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8/26/2019 Outreach Assistance.


From: Loeper, Jessica

Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 9:48 AM
To: Claire Parker; Micah Davis
Cc: Carolyn Fisher
Subject: Outreach Assistance

Hi Claire and Micah,

Thanks for your willingness to help New Hanover County and NHRMC as we move forward with the discussion regarding
the future of the hospital system. I’m sure you saw it, but wanted to make sure you had a link to the press release we sent
yesterday: h ps:// Also, we created a website with
NHRMC that has more details as well:

I know Chip, Lee and Huntley feel like this is a posi ve step to explore for NHRMC and our community, and I think the first
ask we have of you is help in cra ing a le er/email to your employees about what this discussion is about and why it’s an
important discussion to be having now – to see what the best road ahead is for NHRMC. I think coming from Live Oak
leadership will help your employees understand the conversa on. Also, if Chip, Lee and Huntley feel it is appropriate, it
would be great to have a le er to the editor come out from them this week.

Is this something you can help us with? Just let me and Carolyn know, and let us know what you need from us. If you’d
like to sit down to talk more about it, I can certainly do that. And as we move forward in this process over the next few
weeks, if you all have any sugges ons for ways we can get our message with the facts out to the community even more,
we are open to it!


Jessica Loeper |Chief Communications Officer

County Manager ‑ Office of Communications and Outreach
New Hanover County
230 Government Center Drive, Suite 195
(910) 798-7461p|(910) 798-7277f

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