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Skills 4 3 2 1 Score
Use of Time Student uses Students uses Student uses some Student does not
their time to work most of their time of their time to use their time to
productively and to work produc- work productively work productively
efficiently. tively and effi- and efficiently. and efficiently. Stu-
ciently. dent is frequently
off task.
Pictures / Pictures and Most pictures and Few of the pictures The student’s
Graphics graphics are clear graphics are clear and graphics are pictures are not
and relevant. and relevant. clear and relevant. clear or relevant.

Required All of the required Most of the re- Few of the re- Missing most or all
Elements elements are quired elements quired elements of the required
clearly visible, are clearly visible, are clearly visible, elements.
organized and organized and organized and well
well placed. well placed. placed. May be
missing elements.

Visual Clarity The project has The project has a The project needs The project needs
and Appeal an excellent de- nice design and improvement in significant improve-
sign and layout. It layout. It is neat design, layout or ment in design,
is neat and easy and easy to read. neatness. layout and
to understand the neatness.
Content The project has The project has The project has The project has
Spelling excellent spelling, 1—2 spelling, 3-5 spelling, gram- multiple spelling,
Grammar grammar, punctu- grammar, or mar, or punctua- grammar, or punc-
Punctuation ation, and punctuation tion errors with tuation errors.
original content. errors with origi- original content. Some content is
nal content. copy and paste or

Total Score:

20= 100% 19= 95% 18= 90% 17= 85% 16= 80% 15= 75% 14= 70% 13= 65% 12= 60% 11= 55%