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Imus Unida Christian Church

Gen. J. Castaneda St., Imus, Cavite

Tel. #: 046-471-0696 Telefax: 046-472-0330

Post-Encounter Discussion No. 2:


1. Whoever yearns to have a victorious life needs to learn to depend on God (check the
right answer):
a. On Sundays; covering the whole coming week
b. On the day of your cell group
c. Daily
d. Whenever you have problems
2. Check the correct answer. Prayer is:
a. An obligation
b. A requirement
c. An opportunity
Since God is an all-powerful God nothing empowers us more than a life of
constant communication with Him.
3. Since prayer accomplishes tremendous things; what should it be to us?
a. A ____________________ of ___________________________
b. Part of ____________________ of ______________________
c. And of our __________________________________________
4. Why it is better to talk to God by yourself than with people present?
5. According to Matthew 6:6:
a. When we pray we should: _____________________________________
b. When I pray in secret, God... ____________________________________
Remember, God delights hearing. He jealously desires it and longs for you! Set
aside time for your appointment with Him.
6. If you were not able to have your devotions (your time alone you should:
a. Go around all day with a guilt complex.
b. Never pray again because God is angry.
c. Leave things that way - it is not that important.
d. Learn your lesson and ensure you don't miss the new appointment with Him.
7. According to Matthew 11:28, what should we do when we are burdened or when we
are physically or emotionally afflicted?
8. What should we do to have a good time in prayer?
9. According to John 6:37, if we go to the Lord...
10. Taking into account that our prayers should not be formal but rather from the heart,
what will our prayers be like according to:
a. Hebrews 11:6
b. Psalm 66:18
c. John 16:24

God is with you during the day. Talk to Him every time you need to. In your
different activities and also before going to bed, ask him to search you and
help you maintain your relationship with Him.