrei 5727), and so it has been economy” represent “the
the “wars of G-d,” which fulfilled. Today, there is almost no beginning of the fulfillment of the
Moshiach is winning and city anywhere in Russia, the destined ‘And they shall beat their
succeeding on a number of fronts, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, swords into plowshares’ and “the
as the Rebbe has stated himself etc., with a Jewish population but beginning of the action of
(Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sara without Chabad shluchim on the Melech HaMoshiach upon the
5752): “We already see in reality premises establishing Talmud nations…through the shluchim
the concept of ‘he will fight the Torahs, yeshivos, shuls, mikvaos, that he has sent worldwide
wars of G-d’ and how he has etc. This represents the realization reaching the farthest corner of the
already been victorious in a of his holy and amazing prophecy earth in order to spread Torah
number of respects.” There is no from decades ago that the Gentile and Yiddishkait among the entire
greater example of this than the governments will assist the Jewish People… Furthermore, and
tremendous victory that the Rebbe Jewish People in establishing most important, the spreading of
promised decades ago how the institutions of Torah and all matters of goodness, justice,
gates of the Iron Curtain would holiness. and integrity, even among the
be opened, Jews would be able to Furthermore, it is known that nations of the world through the
fulfill a life of Torah and mitzvos the Rebbe understood that the fulfillment of the Seven Noachide
in the fullest sense throughout the agreements made between the Laws… And in the most recent
(former) Soviet Union, G-d United States and Russia, etc., on period…this activity has reached a
would remove evil rule from the “the reduction and elimination of climax – with the breaking of the
earth, and how the Moshiach of weapons and the increase in boundaries of that nation, which
the generation fights against them matters required for the existence had once been engraved on its
and defeats them (see sicha, Vav of the national and world banner, and proclaimed war 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
against the spreading of Torah to our many transgressions, writes, “or he was killed”), rather
and Yiddishkait, to the point of everyone admits that he was right according to the Rebbe’s own
waging war against the Creator and praises his name, as he was words on Shabbos Parshas
and Ruler of the World… literally the only one who initiated VaYakhel 5710 (Toras Menachem,
Nevertheless, the activities of the the war of G-d not to abandon Vol. 1, pg. 21) regarding the
emissaries of the leader of the the life and security of millions of Rebbe Rayatz and the concept of
generation in spreading Torah and Jews, immediately after the Six “the king casts aside his own life
Yiddishkait there continued, Day War. (There can be no for the purpose of winning the
secretly and with literal self- question that just as he achieved war.” The Rebbe explains further
sacrifice, until recent times when final victory in his war against the in his maamer “Basi L’Gani”
the decree of the regime was Soviet Union, he will also win this (5741): “Not only does the king
nullified and it became possible to war against the shameful and squander his treasures; he even
continue activities in spreading traitorous Zionist government and casts aside his own life. We
Torah and Yiddishkait with all who support it, when he understand from this that the
greater strength and greater reveals himself and actually brings concept of victory, the spiritual
fortitude, revealed and with complete perfection and security attribute of Netzach, pertains to
publicity, to the point of the to the Holy Land and all who the king more than his revealed
collapse of the previous regime dwell there at the Complete life, as the root and source of the
and the establishment of a new Redemption.) attribute of Netzach in the higher
regime that proclaimed justice, There is also the subject of realms and also within the king is
integrity, and peace on the “Who is a Jew?” whereby not only much deeper than all
foundation of faith in the Creator religious and chareidi sectors other concepts of king and
and Ruler of the World.” The joined the left-wing forces and country, but even more than the
Rebbe explains that this continued prevented the passage of an king’s very life.” Thus, there is no
with the superpower summit amendment to the Law of Return concept here of nullifying the
meeting, where they decided upon stating that conversion to Judaism signs and descriptions of
“And they shall beat their swords must be “according to halacha” – Moshiach. On the contrary, this is
into plowshares,” as mentioned all due to giving precedence to specifically what will eventually be
above – and “all this came as a their ministerial positions and revealed as the most pivotal stage
result of the activities in government budget allocations or in the final victory.
spreading of Torah and simply because of their
Yiddishkait, justice and honesty determination to wage war
throughout the world, achieved
through the leader of our
against anything connected to
Lubavitch. Now, everyone admits
“All this came as
generation, the Moshiach of the to what the Rebbe shlita saw with a result of the
generation” (Shabbos Parshas his clear vision. They have started
Mishpatim, Seifer HaSichos to wake up to the need to solve activities in
5752, pgs. 363-365).
We also see this in other
the problem, and at the very least,
they have begun to make certain spreading of Torah
matters where he has fought. For
example, in the battle to preserve
that the local rabbinates
everywhere throughout Eretz
and Yiddishkait,
the territorial integrity of Eretz
Yisroel, the Rebbe maintained his
Yisroel make proper clarifications
as to a person’s status as a Jew,
justice and honesty
position despite the fact that all and not rely upon some false throughout the
streams within world Jewry Zionist document.
ridiculed him for his stance, even Yet, even while he has still not world, achieved
chareidim. There were even those
who actually supported giving
achieved total success in some of
these matters, the final victory through the leader
away land to the enemy r”l and
those who silently agreed to
will eventually come, and the
events of Gimmel Tammuz 5754
of our generation,
territorial compromise. Yet, now
that all of his unheeded
are in no way an indication of
failure in “the wars of G-d”
the Moshiach of
warnings have been realized due (regarding which the Rambam the generation.”

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

By Rabbi Yosef Karasik, district rav Bat Chefer – Emek Chefer

Why did people live for hundreds of When all goes well, and the
created being does its task, when
years after the world was created while it is finished it departs from this
our lives are so much shorter? When did (Adam HaRishon was created
to live forever, because he had the
the change to a shorter life begin? Why job of fixing the entire world and

will death be abolished in Yemos he was supposed to receive the
Torah and mitzvos and
HaMoshiach? A fascinating look at the immediately upon finishing his
work in tikkun olam he would
parsha from the perspective of Chazal, have moved on to the second era
in which reward is given. Since he
Kabbala, and Chabad Chassidus. sinned, he was punished and his
life shortened and the G-dly plan
was changed).
CHANGES IN MAN’S greater its creator. Since man was However, there can be changes
LIFESPAN created by the infinite G-d, he in the lifespan originally assigned
ought to have lived forever. How to a person, making it either
Back at the beginning, in the
can there be sickness, decay, and longer or shorter:
first two thousand years of the
death? This seems to indicate a Longevity: Some people live
world, people lived an average of
deficiency, Heaven forbid, in the good, long lives as a reward for
900-1000 years, far longer than
Creator? their good deeds. In the Gemara
in later years – from the
Obviously, sickness and death Chagiga it tells of a woman who
generation of Avrohom until
are not derived from a flaw in the was called, “Miriam who raised
today, where the average lifespan
Creator, but are part of the G-dly children.” For some reason she
is less than 100 years. “The days
plan. Hashem created the world died before her time and did not
of our years are seventy years,
for a purpose; nothing was finish her mission. Her years were
and if with strength, eighty
created by happenstance. The given to a Torah scholar who was
purpose is “to correct the world exceedingly tolerant of others so
The prophet Yeshaya (25:8)
with the kingdom of G-d,” so that he could complete the woman’s
prophesied that in the era of
the G-dly light is revealed with mission in addition to his own.
Geula, people will live longer than
the true and complete Shortened life: A person who
the early years of the world, to the
Redemption. Every created thing does not fulfill his mission in this
point of eternal life, as it says,
fulfills its mission in its own way world might lose years of his life
“Death will be swallowed up
– a Jew in tikkun olam, the goy in as the Midrash (Tanchuma Yisro)
forever.” No death at all and we
helping the Jew, etc. says, “through the Evil
will live forever!
Hashem assigned every part of Inclination, years are shortened,”
The lifespan of a something
creation a certain amount of time or because of other reasons.
says something about its creator.
in which to fulfill its mission in Chazal tell us about Chanoch,
The longer the thing lasts, the
the world in a natural manner. 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
whom “Hashem hastened and fact that a tzaddik is blessed with PROGRESSIVELY
removed and he died before his longevity and the wicked is not, is SHORTER LIVES
time,” as a preventive measure, so an “absolute miracle and is
Back to our topic – the changes
he would not sin (because “he hidden from the eyes of people
in lifespan as the generations went
thought to change and do evil”). who do not see it as anything but
on. Why did the huge drop from
Theoretically, it could be the the way of the world and its
hundreds of years to around a
other way round, that someone nature.”
hundred begin in the generation of
who finishes his task would die Rabbeinu Bachayei goes on to
Avrohom? Why was it that in the
early, as it says about Rabbi say that the reason why we don’t
generations preceding Avrohom
Tarfon (P’sikta Rabbasi) that see every tzaddik living long and
who publicized faith in one G-d,
when he was sick and his friends every wicked person dying young
they lived longer?
came to visit him, his mother is because “there is no complete
The Ohr HaChayim says that
asked them to pray for his tzaddik and there is no completely
the earlier generations had greater
recovery in the merit of his wicked person.” Another reason
tasks to accomplish in tikkun olam
punctilious observance of respect given is that a wicked person
and so they were given
for his mother. receives his reward in this world
commensurately longer lives. As
His friends said, “He did not so he will not receive it in the next
the generations passed, their tasks
achieve even half of the mitzva of world. The tzaddik sometimes
decreased and so their lives were
honoring parents,” and the reason does not receive his reward in this
was that since his life was in world so his reward will be
Another reason for the
danger, his friends deliberately greater in the next world.
longevity in those days is because
spoke deprecatingly about him.
of their peace and brotherly love,
They feared that if he had fulfilled
the mitzva of respect for parents
to perfection, he would have
finished his mission in this world,
so they declared that he hadn’t
done the mitzva in its entirety so
that he would continue to live and
do this mitzva.

The connection between health
and long life and a person’s
spiritual state is not rationally
understood, for what does
physical strength have to do with
mitzvos? People’s long or short
lives are understood as the way of
the world, and not as something
dependent on mitzvos!
On the contrary, says
Rabbeinu Bachayei. One would
expect a tzaddik who spends most
of his time on Torah and mitzvos
to be weaker than a wicked
person who has no fear of G-d
and who takes care of his health
(“delicacies expand a man’s heart
and lengthen his days”). So the

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
“and the entire land was one only by Hashem’s kindness (as years are shortened, but in the
nation and one language,” as well Chazal say in P’sachim) and this future, death will be swallowed up
as because of their respect for attribute of kindness is a loftier forever. Furthermore, says the
their parents. Eliyahu HaNavi level of G-dliness that is Rebbe, the very existence of iron
related: One time I was sitting in unaffected by the deeds of man. and weapons that shorten life will
the large beis midrash in That is why it does not shorten life be abolished, as it says, “And they
Yerushalayim and a student came for sinners and doesn’t increase will grind swords into
and asked me how the earlier life for tzaddikim. plowshares,” and the Jewish
generations were different than all Hashem, being infinite and people will live forever as souls in
other generations, as they lived so unlimited, Whose creations are bodies.
long. I told him: They lived long infinitely lower than Him, remains The reason: Death is a result of
so they could do kindness with unaffected by man’s service, as it the fact that the world is sustained
one another: “Sheis sustained and says in Iyov, “If you sin, how did by a G-dly light that is finite.
supported his father Adam. Enosh you affect Him, and if your willful Since the Divine energy imparted
supported his father Sheis, etc.” wicked deeds increased, what did to the world has a limit, so too life
The Ramban explains the you do to Him? If you did in this world is limited.
shortening of life as due to the righteousness, what do you give Additionally, this is what allows
deterioration of the world. Even Him and what does He take from for the Evil Inclination, which
after Adam was punished to die, your hand?” shortens life. But in those days the
he was healthy and strong and so From the Giving of the Torah world will be nourished by the
he lived nearly 1000 years. The and onward, “Hashem lowered Divine “infinite power,” the
deterioration of the world because Himself to the world in order that supernal attribute of chesed, and
therefore there won’t be a limit to
the influence of chesed and life to
The power of Torah is unlimited, so the created beings.
Furthermore, in the era of
reward for those who keep it is also Geula, reward will be given for the
unlimited, which is why they will live fulfillment of Torah and mitzvos
and since Torah and mitzvos have
eternally. an unlimited, supernatural power,
when you do them, you are
connected with the G-dly power
of the Flood and man’s actions the avoda of the tachtonim (lower that is beyond all limitations, and
(which affected the climate and) realm) would mean something to all impediments are nullified. The
weakened people, and that is why Him. That is why mitzvos affect power of Torah is unlimited, so the
people lived shorter lives. our longevity.” reward for those who keep it is
Before the Giving of the Torah, also unlimited, which is why they
“SUSTAINING THEM the original state of the world was will live eternally.
such that Hashem was above the It says in Chassidic works
WITH HIS KINDNESS” world and there was no connection (Yismach Moshe) that created
In Likkutei Sichos (vol. 15, p. between Him and the world and beings that exist in the world,
66, Kuntres U’Maayan, 8), the man. In those days, even though which is limited in place and time,
Rebbe gives a marvelous people did not have the merit of cannot live forever, because they
explanation for the longevity of Torah, and they even angered are bound by the limitations of
earlier generations: Hashem with idol worship, they time. Accordingly, Chazal explain
Ever since the Giving of the lived long lives because they were the verse, “so your days will be
Torah, Hashem sustains the world sustained by Hashem’s chesed. lengthy,” as “a world that is
with the attributes of chesed as completely long,” referring to
well as din. That is why life is Olam HaBa and Yemos
limited in accordance with reward
HaMoshiach, when the infinite
and punishment for fulfilling In the future, there won’t be
power of Torah will prevail in the
Torah, mitzvos and good deeds. In illness and death, and Jews will
world which will enable us to live
the years preceding the Giving of live forever as souls in bodies as
forever. May we immediately merit
the Torah, the world was sustained the Midrash says, “In this world,
the Geula shleima. 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

By Dafna Chaim

Over thirty years have passed since the
first group of shluchim and shluchos
went to Eretz Yisroel. * We spoke to
three of the shluchos about shlichus,
about their memories, about their
children who leave home for other
shlichus positions, and we heard their
insights and advice.
The Rebbe personally picked and made the decision for us. confident that I would soon merit
you for a special shlichus to Along with the great privilege, to have a child.
Eretz Yisroel. What is the it’s also a tremendous These are the feelings that
significance of this in your day- responsibility that requires that accompany me over the years.
to-day lives? we continually carry out this Although I don’t think about it
Mrs. Piekarski: The very fact shlichus in the best possible way. every minute, it’s there, and it’s a
that the Rebbe chose us is a big We don’t want to disappoint the source of great joy and bitachon.
thing. It’s a great privilege that Rebbe, G-d forbid, and we want A tzaddik once said that a Jew
we live with every day. In to pass along the torch of shlichus ought to dance for joy for being a
addition, with the Rebbe’s to our children too. Jew. Naturally, he doesn’t dance
selection of us there is the added Mrs. Schildkraut: I remember all day, but these feelings arise at
advantage in the absolute that when our entire group went special moments of simcha and
confidence that this is where we together to Gan Eden HaTachton nachas, or at times of
belong. to receive the Rebbe’s bracha dispiritedness when there are
Often, couples about to go on before traveling, on 27 Shvat, difficulties in shlichus.
shlichus wonder which shlichus to there was great excitement. The That scene with the Rebbe
pick. It might be a foreign Rebbe showered us with brachos gives me the strength to carry on.
country where they will have to – in health, children, and The knowledge that the Rebbe
deal with a new language and a livelihood – and gave each of us a chose us personally for a mission
different mentality, and there are Tanya, Siddur, and money to give he so valued, fills me with
concerns about the future. My to tz’daka in Eretz Yisroel. strength and enthusiasm every
husband and I also checked out It was altogether moving and time I think about it.
several possibilities. Fortunately, uplifting. All the women but me Along with the great privilege,
the Rebbe spared us any doubts were pregnant and I felt utterly we cannot forget that being a 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
The shluchos passing by the Rebbe shortly before leaving for Eretz Yisroel

shliach is a tremendous obligation close. When there’s a simcha in sorts of things that need to get
and every moment of our lives has the family of shluchim, it’s like done. A woman giving birth needs
to look the way the Rebbe wants the simcha of a close family to be accompanied to the
it to look. I remember once going member. hospital; a graduate needs
to buy a sheitel with Nechama Since we left on shlichus we chinuch advice; someone needs
Greisman a”h, also a shlucha, and have been here, in Tzfas. I am an help with shalom bayis; a couple
she said to me that we have to be eim bayis (house mother) at is having a hard time with
very careful about what kind of Machon Alte, which means being parnasa, and on and on.
sheitel we buy, since we represent a mother, sister, friend and The Rebbe said that shlichus
the Rebbe. mashpia to the girls. I help them benefits not only the place where
Mrs. Popack: No doubt, it’s a along as they become baalos the shliach is sent but the
great privilege and not a day goes t’shuva and this naturally creates shluchim themselves. Looking
by that I don’t thank Hashem for a very close relationship with back over your years on
the great privilege we have in them, which continues even after shlichus, what has shlichus
being part of the amazing family they start homes of their own. It’s given you?
of shluchim that were chosen by a 24-hours-a-day shlichus with Mrs. Schildkraut: The
the Rebbe himself. The fact that never a dull moment. greatest privilege is to be partners
we went as a group was a big Usually shlichus entails going in the Rebbe’s enormous work in
advantage. It was easier to deal out, in the attempt to influence the world, work that prepares the
with the early difficulties as a one’s surroundings. In my case, it world for its destiny, Geula. The
group than as individuals. all comes to me and each day has Rebbe, in choosing us, gave us
In general, a close bond was its share of surprises and tremendous abilities and this is a
created among the shluchim as in challenges. The phone begins to big thing. When I look at the
a family, and until this day we are ring early in the morning with all array of mosdos that we have

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
founded, I can’t believe my eyes. come over and get l’chaim. The Rebbe about wanting to travel and
This is not normal success. It is Rebbe gave each one of them an the Rebbe’s answer was “with the
obvious to me that this is not a envelope. Then the Rebbe asked hanhala’s permission.”
result of our natural abilities. Rabbi Groner to ask the women I asked Rabbi Chefer for
Mrs. Popack: Over the years, of the new group to Eretz Yisroel permission and he agreed that I
hundreds of girls have passed to come downstairs. could go but only two days before
through Machon Alte, and some At first, Rabbi Groner didn’t Rosh HaShana, like the other
of them live now in Tzfas. With understand what the Rebbe Israelis, and not as I had planned
many of the graduates, our meant. The truth is that nobody to go a week earlier.
relationship is close and warm as did. The zal was packed with During Tishrei, I took it upon
with family. Baruch Hashem, Chassidim and if you remember myself to arrange shiurim for the
there are many moments of how the zal looked during a Israelis and I reported to the
nachas and joy from the girls and farbrengen you understand why Rebbe about this. Every day the
great pleasure in seeing them they were puzzled. But when the Rebbe sent out dimes for me to
marry and start their own homes. Rebbe asks, you don’t ask give to those who participated in
Some of them go out on shlichus questions. the shiurim.
too. We went downstairs, while the Before returning to Eretz
Mrs. Piekarski: That we had men, who filled the room, moved Yisroel, I asked for yechidus and
the privilege of raising our aside and cleared a path. We Rabbi Groner said that yechidus
children in Eretz Yisroel. Before nervously went up to the was only for guests (and my
we left on shlichus, Eretz Yisroel farbrengen table. Mrs. Bukiet and family was in Crown Heights). I
was not in our plans. If not for Mrs. Rivkin, who held babies, said I had come as a guest and he
this shlichus, it is almost certain went first, and the Rebbe gave agreed.
that we wouldn’t be living here. each of them an envelope and the That year, I was a madricha in
It’s hard to know what would babies were given a small Siddur. Beis Rivka. I was 17 and my
have happened if we lived I was the third in line. charges were mostly girls who
somewhere else, but over here we The Rebbe looked at me with a were 18. I found my job
deal with a challenging shlichus smile and then looked at my spiritually and physically taxing,
on a daily basis. father, who stood not far from the and in the yechidus I asked the
In a certain way, our difficulty farbrengen table. My father had Rebbe for a bracha for success. I
in fulfilling our shlichus is greater tears of joy in his eyes and I was added that I was a bit
since we did not found any overcome with emotion. My apprehensive about the enormity
mosdos. This makes us ask parents were thrilled and so proud of the responsibility and felt that
ourselves repeatedly: what did I of us. The Rebbe blessed me and the job was too much for me.
do today on the Rebbe’s shlichus? gave me an envelope which The Rebbe pushed the letter
Tell us about an especially contained a Tanya, a small around with his finger, smiled and
touching moment with the Siddur, and the kuntres Ahavas said, “It’s good that you’re
Rebbe. Yisroel signed by the Rebbe, as nervous because that means you
Mrs. Popack: On Purim Katan well as lira notes to give to understand the big responsibility
5738, there was a surprise tz’daka in Eretz Yisroel. in the education of children in
farbrengen. We shluchim, who I think it was the one and only general and the chinuch of His
were just chosen for the third time that women passed by the children in particular.”
group of shluchim to Eretz Rebbe in the middle of a Without a doubt, this shlichus
Yisroel, were told by the farbrengen. I will preserve this prepared me for my future
secretaries about this farbrengen precious memory in my heart for shlichus in Eretz Yisroel and
and were asked to be present with eternity. maybe I can say that my shlichus
our families. We did so, with the Mrs. Piekarski: In Elul 5733, in Eretz Yisroel began with that
men downstairs in the zal and the I was learning in Beis Rivka in one.
women in the women’s section on Eretz Yisroel. I wanted to go to When we came to Eretz Yisroel
top. the Rebbe, but my brother told as shluchim and my husband saw
Suddenly, during the me that you don’t travel without the difficult material conditions,
farbrengen, the Rebbe asked the the Rebbe’s permission. Towards he did not understand how I
shluchim going to Eretz Yisroel to the end of Elul I wrote to the agreed to go on shlichus here. I’ll 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
give you an example. In my where I want them to live. I only ourselves and our children, or
parents’ home there were three hope and pray that it will go well amongst themselves.
phone lines. When I was a kalla, for them and that they will carry I always make sure to update
one of them was my personal line. out their shlichus in the best each one with what is going on
In Eretz Yisroel, we had to wait possible way, and when the Rebbe with the others and I encourage
for years for a phone line. I don’t has nachas from them, we also them to keep in touch with one
have to tell you how hard it was have nachas. another, to take an interest, to
without a phone in the house, I have to say that their absence help out. When one of the boys
when every phone call that needed is filled with the girls from the calls from yeshiva abroad or from
to be made was a project. Machon. Every simcha they have, Thailand, at the end of the
Mrs. Schildkraut: One of the every birth, I feel like a child or conversation I say, “I’m sure you
most moving moments was when grandchild is being born in the want to speak to Shmulik.”
we arrived in Eretz Yisroel. We family. It fills my heart with joy We also try to help them as
were welcomed with such warmth and tremendous satisfaction and much as possible, to encourage
and enthusiasm. It was touching compensates somewhat for the them when necessary. Parents by
and unforgettable. physical distance of my children. nature want to help their children,
Hundreds of people, including Mrs. Piekarski: First of all, we to ward off difficulties, to give
journalists, came to the airport too are children of our parents them direction whether it’s in the
from all over the country to and we are still torn between our chinuch of their children, in
welcome us, the Rebbe’s home and parents. Maybe our working with mekuravim or any
shluchim, with singing and experience in handling it, the fact other difficulty. There are times
when our experience is helpful to
them, and there are times when
Yet we have many moments of nachas, they have to arrive at their own
when we hear about their success. My Mrs. Schildkraut: We are
mother has a line that she always says, pleased that our two married
daughters are on shlichus, one in
“May there be nachas from afar and China and one in Austria. When
we went on shlichus, my in-laws
not sorrow from up close.” took it very hard. They are an
American family of three
generations and they had never
dancing. There was a commotion that we ourselves left our native been to Eretz Yisroel. For them,
and there was the sense of surroundings and moved to a new Eretz Yisroel was the land of
excitement and great simcha. In place, helps us understand the Tanach, not a place to live. They
those exhilarating moments it hit difficulty in raising children far worried about how we would
me, “We are shluchim of the from the extended family. But it’s manage with the conditions there.
Rebbe! We represent the Rebbe in still hard to see your children only Today, when I have a daughter
Eretz Yisroel!” It was an amazing once or twice a year and to know on shlichus in China, which for
feeling. the grandchildren through me is something like Eretz Yisroel
The shluchim who went to pictures and phone conversations. was for them, I understand them
Eretz Yisroel are now in the Baruch Hashem, today it’s a lot better. It’s definitely easier
midst of marrying off their easier to easier to communicate to go through difficulties yourself
children, who themselves go on thanks to modern technology. than to have your children go
shlichus, sometimes overseas. Back in the early days of our through them. The worry about
How do you deal with this? shlichus, a phone call abroad was the children, missing them, the
Mrs. Popack: Although it’s a rarity, whereas today, you can fact that the grandchildren, whom
very hard and we miss them so speak with your children around we waited for, are growing up far
much, we are happy that they are the world on a daily basis. I think away and we have to suffice with
following in our footsteps. The that parents have to play an phone calls – it’s not easy.
way I look at it, wherever the important role in preserving the Yet we have many moments of
Rebbe wants my children to live is family ties, whether between nachas, when we hear about their

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
success. My mother has a line agreed to do it. That was the first tall and distinguished looking. He
that she always says, “May there time I spoke to an audience. was the Rebbe’s shliach in Rio de
be nachas from afar and not I went to the place on the Janeiro in the fifties and I think it
sorrow from up close.” appointed day and before I spoke, must have been him…”
Shlichus is what my life is all the administrator got up and said Along with Chabad pride, it’s
about, and when I see my to the students, “I want to tell important to go with a positive
children doing this too, then you a story. In the fifties, I was a attitude, to get to work with
despite the hardships, I am happy shliach of the Jewish Agency in simcha. We who were personally
about it. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. One day, picked by the Rebbe to go to
Do you have a tip or two for I went on the bus and at one of Eretz Yisroel were in the clouds.
young shluchim starting out? the stops a Chabadnik got on. He This z’chus gave us tremendous
Mrs. Piekarski: First, to be was a tall and impressive looking enthusiasm and simcha and it
mekushar to the Rebbe and to man, with a beard, a hat and gave us lots of strength to deal
understand that all our successes dressed typically chareidi. I was with the various hardships (mice
do not come from our own surprised. The last thing I in the house, outdoor facilities,
kochos. You need to go with your expected to see there was a language difficulties, etc.). We
Chabad pride, without worrying chareidi Jew. accepted it all joyfully and with
about what people will say. We go “I’ll tell you the truth. I felt love, without complaining,
realizing the significance and
importance of our shlichus.
I don’t want shluchim going out on I don’t want shluchim going
out on shlichus to experience
shlichus to experience difficulties such difficulties such as these, nor do I
think that we have to harp on the
as these, nor do I think that we have to hardships we had. Every
generation has its challenges. I
harp on the hardships we had. Every would like shluchim to have that
generation has its challenges. I would same joy and the awareness of
what a great z’chus it is to be on
like shluchim to have that same joy shlichus.
A little tip for old-time
and the awareness of what a great shluchim who are taking young
shluchim to help out: Fargin, give
z’chus it is to be on shlichus. respect, encouragement, include
them in the work as equals, share
your enthusiasm for shlichus. We
on the Rebbe’s shlichus and with uncomfortable. I thought: There saw the Rebbe and received his
his strength, and we have nothing goes the galus-Jew with his old- encouragement and support over
to be ashamed about; on the fashioned clothes. How did he get the years, while the young
contrary, this itself opens doors. here? I wondered how the generation has it much harder.
For our first Pesach in Tzfas, passengers on the bus would react We can help them.
most of the shluchim went to to his odd appearance. To my Mrs. Popack: I always tell my
their families in the center of the great surprise, they treated him children, don’t forget that we
country. Three of us remained in with great respect and one of represent the Rebbe. They are
Tzfas: the Chitriks, the Kaplans, them moved over for him. That’s looking at us and checking us out
and us. One day, Mrs. Rochel when I realized that Chabadnikim and we need to be role models of
Hendel asked me to visit the have nothing to be ashamed how a Chassid is supposed to
branch of Bar-Ilan University in about.” look. It’s a heavy responsibility.
Tzfas and to distribute shmura He finished his story and it I would also recommend to
matza to the students and to tell was my turn to speak. “This is the new shluchim: become friends
them a bit about Pesach. Since first time that I am hearing this with your mekuravim, like family,
most of the shluchos had left, I story, but my father is a and then you will have much
didn’t have much choice and I Chabadnik who has a beard and is satisfaction and joy in your work. 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
apparent in every activity we do,
in the shiurim, the mivtzaim, the
school – it is all permeated and
connected with the great longing
for Geula.
Mrs. Popack: At the Machon
we always live with Moshiach; it’s
an inseparable part of the day.
The curriculum includes regular
shiurim in inyanei Moshiach and
Geula and the girls go out on
mivtzaim in which they
disseminate the Besuras HaGeula
to the residents of Tzfas and the
surrounding area. The emuna and
The work of the Schildkraut family – the schools in Kiryot enthusiasm that the girls have for
inyanei Geula reverberate in the
Mrs. Schildkraut: The most house to house in the attempt to Machon, so that whoever comes
important tip is give yourself get more women to light candles. here will immediately sense it.
entirely over to the Rebbe’s At one house, the lady closed the Mrs. Piekarski: We see today
inyanim; put in all your strength door in her face. Twenty years how the world is ready for Geula.
while at the same time, know that later, that woman who shut the In recent years we have observed
you are merely the channel door in her face managed to an interesting phenomenon, which
through which it all goes. If we locate her and told her that continues to grow. If in the past,
devote ourselves to what the slamming the door aroused we had to go out and work hard
Rebbe wants, we will be feelings of t’shuva in her. She was to draw people to shiurim or to
successful. We see that the Rebbe shocked at what she did and it any other program, now it’s the
gives tremendous kochos. The shook her up to the extent that it opposite. People are looking for
Rebbe is actually doing the work led to her becoming a baalas us. There is a tremendous thirst
and all we need to do is put our t’shuva. for spirituality out there. People
little finger there and want to be When the door is slammed in approach us, show an interest in
partners. our face, when we are not Judaism, and express a strong
The Rebbe could do it all appreciated, when the feedback is need to get involved. We, as
himself, but the Rebbe gives us not encouraging, we need to shluchim, have to take advantage
the opportunity to take part in remember that the only thing that of this awakening and reach out
this holy work. It’s a z’chus that interests us is feedback from the to as many Jews as we can, each
you mustn’t forego. When I need Rebbe, that the Rebbe should be one in her way.
to get out of my limitations, I satisfied. That’s what is important I think that in our generation
remember this and it fills me with and the Rebbe knows the truth. it is hard to educate children to
chayus and energy. We don’t always see the results of yiras Shamayim and
Another very important thing our work but that shouldn’t cause Chassidishkait if you don’t live
to remember on shlichus is that us to weaken, because ultimately, with Moshiach. You need to live
our role is to bring the light of our work will have an effect. with Moshiach every minute of
the Rebbe to the world, and What are you doing in order your life; connecting all parts of
therefore it’s important to stick to to prepare the world to greet our lives with Moshiach and
what the Rebbe wants of us, and Moshiach? doing this with simcha and
to do what he wants even if the Mrs. Schildkraut: At the enthusiasm; treating this with
reactions and the results are not beginning of our shlichus and respect, instilling in our children
encouraging. even before we left, the Rebbe and mushpaim the feeling that
I heard an amazing story from defined the goal of our shlichus they have a great z’chus to live in
Michal Kaplan of Migdal and said it is to prepare the world this unique generation, the
HaEmek. Twenty years ago she to greet Moshiach. Our work is generation of Geula. May we
went on Mivtza Neshek from permeated with this point. It is merit the true and complete
Redemption now.

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

By Rabbi Yaakov Shmuelevitz, Chabad house-Beit Shaan

A shliach is someone who is parents) until he found his bashert. many problems that were referred to
involved with a myriad of jobs. He’s The Chabad house is usually me regarding shalom bayis. At first I
a shliach, rav, activist, askan, happy to make a Sheva Brachos was taken aback by the disclosures
shtadlan, fundraiser, psychologist, meal for the bride and groom. This and shaken by the stories, although
etc. Sometimes a shliach is a way, all the mekuravim get to join outwardly I remained calm. I didn’t
shadchan, marital advisor, shushbin the farbrengen and there’s lots of know there were such serious cases
(the one who accompanies the Chassidishe simcha, niggunim, and of differences of opinion, but slowly
groom to the chuppa), and mesader divrei Torah. I learned, with Hashem’s help and
kiddushin (the rabbi who officiates The work does not end when the with the strength of the Rebbe who
at a wedding). The shlucha might bride or groom are escorted to the sent me here, how to smooth things
later accompany the “bride” to the chuppa. On the contrary, in a over and give advice.
delivery room. certain way it begins anew. After the Today, when I look in hindsight,
Over the years on shlichus, I wedding the couple needs guidance I have some moments of nachas
have been involved in many of these and support because life does not when I see those families continuing
roles and have experienced end at the chuppa; it begins. their lives together and raising their
situations both happy and sad. What is unique about getting children to Torah and mitzvos.
One of the most moving involved in shalom bayis issues is
moments in the life of a shliach, one the knowledge that the lives of a
family are in the balance.
of incomparable nachas, is when
one of his mekuravim gets married Sometimes, a visit begins at nine in TILL THE WEDDING
with the “Arba Bavos” playing in the the evening and six hours go by and Sometimes the stories are happy
background. Sometimes a tear is the problem is not solved. You ones but sometimes, when things
shed when I recall the long road we arrange to meet again in a few more veer far from the straight path, and
traveled together from the first time days. every shliach has encountered such
the groom visited the Chabad house Since I arrived in Beit Shaan situations, there are serious and
with piercings in every possible twenty-one years ago, I remember complicated problems that are not
place. I recall when the bachur
decided to grow a beard and went
to yeshiva, and the inquiries we
made together during his search for
a shidduch.
One time, in the middle of the
winter, my wife and I went to New
York to participate in the wedding
of a bachur who went through the
whole, long process with us. It
wasn’t an easy trip but it was worth
it. Another time, I went to Paris in
order to attend the vort of a bachur
whom we adopted from the moment
he came from Russia (without his 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
always readily solved. The following house and wanted to get married. daughter in Beit Shaan and about
story has a happy ending and is told He knew a suitable girl and they her problems.
by Rabbi Yitzchok Lifsh, shliach in planned on marrying. At a certain The shliach asked me to speak to
Tzfas: point, he was unsure about her and the husband but not to let on that I
“A few years ago I began giving a he came to me and said, “I feel no knew anything. I could talk to him
Tanya shiur at a military base of the connection to her, but if you tell me about any subject except for shalom
Military Intelligence branch of the to marry her, I will marry her.” bayis.
IDF near Tzfas. One of the officers I tried to explain to him that it I wondered how to approach the
that participated in the shiur became doesn’t work that way. He had to man. What excuse could I come up
involved in Chassidus and the decide whether he was interested in with? I ended up going to him to
performance of mitzvos. I began to her or not, but the bachur insisted ask for a donation and “by the way”
talk to him about studying in that I should decide for him. began talking about his family. It
yeshiva when he was released from “I’m not marrying for myself, was a long conversation and it was
the army. He almost agreed, but but for the sake of Heaven, and successful in one respect – I got a
then a friend showed him an article what the rabbi tells me is what I will donation. He promised to donate a
in a newspaper that made him doubt do…” I explained to the best of my nice sum of money to be given over
this move. ability the significance of choosing a the course of the year, which he
“At a certain point, I made a wife. I hope he understood and that gave, but about shalom bayis he had
special trip from Tzfas to the center they are living a happy life together. nothing to say.
of the country, met with the young A year went by and it was time
man, and said to him, ‘Come, let’s to ask for another donation. We met
go and see the yeshiva,’ and this is
what made the difference.
“Even after he started in learning “It turned out that this unconventional
in the Chabad yeshiva in Ramat
Aviv, his Misnagdic friends who
way of dissuading him, actually served
opposed the idea didn’t leave him to convince him to continue learning in
alone. One of them called him and
said that a mutual friend had had a the Chabad yeshiva.”
son and they arranged to travel
together to the bris. The truth is
that there was no bris. The friend REMARRYING again and he committed to another
merely took him from Ramat Aviv to ONE’S DIVORCEE donation. We spoke a bit about the
the Ponovezh yeshiva in B’nei Brak, family and he said all was fine. They
A faithful shliach is also the
where he told him about the had gotten divorced and she had
spiritual father to mekuravim and to
dangers of learning in a Chabad moved to her parents, but “our
the community that develops around
yeshiva. relationship is excellent.”
a Chabad house. A shliach who does
“It turned out that this Then he asked me, “Could you
it right, keeps all his people in mind
unconventional way of dissuading speak to her about our
and constantly inquires as to their
him, actually served to convince him remarrying?” I told him that I have
material and spiritual needs. I
to continue learning in the Chabad a good friend, a shliach who lives in
sometimes hear about one shliach or
yeshiva.” the parents’ city and he could speak
another who invests hours and
Baruch Hashem, the bachur to her. Stay tuned … next year …
sometimes day and nights in order
went on K’vutza and became a ***
to help people, families, or young
Chassid. He will soon be marrying a In conclusion: When you daven
couples just starting out.
Lubavitcher girl. Rabbi Lifsh and for people who are still looking for
About a year ago, an old-time
the niggun “Arba Bavos” will their other half, please add a small
shliach told me that he knew of a
accompany him to the chuppa. prayer for the faithful shluchim, all
couple in Beit Shaan who had
shalom bayis problems. How did he of whom have to marry off 10-20
RABBI, SHOULD I know? Because the woman’s additional children this upcoming
MARRY HER OR NOT? parents lived near him and were year, and who help many other
mekuravim of his Chabad house. couples as well, that they be
Many years ago, a young bachur
They told him about their married successful!
became involved in the Chabad

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

By Rabbi Shneur Zalman Berger

“ACHEI T’MIMIM” of the bakeries in Tel Aviv pledged Yeshivas Tomchei T’mimim in
IN TEL AVIV to donate a loaf of bread every day Brooklyn. In addition to a proper
for the talmidim of the yeshiva. As learning environment, in the spirit
Rabbi Uri Ben Shachar,
for meat, through the efforts of R’ of Lubavitch, the Rebbe Rayatz is
distinguished resident of Kfar
Mendel Slonim a”h, they came to there and surely this has special
Chabad, passed away on Erev 18
an arrangement with some butcher significance for all the students in
Elul. He was born in 1927 in
stores that set aside a certain the yeshiva, especially someone like
Rishon L’Tziyon to Chassidic
amount of meat for the yeshiva. R’ me who is in the process of
parents. He was drawn to Chabad
Zev Zalmanov volunteered to pick acquiring Torah and Chabad
Chassidus by the mashpia, Rabbi
up the donations of bread and meat Chassidus and an approach to the
Chaim Shaul Brook, who persuaded
from the bakeries and butcher way and customs of Chassidim.
him to attend Yeshivas Achei
stores every day.” “I wrote a summary of these
T’mimim in Tel Aviv.
thoughts to the Rebbe Rayatz, and
As he told me two years ago, “I
“IT IS PROPER AND asked for his consent that I learn in
grew up in a Chassidic family in
Tomchei T’mimim in Brooklyn. At
Rishon L’Tziyon and the mashpia, GOOD TO COME HERE” the beginning of the summer I
Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, who was After a few years in which R’ Uri received a letter from the Rebbe
a good friend of my father, Ben Shachar learned in Achei Rayatz (dated 11 Nissan 5707):
introduced us to Chabad Chassidus. T’mimim in Tel Aviv, he yearned to In response to your letter of 22
He eventually got me to learn in travel to the Rebbe Rayatz and be in Adar about your desire to come
Yeshivas Achei T’mimim in Tel Aviv, his presence while learning in and learn in Yeshivas Tomchei
where I was greatly influenced by Tomchei T’mimim in New York. T’mimim in Brooklyn for a period
his unique personality. He described his feelings at that of time and then to return: Every
“The talmidim of the yeshiva, time, in 1947: undertaking and avoda needs to be
including myself, learned from “I feel as though the walls of the done in an orderly and grounded
Chassidim, who were great Torah yeshiva in Tel Aviv are confining way, and therefore you should
scholars. The learning was on a me. A number of talmidim left the present this to my good friend, R’
high level, but the physical yeshiva upon their marriage and I Shaul Dov Zislin, and to my good
conditions were not so great. have been hesitating about what I friend R’ Moshe Gurary, and they
However, the dean of the yeshiva, should do next. I am not ready to should write their opinion to me
Rabbi Eliezer Karasik, and other leave yeshiva and get married, regarding where you are at in the
good Chassidim, did what they especially when I lack the proper study of Nigleh and Chassidus and
could to improve the living Chassidic solidity, which is the basic how necessary such a trip is and
conditions in yeshiva. The foundation to be able to go out and then I will reply, G-d willing…
economic situation throughout the get on in life. Yet, I haven’t made “Of course I hurried to bring my
country was bad and the yeshiva did peace with the fact that some of my question to them. At the time, they
not get many donations. friends have left yeshiva and only were members of the yeshiva’s
“In those difficult days, the young talmidim remain. administration. I asked them to
yeshiva had to obtain basic food “I concluded that my only choice write to the Rebbe about me, as he
items via donations that were is to try and be accepted by had requested. These two
collected daily. The owners of each 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
distinguished Chassidim discussed HaShana but remained in Eretz
The Rebbe told it and wrote their positive opinion Yisroel until Sukkos. In those days
that I was ready for a trip to learn the trip to the US was no simple
him, “Try, when in Tomchei T’mimim in Brooklyn. matter, entailing a long trip by
“On 17 Elul 5707 I finally plane and ship, bureaucratic red
you meet a Jew, received a letter from the Rebbe tape, and endless surprises.
to get him to Rayatz approving my trip. This is
what the Rebbe wrote:
R’ Uri kept a detailed diary
regarding the trip itself, from which
reminisce about Based on the letter from my
dear friends, R’ Shaul Dov Zislin
we will quote some excerpts:
“My excitement is great for I am
his father and and R’ Moshe Gurary, that it is going to realize my dream to learn
good and proper that you come in the yeshiva near the Rebbe.
grandfather and and learn here for a period of Naturally, there are also the normal
time, I agree that you should come feelings upon leaving my parents
on that occasion and bless you with a good trip and and family and going out of the
he will sigh and with success in learning and
avoda, materially and spiritually.”
borders of Eretz Yisroel for the first
say, ‘Oy, why am He experienced many adventures
on his way to the Rebbe and by
I not like THE REBBE
Simchas Torah he was already in
“Beis Chayeinu,” where he
them…’” R’ Uri wanted to go before Rosh participated in a farbrengen by the
“Ramash” (later to be the Rebbe
MH”M) for the first time:
“We went down to the large
sukka in the yard and I saw the
Ramash, son-in-law of the Rebbe,
sitting at the head of the table, with
dozens of young people crowded
around him on benches and tables,
listening to what he said about the
holiday. This awe-inspiring sight
particularly impressed me. They
explained to me that the Ramash
farbrengs with the talmidim of the
yeshiva every Simchas Torah night
before hakafos. Only afterwards
does the Rebbe’s farbrengen take
“The next day, Simchas Torah, I
got up early and after immersing I
went to the beis midrash in order to
feast my eyes on what was going
on. When it came time for
davening in the Rebbe’s room, I
went upstairs in order to participate
in the davening as well as the
“When the door to the Rebbe’s
private room was opened, I recited
the SheHechiyanu blessing and I
saw great things…
“My desire was finally realized
Rabbi Uri Ben Shachar (right) with his friend Rabbi Nosson Gurary

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
and I have come to be in the This is what he wrote about his upon entering for yechidus is
Rebbe’s presence with faith that a first yechidus with the Rebbe aroused anew and makes a mighty
new era is beginning with me, full Rayatz: impression on me. I did not have
of Chassidic content, which will “I had already seen the Rebbe on particular questions but asked for
have an effect for years to come.” Simchas Torah, but the excitement blessing and success in learning and
fear of Heaven. The truth is that it
isn’t yechidus in the simple sense of
TRAVELING TO THE REBBE the word [one-on-one], since R’
Elya Simpson, who served as the
When R’ Uri’s diary of his trip to the Rebbe Rayatz was published, gabbai and is in charge of arranging
he prefaced it with comments on the importance of traveling to the yechidus, was there. He also served
Rebbe and the preparations that are needed for the trip. With as translator, since I couldn’t
thousands of Chassidim who just came to the Rebbe for Tishrei, what understand the Rebbe’s speech
he has to say is as relevant as ever. Some excerpts follow: [because of his stroke]. Rabbi
A Chassid’s trip to the Rebbe is the spark approaching the torch. Simpson is the one who told me,
The torch is one, and it always remains in its full strength. It word by word, what the Rebbe said.
illuminates, it warms, and it does not change. The sparks are The Rebbe blessed me with success
numerous and diverse. There are large and small sparks and sparks in learning and diligence in
that are closer and further from the torch. The spark’s size or accordance with the rules of the
proximity to the torch definitely impact on the power of the spark. hanhala.”
The constant yearning of the spark is to unite with the torch. And if After Simchas Torah, R’ Uri Ben
not, he is likely to become extinguished with time. This unity gives him Shachar went to learn in Tomchei
the ability to continue afterwards, to illuminate himself and his T’mimim on Bedford Avenue and
immediate surroundings. Therefore it is natural for a Chassid to yearn soon acclimated to the yeshiva’s
to see his Rebbe so that he can continue, more forcefully, to fulfill his program. At the beginning of
mission which divine providence assigned him. Sivan, he received a surprising
Of course, there are differences between one Chassid and the next. order from the Rebbe. The Rebbe
As in the example of sparks, here too there’s the Chassid whose entire told him to visit a few cities in the
day is devoted to Torah and t’filla and whose entire being is nothing but US, and Rabbi Chadakov clarified
praise to Hashem. However, he is like a ladder placed on the ground that the main goal of this shlichus
with his head in the sky. The head and all that follow it are devoted was to disseminate the books and
exclusively to Heavenly matters. booklets published by Merkos
There is a Jew whose entire chayus is expressed solely in the feeling L’Inyonei Chinuch, concluding,
that he belongs to a large family of Chassidim, and this is without his “Fulfill the shlichus with success,
delving into Toras HaChassidus and without understanding what materially and spiritually.”
Chassidus gives him, from a soul perspective. He knows only this, that Before traveling he went to the
in order to remain a complete Jew, he must belong to the family of Rebbe Rayatz, this time alone, since
Chassidim. This feeling is extremely powerful for him and with the he had gotten used to the Rebbe’s
strength of his wholehearted faith, he is also able to radiate to his speech. The Rebbe told him, “Try,
surroundings. when you meet a Jew, to get him to
The two types of Jews that I mentioned, as well as those who are in reminisce about his father and
between these two extremes, know and recognize that all their spiritual grandfather and on that occasion he
chayus comes from the large torch that illuminates and warms, and will sigh and say, ‘Oy, why am I not
therefore each one is ready to make every effort to reach the torch. like them…’”
Therefore, when a Chassid decides to go to the Rebbe, he knows
who he is going to and the purpose towards which he devotes his
energy and lots of money. Surely he makes a spiritual accounting and A SCHOOL
the necessary preparations to be fit for that moment when he enters UNDER A TREE
inside. Preparations are not measured only in the length of time After a year and a half, R’ Uri
between when the decision is made and when he arrives at the Rebbe. returned to Eretz Yisroel and a few
It is possible for this preparation to be made in a moment, on condition months later he began working in
that it is done in the proper manner. Either way, the trip to the Rebbe chinuch in Rishon L’Tziyon. Later,
is an established foundation in the ways of Chassidus. he worked for “HaMachaneh
HaTorati” which was also called 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &
At the dedication of the expanded school. From right to left: Rabbi Dovid Chanzin, menahel of the Reshet, Rabbi Eliezer
Karasik, director of Aguch, R’ Pinye Altheus, member of the hanhala of Aguch, Rabbi Uri Ben Shachar, menahel of
the school in Yaffo, Mr. Avivi, director of the education department in the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yaffo

“P’ilim,” which is known today as part time job but the school quickly describes R’ Uri’s work in starting
“Yad L’Achim.” drew me into fulltime work. It was the school in Yaffo:
At the end of 5711, the newly a difficult time for the Reshet. They “I had no degree or diplomas. I
installed Rebbe told R’ Zushe opened four schools simultaneously took the test from the Ministry of
Wilmovsky, the “partisan,” to in Kfar Saba, Yaffo, Malacha (in Education later on. There was no
establish a network of schools called Yerushalayim), and Zarnoga (in classroom and nothing that would
Oholei Yosef Yitzchok. Some Rechovot).” indicate that it was a school. I
askanim, including R’ Uri, got Since there was no school gathered the children and we sat
involved in establishing this school building, R’ Uri opened the school under a tree and I began to teach.
system in Eretz Yisroel. R’ Uri took year with sixty students on a R’ Zushe Partisan was the one who
part in the initial meetings and in number of benches that were put in registered the children. He went to
the first activities that preceded the the shade. The parents weren’t transit camps to do so and that’s
establishment of the schools. When pleased, but when they saw the how the school began.”
they spoke about starting the first young teachers and principal who Within a few days, R’ Uri
four schools, he was offered the were ready to put their hearts and received permission from the gabbai
position of principal. He was souls into their students, they had of a nearby shul to use the shul for
unsure about this as he later related: faith in them and allowed their the school. In the meantime, until
“I hesitated about whether to children to remain, despite the the municipality of Tel Aviv decided
leave P’ilim. The financial situation unacceptable conditions. how to treat the new school started
wasn’t great but I finally accepted One of the first teachers was by Chabad, some young
the job of running the Chabad Mrs. Tzippora Heber who even Lubavitchers did something daring.
school in Yaffo. At first it was a today gets excited when she One night in Cheshvan they set

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
up a Swedish pre-fab that was Chassidim. One is Zikaron which who became a baal t’shuva many
comprised of pieces that could be tells the life story of his mashpia, R’ years ago but was lacking in the
put together and dismantled. They Chaim Shaul Brook. The second study of Gemara. R’ Uri put his
brought the pieces from the yeshiva book HaPartisan, is a compilation heart and soul into enabling this
in Lud and after working through of articles about his friend, R’ man to make up for what he had
the night, the three-room structure Zushe Wilmovsky. missed in his youth.”
was completed. They had also His friend and neighbor, Rav ***
brought along tables and benches as Avrohom Meizlich, said sadly after In recent months, R’ Uri was
well as educational equipment. The R’ Uri’s passing, “R’ Uri Ben quite sick and on Friday, the 17th
municipality eventually recognized Shachar was a man of pleasant of Elul he passed away. He is
the school and made sure to add ways. Although he was a man of survived by his wife Rivka, his son
buildings as the number of students strong opinions, he didn’t try to Dov, and his daughters Esther
increased. trump others in debates but spoke Rosenfeld of Kfar Chabad, Bracha
At first there were serious money softly and tranquilly. Having set Reitzes of Yesod HaMaala, and
problems and the staff did not times to learn was extremely Chemda Greenfeld of Crown
receive a salary. Nevertheless, the important to him. I know that for a Heights.
work carried on, as R’ Uri related: long time he learned with a Chassid
“For a few months we did not
get a cent in salary. It wasn’t a
good feeling for me as a newly SHMITA HARDSHIPS
married man. I had no choice but
Over the decades of his serving as the principal in Yaffo, R’ Uri had
to take loans. We had to go in the
a sabbatical in which he went to the south of country to moshav
middle of the workday to ask for a
Berosh, as per the Rebbe’s instruction. This was at the end of 5718,
loan since we had no money to pay
when the Rebbe told a number of Chabad families to open a school in
at the grocery.”
the moshavim of the Taanachim and in the southern town of Berosh.
With the Rebbe’s
R’ Ben Shachar began preparing to open a school by putting
encouragement, R’ Uri worked each
together a staff of teachers. He was able to get a number of young
year on the registration drive and he
teachers from the T’mimim who had what it took to be teachers, as well
devoted the rest of the months of
as some young female teachers.
the year to educating the students
New immigrants from Morocco lived in Berosh and most of them
in the ways of Judaism and
welcomed the Lubavitchers and allowed the Chabad staff to use four
Chassidus. This was done under
houses. However, the living conditions in this out-of-the-way moshav
difficult conditions of crowding and
entailed much suffering. There were outhouses and iceboxes, not
lack of equipment. It was only in
refrigerators. This did nothing to diminish the tremendous motivation
1975 that the school entered a
of the Chabad staff, led by R’ Uri Ben Shachar.
suitable building with enough
70 students came for the first day of school and this was a
classrooms and rooms that met
tremendous success. The hanhala of the Reshet, led by Rabbi Dovid
their needs.
Chanzin, aided them in acquiring books and equipment. The day-to-
R’ Uri worked for 33 years as
day work with the parents and students was done by the menahel, R’
the principal at the school in Yaffo.
Uri, with the help of his devoted staff.
Thousands of talmidim were
5719 was a Shmita year and by the Rebbe’s instruction, Rav
educated under him to Torah,
Chanzin sent fruits and vegetables that were permissible to eat to the
Chassidus, and fear of Heaven.
teachers of the distant schools. R’ Uri related that the packages of
After he retired, he was appointed
fruits and vegetables, as well as chicken, were sent by mail and they did
the Rosh Kollel of “Tiferes Levi
not always arrive fit to eat and had to be thrown out.
Yitzchok” in Tel Aviv and as the
R’ Uri did not suffice with the usual work at a school but used the
marriage clerk in Kfar Chabad.
afternoon and evening hours to visit with the residents in order to get
to know them. This contributed towards mutual admiration and with
WRITING THE HISTORY time, strong ties of friendship were forged between the teachers and
OF CHASSIDIM with many of the residents. In the final days of 5719, R’ Uri Ben
Rabbi Ben Shachar edited two Shachar returned to the school in Yaffo.
books that relate the history of 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

we need to fight to torpedo this
major tragedy that threatens the
lives of millions of Jews. Whoever

DIVIDING THE thought that the Disengagement was
the final stage in our concessions
was so wrong. Until our politicians
destroy Israel with their own hands,
they won’t let it alone. Only a

By Shai Gefen
broad and powerful public outcry
can stop this insane process led by
Olmert and Rimon.
Not surprisingly, on the day the
possible concessions were
publicized, Katyushas landed in
16 years later. The picture has become Netivot. There was also news of a
quiet intifada beginning on the Wadi
clear. Shamir’s followers speak openly Ara road, within tiny Israel, and
about Hamas’ absolute control over
about dividing Yerushalayim and the Philadelphi Corridor, through
which they are smuggling huge
allowing the Jordanian flag to wave amounts of armaments.
over the Holy of Holies. We all see what is going on
within every area that Jews
abandoned and handed over to our
THE REBBE KNEW, WHEN Rebbe was committed to fighting enemies. There’s no arguing with
him and bringing down his the facts; they are hell-bent on
16 years ago, Israel had what
16 years later. The picture has
was probably the most hawkish
government one could imagine,
become clear. Shamir’s followers “AGAINST HASHEM AND
speak openly about dividing HIS ANOINTED ONE”
Shamir’s government.
Yerushalayim and allowing the
Nevertheless, Shamir decided to go It was announced that an
Jordanian flag to wave over the Holy
to the Madrid Conference and to agreement was reached between
of Holies. Those demagogues on
give the Arabs autonomy in Yehuda Abu Mazen and Olmert, granting
the Right, who like to talk big, have
and Shomron. The Rebbe, in an Jordanian sovereignty to the holy
been revealed to be far worse
unusually scathing sicha, warned sites in eastern Jerusalem and the
traitors than the extreme Left. The
that this was the first step towards Old City. Minister Rimon, in a
Rebbe mentioned Chevron and
giving away Chevron and government session, hinted that in
Yerushalayim and incredibly, it was
Yerushalayim. Annapolis they would discuss
Netanyahu who gave away Chevron
Everybody was surprised. “We matters such as dividing Jerusalem.
and Avigdor (Evette) Lieberman,
would like to assure the Rebbe that Immediately after the Six Day
who says he is in favor of giving
this is not our intention,” they War, the Rebbe warned that talks
sections of Yerushalayim to
explained. “The Rebbe does not about giving away land would lead
understand the facts on the to giving away all the land,
Those who labored under the
ground.” “What connection is there including Yerushalayim. As he told
false pretense, as though there is a
between autonomy and a Palestinian then Knesset member, Geula
broad consensus not to give away
state and dividing Yerushalayim?” Cohen, “They will have to fight for
Yerushalayim, are mistaken. If we
“There is a consensus on Yerushalayim and conquer it once
concede Yehuda and Shomron, why
Jerusalem.” again.”
shouldn’t we concede
There were the clichés uttered by 32 years ago, the Rebbe spoke
Yerushalayim? The Arab’s main
the politicians, and among ourselves sadly about how they were about to
claim is on Yerushalayim.
there were also the pundits, who give away the holy sites to Jordan
With the approach of the
admired Shamir and his strength. and the Rebbe even wrote a letter to
conference to be held in Annapolis,
They did not understand why the the journalist from HaTzofeh (the

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 
Mizrachi newspaper), Yona Cohen. you certainly know about this, due mentioned Yehuda and Shomron,
Unfortunately, what the Rebbe to the enormous importance of the you meant all of Eretz Yisroel to
predicted is coming true: issue, I will add that the its borders, as delineated in our
There is a situation now of “the aforementioned shocking Torah, the Torah of life, which was
nations congregate, the people information has already penetrated given by the G-d of earth and
think of worthless plans,” this “the higher echelons” and it is heaven.
gathering is “against Hashem and necessary to try, with full force, to I strongly hope that with your
against His anointed one.” The completely annul this plan. nobility of spirit and with your
Arabs demand that the Jews give influence, you will instill this view
them the holy site of the Holy of ATTACKS ACROSS within ever growing and expanding
Holies, give them authority over spheres so that this view
the Temple Mt., even to have the
THE COUNTRY establishes the policy and
right to fly the Jordanian flag It was just the sixth yahrtzait of negotiations with the nations, in
there. Rechavam Zeevi (may Hashem order that all those who establish
The government thought this avenge his blood) who we the policy should see the reality as
would be kept secret but the remember primarily for his it is. I mean that withdrawal,
situation is such that it is already involvement in Jewish matters and Heaven forbid, from the current
days and weeks that everybody – shleimus ha’Aretz with mesirus borders is an open invitation to
Washington, the Arabs, and even nefesh, with the Rebbe’s guidance. invasion and attack and to strike
those who are pained by out at every point in the
the lack of pride – knows land, the security
about it … They seek to situation, and actual
justify it, that it will danger, may heaven
prevent danger to life, protect us.
with all their
explanations, but in the IT’S ALL TALK
meantime, the meeting
When you look around,
continues, along with this
you can learn an important
shocking matter that Jews
lesson. The Rebbe often
will, themselves, hand
over the holiest site and Headline “We will have to make decisions that we warned that even talking
didn’t think we’d be forced to make.” * Even about giving away land,
will allow the Jordanian
Lieberman veers Left: Arab neighborhoods in endangers the Jews of
flag to fly there.
Yerushalayim should be given to the Palestinians Eretz Yisroel. Today, in
They constantly “make
hindsight, we see how all
noise” claiming that they
the talks led and continue
would not allow the Old City of
As he told me personally several to lead to terrible consequences that
Yerushalayim to become an
times, whoever does not follow the nobody anticipated. At first, some
international entity, a city of three
Rebbe’s view on shleimus ha’Aretz, said that talks do not lead to action.
governments, but they are
will ultimately give land away to our Today we see what resulted from the
planning much worse! (first day
enemies. He himself proved it when wild ideas that were proposed. With
Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5736).
he refused to join Netanyahu’s time, they became less crazy and the
In a letter of Isru Chag Shavuos
government even though more we got used to them, the more
5736 the Rebbe writes to Yona
Netanyahu’s supporters pressured legitimate they became, until they
him to do so. became issues to negotiate and facts
To arouse a tumult of public
One of the most moving and on the ground.
opinion to say No to any
special letters Zeevi received from We know that a little light drives
consideration within certain
the Rebbe, back when he was still away a lot of darkness. When we
groups that the Jordanian flag
Central Commander, demonstrates speak and fight against giving away
should fly over the Holy of Holies
how special their relationship was: land, and explain the situation to the
and that Jews will give it away,
I took especial pleasure and world, certainly this will lead to
may it not come to pass. May the
positive results, the prevention of
aforementioned tumult bring about had inner joy from your letter
about shleimus ha’Aretz, because I tragedies, and the preservation of
that it not turn into a matter of
Israel’s security.
partisan politics, etc. Even though am sure that even though you 

+>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

By Harry Fisher

A message from the Holy Land to all man who interrupted his praise of the tell him that these people are bothering
Chabad Houses around the world: Holy One should have his life you with their idle chatter and that he
When we wrote the Rebbe asking interrupted. He should not see the glory should stop them. If you think that it is
for a bracha to stop the talking in the of G-d.’ embarrassing to reprove them, let them
time of prayer and reading of the Torah The repercussions of speaking in the be embarrassed! If they are not
and that no one should talk on a synagogue are deadly. Since G-d embarrassed from speaking in front of
telephone in the synagogue, the answer desires that we all fear and honor Him, G-d, let them be embarrassed to speak
came back: “I am delighted to hear a person, who at the very time the in front of the congregation! It is really
what you are doing and I give you a congregation is assembled to give for their own benefit.
bracha.” praises to G-d, separates himself from If you are the leader of the
The synagogue has been a meeting the prayer service and while in the congregation, the responsibility is yours.
place for Jews throughout the midst of the congregation begins to If you do not protect the honor of G-d
generations. Far more than merely a have a conversation about mundane then you have sinned against G-d and
place to pray, it has been a fortress and matters is causing himself grave your sin is even graver than that of a
help center. For centuries, Jews have consequences. layperson.
come to the synagogue to meet old The Talmud (Brachos 6a) teaches us Remember, upon your death you
friends and make new ones. Before the that “a synagogue is the house of G-d.” must face the Heavenly court and there
invention of the newspaper, it was the (Brachos 23a). In addition, “a you must give an accounting for all of
chief place to find out what was synagogue is the house of G-d and the your actions. With this in mind you will
happening in the world. It has been, Divine Presence is always there.” refrain from sinning, especially
and still is, a place that a Jew who was If you speak in the synagogue in the regarding talking or speaking on a
having trouble could come and find middle of prayers you are denying that phone in the middle of prayers and
others that could give him assistance He is your G-d and you have desecrated during the reading the Torah. If you
and advice. Throughout our long exile, his holy name. You can expect the would speak in front of a mortal king,
it has been the prime institution for a following problems (Deut. 27-28): he could put you to death! How much
Jew to maintain his ‘Jewishness.’ 1. It will have a negative effect on your more before the supreme King of Kings.
With all the good that the synagogue job, your business, your investments The sanctity of the synagogue and
does for the Jew, there is one serious and any other expenses you have. the House of Study is very great, and
evil that the Jew can do to himself there 2. It will bring sickness upon your we are enjoined to fear the One who
– and that is speaking during services. family, your wife, children, dwells in them, blessed be His name, as
The Holy Zohar (Truma 131a) grandchildren. it is written Leviticus 19:30): “And My
speaks out about speaking in the 3. It can cause a breakdown in relations sanctuary shall ye reverence.” Therefore
synagogue: with your wife and general peace in the it is forbidden to engage there in gossip
“One who speaks mundane words house (shalom bayis). or to make there any calculations except
(not connected to prayer or study) in 4. It can cause death of family members those pertaining to religious matters,
the synagogue – woe to him – since he at an early age. such as the counting of charity money,
shows that he believes that there is 5. It may cause older children to leave or the like… (Code of Jewish Law
separation in the upper worlds. Woe to home, abandoning the Jewish tradition. Chapter 13 verse 1)
him that he reduces faith, woe to him 6. It leads to intermarriage Every one present must be silent and
since he does not have a part with the Talking in the synagogue is a very listen with attention and devotion to the
G-d of Israel. He acts as if he has no serious matter; please take it to heart. Chazzan’s repetition of the Shmoneh
G-d (since every one else is praying and See some of the disasters that have Esrei, and respond Baruch Hu U’varuch
he is not) and that G-d is not there in befallen others Remember: there is no Shmo and say Amen to every bracha.
the synagogue and he does not fear such thing as accidents; every thing that Even studying holy subjects is forbidden
from Him. He acts lighthearted in happens comes about from G-d. during the repetition, and needless to
regards to the power of prayer. The Torah tells us that you shall fear say there must be no idle conversation.
He should be with the congregation no man only G-d, which means that if (Code of Jewish Law Chapter 20 verse
who are praying and should put his someone insists on talking, you must 1)
mind and heart into speaking to G-d tell him or her in a nice way to stop. If In accordance with the above, we
and not to talk to his friend at all. If he they do not stop talking, tell them that ask you please, to refrain from carrying
does not stop conversing with his friend, you will complain to the rabbi. If they on a conversation during Davening and
the angels above will announce: ‘This do not stop talking, go to the rabbi and the reading of the Torah.

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB