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(Template) PROJECT COST ANALYSIS A. CONSTRUCTION COST | BUILDING COST (Total Building Floor Area x Cost Pet M2) 2 EQUIPMENT COST (8% to 12% oF Line 1) 3 PREMIUM COST (3% of Line I) § CONTINGENCIES (3% to % of Line 1) S CONSTRUCTION COST (Sum of Line 110.4) 6 ESCALATION COST (196 05% of Line 5) 7 TOTAL CONSTRUCTION COST (sum of Lines | 106) B, CAPITAL & OTHER Cosr: 8 PROFESSIONAL FEES (3% to [2%.f Line 1, per Architest's Guidelines 2016) 9 SITE ACQUISITON COST (Lot Area x Land Market Value per sqmeter) 10 LAND DEVELOPMENT & SITE IMPROVEMENT COST (Net Area for DevelopmentTotal Lot Aea-Builling Footprint) x Cost per m2. 11 FINED EQUIPMENT COST INCL. OUTSIDE UTILITIES (8% of Line 10) 12 MISCELLANEOUS (5% of Line 1) 15 CONTINGENCIES on Other Cost (5% of Line 8 011) 14 TOTAL CAPITAL & OTHER COST (Tot of Lines 819 12) C. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT COST 15 PROJECT COST (Sum of Line 7 & Line 14) 16 OWNER'S CONTINGENCIES (5% Line 1) 17 TOTAL PROJECT DEVELOPMENT COST (Sum of Lines 15 & 16) SUMMARY GUIDELINES FOR PROJ. COST ANALYSIS He) Range cost per m2 (php 10,000.00 14,000.00, 15,000.00 20,000.00, 21,000.00 30,000.00 531,000.00 40,000.00, “41,000.00 60,000.00, 1 BUILDING COST GUIDE (vari Economie profile proct wit indigenous use of materials Lower Mediin eos projet “Medium average ost project Above medium cost project High-end projet cost 2 EQUIPMENT COST (8% to 12% of line 1) Includes installed building fistores utilities, machines, Funishings and Furitures ‘ovaries depend on what ype of project 3 PREMIUM COST (3% of Line 1) Insurances in construction eg surety / performance bond, Workers compensation insorance, Equipment insurance or Risk insurance (if conrastor agrees fr liability) 4. CONTINGENCIES (9% to 5% of Line 1) Covers unforeseen risk in constretin, eg lost days du to weather, accidents shortfalls or missed tems in design or design erors Sespension of work Design development changes and schedule adjustments [Administrative changes e g wage labor ate change Third party requirements, permits ee 5 CONSTRUCTION COST (Sum of Line Ifo) 6 ESCALATION COST (1% to % of Line 5) | provision for an increase in the cst of equipment, materia! and labour rom a set po inte until the completion ofthe projet Statistes hast be checked and % i based on this ‘On crtent rend of cost, fom 2014 to mid 2016, hat has been no significant increase in lea construction, much so dssrased. “Thus, providing bstwcen escalation increase would stil be a safe cost analysis '§ PROFESSIONAL FEES (fom 3% to 12% of Line 1, varies) Refer to Architect’ Guidelines 2016 Fr new fees, refer to your project type & classi {9 SITE ACQUISITON COST (Lot Areas Land Market Value per sqameter) “The current cot of land canbe established by checking the current value Wit