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Gupta et al., (2011).

Evaluation of anti-diabetic and antioxidant activity of

Moringa oleifera in experimental diabetes. Retrieved from
The Researchers conducted that Cocoa and flavonoids from cocoa might
positively modulate these mechanisms with a putative role in cardiovascular
protection. The progression of diabetes was significantly reduced after MOMtE
treatment. In treated rats, both doses of MOMtE induced a significant reduction
in serum glucose and nitric oxide, with concomitant increases in serum insulin
and protein levels

Hasan et al. (2019). Evidence-Based Assessment of Moringa oleifera Used

for the Treatment of Human Ailments. Retrieved from
The Researchers concluded that all parts of the Moringa plant, including its
fruits, flowers, and pods, contain agents that promote healthy cardiac cycle,
act against malignant tumorous activity and inflammation, and also show
antimicrobial activity.

Jaiswal, et al. (2013). Role of Moringa oleifera in regulation of

diabetes-induced oxidative stress.Retrieved from
The Researchers studied the significant antioxidant activities of M.
oleifera leaves from both in vivo as well as in vitro studies suggests that the
regular intake of its leaves through diet can protect normal as well as diabetic
patients against oxidative damage.

Nandave, et al.(2009). Effect of dried Moringa oleifera leaves on the

nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of cookies. Retrieved from
The Reseacrhers states that Moringa oleifera extract possesses significant
cardioprotective effect, which may be attributed to its antioxidant,
antiperoxidative, and myocardial preservative properties.

Nwakalor, C. (2014). Sensory evaluation of cookies produced from

different blends of wheat and Moringa oleifera leaf flour. Retrieved from
According to the Researchers, Moringa oleifera is an important food
commodity which has had enormous attention as the ‘natural nutrition of the
tropics’. The leaves, seeds and flowers of Moringa oleifera all have great
nutritional and therapeutic value.