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The Third Grade Laws

“Good Character is something to SMILE about!”

Classroom Expectations/Behavior Plan

Throughout the year, I hope that our classroom will be safe and nurturing. On a
daily basis, I utilize positive reinforcement and look to “catch students being
good”. In order to provide an effective learning environment for your child, there
may be times when I will implement discipline through logical consequences.
Together as a class, we will go over each classroom rule/expectation (also known as
The Whitley City Laws) and discuss how to implement each one when we are at
school. The rules/expectations are attached for you to review with your child.

Behavior Plan:
Each student will begin their day with three sticks. The goal each day is to
maintain all THREE STICKS! Sticks are lost by breaking the Mann Mustang Policy
and/or The Whitley City Laws. If all three sticks are lost in a day, the student will
fill out a form that will be signed by the teacher and their guardian. In the case of
any outstanding circumstances, the student will be written up by his/her teacher
and a referral will be sent down to the office for further assistance. If there are
reoccurring issues, I will contact you as needed. Thank you for your support!

Rewards ~ Treasure Chest!!

Everyday students will receive a raffle ticket when they have all three sticks left
at the end of the day. At the end of the week, a raffle will take place. A student
can choose small rewards from our classroom treasure chest. If you could help us
out by donating prizes throughout the school year, it would be sincerely
appreciated. If you come across any bargains while shopping, please feel free to
send them in to school. Popular prizes have been: fun pencils, pens, erasers, small
notepads, pencil grips, small toys, etc. I will also be putting in items such as sitting
with a friend, eating lunch with me, etc.
Steps Followed By Teacher in Behavior Plan

1. Close Teacher Proximity

If I observe a problem, I will move towards the student to see if the problem
continues. Many times, the close proximity eliminates the student’s behavior.
After a verbal reminder, the student will have to remove a stick.

2. Verbal Warning
I will explain to the student which expectation is not being followed. The
student will remove a stick. If necessary, a student will have a brief break of
time called a “Stop and Think” time to cool down and reflect on their actions. I
will talk with the student as needed.

3. 2nd or 3rd Verbal Warning

The student will remove the remaining sticks as needed. The student will have
“Stop and Think” time if necessary. When no sticks remain the student must
complete a form to be signed by the guardian and student. A note, email, or
phone call from me will follow.

Office Referral
Students may be sent to the office, if negative behavior continues or becomes
detrimental to the learning of other children in the classroom. You will be
contacted, if there is an office referral. The student will lose all 3 sticks for
the day.

By working together, we can ensure that your child is successful at school. I have
found the classroom behavior plan to be most effective when the sticks received
each day have a reward or consequences at home, as well. For example, if your
child receives 10 successful behavior days at school, then at home the student
receives additional verbal praise or a small reward. If your child removes a stick
or multiple sticks, then a favorite toy or activity gets taken away. Please have your
child show you their take home folder and assignment notebook daily. Thank you
for your support. Our collaboration makes for an effective classroom.
The Third Grade Team:
Ms. McFarlane, Mrs. Peterson, Ms. Weck, Ms. White, and Mr. Zander
The Third Grade Laws

To be a successful third grader I will…

• listen to my peers and teachers.

• keep my hands to myself.
• never take something that is not mine.
• be respectful and kind to everyone.
• never run or throw things in the classroom.
• keep toys at home.


Never…Stop Smiling! J

Please sign and return bottom portion to your teacher.

I _________________ (student’s name) agree and will follow the Third Grade

I __________________ (guardian’s name) have read these rules with my child.

Thank you for your agreement in helping make our classroom a safe environment
for every child.