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Hello! First of all, welcome to Tangent Renewables Inc.

In this regard, we are

looking forward for your assitance to be of aid to our on-going processing of legal
documents related to the development of various hydropower projects. As what we
have discussed with Sir Eric, as for now, we require you to provide updates from
the Department of Energy for the development of our Hydropower Service Contract.
The acquisition of this contract for each project will be the enabling factor for
us to move down to the Barangay Level for field exploration. However, with the
latest changes in the Department of Energy- Hydro Division, a C-REC, or Centralized
Review and Evaluation Committee, the processing of HSC has slowed down
significantly affecting all renewable energy developers.

As for now, the only thing that we can do now to somehow hasten the processing of
HSC is to visit the Hydro Division and C-REC to make sure that there's progress for
its processing. Moreover, it would be more valuable if we build platonic
connections with some DOE-hydro division fellows to increase our probabalities of
acquiring it soon. You may propose your mechanisms, as you deem probable, that can
let us acquire the HSC as soon as possible.

Furthermore, I have attached to this e-mail a certification of appearance that

would serve as your proof of visit with the DOE if ever the concerned office won't
be able to give you any. We require you to visit their office twice a week. Tuesday
and Thursday would be the more favorable days. Also, please include your report for
every done visitation with the DOE. You can just send it through e-mail on this

Concerned Agency/Department:

Lastly, for your compensation and allowances, we will pay Php15,000.00 as your
Business Development Associate fee. We will pay you bimonthly and at the same time,
refund your meals and other transportation expenses equal to Php1,000.00 per
transaction. But, please do make sure that for every expense, you also provide the
receipt. To receive payment, please do forward your bank account number/s where we
can pay you without hassle for both sides.