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Ba ‘nthoo much (oro il) sada regurds ter locaton Row 16 ite ineme heroes Seren es Hh Bat eee eee rears sere se meee rey ene ——————————— ——— Po | | [ame | ‘The Comall Journal of Architecture coneived, then sory probably conrected to something even more ‘rea Tht cinic nd reigns mes apart, i aininethe pun ol Austin tat naveyor grid into nich 9 numberof Fepesetaonl tres have been ite conentonatl terete. ‘ating tal lngels,noxhig te least eves ore a (Sra eels of Wiliam Peon plan fr Piladaphn whch ne ‘tian praponion.Awenta sgate sto be the sat of goverment ‘rdependent pial scat. FowraNenue art coreg: Uno this ental square and Ia each of the resultant quarters tere 0 be ‘nthe pubic lace. 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