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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

Marine Survey Report

Condition and Valuation

2007 280 Sea Ray Sundancer


Report prepared exclusively for – XXX XXXX
Date of survey inspection – June 5, 2019

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

Scope of Survey
This marine survey inspection of the 2007 280 Sea Ray Sundancer M/V “XXX XXXX” was performed on June 5, 2019. The
survey took place while out the water at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, WA. A vessel demonstration took place in Lake
Washington, out of Seattle, WA on a temperate day with calm lake conditions. Parties attending the vessel
demonstration were Ed Gonsorowski, the undersigned surveyor, and XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX. The purpose of this
marine survey is to ascertain the physical condition and estimated fair market value at the request of XXXX XXXX,
Perspective purchaser. A mechanical survey was performed by XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX.

The testing procedures used to perform the survey were non-destructive. Testing methods used but not limited to are
visual, soundings, and moisture meter readings. The moisture meter used during the inspection was a GE Aquant
Protimeter. Structure deficiencies specified in the report, if any, are observations that may require further investigation
using destructive testing techniques to determine the extent of the deficiency in question and to determine a plan for
repair if deemed necessary by a qualified technician or reputable full-service boatyard.

Unless otherwise stated mechanical systems such as engines and generators are not thoroughly examined and are only
visually inspected for apparent deficiencies.

Deficiencies noted during the examination process are in the opinion of the surveyor and may require further evaluation
by a qualified technician. Internal condition of mechanical systems is indiscernible without complete disassembly which
are not performed during this survey.

AC & DC power sources were used to test electronic equipment.

Tankage such as fuel, fresh water, grey water, black water, etc. are visually inspected where accessible. Inaccessible
tankage areas are not evaluated, nor are tankage interiors. The surveyor is not able to comment on the condition of
inaccessible areas of tankage systems.

The surveyor does not make any determination or representation of seaworthiness, stability characteristics or inherent
structural integrity and no opinion is expressed or implied regarding such.

If a component is not identified in this report, it was not inspected.

Although specific recommendations may be made, this survey will be a general survey only; unless specifically identified

This survey was completed using as reference the federal regulations and amendments issued and enforced by the USCG
under the authority of Title 33 & 46 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’S). In addition, the American
Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-302) voluntary standards were used as
reference during the survey.

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

Conduct of Survey
This vessel was surveyed without removal or disassembly of parts including fittings, tacked carpet, fastened boards,
fixed partitions, anchors and chain, instruments, clothing, gear, spare parts and miscellaneous materials in the bilge and
lockers or other fixed or semi-fixed items. Sealed compartments or otherwise inaccessible areas would also preclude

The user of this survey is advised that this will be a limited report. Surveys by nature are limited and are not considered
to be a complete examination. The inspection process, manner of presentation of the vessel for inspection, possibility of
latent conditions, errors and omissions by the surveyor may exist. Accordingly, no guarantee or warranty expressed or
implied will be given or made. All statements and comments are opinions only, and no statement shall be basis for any
claim against the surveyor based on warranty or guarantee.

In the event of dissatisfaction with the conduct of this marine survey, with regards to errors contained in the report, or
by omission of information, the surveyor shall correct the report. The sole and maximum remedy shall be limited to the
amount of the fee received for the report.

Survey Report Number 19021
Type of Survey Condition and Valuation at Owners Request
Vessels Intended Use Recreation
Waters to be Navigated Near Coastal Waters, US and Canada
Vessel Name “XXXX XXXX”
Hailing Port Seattle, WA
Documentation Number XXXXXX
Hull Identification Number (HIN) XXXXXXXXXXXX
WA Registration Number (WN) N/A Expires June 2020
Manufactured By Sea Ray Boats
Build Location Knoxville, TN
Model Year 2007
Make/ Model Sea Ray/ 280 Sundancer
Hull Material Fiberglass/ Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
Hull Type Deep- Vee
Length Over All (LOA) 31’ 1” As per Powerboat Guide
Beam 9’ 5” As per Powerboat Guide
Draft Down 3’ 3” As per Powerboat Guide
Weight (Dry) 8,630 lbs. A per Powerboat Guide
Current Owner N/A
Fair Market Value (FMV) $55,000
Replacement Value $220,000

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC


Vessel Pictures at End of Report

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC


Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) (6) Type II- Serviceable Condition
Throwable Floatation Devices Not Sighted *See Deficiencies*
Visual Distress Signals/ Flare Kits Expired *See Deficiencies*
Fire Extinguishers (1) Type B-1 *See Deficiencies*
Automatic Fire Extinguisher (Fixed) Yes, *See Deficiencies*
Sound Devices Electric Horn Operational
Navigation Lights Not Operational *See Deficiencies*
Re-Boarding Ladder Yes, Operational
High Bilge Water Alarm Yes, Operational
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Hardwired *See Deficiencies*
Bilge Pumps and Auto Float (2) 1200 GPM 12VDC Float Switches Operational Pumps Power on
Manual Bilge Pumps No
Escape Hatches Yes, Operational
Smoke- Combustible Vapors Not Sighted- Consider Equipping Vessel for Safety
USCG-Inland Navigational Rules Not Observed or Required *Recommend Acquiring and Locate at Helm*
(Vessels 40’ and over)
Lifelines- Harnesses N/A
USCG Placards Oil and Garbage Plan Yes, Placard Garbage Plan not Required
Carbon Monoxide Warning Sticker Yes


✓ It is the owner/ operator’s responsibility to ensure that the vessel is outfitted with safety equipment in
accordance with Federal and State Regulations. You may find more information showing Washington State
Required Equipment Checklist at the following link.
✓ It is recommended the owner/ operators ensure the vessel is equipped with a Carbon Monoxide Detection
system/ alarm, in accordance with ABYC recommendation detailed at the following link.
✓ It is the owner/ operator’s responsibility to ensure that the vessel is equipped with Fire Extinguishing
Equipment in accordance with the USCG Code of Federal Regulations and the National Fire Protection
Association (NFPA 302). Helpful information is available at the following link.
✓ The following link is an (at a glance) Quick Reference Guide to USCG Minimum Requirements for Recreational

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

✓ The following link will access the pamphlet “A BOATERS GUIDE TO THE FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR
RECREATIONAL BOATERS” published by the USCG boating safety division. It is the vessel operator’s
responsibility to ensure that the vessel is outfitted in accordance with the USCG regulations.

✓ Kidde fire extinguisher recall Remember to check the recall notice issued by the Consumer Product Safety
Commission pertaining to certain Kiddie branded fire extinguishers. If you find that you have one of these on
your boat, then you should seek out replacement ASAP.

Hull Structure Cosmetically Average to Below Average/ No Defects Sighted
Superstructure Cosmetically Average/ No Defects Sighted
Deck Structure Cosmetically Average/ No Defects Sighted
Transom Cosmetically Average/ No Defects Sighted
Hull to Deck Joint No Evidence of Deficiencies Where Accessible
Bulkheads No Deficiencies Found Where Accessible
Stringers No Evidence of Deficiencies Where Accessible
Windows, Portlights and Hatches Cosmetically Average
Railings Cosmetically Average/ No Defects Sighted
Deck Cleats No Evidence of Deficiencies
Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint Yes *See Deficiencies*


Engine (1) Make/ Model Mercruiser/ 496 Magnum 8.1L *See Deficiencies*
Serial Number XXXXXXXXX
Rated Power Output 375HP
Hours 598 (Digital Gauge)
Fuel Type Gas
Outdrive Make/ Model Mercruiser Bravo III
Serial Number N/A


Number of Stations (1) Operational- No Evident Defects
Type Cable- Rack System, Operational with no Apparent Defects
Make/ Model Teleflex

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC


Fuel Type Gas
Number of Fuel Tanks & Location 1 Fore of Engine
Tank Material Cross-Linked Polyethylene
Total Fuel Capacity Total 100 US Gallons As per Powerboat Guide
Fuel Supply & Return Type Hose- USCG Type A-1- A-2 Serviceable Condition
Engine Fuel Filter Make/ Model Mercruiser Spin-on
Fuel Gauges/ Sight Tubes Yes, Analog & Digital, Gauge- Not Tested for Accuracy


Number of Tanks/ Material (1) Plastic- No Defects Observed
Total Capacity 28 US Gallons As per Powerboat Guide
Head (Toilet) Type (1) 12VDC Vacuflush- Operational
Water Type Fresh
Tank Level Gauge Not Sighted


Number of Tanks/ Material (1) Plastic- No Defects Observed
Total Water Capacity 28 US Gallons As per Powerboat Guide
Water Heaters (1) 120VAC- Operational
Water Heater Capacity 6 US Gallons
Tank Level Gauge Not Observed


Bilge Pumps Qty. Float Switches (2) 1200 GPM 12VDC Float Switches Operational Pumps Power on
Shower Drain/ Sump 12VDC Rule- Operational
Fresh Water Pump (Potable Water) 12VDC SHURflo *See Deficiencies*
Head Sealand Vacuum Pump

Refrigerator/ Freezer 12VDC/ 120VAC Norcold Fridge Freezer- Operational
Stove/ Oven Single Burner Butane Stove- Not Tested W/ Butane
Microwave 120VAC Sylvania-Operational

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC


GPS Chart Plotter-Depth- Radar N/A
Radio Clarion- Operational
TV Powers on
DVD Powers on


AC System Voltage 120VAC
AC Circuit Protection Circuit Breakers
Shore Power Inlet Marinco 125VAC 30AMP- No Defects Sighted
DC System Voltage 12VDC
DC Circuit Protection Circuit Breakers-Fuses
Batteries Detail (2) Super Start Marine Deep Cycle (Age 3/ 2018) Two Bank System- Functional


Fast Cruise Speed/ Wide Open 30 MPH/ 38 MPH Approx. Speed Over Ground (SOG) Actual Speed Will Vary
Throttle Speed (WOT) Depending on Wind, Tides and Currents/ Speed Obtained from Vessels Gauge
Oil Pressure Fast Cruise/ WOT 60 PSI Approx.
Temperature Fast Cruise/ WOT 170 Degrees Approx.
Fast Cruise/ WOT- RPMS 3400/ 4400 RPMS


Deficiencies that were found by the marine surveyor are separated into four categories
detailed below. Other deficiencies may exist that are either undetectable, inaccessible or may
have not been observed by the marine surveyor.
Safety related deficiencies requiring immediate action. If safety related deficiencies are found, they will be highlighted in


Deficiencies requiring attention are recommended by the surveyor to be corrected in a timely manner to avoid system,
structure, or equipment failure.


Minor deficiencies that do not require immediate attention or repair, usually cosmetic.

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

Recommendations published by the American Boat & Yacht Council. These recommendations are voluntary, but highly




1. VISUAL DISTRESS SIGNAL FLARES: Were sighted aboard vessel but had expired dates. USCG requires a
minimum of three day-use and three night-use or three day/ night combination pyrotechnic devices.
Non-pyrotechnic substitutes: 1 orange flag (day-use) and 1 electric S-O-S signal light (night-use).
Recommend renew visual distress signal flares according to USCG minimum requirements for
recreational vessels.

2. TYPE IV THROWABLE PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICE (PFD): Type 4 throwable personal floatation
device was not sighted. USCG requires at least (1) type 4 throwable certified PFD on vessels 16’ or larger
to be onboard in an immediately accessible location. Recommend equip vessel with type 4 USCG
certified PFD and place in an immediately accessible location.

3. FIXED FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Fixed automatic fire extinguisher located in the engine room was not tagged
and dated showing recent service. According to the NFPA-302 standards annex B.4.7: All fixed systems, if
installed, should be maintained on at least an annual basis in accordance with the manufactures
maintenance manual. It is recommended that a fixed system be maintained by a qualified fixed system
service person. Recommend have serviced and tagged by a qualified service personnel.

4. HAND-HELD FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Was not tagged and dated indicating recent service. Recommend
service and tag all extinguishers annually per National Fire Protection Association recommendations to
ensure reliability. USCG requires vessels 26 to 40’ have one B-1 handheld fire extinguisher if equipped
with a fixed system. Recommend equip vessel with correct number of fire extinguishers and properly
mount. Label any lockers which contain fire extinguishers.

5. NAVIGATION LIGHTS: Were inoperable when tested at survey. According to USCG minimum
requirements for recreational vessels: Vessels over 16’ must be equipped with sidelights, stern light, and
masthead light and must also have an all-around white anchor light capable of being independently lit
from the red/ green/ white running lights. Recommend repair navigation lights as required.

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

6. CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR: Carbon monoxide detector was found disconnected at survey and did
not have a “replace by” date. According to ABYC H-24: CO detectors must be marked with the following:
Name of Certifying Body. Replace by date – MM/YYYY or replace by: XX months after retail sale as
determined by the manufacturer. Furthermore, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) instituted a mandate
outlining CO detectors for boats be replaced every 5 years and as of 2010, hardwired CO detectors have
an end of life alarm on all new units sold. Recommend renew CO detector with a marine grade unit.


7. STEERING PIN WATER ENTRY: Water is leaking into boat at the outdrive steering pin seal. Recommend
repair water leak as required.

8. ENGINE ALTERNATOR: Was inoperable at survey and not supplying a charge to the batteries.
Recommend repair or renew alternator as required.

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

secure battery cables on house battery. Wing nuts are a poor choice to secure battery cables securely.
According to ABYC E-10: Battery cables and other conductors’ size 6AWG and larger shall not be
connected to the battery with wing nuts. Recommend replace wing nut fasteners with stainless steel hex
nut type fasteners and tightly secured.
Ungrounded (positive) DC power conductor terminals at the batteries were found unprotected from the
possibility of accidental shorting to ground causing a short circuit condition. ABYC E-11: Continuously
energized parts, such as positive battery terminals and both ends of all wires connected thereto, shall be
physically protected to prevent accidental short circuits. Protection shall cover all energized surfaces
(e.g., boots). Recommend locate and adequately cover all energized DC power conductors.

10. FRESH WATER SYSTEM LEAKS: The faucet would not turn off at the galley and head sink. There was a
water leak at the pump itself. Recommend repair all water system leaks as required.

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

11. BOTTOM PAINT: Was found to be not adhering in some locations sufficiently and in need of service.
Recommend properly prepare surfaces with missing paint and apply new bottom paint throughout the

12. ANCHOR CHAIN LOCKER HATCH SUPPORT BROKEN: Recommend renew gas shock support as required.

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

13. PORTSIDE SETEE STOWAGE LOCKER: Will not latch closed. Latch appears intact but will not secure the
hatch door closed. Recommend repair or renew latch assembly as required.


• It was reported to have a complete new outdrive; when observed only the lower unit (bottom) was new. The
outdrive appeared in satisfactory condition and functioned adequately. Brandon Farmer, the mechanical
surveyor did not inspect the outdrive because it was stated to have been renewed.

• Vinyl seat cushion at aft port was split at seam. Recommend repair if desired.

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

It is in the professional opinion of the marine surveyor and is based on individual experiences and knowledge in which
the condition is expressed. After surveying the subject vessel, the overall condition will be assessed by the marine
surveyor using the grading scale below.

EXCELLENT (BRISTOL) CONDITION: A boat that is in new or like new condition. Usually loaded with significant
extras; a rarity.

ABOVE AVERAGE CONDITION: Has had above average care, been well maintained and is usually equipped with

AVERAGE CONDITION: Requiring very little or no additional work and normally equipped for her size.
BELOW AVERAGE CONDITON: Numerous deficiencies exist and will require significant maintenance to ensure
safety and reliability.

POOR CONDITION: Boat is not in usable condition and requires substantial repairs to bring it to a safe and reliable
operational condition.

During the conduct of this survey, all parts of the vessel accessible without removal of bulkheads, fastened partitions,
decks, etc., were carefully examined. Every effort was made to determine the vessels condition and fair market value
compared to similar vessels.


The vessel was found to be structurally sound and practically fitted for her intended service. The vessel was in average
overall condition. Minor repairs, if observed, appeared to be performed in an appropriate manner.

FAIR MARKET VALUE (FMV): The comparable vessel calculation is the most probable price in which a vessel
should bring in a competitive market under all condition’s requisite to a fair sale, the buyer and seller, each acting
prudently, knowledgeably and assuming the price is not affected by undue stimulus. Both parties are well informed or
well advised, and each is acting in what they consider their own best interest. It is an estimated price in which a vessel is
valued between an equally motivated buyer and seller.

REPLACMENT COST: An estimated cost to replace the vessel with a similar sized and equipped vessel of the same
manufacture if possible.

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC


Valuation Sources: Condition of vessel and options were used along with,, NADA,
and similar boats currently listed for sale were used to determine the FMV.

NADA Guides location was entered as 98105 Seattle, WA.

Comparable Sales Data and Market Research

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

Hull Identification Number (HIN) XXXXXXXXXXXX

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC


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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the statements of fact contained in this report are true and correct.

The reported facts and conclusions are limited only by the reported assumptions, opinions, or limiting conditions, and
are of my personal, unbiased professional analyses.

I have no present or prospective interest in the vessel that is the subject of this report, and I have no personal interest or
bias with respect to the parties involved.

My compensation is not contingent upon the reporting of a predetermined value estimate, the attainment of a
stipulated result, or the occurrence of a subsequent event. I have made a personal inspection of the vessel that is the
subject of this report.

This report should be considered as an entire document. No single section is meant to be used except as part of the

This report is submitted without prejudice and for the benefit of whom it may concern. This report does not constitute a
warranty, either expressed or implied. Further, it does not warrant the future condition of the vessel, latent defects, or
possible errors or omissions not observed by the undersigned surveyor. It is a statement of the condition of the vessel at
the time of the survey only.

Ed Gonsorowski, Survey Associate (SA)
Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) Date Report Completed
Edwards Marine Survey, LLC
9611 241st PL SW
Edmonds, WA 98020

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Edwards Marine Survey LLC

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