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@ SANCONTRACTINGEST. We provide cutting edge technologies for mechanical and tube cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers as well as providing the traditional methods of tube cleaning. 7363 4th Floor, Sanad Building, Dhahran - Jubail shway, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia { +966 50 479 9958 COPYRIGHT © 2018 SAM CONTRACTING EST. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED CAREERS | EMAIL US | BECOME SUBCONTRACTOR We are where our customers need us to be. Quick, thorough response to customer needs has been a key component of S.A.M, Contracting establishment's success. The application experts who make up our field sales force work directly on the customer shop floor, at the mine face or on the constuctionsite to solve problems and increase productivity. S.A.M. Contracting est. real-time, on-line customer service system provides instantaneous information on global product availability, order status and application solutions. Continued global growth organically and through acquisitions is a key strategy for S.A.M. Contracting est. Acquisitions in our core businesses are conducted according to a disciplined process that is part of S.A.M. Contracting est. Recent acquisitions enable us to enhance our technologies to better engineer our customers’ competitive edge. ‘Our primary focus is our customers and we are able to accommodate a diverse range of situations and problems. Whether you are experiencing hard mineral deposits, biological fouling, or mud and silt, we have the solution that will best address your problem. Oil and Gas, Power & Chemical Plant T&d At SAM Contracting Est. we specialize at a verity of oll and gas well services such as: Acid treatment ‘Filtration services ‘Nitrogen lifting « Storage services ‘© Well bore cleaning ‘* Pumping solutions ‘We ensure that each of our services is done efficiently with a performance that meets highest standards. We provide multiple professional construction and community services such as: ‘Water Treatment Civil Works « Piping Fabrication and Installation Pumps Installation * Scaffolding ‘Electrical Works ‘We guarantee that international standards are met in performing our services and that all safety precautions are taken seriously.