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Video Reflection

Group 1
How Social Media can make Histoy

Media is the plural form of medium, which describes a channel of communication that
connects the sender to receiver through the message. Media landscape gives to “anybody who
has a message that they want to get out to anywhere in the world” (Clay Shirky). This media
landscape has a big part in our lives that we can use in a cycle of giving and receiving the
message. And because of transformation of generation, many will also be transforming including
the increase of media in social. It matters when everybody is able to take them for granted, it
became social capital.

According to the video of Clay Shirky, there are 4 periods where media has change to
qualify in the label “revolution” in the last 500 years. First is the printing press wherein oil based
inks make it possible to print informations, second are the telegraph and telephone that you can
have a slow text based conversation and a call with a real time voice, Third is the recorded media
wherein you may record videos and sounds and encoded into physical objects, lastly, the
electromagnetic spectrum. It is use as a medium to send sound through the air. Examples of this
are radio and television. In the past if you want to send a message to anyone you can use one of
those. But today there are internet connections to fasten the conversion between two people and
specially supports groups and conversation at the same time. That give us a big change that
Media natively good at supporting those kinds of conversation. Other big change is that all media
gets digitized, internet also becomes the mode of carriage for all other media. “Every medium is
right next door to every other medium.” Said by Clay, every other media like phone call,
magazines, movies, and etc. can migrated to the internet. Lastly in media, members of former
audience can now also be produces and not consumers because phones and computers let you
consume and produce. You are not just getting Ideas, you can also create something that will
help you to share your ideas that you’ve earned with the help of social media, these is a big

In terms of mode, the types of communication used were non-verbal, verbal, and the
visual communication. The speaker used verbal communication because he was giving
information verbally o the audience using his voice that comes through his mouth in order to
deliver his message. The speaker also used non-verbal communication by using gestures, eye
contacts, and also facial expressions to be able to get the attention of the audience and for them
to know that the message that you are saying is important. Moreover, the speaker also used
visual communication in terms of PowerPoint presentation to convey his information or
message. In terms of context, the speaker used interpersonal communication. Even though the
audiences didn’t casually talks with the speaker, the audience automatically talks through their
mind. Also in terms of purpose and style, the speaker used formal communication because he
doesn’t use jargon words that will distract the audience.
Video Reflection
Group 1
How Social Media can make Histoy
Different types of communication are very important, because it helps you to know what
seminar you are attending, to know if it is a formal or informal communication, also it will help
the speaker to organize the information in his/her mind to deliver the message more clearly and
understandable so that the audience will have a boost, eagerness, and encouragement to hear the
message. In terms of having a good quality skill in communication, it is need to develop our
knowledge and competencies in the use of different types of communication, for us to become
more efficient in delivering message or information to other people, also to deepen our
knowledge and skills in our vocabulary words.

As a conclusion to the video, it comes up to realize that through us, anything in this world
that is meant of how we use it before is changing. There are a times that we don’t even know that
something is changed and when the change was there, we should know how can we make best to
use it.

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