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Ta) Utilities and Construction Ee AGC ea Our Mission & Vision Ben ee anes ‘employing qualified Saudis and by fully supporting the government in all ofits endeavors. In addition, S.A.M provide young and upcoming Saudis withthe proper they require to become the leading professionals that our country i proud of ‘The happiness nd fulfillment of our client isimportant tous. Our goals to promote and develop a strong and productive company. We know that Saudi Arabiais right atthe crossroad of important intemational ‘rade. Our industry leading expertise and uniquely integrated. We deliver real De eee ete ‘The company we aspire to build will not be realized without a grand, collective effort OTe YT TET ars a CULT LBS ‘Our services indude hydraulic tensioning a Tid TSL- SSE RT Asean EH Toy to ensure joint integrity and prevent gasket leaks. t NITROGEN LIFTING PUMP. INSTALLATION - od [ACSAM Contracting Est. we specialize ata verity of olland gas well services suchas: Sry Sere Se Sed Se) Seo We ensure that each of ourservicesis done effiiently with a performance that meets highest standards. We provide multiple professional construction and community services suchas: Saad ced Sec ay Sad A j par tl cee We guarantee that international standards are met in performing our services See ee ee 4 afl MA PUG J WE BUILD : “AtS.A.M Contracting Est., we provide cutting edge technologies for mechanical tube cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers as well as providing the traditional methods of tube cleaning.” © SANCONTRACTINGEST. BC oe ese ae a eer Lo) CO eee ED Tero eee en nec mora) ‘CAREERS | EMAIL US | BECOME A SUBCONTRACTOR