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The paper studies Grade 10 students from Marist, who play Massive Multiplayer Online games (MMO)
that become addicted to these sort of games. The researches recognize that addiction to online games is
indeed a problem for students nowadays, and they aim to resolve this problem. Such online games are
rampant and are quick to spread amongst students due to their access to the internet. Also, the
researchers find that often than not children would play these games at home giving no power to the
school as way to monitor these children. Thus, the attention turns to the students’ parents, they now
have to monitor their children as they have the means and the capacity to do so. Such games are
perceived as a threat especially when the topic of addiction is at hand, proper education and monitoring
at home are some ways to deflate the problem. Students have to be educated on the topic of addiction
so that their eyes may be open to the realities of online gaming and how it can lead to addiction.
Moreover, parents have to implement a monitoring system within their households in order to make
sure that their children are heeding such threats.