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Top Dog Communication

Account Executive

Table of Contents

Top Dog Communication Office and Other Account Executives

Working with Clients

Working with Your Group

Example Client Meeting Agenda

Strategic Looks

Strat Look Organization

Sample Semester

Firm Director
Top Dog Communication Office and Account Executives

● You must attend all four of your office hours each week. If you need to change them for
some reason, make sure it is okay with your group members and the firm director. Let
your group members know if you will be absent from an office hour.
● The door to the office must be left open at all times. We want to create an open
environment where people feel welcome to come into the office and ask questions. The
exceptions to the open door policy are after 8 p.m., a private TDC discussion with a
fellow executive, or an individual meeting with a group member.
● Be courteous of your fellow account executives. Don’t be too loud, have loud music
playing, or have a lot of people in the office when others are present trying to get work
done. Also, limit the amount of personal guests allowed; after all, this is an office. TDC
should be a quiet, conducive work environment, especially before Strategic Looks are
● If another executive is in the office when you are working on a project, only two of your
group members can be present. If you need more group members to attend, use another
● Account executives are the only ones allowed to use the printer. Also, the printer is only
to be used for TDC assignments.
● Don’t let a group member use another account executive’s computer without asking
● Do not look through another executive’s strategic look without permission. Especially do
not look at the strat look grade of another executive.
● Be respectful of the office by keeping it clean and organized. If you notice the printer ink
or printer paper getting low, let the firm director know and he or she will get more.

Working with Clients

● The firm advisor will make the initial introduction between you and your client via email.
Once the introduction email has been sent, it is your responsibility to e-mail your client to
introduce yourself and set up the first client meeting.
● Always make a meeting agenda for client meetings and print enough copies for everyone
attending. Send a meeting reminder email with an agenda one to two days before.
● When having client meetings you must reserve a room like Esch 320 through
Conferences and Scheduling. This can be done online through MyUIndy.
● Have table tents for group members for client meetings.
● Send a meeting recap no more than 24 hours after the meeting.
● Weekly updates need to be sent to your client every Friday. Updates should include what
the group has been working on over the past weeks and any questions you have for your
client. The firm advisor and the firm director should be CC’d on weekly updates.
● Talk about what publics you want to target, and how you plan on reaching the objective
in one of your weekly updates.
● Your client shouldn’t see any tactics before they are approved by the firm director and
firm advisor.
● Your client should see tactics throughout the semester. As soon as a tactic is approved by
the firm director and firm advisor, you should email it to your client.
● If your client needs to use a tactic that has not yet been approved before the next strat
look is turned in, work with the firm director and firm advisor to get the tactic completed
and approved.
● Approved tactics should be sent to clients at least a few days before a client meeting. This
gives them time to look over the new tactics and bring any edits they want done to the
meeting. A client meeting is not the first time a client should see a tactic.
● Do not print in bulk for your client. You may print out one copy of a tactic to show your
client, but if they want many copies (i.e. they want to hang up flyers), it is the client’s job
and expense to print them.
● All work should be remitted to the client at the end of the semester, both in working form
and in PDF. This should be given to the client in the manner in which they have asked.
Copies should also be shared with the firm director, as he/she will store them for future
use in our historical files.

Working with Your Group

● All groups must have weekly meetings outside of class for at least 30 minutes. If you
encounter a problem or feel you have no reason for having the meeting one week, talk to
the firm director or firm advisor.
● Document when group members are late to or miss meetings. Also document group
members who turn in tactics or edits late. These attendance logs, in the Strat Looks, will
help the firm director and firm advisor see how your group is doing. Based on these logs,
the firm advisor will also be able to lower grades or withdraw people from the class, if
● Individual meetings need to be held in a private place. The office is fine as long as there
is no one else in there. If there is someone else in the office, find another room to hold the
individual meeting.
● For individual meetings, make three copies of the paper and sign all three copies. One is
for your group member, one is for you, and one is for the firm director who will give it to
the firm advisor. Write down notes during the meeting on the firm director’s copy. The
firm director and firm advisor need to know as much about the meeting as possible.
● If you have a problem within your group, let the firm director know, but try to solve it
yourself. If you are unable to solve it, talk to the firm director and have them help. If
needed, the firm director will also have the firm advisor step in and help solve it.
● Group members need to receive a variety of writing and design tactics. Tactics should
also challenge group members. For example, if a group member is a strong writer but a
poor designer, do not give them only writing tactics. Give them design tactics too so they
can also improve their design.
Strategic Looks

● Strategic looks are due to the firm director at the designated time on the syllabus.
● Strategic looks should be done when turned in to the firm director. If you would not turn
it in to the firm advisor, do not turn it in to the firm director.
● Be aware of the requirements on account coordinators on helping with strategic looks.
● Group meetings scheduled before the strat look are a good time to have a group editing
session for the strat look. This is up to your discretion.
● Old copies of tactics should be placed behind the revised version in the strat look.
● In the second and third strat looks, place red tabs on the new and edited tactics. However,
there should be no red tabs on the final copy.
● Each tactic should be previewed with a strategy statement, written by the associate,
which explains the audience and intent of each tactic.

Strat Look Organization

Introductory Materials

Summary – includes Objective, Research, Analysis, Communication, Evaluation (doesn’t need to

be put in until 2nd strat look)

Objective and Mission Statement

Goals (Individual and 3 Group)

Group Contact Sheet


Stapled packets for every meeting (should have at least 3 meetings)

Meeting Recap Form

Meeting Reminder/Agenda Email

Agenda used in Meeting (clean copy)

Questions and Answers

Meeting Recap Email

Outline of Meeting Notes

Tactics Assigned after Meetings (with due dates)



Strategic Three Point Plan and Publics

SWOT Analysis


Communication – Strategy Statement and Tactics


Individual Logs and Group Member Task Sheets

Attendance sheets
Firm Director

● You are responsible for meeting with the firm advisor to make a plan for the executives’
retreat in the summer and helping lead things as needed at the retreat.
● Make sure all executives obtain, fill out, and return to HR the employment papers
through school.
● Let the firm advisor know how the executives want their name plates outside of the office
to read (i.e. Kaitlyn vs. Katy).
● Work with Lou to get the equipment checkout papers and have the executives sign them
and return them to her.
● Set up a time before school begins for you and the executives to meet with the firm
advisor to get the computers. You will also have to set up a time for everyone to get
together to turn them in at the end of the year.
● Spearhead the distribution and return of keys, via Lou.
● Lead the executive team in providing suggestions for what the TDC shirts should look
like for the year.
● Before each semester, make sure each executive updates their door schedule and hangs it
up on the door. You also need to make sure each executive gets a Tactic Sheet for Strat
Looks. Both of these papers are on the resource tab on the website.
● At least two weeks before the first class, it is your responsibility to email the firm advisor
for the syllabus so you can put the new version on the website. It is also your
responsibility to see if any changes need to be made to the Top Dog Communication
handbook and this management handbook, and then make those changes.
● Get the signed TDC contracts to the firm advisor.
● Have weekly, individual meetings with each executive. This meeting should cover what
is going on in each executive’s group and how group members are doing. Use the
template provided. Make a copy of the report and give the firm advisor in your weekly
meetings so she also knows what is going on with the groups.
● It is helpful to have a binder with different sections of TDC projects for each executive.
You don’t have to do this, but it helps keep you organized.
● It is also helpful to have separate folders in your email for each executive. Put all emails
you receive from them, their clients, or the firm advisor about them in these folders.
● You will also have a weekly meeting with the firm advisor. They will discuss the groups,
class, side projects, and anything else going on related to TDC. As mentioned above,
bring the weekly meeting sheets you fill out when meeting with the executives.
● You are in charge of maintaining and adding new elements to the website as needed.
Log-in information for the site is on the Google Drive.
● Account executives will turn in their strategic looks to you on Wednesday at five
(time/day can be changed at firm director’s discretion). You will edit the strat looks,
make comments, and give a grade out of 5 for the first SL, and 10 for the 2nd and 3rd. This
will weigh half of their strat look grade.
● You have the choice of making AP Style and currents events quizzes or taking them with
the rest of the class (the firm advisor and firm director will talk about this and make a
● Create a roster for every group. An example is in the Google Drive. The list is due to the
firm advisor no later than a week after the groups are made.
● If a problem occurs within a group that the executive needs help with, you will step in
and try to help. You and the executive should work together to solve the problem, but can
ask the firm advisor to step in if needed.
● You also need to send out weekly emails. These emails go to the executive and the firm
advisor should be CC’d. These emails cover what is going on in class that upcoming
week and any other information executives need to know. This can be replaced by an
office hour with all executives.
● It is your job to keep track of the printer ink. If the executives notice the ink is running
low before you, they should let you know. When the ink runs out, get a cartridge from the
firm advisor’s office and change it. If the cartridges are running low, let the firm advisor
know that more need to be ordered.
● You are in charge of getting nominations for Top Dog of the month. Encourage class
members to nominate someone. The nomination sheet is on the resource hub. Discuss the
people who have been nominated with the firm advisor and decide on a winner.
Announce it in class, give the winner a certificate, and make a paper about them to hang
up in the office.
● Around midterms you are responsible for doing client check-ins. Email the clients and
find a good time to call them. When you call them, find out how they feel everything is
going and if they have any concerns.
● You can set up workshops outside of class every semester. You can plan one, the
executive can plan some, and you can also partner with other communication entities to
plan some. Once you have them scheduled, make a sheet with the day, time, and a short
description to hand out to the class. Also make sure the workshop schedule is on the
● It is up to you to know due dates of awards the firm and executives can apply for, and to
lead the application process. Examples of this are Pinnacles, Firm of the Year, etc. A list
of all awards is on the Google Drive.
● It is your responsibility to clean up the office if needed at the end of every semester.
● You are responsible for working with the executives to create entertainment for the
● Keep the refrigerator clean.