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What is your product?

Our product is a shirt with a super nano size cooling system. It is ideal for any
situation where you are going to do some sport or if you want to use it any day of the
Who is your target audience?
It is a product that serves any person, from a child to an adult because it can be
manufactured in the size you want. In the same way it is for men and for women
because there is a great variety of colors and designs. Actually there is no age range
to use it, it is for everyone.
How much is it going to cost? Why?
The product doesn’t have a specific price because it depends on the size you need
or the design you want. But you can buy it between 150 and 300 dollars.
Why is your product necessary and unique? What are its characteristics? Why
is your product different from those on sale now?
Our product is necessary because it absorbs all the sweat and it is ideal to stay cool
while doing some sport or to use any day without feeling uncomfortable. All day you
will feel completely fresh. It is unique because no t-shirt on the market has this nano
cooling system.
The main feature is that this system is responsible for absorbing all the sweat and
eliminate it in the form of vapor immediately. It is a very comfortable shirt with unique
Our t-shirt is different from the others not only for its exclusive materials, but for the
advanced technology it presents. No one will see the super cooling system that the
product has internally and you will feel totally fresh all day no matter the conditions.