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BOM NO: S/CHILLE-YS0YAAZ37B7-09 SHEET: 18 $KIPPER BILL OF MATERIALS Limite — FOR ‘500 KV D/C" INTERMEDIATE RETENTION TOWER TYP! STRUCTURE : ‘TOWER TYPE*AAZS* PART : SUPER STRUCTURE + BODY7 PROJECT: CHILE S00KY D/C cuENT INTERCHILE CONTRACTOR: SKIPPER LIMITED DRGNO PI-LT-O1-K216_LO1 TO 106, 114 & L15 LINENAME —: PILOBRAS NUEVAS DE TRANSMISSION TRONCAL 12 Y 3 DECRETO 115/2011 PROJECT| 1. MILD STEEL» ASTM A36, Fy = 250 N/sqmm 2. HIGH TENSILE STEEL. ASTM AS72, Grade 50, Fy = 345 Nfsqmam 3. CHANNER'S = ISMC as per 15808 (1989) 4, BOLT & NUTS > ASTM A394M TYPE 0 &e ASTM AS6SM TYPE-A 5. STEP BOLTS: ASTM AIM. 6, PLAIN WASHER = ASTM F436 TYPE 7. HDG SPRING WASHER = ASME B 18.21. (Regular Type) 2, GALVANIZING 1. Galvanizing to be done as per ASTM A123 & A1S3 standards 2. Galvanizing coating:- For STUBS & GRILLAGES:-130 Micron For TOWER Parts 86 Micron NOTEFOR PREFIX SC5AAZ3XXX__ FOR MS [SC5AAZ3 00H FOR H.T ‘SUMMARY OF WEIGHTS ‘SUPER STRUCTURE +} SLNO. DESCRIPTION enoyT eka | WN) Kgs. | _ |WROF ALL (117) MEMBERS IN KGS. 15430358. JWI.OF ALL (MS) MEMBERS IN KGS.(INCL. PACK WASHERS & orn 2 _ |ACCESSORIES) 4 3 |WT. OF B/NSP.WASHIERS & STEP BOLTS IN KGS. 1399434 [TOTAL WT.OF STRUCTURES IN KGS. 31017.655 0 FIRST ISSUE 80615 [ Sb REV.N ‘DESCRIPTION DATE [INITIAL PREPARED BY; ‘CHECKED BY: VERIFIED BY: CONTRACTOR SKIPPER LIMITED KOLKATA, “ he s. DIARA S.BHATTACHARJEE| _R.MUKHERJEE PILOBRAS NUEVAS DE TRANSMISSION TRONCAL 12 ¥ 8 DECRETO 115/2011 PROJECT BOM NO: SI/CHILLE-/50yaazyor7 [STRUCTURE : S00KV D/C TOWER TYPE "AAZ3* lPART : SUPER STRUCTURE + BODY7 BILL OF MATERIALS Bel esters ceed Oates rel ects & prance tonal feorices| te Se ssacies in| tees ey |p rste rear [ase | t= Pareto a eseisee ese ed essay | coed [fcll eee |Poere Pee Pp esr omc Bnet | oot | ero |e esos ta aston rte eset aan sh pss [fora | ee) eerie Peer FEE ecocaescatt dl coon essa aloof] | este |e |[ Fa cconisr aa eee sci ate |e rear | rc | coor | a rate | Scetncsbae format tla| ate | esol ann | tomes ate feted ae FE [ceca atte omar isa oh | ovat eel |e eacapt| fe | cosas fcc) are cack cer fey Aa cert [fas fete lecerios te | ee ah Reso | ced | fennel Ete | mace |e eee es sl |cma|fesce | fntes te eco (Pesce a eestor roca tea asf re eer roreh A em [Pees ears arose ptt Ntsc reac cca sore] Ae ere [te ee | scene cece Essa resol css |[aceal| 4s seed |Past ere ecemaas a ccna smal cc fs |r F¥8 [Ponrog [Pasa aa ome coe Feral see) Peeol fected |p aia lccanzsson I) erect [itm | |Sort)|| tao) || ues |foamrt | a) t| aeel | va Bob | scsatcs cote fee tee | is) |esit a tcok peice | eset nal act eeee ealeerecae toca eect coat feeel|| cee fom | ee a |ceree ei eecee| rel Resch ices |fsa| (Piste ecoarl forma Goa eres croc real ero ise! 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